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Kolby Carpenter

Mrs. Mortinsen
Writing class
11 November 2013
Why We Should Recycle
Recycling is an aid to planet earth. Recycling is the reusing resources that have already
been turn into products. I think recycling is good for the earth because, landfills wont fill up as
much; it will save natural resources, and will employ jobs.
Recycling saves many natural resources. Millions of trees could be saved by recycling.
40% of waste is paper. 17 trees would be saved for every 1 ton of paper recycled. Fuel and water
would also be saved (DLCSRecycling). 1.5 million barrels of oil is used to make water bottles
every year. 100,000 cars could be running (Melissa E. Holsman). Recycling really does save
natural resources such as oil, water, trees, and different metals.
Recycling helps lower waste in landfills. When paper is brought to a dump, it can take 15
years to dispose of. 28% of the U.S.A dumps are taken up by paper. 72.4 percent of official
paper is recycled (Rachel Hanson). The U.S only recycles 25% of its paper while other countries
like Sweden and japan recycle 40-50% of the paper (Rachel Hanson). If less garbage goes to the
dump, less harmful gases will be realest in to the atmosphere. Landfills take up a lot of space and
produce those dangerous gases.
Recycling can employ jobs for people. Recycling produces around 10 times more jobs
than incinerators and landfills. 8,700 people were employed by recycling in North Carolina. In
seven northeast states have produced close to 103,413 jobs in recycling. Massachusetts got
9,000 people into jobs by recycling plants and also put half a billion dollars into their economy.
Washington did a survey in 1992 and found out that 2,050 people had jobs to do with recycling
ever since 1989 (Recycling means business). Therefore, recycling has produced a number of
On the other hand, it takes fuel to power the machines in recycling plants. The product of
burning the fuel also produces gases that can harm the atmosphere. Not all people can be
employed in recycling. There are pros and cons of recycling; some are good others are bad.
In conclusion, I think recycling is good for the earth because, recycling can save natural
resources, recycling will keep garbage out of landfills, and recycling makes jobs. Recycling I my
mind is a good thing. The world needs recycling.

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