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If God, a greater being than which cannot be conceived, does not

exist then he cannot come into existence.

For if God did then he would either have been caused to come
into existence or would have happened to have come into
existence. [In either case God would be a limited being, which by
our conception he is not i.e. he is not contingent.]
Since God cannot come into existence, if God does not exist
Gods existence is IM!SSI"#$.
If God does exist he cannot have come into existence%nor can he
cease to exist, for nothing could cause him to cease to exist nor
could it &ust happen that God ceased to exist.
So if God exists, his existence is '$($SS)*+.
,hus Gods existence is either impossible or necessary.
,he concept of God is not -logically absurd. and so, therefore, not
,herefore, Gods existence is NECESSARY.