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Department of Computer Engineering

M. M. Engineering College, Mullana, Ambala, Haryana,

I hereby certify that the work which is being presented in the thesis entitled
Enhancement Quality of Degraded Images Using Global Thresholding in fulfillment of
the reuirement for the award of the Degree of !aster of Technology in "omputer
#cience $ Engineering submitted in the Department of "omputer Engineering of !% !%
Engineering "ollege& !ullana& 'mbala& (aryana& )urukshetra Uni*ersity )urukshetra&
)urukshetra& (aryana& India is an authentic record of my own work carried out during a
period from +anuary ,--. to +une ,--.& under the super*ision of Dr% /% 0% 1atel% The
matter presented in this thesis has not been submitted by me for the award of any other
degree of this or any other Institute2Uni*ersity%
"Sumant a# C$au$an%
oll. No.&'()'*
This is to certify that the abo*e statement made by the candidate is correct to the
best of my knowledge%
Date3 "Dr. . +. ,atel%
,rofe--or and Head
Department of Computer Engineering
The !% Tech% Dissertation 4i*a54oce e6amination of !r% #umant /a7 "hauhan&
!% Tech& has been held on 888888
#uper*isor (ead E6aminer
I wish to e6press my deep sense of indebtedness and sincerest gratitude to my
guide& Dr% /% 0% 1atel& Professor & Head, Department of Computer Engineering, !% !%
Engineering "ollege& !ullana& 'mbala for his in*aluable guidance and constructi*e
criticism throughout this dissertation% (e has displayed uniue tolerance and
understanding at e*ery step of progress and encouraged me incessantly% I deem it my
pri*ilege to ha*e carried out my Dissertation work under his able guidance%
I would especially like to thank !r% 4i7ay )umar )atiyar without whom this
work would not ha*e been as it is now%
I am greatly indebted to !r% !anu De* $ !r% #orabh Gupta who has graciously
applied themsel*es to the task of helping me with ample moral support and *aluable
's a final personal note& I am grateful to& my parents& who are inspirational to me
in their understanding& patience and constant encouragement%
Sumant a# C$au$an