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Nairobi | Wednesday, May 28, 2014
No. 17952
POLITICS | Opposition vows to hold welcoming fete despite ban on gatherings over security fears
Cord to defy police
order on Raila rally

>> Showdown looms as IG outlaws all
political gatherings with just three days
to Opposition meeting set for Nairobi
INNOVATION | Matatu owners launch fare card for commuters
Matatu Owners
Chairman Simon
Kimutai (red tie)
with Nairobi Senator
Mike Sonko (with
hat) and other
matatu leaders
during the launch
of a pay card to
be known as My
1963 for use by
commuters. The card
was launched at the
Laico Regency Hotel
in Nairobi yesterday
ahead of the July
deadline for matatu
operators to adopt
a cashless payment
I want to urge all Cord supporters
to turn up in large numbers
to receive our leader, Mr Raila
Odinga. We are asking the police to
provide security.
Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba
This order is issued against a
backdrop of various aspects of
insecurity which we are currently
Inspector-General of Police David
>> Namwamba says nothing will stop
welcoming ceremony for former PM
who arrives from US on Saturday Pg4
P33 > Forget Sh3bn for Anglo Leasing, says Rotich
Minister states Treasury will not honour fresh demand but is preparing mini budget for Sh1.4bn
Kenyas new
Model dads
Living Magazine
They attend clinic
religiously and rush
home after work to
bathe their babies
News P. 2-11, 16 Back Opinion P. 12-13 Letters P. 14 Counties P. 18-24 World P. 26-32 Business P. 33-36 Sport P. 60-63 INDEX
ew roads will be
built to connect
various parts of
Nairobi while old ones will
be expanded in an ambi-
tious plan to transform it
into a modern and attrac-
tive city.
The plan, which was
launched yesterday, also
proposes to demolish old
estates in the Eastlands
suburbs to pave way for
highrise buildings where
city residents can work
and live.
It also proposes to re-
vamp railway transport to
ease the movement of peo-
ple into and out of the city
in a move that will reduce
reliance on matatus and
private vehicles.
Under the plan Governor
Evans Kidero launched
yesterday, a special lane
will be set aside for buses
New roads, railway
proposed in bold
plan to rebuild city
Blueprint to ease
crowding in CBD
Nairobi Governor Evans
Kidero yesterday launched
a development masterplan
aimed at decentralising so-
cial and economic activities
from the city centre.
Dr Kidero said a majority
of the 3.5 million residents
concentrate their activities in
the CBD, resulting in heavy
population and trac jams.
To address the problem,
the Nairobi Integrated
Urban Development Mas-
terplan (Niuplan) 2014-2018
proposes the adoption of a
sub-centre system called bi-
polar corridor development
on land use and settlement.
The draft proposes that
nodes located on the inter-
change of the expected road
network should be created in
seven sub-centres that include
Runda-Ruaka, Ruiru, Ruai,
Karen and Langata, which
are sparsely populated.
We plan to strengthen
the sub-centres to promote
balanced development by
narrowing the east-west
gap, while easing pressure
on the CBD and dispersing
social activities throughout
the county, he said.
Establishment of sub-
centres was expected to
synchronise urban and
transport development.
The plan proposes an in-
tegrated road network and
enhancement of the transport
system in the CBD.
Individual houses
It identies Kilimani as one
of the estates where land use
has changed from individual
houses to construction of
It was developed with
technical assistance of Japan
with support of the Kenyan
government. The document
is expected to transform
the way things are done
in the city and should be
supported by residents, Dr
Kidero said.
in the bold plan to change public
transport, one of the biggest chal-
lenges facing the city that is also the
national capital.
It is expected that vast tracts of
land owned by the Kenya Railways
will be used to build a railway city
while electricity way-leaves will pro-
vide additional land for infrastructure
The central business district will be
linked to adjoining areas by road and
rail under the urban transport compo-
nent. Already, contracts for expanding
Outer Ring and Enterprise roads have
already been awarded. The roads are
expected to include an extra lane for
use by smart buses under the rapid
transit system.
Railway city
Other developments under the
urban transport component include
a flyover to link the CBD to the
proposed railway city, construction
of the northern part of circumferen-
tial road connecting Mbagathi and
Kilimani areas and development of
new bus and matatus termini in the
railway city.
The plan would also see the expan-
sion and improvement of the existing
water and electricity supply while also
addressing the challenges posed by
pollution and waste management.
On water, the plan is to ensure
neighbouring counties like Kiambu
increase supply to the city by 800,000
cubic metres by 2030.
Mr Tom Odongo, the executive
member in charge of Land, Housing
and Physical Planning, yesterday said
all sectors in the city must anchor
their development plans on the mas-
terplan otherwise they will experience
diculties in securing funding from
the county government.
The draft plan has been forwarded
to the National Environment Man-
agement Agency (Nema) for approval
while the County Assembly is expected
to debate and approve it by July.
Details on sectoral developments
will be worked out before the mas-
terplan can be implemented.
At this stage, the county govern-
ment will be able to indicate how
much it will cost to implement the
masterplan that was developed with
the assistance of Japan International
Cooperation Agency (Jica).
A senior Jica representative, Mr Koji
Noda, said some of the problems fac-
ing the city resulted from lack of a
The Japanese agency will second an
expert to the county planning depart-
ment to assist in the implementation
of the masterplan.
Nairobi is both a capital city of
Kenya and a logistics hub in the
region. Making it attractive through
implementing an integrated master-
plan would attract investment and
improve the citys competitiveness,
Mr Noda said.
