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Morris Community High School

MCHS Physical Education Dept.

Mrs. Lafond
Mr. Larsen
Mr. Thorson
Mrs. Wills

Physical Education
Fieldhouse 2013-2014
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Course description
Physical education is a class that focuses primarily on
skill development, knowledge of various activities,
learning & understanding fitness components, showing
sportsmanship, & having a positive attitude. Each
aspect is demonstrated through instruction of a wide
variety of activities & active participation from each
student. Daily attendance and participation is needed
to fulfill each individuals physical growth & overall
Course objectives
Students will increase their knowledge & physical skill in
a variety of team, individual, & fitness activities.
Students will be active participants in daily fitness
routines aimed at improving their overall physical
Students are expected to be dress in the approved
MCHS Physical Education clothing and have tennis shoes
each day for class. Students must have a doctors note
or a note from the nurse to be excused from class due
to illness or injury.
MCHS Physical Education uniform- Gray shirt and
maroon shorts with school logo. Students must wear
proper footwear with socks. Uniform must be marked
with students name. No ripped or torn clothing will be
worn & must be replaced by student.
Costs: Shirt= $8.00 Shorts= $9.00
**Students may rent a uniform for $.50 for each item.
Each student will receive 25 points per day for class.
6 points for Dress
5 points for Warm-ups, Stretching, Daily Fitness
10 points for Instructional/Activity Participation
4 points for Attitude/Sportsmanship
*A student with 9 no dress days will be removed from
P.E. and placed in a study hall receiving no credit for P.E.
**Fitness Testing/Written Tests/Skills Tests will be
included in the total points.
Students will be provided with a lock, and a small locker
in the locker rooms. Each student will be responsible
for keeping the lock on their locker to keep their
belongings safe from theft. Students will not be able to
share lockers, since each student will be provided with
their own lock. The lock will be returned to the P.E.
department at the end of each semester.
Nurses Notes/Medicals
Each student will receive one note to be excused from
activity for a semester. The student taking the nurses note
must STILL DRESS and receive a signed note from the nurse
to turn into the teacher. Students not dressing will lose their
dress points for the day.
If a student is issued a medical by their doctor, the student
must give it to the teacher first to sign and then be sent to
the nurse for the students record. Students excused for an
extended period of time (more than 1 week) will be
removed from class and sent to the Guidance office. After 5
days, the student will need an updated notre from the
doctor. In order to get credit for the term a student must
participate and be graded for activity for 9 weeks of the
term. Student will be expected to return to activity on the
scheduled date, otherwise will receive zeroes until he/she
Students are expected to be in the LOCKER ROOM by the
time the SECOND BELL RINGS at the start of the hour. A
warning will be given for first & second tardy, 15-minute
teacher detention for the third tardy, 20-minute detention
and a call home for fourth tardy, and fifth through eighth
tardies will be referred to the Dean.
Students who receive an assigned detention will serve the
detention before or after school, depending on teachers
availability. Failure to serve detention, the student will be
referred to the Dean.
Other Important Information
No coats, hats, or book bags are to be brought to class. Use
of profane language will not be tolerated. Students in
Drivers Ed/Field Trips/Plays are responsible for material
covered in class. NO JEWELRY should be worn during class
including facial/tongue piercings for your & everyones
safety. Hanging on the rims/backboards/nets or climbing on
beams is not acceptable. Phones, iPods, music players are
not to be brought to class, except for Mile Day for fitness
testing, items will be confiscated at any other time.
If a lock is lost, it may be replaced by purchasing a new one from
the P.E. department for $5.00. The P.E. Department is not
responsible for any lost/stolen items in the locker room and will
not replace lost items.