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Megan Marti n

Art is something intentionally constructed by humans

which creatively expresses something they wish to
convey to an audience.
Art demonstrates skill, technique and passion which
intends to evoke an emotional and/or intellectual
response from the viewer(s).
Theory I identify with:

What is Art?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Beauty is a harmonious reaction to nature or the arts
or love (Stormy)
Beauty is subjective to each individual and always
Beauty is something that sparks joy within and speaks
honestly to some sort of human experience.
Beauty is primarily a positive emotional response that
forms a new connection with the viewer and
someone/something else

What is Beauty?
No, a work of art does not have to be beautiful.
There are many works of art that are not beautiful yet
evoke some type of intellectual or emotional response
that captures the audience.
Example of the car crash, or a gory scene.

Does a work of Art have to be Beautiful?
Art Work Evaluation:
The Lightening Testimonies by Amar Kanwar
1. Color: The brightness and variations of color throughout the different
scenes brings the piece together even though it is individual
2. Space: The space of the room, the space given during each of the videos
to create the emphasis.
3. shape: The combination of movement, still life, people speaking, people
just sitting/standing, and nature all combined were all different ways of
using shapes in order to pull together the piece
4. Value: The room, the chairs, the video clips themselves

1. Balance: This is found between the telling of the stories and the stillness of the nature
or the people in which it is just showing the moving picture in silence and pausing while
not speaking

2. Contrast: All 8
movies going at
the same time all
tie into one
another, and are
about the same
topic, and are all
one piece in a
whole, but yet
they are all
individually about
different from all
the others.

3. Emphasis: Two
out of three times
when I entered
the room there
was only one
movie playing on
the front main
unfortunately I
did not have
enough time to
evaluate this
importance, but
this was
above the others.

4. Rhythm: The timing of the movies all playing together at once, and not interfering with
one another, and even though being different, all flowing together is rhythm to me.
Addresses the political, economic, and cultural structures of contemporary Indian
life, with a particular focus on abuses of power and strategies of resistance.
Kanwars poetic visual essays combine memory, literature, and history to expose
social injustice and create spaces of transformative contemplation.
Explores the often repressed, always sensitive, and newly urgent subject of sexual
violence against women on the Indian subcontinent.
The work is a complex montage of simultaneous accounts, with stories ranging
from wide-scale abduction and rape during the partition of India in 1947 to the
powerful anti-rape protests in Manipur in 2004.
Each projection features a different woman recounting a multilayered memory of
trauma and resilience.
Throughout the piece, Kanwar explores the many ways in which narratives of
sexual violence are enmeshed within Indian social and political conflicts.
The endeavor was created, in part, to break through the zones of self-imposed
and communally enforced silence surrounding the issue in India
What did the artist mean?
Yes because it speaks to what I define personally as beauty. Even though
these stories are sad, and unfortunate, they are motivational to me and
inspiring, and overall very well created together in such a way that they are
presented in. The artist found a beautiful way to tell these stories of these
Is this work of art beautiful?