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AARCANA eo Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, David Noonan, Rich Redman UNEARTHED ARCANA } ‘Axpy CoL.ass, Jessi DeckeayDavip Noonan, Rick ReDMAN ADDITIONAL DESIG Re -F ode RRS OeTLO , Axe incu, Sreye KeNSON, CHARLES Dany Murs ‘ pre adres cea Paes Chia bese Laer. 6 ae ; 1, JD. Wiker, Janes Wyatt Manitaroea Eyeh Dod LF 4 Ovgn my SAMS Dies ete Tote ak, TS os, Micuee Caxrea, GweNponry FM. Safire Baxitoms, Eo Cox, Water Exgrikig, Kestakt, CHARLES RYAN Ewaty Fregenscunt, David Hupsuz, Jenemr Janvis, Doug KovacsiJoan axn ‘Lavra Laxey, David Mantis, Dew (GuamarrLe McCLans, Manx Netsow, Jars Pavetec, Sreve Patscorr, Davin Roacs, Rican Saxowstia, Row Srencer, STEPHEN ‘Tarers, Jor Thomas, Ben THomesox GRAPHIC DESTENER Daws Muay GRAPHIC PRODUCTION SPECIALIST Ears Doweres OMANAGING “EDITOR Kim Monay DESIGN) MA N AGE R Ep Stank DIRECTOR OF REGSR&D Bice SLavicsex TMAGE TE Cc HN OU AS Jay Saxamoro. Qa nitoo GRA P HE R ‘Topp Gantue PRODUCTTON MANAGER Josie Fiscren Ths d20™ System game uizesmcchancs dclopad for the new Duanoss & Daacons® gam By Jonathin Twset, Monte Coo Skip Willams, Richard Baker and Peter Adkicon, Resources fr this product include Psiswies Hamat by Bre Cell Swords of Our Fachers by YD Wik (Game Mechanic ; Mutants S Masterminds by Stve Kenson Green Rooin Publishing) Ca of Ciba by Monte Cook al John Tynes 420 Med. rn Releplaying Game by Bil Slaccsek, JT Grably Rich Redan, and Charles Rian, Oriente! dcenture’by James Wyatt, ter Wars Roleplaying Game by Bil Slaves, Andy Cllins and JD Wiks, Players Option: Combat & Tacit by L- Richard Baker IIL 2nd Skip Willams, Alert Plajer's Handbook by Bil Slavieck and Richard Baker, and che Univesity of Nowe Dame'sLatin parr at het: weaned archives aggranim he, Valuable advice provided ty Bruce Corel and James Wyat Playtesers: Richard Baker, Greg Collins, Dale Donan, Cris Gain, Joe Hach, Kevin Kukas, Vit Ngoyen, Brent Pearson, Tir Rhoades, Mare Russell, Score Smith, Denn Worrel, James Wyatt e20$e15600.8N HUROFEAN HEADQUARTERS Wane Coe lem vba hors ons nea Wo ee oT Pe circ Sas ny Ce dscom/dnd Ineroduction Chapter: Races meal Racal Verne een Racial Variants Reducing Level Adjustments. Boone Chapter 2: Classes. le Wizad Variants Chapter 3: Building Characters trative Skil Stems (onplex Skill Check, Carer Flaws Spalouced Fests Catrhants. Chance Baiground Chapter 4; Adventuring Arr Damage Reduction Mansve Damage Frctolde Combet cin. Vane Me Pye Rall all the Bice Cchapers: Magic sella Recharge Magic adi Weapon Chapter 6: Campaigns. rHindependent XP Awards, AMeerword, When Worlds Collide Variant Checklist Contents Sidebars Bt = Behind the Curtain RR Silled Hale lee Paragon Classi Yor Ges Maliclingnd Variant Cases HR: Druid Domaine. Unique Spell Shall Knowledge General Why Complex Checks tc: Spelliouched Fests HR: Adding» Favored Clans ‘ditional Ervored Clas General xc: Clase Defense Damage Rec HR Slower Magical Healing x: Vilty and Wounds HR Our Turn Doge tc: Death and Dying Comb Avarenes (General HR: Enhancement and Touch AC tC Varnle Modes tC: Players Rolling Dice THR: Metamagic and Sorcerer HR: Metamapie and 1H Daly Spell ist Bre: Spell Pins HR: Simpifed NDC Spllcess HR: Recharging Magic lems eC: Recharge Map HR: NoSpell Resistance punet BrC: Who Aeted by Repaion tC: Honor and Alignment came from Ci Ferbilden Knowledge Variant Role: nvane nsght. The Heal hiland Mental HR: Parle and Hints BiG: Tent Based Povquiies BMC: Leel Independent XP Numbered Tables ‘4: Reducing Level Adjustments £2: Bloodline Levee 13: Modine Strength C4 Mino Bodlines {CS:tntermediate Bloodlines {Ce Major flodlins. {Cp Bloodline Ti Distribution 19: The wae Paragon {Ct0-The Ef Pragon 1: The Goome argo {2-The Half Dragon Paragon 113: The HalGEl Prego {Ctcthe HalfOre Paragon {CAs:The Halfling Fey {le The Human’ {ip The Ore Pargon 1: The Teling Feragon 2-1 Vera Paladin Clas Features 2-2: Spell Keown 228 RewpetBoreed er oemca 2-4'The Prestige Bard The Penge Padi 2-8:The Seleaer salleaster Spl Known 3 Skil by Clas. 3-2: Example Complex Sill Checks 5 Simple Crafed tems. 3-6: Craft Points Gained by Level 4: Natural Armor and Damage 5-4 Mage Rating by Cane 53: Spell ont per Bay $4: Bonu Spel Pin 5-5: Spell ote Cone 5-4 General Recharge Times. 5-7 Spell Recharge Times. S--The Bate Seon 5-5:The Faith Scion 5: Spell Scion 5213 rem Familiar Abid (5:The ated Sorcerer (64 The Tainted War 4 Sanity Lone rom Spelling Earp Forbid Introduction ‘Warning: Get ready to drink from the fire hose ol Arana exposes you to more variant rules and alterna tive methods of gaming than anyone can hope to use in a single campaign. On topof thor, a bunch of House Rule sidebars written by various members of the Wizards ofthe Coast R&D department describe personal variants they've used in their home campaigns Infact, there probebly more in here than you could reasonably use ina doven campaigns, and some of it you probably won't ever get round to actully introducing to your game. “Take adeep breath—its okay. Just as no player actualy casts all the new spells in the latest rulebook, and no DM actually uses al the neve creatures in the latest manual of monstrosities, you shouldnt fel any compul: sion to use all these variants, even ina lifetime of gaming. Instead, pick and choose the ones that fee! right for your style of iguming your players, and your campaign. Some groups may atch fon to a specific variant—whether the taint rules, Sanity checks, spell poins,or legendary weapons—inabeartheat making tacen tral feature oftheir game world. hers find afew smaller changes to incorporate, such as