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Islamic Foundation of Toronto

The Language arts curriculum engages students in a range of experiences and
interactions with a variety of texts designed to help them develop increasing
control over language processes, use and respond to language effectively and
purposefully, and understand why language and literacy are so central to their
lives. Over the course of the year students will examine multiple units of study
through Reading and Writing workshops.
The science curriculum focuses on connecting science to every day life and to
different careers, as well as how to become good environmental stewards. We
will also look more closely at doing experiments to discover information and
making lab reports. In addition to knowing information, it is crucial to be able
to communicate it effectively. To that end, there will be a focus on developing
scientific literacy.
The study of mathematics will help students develop knowledge and understanding of
mathematical concepts and procedures. The ability to think critically and process information in
other areas such as science, social studies and language is an important effect of
learning mathematics. To this end, instruction will focus on students developing
thinking skills in the 7 mathematical processes as outlined in the Ontario Mathematics
Curriculum. They are problem solving, reasoning and proving, selecting tools and
computational strategies, connecting, reflecting, communicating, and representing.

Students will investigate the contributions of Aboriginal peoples, the French and English as well
as African slaves and Americans to the shaping of Canada. Canada will be viewed in context, as
a colony within the French and British Empires. Students will investigate
the economic, social, and political challenges faced by different groups
living in New France and British North America as power shifted one
group to the next.

Students will focus on processes and natural global patterns. There is
also a recurring emphasis on map skills (such as reading latitude and
longitude and thematic maps) as a communication tool. As students
learn about the processes of the Earth such as plate tectonics, we will
also be looking at how these processes affect and are affected by
Teaching Strategies and Remedial Classes
Enhancing strong literacy and numeracy skills are the essential foundations for all
other academic achievements. Remedial classes will be held after school to aid
students to further grasp topics covered in class. There will be a variety of teaching
styles such as active learning, brainstorming, cooperative/collaborative learning,
exploring, multimedia, demonstrations, research-based learning, team based learning,
problem based learning, and service learning.
Classroom Events
Environmental Stewardship Campaign
The concept of khalifa, stewardship, and amana, trust, emerge from the principle of
tawhid. The Quran explains that mankind holds a privileged position among Gods
creations on earth: he is chosen as khalifa, and carries the responsibility of caring for
Gods earthly creations. Students will develop an understanding of the social,
economic and political significance of environmental stewardship by creating
personal definitions and by examining the role they play as Muslim stewards. A
series of activities will be held in class to educate students about the environment
and their place in it. This campaign aims to show how actions can have a positive or a negative
effect on our environment (both locally and globally) and thus empower youth to take
responsibility and leadership in creating and maintaining a more environmentally sustainable
way of life into adulthood.

Campaign of Care
The campaign of care will be held by the grade 7 class. It is a process of collaborative
learning as students learn to work as a team in all ways of life. It aims to promote
positive attitudes and individual accountability for actions. Students will be actively
engaged in a variety of lessons that will help them practice inclusion. They will
demonstrate their understanding by creating posters that fight signs of bullying and
peer pressure.