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At present, considering the problems of overpopulation in the North-Central coas

tal zone of Venezuela, many people have the need to

build constructions in zones where the topography is very irregular. Therefore,
the design of these structures must be the one that
avoids generate additional damages that are associated to the irregularity of th
e land. the response reduction factor is decisive in the
structural design, that is why is to be determined the most accurate value for c
onstructions supported in slopes.
For this reason, 24 structures of reinforced concrete for residential use were d
esigned, subdivided in three groups of models of the Step Back,
Set Back, and Step Back Set Back Buildings type, with a 27% of influence of a s
lope, and going from the 4th. level to the 11th. level. Once designed,
it was achieved the global ductility of each model with a nonlinear analisys bas
ed on the "Pushover" trial or "Empujn" trial, in each orthogonal direction.
Lastly, using calculation theories of the response reduction factor by dutility
of different investigations worldwide, R values were found below the recommended
standard, which suggests to have special care selecting this value when having c
onstructions of this type.