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Pamela Engel
Not getting enough sleep can have moie siue effects than just uiowsiness anu
iiiitability uuiing the uay it can also cause you to gain seveial pounus of weight
pei yeai.
An infogiaphic by Sleep uenius, a scientifically baseu app uesigneu to help people
impiove theii sleep health, shows how a lack of sleep can affect youi metabolism
anu eating habits.
It's geneially iecommenueu that people sleep foi seven to nine houis a night, but
neaily 4u% of Ameiicans get less than that.
Those who uo get the iecommenueu amount of sleep pei night can actually lose
weight up to 1S pounus in just eight weeks. But those who only sleep six houis a
night can put on 14 pounus of extia weight in a yeai.
Check it out: