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Escuela Secundaria Tcnica No 107 Vctor Bravo Ahuja


Elaborado Profra. Norma Alicia Valdez Moya
Name:______________________________ Date: ____________

1. Read the fact and complete the interview:



Name: Cristina Aguilera

Occupation: Singer
Age: 28
Nationality: American
From: New York
Teen magazine: What`s your first name?
Aguilera: My _____________________________________________.
Teen magazine: __________________________________________?


Teen magazine: __________________________________________?


I`m a singer

Teen magazine: __________________________________________?


________________ 18 year old.

Teen magazine: Are you American?

Aguilera: ______________________________________________.
Teen magazine: __________________________________________?
Aguilera: I`m from New York.

2. - Complete the next sentences with like x2, is x2, am x2, have, has,
do, does, are.
1.- What is he __________________________________? He_____
Patient and serious.
2.- What ___________________ you look _____________? I ________
medium height. I _______________ brown hair.
3.- What _______________he __________like? He _______________
tall and handsome. He ________ beard.
4.-What ______________ you like? I ____________ friendly.
3.- Answer the next questions, look the map.

1.- Where is the bank? ____________________________________.

2.- Excuse me, in Which Avenue is the Restaurant?
3.-Where is the school? ______________________________________.
4.-How many museums do you have on the map?
5.-Do you have a movie theater, where is it?

6.-In which comer is the church?


4. - Complete Susies report.

To: the principal
1. - I______________________ (not work) now our teacher is late.
I____________________________(write) the report.

2. - Scott ________________ (not read) his text book, he ___________

(listen) to the radio.

3.-Brian and mark ______________ (not write) and essay, they

_______________________ (talk).

4. - Lucy ____________________ (not study). She _______________

(eat) her lunch.

5. - Sarah and Peter ________________ (not do) their homework, they

___________________(play)computer games.

5. - Whats the time?

What time is it?



Its ____________.

6.- Temas a aprender.

Uso del presente simple con verbo to be y con todos los dems
verbos, en afirmativo, negativo, interrogativo. (do, does).
Uso de Presente Continuo.
Descripciones de apariencia fsica y personalidad.
Intercambio de localizaciones de diferentes lugares.
Uso de Expresiones: De Tiempo, Saludo, Presentacin de Personas,
Invitaciones, Sugerencias, Preferencias, Informacin de lugares.
Nota: Revisar los temas de su libro a principio de cada unidad (Total 5