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Name: Beth Dicks Level: 3

Grade ESE Date: September 12, 2013
Content: Mathematics
Daily Lesson Plan
1. Standards
MA.3.A.6.1 Represent, compte, estimate
and so!"e prob!ems sin# nmbers
thro#h hndred thosands
Big Idea/ Essential Question
2. !"e#tives
Students $ill:
Gi"en a 3 di#it addition prob!em, stdents $i!! be ab!e to compte the sm % ot o& '
%. &ssessment ' Evaluation
(ormative: (he teacher $i!! monitor the stdents nderstandin# drin# the #ided
and independent practice. (he teacher $i!! be monitorin# &or correct ans$ers and
correct reasonin# behind each ans$er.
Summative: )*A
). Introdu#tion to Lesson:
(he teacher $i!! te!! the stdents that the+
$i!! be comp!etin# addition prob!ems
drin# the !esson. (he teacher $i!! ask the
stdents to pt a ,thmbs p, do$n, or in
the midd!e- to indicate ho$ com&ortab!e
the+ are $ith addition. (he teacher $i!!
encora#e the stdents sa+in#, ,$e $i!!
comp!ete a &e$ prob!ems to#ether so that
$e can a!! become com&ortab!e. .& +o
need an+ c!ari&ication p!ease !et me kno$.-
*. +aterials
Addition 1orksheet
Mathematics practice book
1hiteboard and Marker
,. -e#.nology Integration
/. Presentation or (a#ilitation: 0in#ludes revie$s and 1ra#ti#e2
S.o$ eviden#e o3 Di33erentiated Instru#tion !y .ig.lig.ting or using !old ty1e.
(he teacher $i!! mode! ho$ to comp!ete an addition prob!em. (he teacher $i!! $rite
the samp!e prob!em2
3 4'
5n the $hite board. (he teacher $i!! ask the stdents to identi&+ the ones, tens, and
hndreds p!ace "a!e b+ pointin# at the correspondin# nmbers. (he teacher $i!!
circ!e each p!ace "a!e $ith a di&&erent co!ored marker. (he teacher $i!! then ask
the stdents to e6p!ain ho$ the+ $o!d be#in to so!"e this prob!em. Based on the
stdents7 ans$ers, the teacher $i!! re"ie$ the steps $ith the stdents. (he teacher
$i!! sa+, ,8irst $e $i!! add the nmbers in the 9ones7 co!mn. 1hat nmbers are
those: 1hat does '3' e;a!: <es= (he nmber is 10. Bt, $e can7t $rite the $ho!e
nmber 10 do$n. 1hat do $e need to do: <es= 1e $i!! carr+ the 1 and $rite it
abo"e the 9tens7 co!mn. So no$ $hat do $e add: 1e add 13034. 1hat does that
e;a!: .t e;a!s >= 1here $i!! $e $rite that: Great, $e $i!! $rite that ne6t to the 0
in the 9tens7 co!mn. 1hat is or &ina! step: 1e mst add the 9hndreds7 co!mn
$hich is: <es, $e add 130 $hich e;a!s 1= So or ans$er $i!! be 1>0=-
(he teacher $i!! then #i"e the stdents the addition $orksheet. (he teacher $i!! te!!
the stdents ho$ the+ can se this $orksheet to he!p them comp!ete the practice
prob!ems. ,(he $orksheet ses a di&&erent hi#h!i#hter per p!ace "a!e. (his $i!! he!p
the stdents to a!i#n the addition prob!em. (he $orksheet has an empt+ bo6 abo"e
the prob!em to he!p the stdents remember to carr+, $hen needed.-
(he teacher $i!! he!p the stdents comp!ete this $orksheet as a #ided practice.
(he prob!ems are2 ,2'43%2? 6>430? 31'3@@? 30'320>?%1334@? and 1,32%31>-
(he teacher $i!! then ha"e the stdents comp!ete additiona! addition prob!ems in
their #enera! edcation mathematics practice book ABnit 2.2C independent!+. (he
teacher $i!! pro"ide !ined paper and hi#h!i#hters &or the stdents so the+ can a!i#n
the addition prob!ems $ithin appropriate !ines and se the hi#h!i#hter to identi&+
the p!ace "a!es.
5nce the stdents ha"e &inished the teacher $i!! ask the stdents i& the+ had trob!e
$ith an+ o& the prob!ems. Based on the stdents7 responses, the teacher $i!! re"ie$
the prob!ems $ith the stdents as a $ho!e #rop.
(he teacher $i!! praise the stdents and dismiss them to Doin their #enera! edcation