a variant class of class feature, reputation checks, oralterative massive damage thresholds, Us the checklist atthebackof the book to track what youre usng,and what changes you make tothe variants you use The ‘trick’ behind getting your money's worth from this book isan attitude of curiosity and experimentation. Some groups may have a conservative outlook: "We lik the way our game works and rit want to wreck i” es okay to think that way—bu nothing inthis book ean wreck your game unless you lett. you try outa variant andi doesnt work for you ae session or thee, go ack. tothe way you were playing or before you ried out the new ru start ove from where you were No harm, no fou The adventurous groups, though new ways to play thei familiar game- rewards from Unearthed Arcana. Ina way, the ones willing to learn stand to reap the biggest ook perfectly rep resents the game itself Adventurous characters get rewarded, though i takes work to reap those rewards When you turn tothe next page, the inundation begins. Just remember to take small sips at first—try out a small number of ‘rant for starters, gradually increasing the level of change until you reach your comfort level. Dont worry that youre not usingll the new stuff at once. After al, there's always another campaign ‘waiting to be born, and maybe in that one you finaly try out che new metamagic components or the spelliouched eas ot ‘andy Collins ee ____ WHAT'S INSIDE? TFs araly re tat you dont need wo read & DAD rulebook arena. Using the Be cl ere ab ele yo can sly Bip von part ofthe been more true than in the case of Unearth Chapter 1: Races introduces the concept of racial variants eyed either toa particular environment type Itoffersa way toreducea characters adjustment, which ay off in more rapid advancement at higher levels. Much of the chapter is devoted to bloodlines—a way to make characters distinctive by giving them a hint of monstrous ancestry. Finally, it presents paragon classes that enable characters to develop into ‘quintessential examples of cei ‘Chapter 2: Classes is full of ways ttalorthe standard D&D, character classes. Itprovides a system allowing divine spelleast fers to cast their spells spontaneously, as well as some variant class features. You can replace the standard bard, paladin, and ranger classes with prestige versions of those clases, or you can create gestalt characters who gain levels in two classes at the same time. Fora simpler approach to class selection, try out the ‘generic classes at the end ofthis chapter. Chapter 3 Building Characters offers options for dealing a character—a new way of determining which skills a character knows, sytem fr complex skill checks, and selections of traits an laws that make characters more distinctive Spelltouched feats land weapon group feats ad even more variety to what characters ‘can do, Instead of using the standard rules forthe Craft skill, you ‘can give characters craft points that they spend ta create alchemical substances andl magic items. The largest section ofthis chapter deals vwith character background, « way to create a character of higher than 1st level who has a unique personal history Chapter 4; Adventuringisa treasure rove of ias for chang ing basic aspects ofthe way the game works. Ifyou want 1 try cout a new system for how Armor Classis determined, or the benefit that armor provides, or how characters are affected by damage, youll find options here. You can give characters action points, which they use to improve their chances of succeeding ata task You can change the way combat works by keeping track of creature’ facing, or by ysing a hexagonal grid rather than 2 square grid. You can even modify the most fundamental concept ‘nthe d20 System rules by getting rd ofthe d20 altogether! (Chapter 5: Magic is in many ways a counterpart to Chapter 4, except thatthe variants ere areal related to the effects of| magic on the game. You can give each character and creature 2 magic rating, which determines its caster level. You can gener ate individualized lists of summon spells related to each casters ‘world view or goals. Metamagic components allow spelleasters to use spells with te effect of a metamagic feat already builtin The spontaneous metamagic variant gives casters the opportu nity to assign metamagic effects toa spell just asi is cast. The spell point system gives casters more flexibility in their daily spell choices. Rather than limiting casters to a certain number of spells per day, you can use the recharge magic system 10 de termine how often a character ean cas a particular spell or spel of certain level. You can change the rol of magic in the without altering any other rules by sing the material on legendary weapons, item familias, and incantations ‘Chapter 6: Campaigns takes look ar concepts that can flesh out characters and affect (for good of il) the way they interact, with their world. Contacts are NPCs who can provide various forms of aid to player characters. Reputation and honor help to determine how the other residents of the campaign world perceive the PCs. Fora darker and grtter campaign world, one n which characters are up against perils they cant control, you can incorporate the rules for taint or insanity (or both. Finally, different way of determining how characters fullill the requirements fr featsand prestige clases, check out the variant ‘on test based prerequisites. Afterword: When Worlds Collide offers some brief advice for DMs on how to use a wide varity of variant rules during play without necessarily creating different campaign worlds for ditferent combinations of variants