Dr Kidero committed to ensure the
masterplan is implemented and that
legislative and institutional require-
ments are met.
A planning ocer from the county
government, Ms Rose Muema, said
the team that drafted the masterp-
lan held 23 consultative meetings
in sub-counties and also consulted
the four counties which border
Nairobi. A further 64 meetings were
conducted in wards including focus
group meetings.
The team also organised drawing
and essay writing competitions that
involved 320 pupils in the county.
The last masterplan for the city
developed in 1973 was not fully im-
MASTERPLAN | Estates in Eastlands will be demolished to pave way for highrise buildings where city residents can live and work
New roads and railways proposed as
3.1 million: The population of
Nairobi in 2009. This grew to 3.6
million last year and is projected
to hit 4.6 million in 2023 and 5.2
million by 2030.
354,221: Amount, of water, in
cubic metres that city residents
consumed in their homes in
2009. This rose to 399,750 last
year and is project to hit 533,255
by 2023 and 599,437 by 2030.
69,044: Amount of water, in
cubic metres used by industries
in 2009. This reached 79,229 last
year and will hit 119,888 in 2030.
Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero (left), the County Executive in charge of Land, Housing and Physical Planning, Mr Tom Odongo
with Jica senior representative Koji Noda during yesterdays launch of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Masterplan
at Charter Hall. According to the plan, bus and matatu termini and railway stations will be built to ease mass transport.
Population set to
hit 5.2m by 2030
The number of meetings held
before county government
came up with new masterplan.

We plan to strengthen
the sub-centres to
promote balanced
development by
narrowing the east-
west gap
Nairobi Governor Evans
Wednesday May 28, 2014
2 | National News
Kidero unveils bold plan to rebuild city
oor infrastructure, waste man-
agement and water collection,
are among the problems facing
The county government yesterday
launched a draft master plan expected
to tackle these challenges as the city
seeks to become globally attractive.
The other headache for the gover-
nor and his team is lack of power to
run electric trains.
The county hopes to provide its
residents with enough water and
avoid wastage as urbanisation takes
shape, especially along the Thika
According to the Integrated Urban
Development Master Plan for the
City of Nairobi, the water pipelines,
reservoirs and distribution networks,
which are old and dilapidated, need
to be rehabilitated.
The main reservoirs
Buildings have been constructed
on pipelines while use of substand-
ard material for portable water is
To reverse the situation, the devel-
opment of a water supply system from
the main reservoirs has started and
should be completed by 2035.
The development is expected to be
conducted in ve phases with Phase
One being the well eld development
in Kiunyu and Ruiru.
The second phase of the northern
collector and the water supply sys-
tem, including Ngorongo, have also
The city has a projected population
of more than ve million by the year
2030 up from the three million
recorded during the 2009 census.
Storm water in the city is collected
through both natural and man-made
drainage systems, and is drained into
Nairobi River.
Now the county plans to develop
Gitathuru, Ruai Ruaka, Nairobi and
Ngong rivers for the management of
storm water drainage.
Each of these rivers should be
equipped with hydraulic capacity suf-
cient to discharge the storm water
runo from its catchment area, reads
part of the report.
The urban development department
of the county also wants to introduce
equipment for the collection of rain
water for uses other than human
Much remains to be done on this
project, however, due to several
drawbacks, including lack of infor-
Most of the sewage from the city
will be treated at the Dandora Sewer-
age Treatment Plant, which currently
has inecient and low treatment ca-
pacity, even after it was improved.
The report paints a grim picture and
shows that only 35 per cent of euent
generated in Nairobi is conveyed to
the sewerage treatment works, while
65 per cent is released into the envi-
ronment without treatment.
The plan calls for the establishment
of an institutional system for waste
management at the national level, not-
ing that the National Environment
Management Authority (Nema) has
the responsibility to set up the na-
tional laws and regulations.
While the Environment Manage-
ment and Coordination Regulations
(2006) is the basic law in Kenya and
the City Council by-laws of 2007 have
been established, there are no specic
regulations or guidelines for planning
and operation of solid waste man-
agement at the national and county
levels, the report says.
The existing landll of the Dandora
dump site is poorly managed and the
area is not designated a sanitary land-
ll. Waste disposal in the area has also
exceeded design capacity for landll
The master plan recommends de-
commissioning the dumping site and
the implementation of the Japan In-
ternational Cooperation Agency (Jica)
Preparatory Survey, 2012.
The survey recommended that the
existing dumped waste be left where
it is and not transported outside. It
also recommends that waste located
in private land adjacent to the project
site be cleansed and transferred into
the project site.
The cost of power
The county government also
intends to cut the cost of power pro-
duction, and has recommended to the
power authorities that they review the
demand projection.
The master plan says that excess
forecast may lead to excess construc-
tion of power equipment leading to
an increase in electricity cost.
Although the county hopes that
electric trains will become a real-
ity, it has not considered providing
electricity for them. Commuter trains
operating in Nairobi run on diesel.
Diesel locomotives do not con-
sume electricity, so there is no need
to consider the electricity requirement
for railways in the current situation,
says the report.
Trac management
The transport plan proposes a
multi-modal development. This
includes the road network, public
transport network and traffic
The plan identies priority projects
as a yover, which is expected to
link the CBD to the Railway Station,
widening of the busy Enterprise
Road, construction of a C-2 road
in the Northern part, a new bus and
matatu terminus and commuter train
Infrastructure covers supply
of water and power, storm water
drainage and sewerage, power
supply, solid waste management
and telecommunications.
