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What is PBIS?

PBIS is a research-based approach

that focuses on creating positive
environments that are more
conducive to learning.
PBIS uses proactive strategies to
support pro-social behaviors.
PBIS provides a continuum of
supports, including rewards and
consequences, in all environments.
PBIS provides consistent routines,
language and expectations.

PBIS at Longfellow

Our PBIS pl an i s desi gned t o:
1. Teach students what is expected
of them.
2. Acknowledge and reward
students as they learn and display
expected behaviors.
3. Enforce consistent and meaningful
4. Implement supports for students
whose behaviors require more
individualized assistance.
How can families
support PBIS?

! Review this brochure with
your child.

! Ask your child to tell you
the three school rules.

! Ask your child to discuss
examples of the ways that
he or she can use these rules
to help him or her to learn
and participate at school.

! Discuss ways that these
rules can be used at home
and in the community

Elementary School

Positive Behavior
Interventions &

Our mission is to empower a
community of life-long learners that
celebrates diversity and
commonality and demonstrates
optimal growth in a safe and
nurturing environment.

5470 Hesperus Drive 410-313-6879

For more information on
how to get involved at
home, visit our website:
Eagle Wings
Students who are following the
school rules can be recognized for
their efforts by earning Eagle
Wings. They are given directly to
the student along with verbal
praise. Eagle Wings can be
exchanged for incentives such as
prizes from the PTA sponsored
prize cart or classroom privileges.

Soaring Eagle Grams
Soaring Eagle Grams are awarded
to students for going above and
beyond. They are recognized
during the morning announcements.

Soaring Eagle

We celebrate those students who
have been safe, responsible and
respectful throughout the entire
quarter with a Soaring Eagle
Celebration. Some past
celebrations have included a dance
party, Amazing Race, Wipeout,
paper airplane contest and PJs
movie extravaganza.

LoES Rules
Longfellow has 3 school-wide
behavior expectations that are
reinforced daily. These rules can
be applied to situations both
inside and outside of school.

Classroom: Use positive
language, avoid disturbing others.
Lunch/Recess: Include others in
play and/or conversation.
Home: Follow directions the first
time without argument.
Classroom: Complete your
schoolwork and turn it in on time.
Lunch/Recess: clean up after
eating and take care of all
playground equipment.
Home: Help with housework.
Classroom: Keep your hands and
feet to self, stay in assigned areas.
Lunch/Recess: Keep your hands
and feet to self, use equipment
Home: Know safety rules.

Students have been taught the
school rules for classroom and
non-classroom settings.
Expected behaviors are
re-taught throughout the year.
School staff has the
responsibility for taking
appropriate actions when a
student is involved in a
situation which disrupts the
school learning environment.

Consequences wi l l vary,
but may i ncl ude:
- Verbal and/or non-verbal
reminders or warnings.
- A reflection time for the student
(i.e., teacher & student
conference, time-out, or the
completion of a problem
solving log to be sent home).
- Office Referral (i.e., conference
with an administrator).
- Students will not participate in
weekly and/or quarterly
celebrations if there is a pattern
of inappropriate behavior.