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Rosendin Electric Names Brandon Stephens Arizona Division Manager

Leading Private Electrical Contractor Promotes Experienced Project Executive to Manage

and Continue Expansion of Regional Operations.
Tempe, AZ, USA (!l" #$, $%#&' -- Rosendin Electric, the nation's largest private electrical
contractor and an employee-owned company, has announced the promotion of Brandon
Stephens to the position of Division Manager for the company's Ariona Division head!uartered
in the greater "hoeni# area$
%n his new role as Division Manager, Stephens will &e responsi&le for managing day-to-day
operations, including coordinating activities in the field, for the company's regional office$
Stephens will continue to promote and e#pand Rosendin Electric's construction practice and is
currently assisting with the e#pansion of an %ntegrated "ro'ect Delivery (%"D) strategy and
continued implementation of *ean +onstruction$ %"D is a relatively new construction practice
where all contractors wor, as peers directly with the client to deliver the design and &uild the
pro'ect$ *ean +onstruction optimies the end-to-end design-&uild and construction process to
ma#imie value and minimie waste$
-Brandon has proven to &e a real asset to our office and has &een instrumental in driving
innovation and supporting new contracts throughout the region,- said Mi,e .reenawalt, /ice
"resident for Rosendin Electric$ -%n his new role as Division Manager, Brandon will &e a&le to
help strengthen our leadership position in the southwest construction mar,et and e#ecute &est
practices and new &usiness strategies$-
Stephens has &een with Rosendin Electric for a decade, serving as &oth a "ro'ect Manager and
a "ro'ect E#ecutive$ During his tenure with the +ompany, he has managed operational teams in
0regon, 1ew Me#ico, and Ariona$ 2e has also &een responsi&le for client relations, contract
review, resource management, and promoting a cross-discipline construction practice, &ringing
together design-&uild, pre-fa&rication, low-voltage3telecommunications, and other areas of the
company's e#pertise$
A(o!t Rosendin Electric
Rosendin Electric, %nc$, head!uartered in San 4ose, +alifornia, is an employee-owned electrical
engineering, power and communications provider and is the largest privately held electrical
contractor in the 5nited States$ 6ith over 7,888 employees and e#perience worldwide, Rosendin
Electric has &uilt upon a 97-year reputation for !uality design and installations$ :or additional
information, visit http;33www$rosendin$com$
Shelly Sever
Mar,eting Manager
Rosendin Electric
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