County hopes to provide
residents with enough
water and avoid wastage
as Nairobi expands
New Development
Road network proposed in 2006
Kiambu Rd
Northern Bypass Rd
Komo Rock Rd
Limuru Rd
Waiyaki Way
Thika Rd
Outering Rd
Eastern Bypass
Mombasa Rd
Langata Rd
Ngong Rd
Southern Bypass
Nairobi in 2010. The county yesterday
unveiled plans to improve the city.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
National News 3
confrontation between security
forces and opposition supporters
looms after Cord leaders swore to
defy the governments cowardly decision
to ban political rallies in the city.
Cord insisted that a planned rally to
welcome its leader Raila Odinga at Uhuru
Park on Saturday is still on.
The former Prime Minister has been in
the United States for two months, on what
has been described as a lecture tour.
Police said they were banning all ral-
lies for the forseeable future because of
security fears.
Madaraka Day is the same weekend and
while the challenges of securing two big
public events in a city under almost con-
stant attack by terrorists are considerable,
there are also suspicions in the opposi-
tion that the government is interfering
with their rights.
Police need space
Announcing the rally ban, Inspector
General of Police David Kimaiyo said
police needed space to tackle security,
including terror attacks, experienced in
the country recently.
In this regard, therefore, we have to
prioritise the interests and security of all
Kenyans by calling o all political meetings
and processions in the country to prevent
and pre-empt any criminal incidents includ-
ing terror, he said in a statement.
But Cord leaders Moses Wetangula,
James Orengo and Farah Maalim con-
demned the ban, saying they would not
be cowed.
Mr Wetangula said by banning political
rallies due to terror threats, the IGP is
telling Kenyans and the world that the
terrorists are winning.
He described the move as a cowardly
act insisting that the Saturday rally would
go on with a build-up meeting at Dagoretti
North on Friday.
We have no doubt in our minds that this
cowardly act is meant to derail Cords ac-
tivities which are peaceful, which are legal,
which are constitutional, Mr Wetangula
told journalists outside Mr Kimaiyos of-
ce soon after the ban notice was released
to the Press.
On Saturday we are going to have a
reception for the former Prime Minister
Raila Odinga and a rally at Uhuru Park
On Friday, we are going to have a build-
up rally in Dagoretti North in Kawangware
where we are going to address our support-
ers, said the Bungoma senator.
No threat to security
Mr Wetangula said the party had held
previous meetings in Mlolongo and Baba
Dogo which were no threat to security.
Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba de-
scribed the ban as a disguised attempt to
return the country to police brutality.
Mr Namwamba, who featured promi-
nently in rallies organised by Cord as a
build-up to the Saturday event, said his
party would continue with the plans for
the rally.
Mr Odingas spokesman, Mr Dennis
Onyango, said the former Prime Minister
was not involved in arranging his home-
coming reception. The team here came
up with the idea. The team was to come
up with a programme and share it with
him for input. That had not happened by
the time police announced the ban, Mr
Onyango said.
He said the team led by Mr Wetangula
and Senator Orengo was still trying to se-
cure a meeting with the Inspector General
after which they would brief Mr Odinga to
get his input.
Mr Kimaiyo referred to intelligence re-
ports that criminal elements might take
advantage of huge political gatherings to
carry out attacks.
This order is issued against a backdrop
of various aspects of insecurity which we
are currently addressing, he said.
County Commissioner Njoroge Ndirangu
said the County Security Committee had
suspended all rallies.
The prevailing security situation cannot
allow for holding any public rally in the
county this weekend, Mr Ndirangu, the
chairman of the Nairobi County Security
Committee said. Police were deployed on
a security operation, others were involved
in Madaraka Day preparations and celebra-
tions, he said.
We are focusing on making Madaraka
Day celebrations secure and successful
and ensure that all Kenyans are accorded
an opportunity to celebrate their achieve-
ments, Mr Ndirangu said.
Mr Namwamba said the ban was
intended to cause unnecessary fear
among Kenyans while taking advantage
of the security situation to disguise a
rebranded political oppression.
I want to urge all Cord supporters wher-
ever they are to turn up in large numbers
to receive our leader, Mr Raila Odinga. We
are asking the police to provide security.
Mr Namwamba said.
He challenged Mr Kimaiyo to use his in-
dependent oce for the good of the public
rather than, he claimed, to facilitate the
return the country to the dark old days.
Cord vows to defy police
ban on Raila meeting
Cord leaders (from left) Reuben Ndolo, Moses Wetangula, Farah Maalim and James Orengo
walk to the oce of IGP David KImaiyo yesterday to ask for security for their Saturday rally.
SHOWDOWN | Coalition leaders accuse Kimaiyo of seeking to return country to the dark old days
We have no
doubt in
our minds
that this
cowardly act
is meant to
derail Cords
which are
peaceful and
Security agents say since all attention will
be on Madaraka Day preparations, making
the rally vulnerable to attack by terrorists
Wednesday May 28, 2014
4 | National News
TA here to
stay, says
Transition Authority boss
Kinuthia Wamwangi, has dismissed
calls for disbanding of the agency,
saying his term was supposed to
last 10 years.
He said the demand by politi-
cians, especially governors, was
misplaced as the shortest time
such an agency had been in of-
ce anywhere in the world was
10 years.
We are going nowhere. The
newborn called Devolution can
catch a disease as he grows, said
Mr Wamwangi.
