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Controlled xn Dissem RONENT OF STATE Operations Center Pakistan Working Group Situation Report #41 ion in India~Pak 24, 1972 stan as of 0700 hours (BS?) nor Malik n Ali to discuss a possible cza: of "arrangement" with the Indian a: i Bahind to avoid a "bloodbath" in + General Parmen Ali said the Pak Army and outnumbered and he wished to avoid in Ee pronised-to present to Spiva proposal within a few hours which ke cated by the ConGen to Washington, in x eto a question, id the proposal would have the signature of vernor Malik and General Niazi and would be President Yahya. after the foregoing message was sent, k telephoned to Conetl General Spivak to aed had stated that negotiations Zor a taking place between Ce 2 assador Farland and there is now no en to convey any proposals to interested t bassador Parland said that had asked for an urgent appo: a to explore again the question of ots led Dissen/NS Porn Dissem Control THE AUTHORIZATION OF THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY In UL wpe ne Yahya, vobloms of Bangla ‘the’ did all y senior civilian tiny Chaat coczecany mneveh = nelon is hopeless and t s and purposes the civilian a Bast Pakistan. inviting Bangla Desh repr. Justice Chewdary, ho: Si Following the veto of the latest ber 13, Pakist. and ca @legation tl calling for cing in terms of in "policdi CED WITHOUT THE AUTHOR! we would be willing to table n that Che Securi dnistraci gundame: The vote was 11 (US, a Prance asentatives, as imple Ceas ON resolution on nutto and +8. to infor: betwe: n Dissem ATION GP THE EXECUTIVE SECR Born Dissem co meet again in t kistan, Washington and ible moven of U.S. ier Be eament and ganglia beck Government, (SES)" n of civil authority in ssible. The article alse give top priority ks in the region. ConGen Calcutta notes administrative assistanc: ire to forestall in Mission adds that it is to strong GOI will not be one visit is an extended 7Ko Porn Dissem WITHOUT THE AUTHORIZATION OF THE XECUTIVE SECRETARY ‘ora Dissent t ZATION OF THE EXECU