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Bio-Physical control - Paralysis: X-Treme has the ability to "ignite" the

electrolytes in a person's bloodstream, causing (G- Remarkable (30), Y-
Incredible (40) & Amazing (50) intensity) pain that ignores body
resistances and force-fields, and is capable of causing Amazing (50) rank
Telescopic Vision: X-Treme has the Typical (6) ability to see with
unusual clarity at a distance. This may be an attribute of the Shi'Ar race.
Enhanced Speed: He can cover a few miles for a couple of minutes
running as RM (30) land speeds.

Hand and arm Claws: He also has cybernetic implants of numerous
bladed weapons (Claws), made from Incredible (40) strength mater-
capable of inflicting Remarkable (30) edged damage
Thrown Weapons: X-Treme carries an arsenal of two hundred small
throwing blades with him at all times. These blades are capable of inflicting Excellent (20) edged damage per blade.
He may throw up to 6 blades a round.
Edges Axe-Picks: Incredible (40) material and edge damage.
Blade Armor: Provides Remarkable (30) resistance to physical attacks.

X-Tremes Paralysis only affects targets with open wounds. The person's blood
must be exposed to air in order for the power to work.

Acrobatics: Martial Arts A B C, Military, Thief, Escape Artist, Stealth, Pilot Air
Vehicles, Pilot Land Vehicles), Thrown Weapons, Weapons master, Languages
(Imperial Shi'Ar, Common Shi'ar)

Captain Marvel III, Phoenix, X-Force