He was speaking yesterday at
Thika School for the Blind where he
joined pupils in a hair dressing and
beauty therapy sponsored by Black
and Gold Hair Republik salon.
The TA chairman said the author-
ity was facing nancial problems,
adding that they were talking to
the National Government to be al-
located more money in the 2014/15
nancial year.
Although Parliament has passed
laws on devolution, we cannot ef-
fectively manage transition due
to lack of cash, he said, noting
that distribution of assets and
liabilities previously held by the
defunct local authorities was yet
to be nalised.
The chairman, who was accompa-
nied by beauty specialists, called on
county ocials to formulate clear
policies on special schools.
Ousted governor
to face senators
Kericho Governor Paul
Chepkwony is today ex-
pected to appear before a
senatorial committee inves-
tigating allegations by ward
reps who impeached him.
The governors fate lies
with the committee that
will look into the charges
over the next 10 days before
tabling its report for debate
by the House.
He said he was thor-
oughly prepared to face
the senators.
Prof Chepkwony (below)
said he had armed himself
with all the necessary in-
formation to defend himself
against the allegation.
His lawyer, Mr
Kimutai Bosek,
said the gov-
ernor had
faith in the
of the Sen-
ate and
believed he would be vin-
Yesterday the commit-
tee met to strategise on
how to proceed with the
sitting that begins today
at KICC.
The governor has been
accused of gross violation
of the Constitution, the
County Government Act
2012, the Public Finance
Management Act 2012 and
the Public Procurement and
Disposal Act.
The charges were largely
cited by the 32 MCAs who
impeached him two weeks
ago but the Senate has the
final say on whether he
deserves to go home or
to continue to serve as the
Kericho governor.
Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator
Kipchumba Murkomen yes-
terday said he expected the
governor to get a fair hearing
just like his Embu counter-
part Martin Wambora who
has faced impeachment
twice under four months.
We will not look at the
charges as Jubilee or Cord
but we will
check on what
is before us.
We want to be
as objective as
possible, said
Mr Murkomen
who was a vice-
chairman of the team that
kicked out Mr Wambora.
ormer Mungiki leader Maina
Njenga survived a gun attack
by ducking under the dash-
board, a close friend who was
in the escort vehicle revealed
The friend, who cannot be named
for security reasons, said the at-
tackers opened re on the Subaru
Forrester carrying Mr Njenga in an
isolated section of the Gilgil-Nya-
hururu road, killing his driver and
cousin Dickson Mwangi instantly.
Speaking to the Nation from the
Kenyatta National Hospital, where
he is nursing gunshot wounds, the
man said the attackers struck after
overtaking the two vehicles when
they had slowed down on approach-
ing a bump on the newly-tarmacked
The driver was the rst target.
The shooting was concentrated on
the drivers side, possibly to stop the
vehicle, said the survivor.
After killing the driver, the attack-
ers turned their guns on Mr Njenga,
who was sitting on the front pas-
senger seat but he ducked under the
The bullets missed Mr Njenga and,
instead, hit a male passenger who was
seated on the rear seat directly behind
him, killing him instantly.
Mr Njengas wife, Ms Wairimu
Nyambere, who was seated behind
the driver, escaped the bullets but
was fatally injured after being tossed
out of the vehicle when it veered o
the road and overtuned.
The attackers then trained their guns
on the second car, a Toyota Premio,
which had ve occupants three men
and two women, including our source.
Only the source and a woman
identified as Akinyi survived the
The second woman was shot in
the stomach and bled to death before
reaching hospital.
I was sitting at the back with the
two women and we chatted happily as
we cruised, said the source.
Both men in front died under a hail
of bullets.
After the shooting, the attackers
alighted from their vehicles and in-
spected the two cars as if to ensure
their mission had been accomplished
and then drove o.
Mr Njenga waited for the attackers
to ee the scene before crawling out
of the Subaru as a small crowd began
to gather at the scene.
Friend tells how Maina survived
Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga at Avenue Hospital in Nairobi on Monday.
Right: The car in which Mr Njenga was travelling in.
GUN ATTACK | Companion nursing gunshot wounds at KNH
Former Mungiki leader
ducked under dashboard
when gunmen opened
re on vehicle in an
isolated section of road
The driver was the rst
target. The shooting was
concentrated on the drivers
side, possibly to stop the
Maina Njengas friend who also
survived shooting
Court orders
release of
26 soldiers

The Court of Appeal yesterday
ordered the release of 26 former
Kenya Defence Forces soldiers who
were being detained at the Kenya
Navy Mtongwe base.
Judges Hannah Okwengu, Ma-
khandia Asike and Fatuma Sichale,
sitting in Malindi, also directed the
court martial to suspend charges of
desertion of duty against the soldiers
until the outcome of another case
led at the High Court in Mombasa
over the detainees rights is heard.
Bond of Sh500,000
In the judgment read by Justice
Sichale, the judges said Mr Justice
Edward Muriithi of the High Court
in Mombasa was right in releas-
ing the ex-soldiers on a bond of
The judges noted that if they or-
dered the case at the court martial
to proceed while the constitutional
petition was pending in the High
Court, it may render the case nu-
Justice Muriithi had also ordered
the suspension of the court martial
for 60 days to allow the court to
establish whether the accuseds con-
stitutional rights had been violated.
Their lawyer argued they couldnt be
charged since they did not abscond
duties as they had been cleared.

