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1930s makeup

Use matt eyeshadows where possible

1) Prep face as normal (primer, foundation,

2) Apply light/nude eyeshadow all over lid, up to

3) Apply dark brown/purplish eye shadow from outer
corner of eye up to meet inner corner of

4) Put same dark eyeshadow on bottom lash line,
about 1/3 along the eye. Blend in with the arc
above the eye.

5) Go back to the light eyeshadow, and put on the inner
corner of eye again, to highlight it.

6) Line waterline (inner eyelid at bottom) with
white pencil

7) Apply falsies to top lash

8) Line top lash line with dark/brown eye pencil.
Extend out slightly from edge of eye, but no
flick. Try and disguise the join with eyelashes as much as possible.

9) Line bottom lashes for the outer third with same eyeliner.

10) Apply mascara

11) Draw in eyebrows. Should be thin (brush own eyebrows first
to tidy them), and then draw in with an
eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows should extend
down towards the corner of your eye much
more that you are comfortable with!

12) Highlight under the brow using light
pencil/light eyeshadow

13) Bronzer/dark powder in a c shape along
hollow under cheekbone and up to temple.
Dont bring bronzer any further in towards
face than the edge of your eye.

14) Bit of highlighter on cheekbones, no

15) Line lips/ apply pink/raspberry lipstick.
Elongate the curve of the cupids bow,
towards the corners of the mouth or
rosebud lips.