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Year 2 CAMERA Next Project: Proficiency Drill

Class # A-2

Date: Tues 4th March AM DW Next Class: Tues 11th March AM AL

Loc / [Guest?]: Lens Choices

Subject: Framing / Staging / Operating

Making of a Shot - The Order of Things: Discuss then practise step-by-
step creative process of shot-making (rehearse, block, mark, light,
rehearse, shoot, move on) [DP, 1stAC, 2ndAC, D.Grip]; working quickly
as a crew - nonverbal ex; c-stand forest; Working with a Director I

Class L/O: To be able to BLOCK a shot and then accomplish all other protocols

Assignment fr/ last class: Resources

to access for teaching backup 9
(files, books, url's,…)

Discuss The Order - ask first

Light / Focus / Operator On Duty
Call em' in
Wrecking crew…finals
work out any kinks
Shoot til happy
Using Midnite Cowboy script (2 actors, 1 DP, 1 AC), each student blocks
the scene to their liking using static SINGLE-camera style. Rehearse /
Block / Mark / Rehearse / Shoot / Move on. [DW as Dir]

using same scene, now try a block (part way through) using MOVING
CAMERA and actors

Conversation / Keynote / Exercise / Research / Misc.Activity / View

Materials Assignment for Next Class
- slate
- focus marking tape
- cloth focus tape