Wednesday May 28, 2014
National News 5
Police: Cancel bail
of blast car owner
The prosecution has re-
quested the cancellation of
a Sh8 million bail granted
to the owner of a car that
exploded at Pangani Police
In a notice of motion led
before a Milimani court in
Nairobi yesterday, a police
officer swore that intel-
ligence reports had linked
Mr Ahmed Dugal Ali to a
new round of terror attacks
and that he could interfere
with witnesses and inves-
Mr Ali has been in cus-
tody since he surrendered
to the police on April 24, a
day after the explosion that
killed two ocers and two
terrorists. He had been
directed to deposit Sh10
million as bond with two
sureties to secure his free-
dom pending the hearing
of the case.
Initially, a prosecutor said
there were no instructions
to oppose Mr Alis release
on bail.
Yesterday, Corporal
Cyrus Ikade of the Anti-
Terrorism Police Unit
said the intelligence serv-
ices had received credible
information that Mr Ali
was planning to execute
more terrorist acts.
The acts the respondent
is planning to execute are
aimed at causing loss of
innocent lives and destruc-
tion of property in a bid to
intimidate Kenyans and the
government, he said.
The new development
follows a complaint by
the Executive against the
Judiciary for handling terror
suspects with kid gloves by
releasing them on bond and
frustrating the ght against
The court should con-
sider the case of Faud
Abubakar Mansuab and
another, who appeared in
the Mombasa Law Courts.
Faud was granted bail and
subsequently absconded,
only to resurface as one of
the people behind the West-
gate attack on September
21, 2013, the police ocer
Date in April when
accused handed him-
self to police
Date in September
2013 when Westgate
mall was attacked
Trader facing
terror charge
is a Somali
A man accused of nancing ter-
rorism is a Somali citizen who had
acquired Kenyan identification
documents illegally, a court heard
The prosecution told a Kibera
court that witnesses from Isiolo,
where Mr Abdifatah Bashir Ahmed
claims he was born, will testify
and prove that he is not from the
We have five witnesses from
Isiolo who are ready, Inspector
Justus Mugambi told the court.
Mr Bashir, a Nairobi business-
man, is accused of fraudulently
obtaining a Kenyan identity card
and being unlawfully present in
Kenya, charges he has denied.
Defence lawyer Kirathe Wandungi
urged the court to adjourn the hear-
ing as he had not been provided
with statements.
The case will be heard on Sep-
tember 23.
Refugees must
live in camps,
insists Lenku
Refugees in urban areas are
obliged to obey the law, a court
heard yesterday.
They must obey Kenyan rules
and laws, Interior Cabinet Secretary
Joseph ole Lenku (below) said yes-
terday in response to a case led by
over 500 refugees protesting against
a directive requiring them to return
to camps for registration.
The minister defended his March
26 directive through a notice in the
Kenya Gazette that urban refugees
should return to Dadaab and Ka-
kuma camps.
He said the refugees had not
fullled considerations to operate
in urban areas, hence the move was
to check their compliance.
The lawyer for the Cabinet Sec-
retary insisted that even though the
urban refugees claimed to have ac-
quired property and doing business
to boost the economy, the directive
was not a threat to their dignity and
movement but a terrorism-related
security measure.
He said most of the refugees did
not have work permits to engage
in trade.
Mr Justice David Majanja con-
curred with the refugees argument
that the directive was blanket and
did not state the period they would
spend in the camps.
He demanded a copy of the said
he men who shot dead
two Kenya soldiers in
Lamu also stole their
guns and then vanished, po-
lice sources have said.
However, Lamu East police
chief Samuel Obara said he
was not aware that guns were
I dont have any informa-
tion concerning the theft of
G3 rifles. Furthermore, we
are not going to discuss sen-
sitive security matters in the
media, Mr Obara told the Na-
tion in a telephone interview
The soldiers were killed by
suspected Al-Shabaab militia
after they were caught resting
while their colleagues enjoyed
refreshments after their vehi-
cle got stuck in the mud.
They were attacked by men
in a Toyota Land Cruiser reg-
istration number KAV 599E.
Two of the three soldiers
a corporal and a private -
were killed.
The third ocer shot dead
the attackers driver as his ac-
complices escaped on foot,
leaving behind their vehicle.
The names of the felled
soldiers have not been re-
leased and the bodies were
yesterday airlifted to Nairobi
for autopsy.
Mr Obara also said two
other soldiers had been
found after they were reported
The ocers had gone in
pursuit of the Al-Shabaab but
got lost on their way back,
he said.
Back in camp
Mr Obara said the soldiers
reported to their camp at
Ras Kamboni near the bor-
der with Somalia yesterday
Our soldiers went after the
attackers whom they believed
could have crossed into Soma-
lia. But they are safely back in
camp, he said.
Mr Obara said apart
from the soldiers who were
killed, no other Kenyan was
He, however, said they
suspected some militants
escaped with bullets wounds.
The police boss said Kenyan
soldiers had launched a major
manhunt for the killers.
Mystery of guns in
Al-Shabaab attack
INSECURITY | Source says arms lost, but police deny
Police boss declines
to speak about
sensitive security
matters in media

Our soldiers
had pursued the
attackers whom
they believe
could have ed
to Somalia,
Mr Obara, Lamu
East police chief
TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga (left) and Chief of De-
fence Forces Julius Karangi confer at the Supreme
Court after a meeting between Judiciary bosses and
security chiefs on Monday. The war on terror topped
the agenda. Dr Mutunga said his team had agreed with
the security chiefs to share information and increase
dialogue on how to counter terrorism within the limits
of the Constitution and human rights law. The group,
which included Interior Minister Joseph ole Lenku and
other ocials, meets again tomorrow.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
6 | National News
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Police vetting
has failed to
restore trust
The vetting of police officers
has achieved little in boosting
public condence in the service or
making it more professional, a new
report says.
