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Al Noor Islamic Sunday School

Fourth Grade Class

A Welcoming Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents/guardian of the students, first, I would like to welcome you and
congratulate you on making the right decision of enrolling you children at Al Noor
Islamic Sunday School. It is very important that our children learn about Islam, and to be
proud of their Islamic identity to grow up confident Muslims. Our mission here at Al Noor
Sunday school is to be your partners, and work as a team to provide the children with
the best Islamic education. My job here as a teacher is to give the student a fun and
relaxing environments where they can come and have fun while learning new things
and becoming more confident. EnshaAllah in this year, I will be teaching the students
Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran. I will send the curriculum with the students once it is
finalized so you can have an idea of what to expect. I will also be giving the children
some outside material, like books, videos, and papers to read and study from to help in
understanding the material. The following points will summarize the main things I would
like you to know:

1. Class will Start at 9:30 Sharp and ends at 1:30 Sharp with a 15 minutes lunch
2. Duhur prayer will be at 1:30 after which the student will be taken back to their
classes and either be released from there, or wait for you to pick them up at
exactly 2:00 pm
3. Material taught will be Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies
4. From 12:45 1:30, the students will be working on their homework. I will be there
to assist them, but they are fully responsible for it and it will be graded
5. If they are not done with their homework during class, then they will have to work
on it at home and submit it in the following class
6. Exams will be given once every 8 weeks; I will be providing a study guide before
each exam
7. We will ONLY be giving the students awards after TWO exams, an average of
their grades (Exam, homework, Manners) will be calculated, and awards will be
given based on their grades
8. I encourage you to contact me if there is any question or concern. Best way to
contact me is through email, and if you need to call, best time to call is between
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm due to my work and class schedule;
10. Cell phone: XXX-XXXX
11. During the year, I may ask you to come to class presenting or giving a talk, or
just to help. I think it will give help to give you an idea of how the class is
conducted, and it will make your child happy that you are also taking part in the
Again, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to a part of your childs life, and
I hope that your children will enjoy my class, and they will learn a lot. Please, if you have
time next Sunday, I will love for you to come to the class when you are dropping your
children so I can introduce myself in person. Thank you and Baraka Allhu feekum.

Ms. Randa

Class Rules and Regulations
1. You need to show respect to your fellow students and your teachers
2. Come to class on time, you will only be admitted to class with a tardy excuse
note if you are late
3. Be in your seat and ready to work when the class starts
4. Cell Phone use is not allowed during class. If you bring one to class, I will put it in
a special basket where it will be kept safely until the end of the class
5. No talking with your class mates is allowed unless it is class related and for team
or group projects
6. Bring books and required materials to each class, points may be deducted if you
forget your books
7. Listen and be respectful of others when they are talking
8. Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working
9. Respect school and personal property
10. Always turn in homework and assignments on time
11. Participation in all activities is mandatory
12. No restroom breaks in the first 50 minutes
13. Questions and discussions are highly encouraged, never hesitate to ask

Supplies required
1. Books
2. Two packs of loose leaf papers
3. One note book
4. Three 2 binders
5. One Small dry eraser board
6. Pens, pencils, erasers
7. Two poster boards
8. Colored construction paper for arts and crafts