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Smart Goals Worksheet

1. Todays date
2. Goal accomplishment date
3. Write down your goal in 1-2 sentences
4. What will you accomplish with your goal? (e Speci!ic"
#. $ow will you measure the progress o! your goal? i.e.
%ccounta&ility (Measura&le"
'. (s your goal attaina&le and do you ha)e the time and resources
to achie)e it? (Attaina&le"
*. $ow and why is this goal important to you? (Rele)ant"
+. When will your goal &e completed? (Time ,ocused"
-. %re your goals in line with your purpose? (Ethical"
1.. $ow reasona&le or realistic is your goal? (Reasona&le"