The findings by the Usalama
Reforms Forum are an indictment
on the National Police Service Com-
mission, which grilled senior police
ocers and is expected to release
part of the results today.
The public feels that everyone
can pass the vetting as there are
no clear criteria for determining
an officers professionalism and
competency to continue serving in
the police service, said Dr Charles
Otieno, a senior researcher.
Past two years
The survey was conducted in the
past two years on 1,531 respondents
and 600 police ocers in 18 coun-
ties. Most people were dissatised
with the vetting and questioned the
retention of some senior police of-
cers, according to the report.
The study found that while 56 pc
of the respondents were aware of
the vetting, only two percent knew
the requirements for an ocer to
be cleared.
Some 89 pc did not know why
police were being vetted and 92
pc did not know their role in the
cientists have discovered a
vast peatland in Congo-Braz-
It covers an area slightly under
one third the size of Kenya, and is
thought to contain billions of tonnes
of peat, the carbon-rich material.
Peat is formed from partially
decayed vegetation, and is the next
step towards coal formation.
A team from the Wildlife Con-
servation Society Congo,
Congo-Brazzaville Marien Ngouabi
University and the University of
Leeds discovered the peat that
the explorers claim could shed
light on 10,000 years of environ-
mental change in this little-studied
The discovery team estimates that
the peat covers between 100,000 and
200,000 square kilometres, and lay-
ering up to seven metres in thickness
beneath the ground.
The scientists had to contend with
wild animals and soggy ground since
the area is water-logged.
Few people venture into these
swamps. They are dicult places
to move and work in. You can only
walk here for a couple of months a
year, right at the end of the dry sea-
son, so you have to time it right, Dr
Simon Lewis, team member from the
University of Leeds told the BBC.
The scientists rst explored the
area, starting from Itanga Village.
They used satellite images which
gave them a hint that the area was
a vast carbon-rich peatland.
Dr Lewis explained that peat-
lands are formed because the plant
matter going into the soil is not fully
It requires slow conditions for the
decomposition, so you naturally nd
most peatlands in the cold zones. It
is rare to nd them in the wet and
warm tropics, he added.
Carbon-rich peat
found in Congo
MINERAL | Key to 10,000 years of environment change
forms from
plants, the
next step
1. Peat is made from
partly decomposed
plant material and forms
in waterlogged condi-
2. Peat has been used
as a fuel for centuries
and is still sold to burn
in res to heat homes.
3. Peatlands cover less
than three per cent of the
land surface, but contain
twice as much carbon as
the worlds forests.
4. The IUCN says peat-
lands is overlooked
and undervalued.
Things you may not know
DEMO | MP runs into riot police
Nominated MP Sarah Korere is caught up in a confronta-
tion with the police in Nanyuki Town, Laikipia County
yesterday. Police roughed up the MP and dragged her
on the road after a demonstration to protest at human-
wildlife conict turned ugly.
Amenities: mall
Petrol station, Swimming pool,
Recreation Facilities, School
0720-800379 / 0720-800466 / 0720-800530 /
0720-800370 / 0720-800551
Website is
TEL: 0720-800530, 0720-800466, 0720-
800551, 0720-800370, 0720-800379.
Recreation Facilities:
*Swimming pool
*Club house with gym
*Children playground
*Green landscaped gardens
Three bedroom homes
with master ensuite Plinth areas 130 Square Meters


Starting from
Kshs. 10m
Wednesday May 28, 2014
8 | National News
Lobby wants land laws changes
A lobby group has called for
a review of laws governing land,
saying they are inconsistent.
Land Development and
Governance Institute said
unless the legislations are
harmonised, reforms in the
Lands ministry will not yield
any fruits.
The NGO now wants the
National Assembly to thor-
oughly audit the laws on the
National Land Commission,
the Land Act and the Land
Registries which it says are
overlapping and frustrating
The institutes executive
director Mwenda Makathimo
said the turf wars between the
National Lands Commission
and the ministry have largely
been caused by statutes which
give overlapping roles to the
The institute particularly
singled out the Land Regis-
tration Act.
This has been blamed for the
ghts between the commission
and ministry. Parliament must
eect amendments to ensure
that the roles and functions
given to the National Lands
Commission and the lands
ministry are consistent with
the constitution, said Mr
He was speaking at a media
brieng when they launched
a report from a survey on
citizens perception of the re-
lationship between commission
and the Ministry of Lands.
The survey was conducted in
27 counties and involved 809
respondents. It revealed that
93 per cent had not interacted
with the NLC.
The number of respondents in
the survey whose results were
announced yesterday
he Supreme Court
has given three media
houses 10 days to
respond to a suit by the
government challenging the
decision to award them a
digital broadcasting licence.
The courts deputy registrar,
Ms Lucy Njora, gave the direc-
tions after the media houses
asked for more time to le
their responses. The dispute
has led to the switch from
analogue to digital television
signals pushed to the end of
Lawyer Kiragu Kimani
representing Nation Media
Group, Royal Media Services
and Standard Media Group
said the team of six law rms
defending the media houses
had not had time together to
agree on the responses.
The dierent lawyers are
involved in several other mat-
ters and we have not found
time to sit together as a team
to put in our responses. We
need a few more days to le
our submissions, said Mr
Kiragu (right).
