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English II Syllabus

Materials for English

1. College rule Paper (Loose-leaf) 2 packs of 150

2. Pencils

3. Pens

Blue or black ink

4. Notebook-1 inch binder/ any color

5. Pocket folders

If you are unable to find a binder.

6. Note Cards (100 pack)

7. Textbook

8. Laptop

9. Composition Book

Teacher Wish List- Optional Supplies for the classroom

1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Facial Tissues

3. Extra Loose-leaf paper

Classroom Procedures
1. Greet your teacher and classmates as you enter the classroom.
2. Proceed directly to your assigned seats.
3. Turn in homework
4. Have your name, date, and class period in the upper right hand corner of homework.
5. If homework is more than one page in length staple the papers in the upper left hand
6. Be ready for class when you arrive.
1. Paper, pencil or pen, books, computer, and homework with you.
2. Do not ask to go to your locker to retrieve your book, computer, homework, or
7. If you have forgotten paper or pencil/pen tell me, and if I have the materials I will give
you the paper and lend you the writing instrument.
8. Take notes if there are any on the board when you enter the class.
1. This does include power points.
9. If there is an activity or assignment on the board when you enter the class begin working
on it immediately.
10. When a teacher is talking pay attention and take notes. The information that they are
giving you will be seen again.
1. This means do not talk, text, or act disruptively when a teacher is speaking to the
11. When other students are speaking be quiet and pay attention.
12. Raise your hand if you have a question or commit that pertains to the subject matter of
the lesson.
13. Keep your voices low when working on group activities, pair work, or when having a
classroom discussion.
14. During announcement remain silent.
15. Respect each other at all times. Also respect other students, teachers, principals, and
16. Be on your best behavior at all times.
17. When speaking to an adult answer them with either Yes or No Maam or Yes or No
18. Answer question in complete sentences. That way we can understand your answer.
19. Keep your hands, feet, and other body parts, like arms, to yourself.
20. When someone enters the classroom continue to work quietly and follow all classroom
rules and procedures.
21. Keep the area around your desk clean.
1. This means if there is paper or other materials around your desk pick them up and
throw them away.
22. Do not write on the desks.
23. Follow all of the rules and procedures when a visiting teacher or substitute teacher are in
the classroom.
24. Be on time and at school everyday.
1. If you are late to class or have missed school it is your responsibility to obtain the
information that you missed.
25. No food is to be out in the classroom.
26. You can have water as long as it is in a resealable container.

Classroom Rules

1 Students will respect other students, the teacher, substitute teachers, visitors, and all
members of the school faculty.

2 Students will not be disruptive during class. This includes but is not limited to texting,
talking while the teacher is talking, throwing objects, cursing, and so on.

3 Students will be quiet while test are out even if they have finished their own exam.

4 Students will not destroy school property.

5 No cell phones are to be used or even out in this class.

6 Assignments will be turned in on the day it is due.

7 No fighting

8 Keep your hands, feet, and other body parts to yourself.

9 No food in the classroom.

10 Do not sleep in class.

11 Follow all of the school rules and procedures, as well as the teachers.

Classroom Expectations and Reminders

1. Be Prepared for class everyday.

2. Be respectful to yourself and other- this includes the teachers, visitors, administration, and
substitute teachers.

3. Listen and contribute to classroom discussions, but remember to be respectful when you are
doing so- i.e. avoid speaking when others are talking; do not interrupt or distract others.

4. Only one student is allowed to leave the classroom at a time. You are not allowed to leave
without a hall pass.

5. Visit the bathroom before class. If you must go during the class period try to wait until a
point in the lesson when you will not disturb the class.

6. There will be no other course work done during English class.

7. In all situations, think before you act.

Cheating/Plagiarism Policy

I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism. If you are caught
cheating/plagiarizing you will automatically receive a zero, you will be given a referral, and your
parents will be called.

to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production)
without crediting the source (Merriam-Webster).

Writing Assignments

Essays will count as test grades.

1 All writing assignments are to be in MLA format.

o Double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Romans, with 1 inch margins.

o You are to have a header in the top right hand corner of your paper.

You headers should be your last name, a space, and then the page number.

2 The title of your paper should be creative, 12 point font, Times New Romans, centered at
the top of the page, but under the header.

3 All guidelines must be followed to receive full credit for the assignment.

4 Turn in a hard copy of your paper. I do not want a flash drive or floppy disk.

Projects and Presentations

Throughout this semester you will be assigned projects and presentation that will count as test
grades. These may or may not be completed as group assignments.

1 All projects and presentation are to be completed on time.

2 10 points will be deducted for each day your project or presentation is late.

3 If you are absent on your presentation day you should be ready to present on the day you

Quizzes/Test/Study Guides

Quizzes, tests, and study guides will be assigned to make sure that you are keeping up with your

1 You will be given advance notice of test dates

2 Quizzes may or may not be announced.

3 If you are absent the day a quiz is given you will have three day to make it up before
receiving a zero.


60% of your grades are based off of test, projects, essays, and presentations.
Essays, Projects, and Presentations- 30%

40% of your grades are based off of homework, class work, quizzes, and daily grades.
Quizzes- 15%
Classwork- 10
20% of your final grade is based off of your final exam or state mandated test. This mean 80% of
your final grade is based off of the work you do in this class.