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Sago pudding

Sago pudding
Main ingredients Sago, water or milk, sugar
Variations Sago gula melaka
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Sago pudding is a sweet pudding made by boiling sago with
either water or milk and adding sugar and sometimes
additional flavourings. It is made in many cultures with
varying styles, and may be produced in a variety of ways.
In Malaysia, sago gula melaka is a sago pudding made by
boiling pearl sago in water and serving it with syrup of palm
sugar (gula melaka) and coconut milk.
In the UK, "sago pudding" is generally made by boiling pearl
sago and sugar in milk until the sago pearls become clear,
and thickening it with eggs or cornflour. Depending on the
proportions used it can range from a runny consistency to
fairly thick, and can be similar to tapioca pudding or rice
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