Ms Njora allowed the re-
quest but said it would be the
nal chance for any party who
wished to put in more submis-
sions before a date is set for
the hearing of the case.
I allow the request and
any other party who wishes
to put additional submis-
sions is at liberty before the
nal mention on June 16 to
set a hearing a date before
the judges. Should there be
non-compliance by any party,
we will proceed and have the
matter determined without
their input, she said.
The Attorney-General,
Communication Authority
of Kenya and two foreign
media houses moved to the
Supreme Court after the Court
of Appeal directed the govern-
ment to issue the three media
houses with a digital licence
and scheduled the new switch-
o date to September 30.
Judges Roselyn Nambuye,
David Maraga and Daniel
Musinga ruled that the Com-
munication Commission of
Kenya (now CAK) as consti-
tuted was not the right body
to issue the digital broadcast
They also cancelled the
licence CCK had issued to
Pan African Network Group
Kenya Ltd.
According to the judges,
the three media houses had
a legitimate expectation to be
issued with the licence based
on the massive investment
they have put in the televi-
sion broadcast business and
directed the government to
issue them with the licence.
The judges further stopped
the Chinese owned StarTimes
Television network and GoTv
Limited from rebroadcast-
ing programmes generated
by the three media houses
on grounds that it was a
violation of their intellectual
The Communication Au-
thority of Kenya however
claimed that the Appeal Court
exceeded its jurisdiction.
Firms get more time
in digital permit suit
TV SWITCH | Media houses given 10 extra days to respond
expected in case
challenging award
of licence

We have not
found time to
sit together as
a team to put in
our responses. We
need more days
Media rms lawyer
Kiragu Kimani
TRAGEDY | Man found dead in his house
Residents of Paw-Remo in Kisumu struggle to get a glimpse of the body of Mr Jared Ochieng, 26.
Neighbours yesterday found him lying dead in a pool of blood in a house he shared with his wife.
The couple was said to have had frequent wrangles.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
National News 9
Kenya and Tanzania
hold animal census
Kenya and Tanzania have
launched a joint wildlife cen-
sus in the Maasai Mara Game
Reserve and the Serengeti
National Park that will also
establish wildlife trends and
The Kenya Wildlife Service
senior deputy director for
biodiversity research and
monitoring, Dr Erustus Kanga,
said they were also interested
in mapping dispersal areas.
The census would establish
migratory corridors and as-
certain the reduction of the
population due to an increase
in poaching in the last two
We would like to know the
population of elephants in the
Mara and that of other endan-
gered species, said Dr Kanga
in Narok Town yesterday.
He was accompanied by
KWS Central Rift assistant
director George Osuri, and
Narok chief warden William
The last elephant census
carried out in 2010, revealed
that there were 3,072 that
moved between the Mara and
Serengeti in Tanzania.
According to the KWS, 200
elephants have so far been
killed this year - 47 of them in
the Maasai Mara.
Statistics indicate that
there were 167,000 elephants
in Kenya in the early 1970s.
This has now gone down to
slightly more than 35,000.
Conservationists have
warned that the animals could
be wiped out in the wild in
Kenya in the next 10 years.
We would like to
know the population
of elephants in the
Mara and that of other
endangered species
KWS Deputy Director
Erustus Kanga
hey were own from cold cells
and solitary connement in
Juba, South Sudan, to State
House, Nairobi, and later moved to
the Sh1 million-a-month Windsor Park
Villas on Kigwa Road.
Each of the double-storey villas sits
on 0.25 acres next to the ritzy Wind-
sor Golf and Country Club, in a gated
community, whose residents have full
access to the golf club and the ritzy
hotel. Owning one of the villas will set
you back by Sh62 million, according
to an on-line advert.
Such is the ve-star treatment the
Government of Kenya accords Mr
Pagan Okiech, General Oyay Ajak
and Dr Majak Atem. The four are
a part of the 11 former ocials in
President Salva Kiirs government
now residing in Kenya.
The men ensconced in Windsor
Villas had been accused of planning
to overthrow the government after
Africas youngest state exploded
into a civil war but were released in
a deal brokered by President Uhuru
Kenyatta, underlining their strategic
role in what will become of war-torn
South Sudan.
We are getting the best services
here. While in prison, we were only al-
lowed to leave our cells when going to
court, says Mr Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth,
a former South Sudan Ambassador to
the United States, and the only mem-
ber of the group who spoke to us. In
custody, he preferred food from his
wife; not prison grime. Now he only
needs to pick up the phone to order
the choicest of morsels and describes
his lot as guests of the President.
The goriest face of the South Sudan
conict was the Bentui massacre that
happened when Dr Machars forces
captured the capital of the oil-rich
Unity State on April 22. More than
200 civilians were butchered in blood-
letting reminiscent of the Rwandan
Targeted civilians
While maintaining that Dr Machar
couldnt have targeted civilians, Mr
Gatkuoth says: Human rights viola-
tions have been committed by both
sides. The killings should be investi-
gated and those responsible should
be held to account.
In an exclusive interview with the
Nation, Mr Gatkuoth wore the look of
a man removed from his motherland
obviously in deep thought about the
bloodshed back home.
He says he and 11 other former po-
litical detainees from South Sudan are
trying to unite South Sudanese after
the bloody fallout between President
Kiir and his then Vice-President, Dr
Machar. The 11, he adds, had no
hand in the ghting that broke out
in December, but reiterates their call
for a transition government.
