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Energy Knives: Pete Wisdom has the mutant ability to absorb solar radiation, and use this stored

energy to
create "hot knives". His hot knives are solid constructs made of pure thermal energy, which are 'hotter than the
surface of the sun.' Petes knives can be thrown from any part of his body (although he prefers shooting them
through his finger tips or in between his knuckles like knives. Pete can project his knives from his fingers at up
to 3 areas range. Each of the thermal energy knives can cut through up
to Incredible (40) material and each can do Excellent (20) energy
damage each. He can throw up to 10 of these per round (with each 5
used in one die roll). He can create these objects to last a long time or
dissipate almost immediately depending on how he wishes to form the

Hand Blades: Pete can also, and often
prefers, to use his thermal hot knives as
hand claws. When doing this, Wisdom
dictates that their combined power goes
through Shift-Y (200) material and does Unearthly (100) damage. This however
depends upon the heat resistance of the substance. For instance Colossus is very
Heat Resistant and therefore Pete had to create a large Heat sabre to cut through
his metallic hide. When Pete does this he must make a Yellow Psyche feat which
makes a heat sabre, a solid blade with the combined properties of all 10 knives,
cutting through Shift-Z (500) material and doing Shift-Y (200) damage.
Thermal Winds: Pete can also create a thermal updraft to slow his decent and
often uses this to jump from great heights. He can do this with Remarkable
ability (30) falling up to 40 feet without much effort. He can also use this same
method to double the length of his jumps (20feet up or 15 feet across).

Wisdom, carries two auto pistols with him that do Good (10) shooting damage up to 3 areas away.

Martial Arts A, B, Knives, Thrown Weapons, Firearms, Espionage.

MI-6, Excalibur, Kitty Pryde, and Captain Britain