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We are going to update the item 'Master_Item' we created with the minimum number columns with the finished

shed 'Finished Good' template

INSER IN! mtl_s"stem_items_interface
#organi$ation_id% process_flag% set_process_id% transaction_t"pe%segment&% template_name'
# ,-.% // organi$ation_id
&% // process_flag teh 0aluwe 1&1 mean the item read" to be imported2
&% // set_process_id% this is group id and is used as the 13rocess Set1 in the I!I report submission
'+34)E'% // transaction_t"pe
'Master_Item'% // segment& the Item name that is displa"ed or printed2
'Finished Good' '5 // template_name
SE*E6 msii2organi$ation_id % msii2segment&% msii2process_flag % msii2set_process_id %msii2transaction_t"pe% msii2template_name %msii27
FR!M mtl_s"stem_items_interface msii
W8ERE segment& 9 'Master_Item'5
We have our item ready to import :
Path Items : Import : Import Items
The Organization id is 204 .
Delete proess ro!s is set to "o so !e an loo# at the item a$ter!ard
Proess set is % the same as the set&proess&id.
We are reating items
'oo#ing at the re(uest to veri$y is ompleted suess$ully.
'et vie! the item in the $orm.
No change in the re0ision2
Now for the categories