Under the watchful eyes and pro-
tection of Kenyan security men in
the quiet surroundings, the group
spends day after day thinking about
how to stop the war in a country Mr
Gatkuoth describes as being envel-
oped in desperation.
Juba is not the place it used to be.
It was booming. People were mak-
ing money. Businesses are collapsing
and investors are not coming back for
fear that ghting could break out any
time, he says.
We ask him what went wrong and
why the country could not learn a les-
son after 25 years of civil war with the
north, now a separate state.
Lack of tolerance and visionary
leadership from Salva Kiirs govern-
ment, he explains.
Mr Kiir has led South Sudan under
the Sudan Peoples Liberation Move-
ment since 2011 with Dr Machar as
his Vice-President. He sacked him
in 2013 and dissolved the Cabinet,
precipitating the current crisis.
This one (the ghting) had been
coming since 2011 when we had our
independence, says Mr Gatkuoth.
The army is split into two fac-
tions one supporting Machar and
the other, Kiir. The whole leadership
is in a shambles, he says.
The oil-rich nation has not known
peace since it seceded from Sudan.
In 2012, it was caught up in a dispute
with Khartoum over the oil-rich re-
gions such as Heglig and Abyei.
Then its own people turned against
one another in a battle of ethnic
Machar is a Nuer and Kiir a Dinka.
Since 2005 they have navigated
through diculties and contradic-
tions while working together until
July 9, 2011, when we broke away
from Sudan and the two formed the
government, says Mr Gatkuoth, who
is allied to the Machar faction.
Looking after
special guests
from S. Sudan
Mr Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth at Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club, Nairobi, where he
granted an interview to our reporter on Saturday.
SIGNIFICANCE| Their treatment suggests that the government sees the 11 as being instrumental in ending the Kiir-Machar feud
According to Mr Gatkuoth,
When dierences emerged
within SPLM, Kiir failed to man-
age them and dissolved the
government in July, ring top
ocials including his deputy Ma-
char. That was the last straw for
the leaders.
Mr Gatkuoth adds that President
Kiirs decision to re his fellow
former combatants from the
government set o a domino ef-
fect that saw over 20,000 peo-
ple killed in Juba. In a television
broadcast, Mr Kiir blamed the
ghting on a coup attempt.
What led to the
armed conict
Rebel leader Machars
men being housed in
Sh62m maisonettes
under watchful eye
Wednesday May 28, 2014
10 | National News
even public and private uni-
versities have been given the
green light to train doctors
and dentists.
Health Cabinet Secretary James
Macharia yesterday said the Medi-
cal Practitioners and Dentists Board
had cleared Kenyatta, Egerton, Kenya
Methodist, Maseno, Uzima and Mount
Kenya universities to train doctors,
while Moi University was approved
to train dentists.
The rst group of medical students
from Kenyatta University are expected
to graduate at the end of this year.
Speaking in Nairobi during a
ground-breaking ceremony for a
Sh260 million building at the boards
headquarters, Mr Macharia said the
regulator had further approved post-
graduate training in medicine at the
Aga Khan University.
At the same time, the board has
inspected, approved and gazetted
60 new medical and dental intern-
ship training centres countrywide. He
praised the agencys management for
its work.
This is one of the best run boards
in my ministry, which endeavours to
full its mandate through strong lead-
ership and discipline despite working
from a small residential premises.
The Medical Practitioners and Den-
tists Board is mandated to register,
regulate and license doctors, dentists
and health institutions.
The new building will provide
enough space for the board to con-
duct tribunal hearings, preliminary
inquiry committees on complaints
and administer examinations to
foreign doctors.
Mr Macharia also announced that
the ministry had allocated Sh2.3 bil-
lion for the training of interns in the
next nancial year.
He was with Health Principal
Secretary Fred Segor, the boards
chairman, Prof George Magoha,
Kenyatta National Hospital chief ex-
ecutive ocer Lily Tare and Nairobi
Hospital boss Cleopa Mailu.
Prof Magoha said the contractor
was identied through a thorough
procurement system. He said it would
be completed in 18 months.
The board has been occupying
premises belonging to the Univer-
sity of Nairobi.
The building was being put up with
funds raised by the board, according
to Prof Magoha, who is also the Uni-
versity of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor.
Varsities cleared to train doctors
ACADEMICS | Board has licensed 60 medical internship centres
Regulator has approved
three private institutions
among seven medical
schools, says minister

Kenyatta University
Egerton University
Kenya Methodist University
Maseno University
Uzima University
Mount Kenya University
Moi University (to train dentists)
Seven medical
schools approved
Court stops probe on
ocer in tight skirt
A Kiambu policewoman who
was last month photographed
in a tight skirt while on duty
has obtained court orders stop-
ping disciplinary proceedings
against her. Ms Linda Okello
was charged with being scant-
ily dressed and untidy. She ob-
tained the order through her law-
yer Tom Ojienda. Kiambu police
bosses however ignored the order
saying she must be disciplined.
Stop Mbo-I-Kamiti
sale, Kabogo urged
A group claiming to be
shareholders of the Mbo-I-Kamiti
Farmers Company have asked
the Kiambu County government
to stop the sale or transfer of
the rms property. Speaking
in Kiambu Town, the groups
leader, Mr Evanson Thiongo,
said imposters were purporting
to sell land on behalf of the
shareholders. He said Governor
William Kabogo had assured
them that their rights would be
Couple who married
o daughter, 12, ee
Police are hunting for the
parents of a 12-year-old girl who
allowed her marriage to a casual
labourer two months ago. The
man married the Class Five pupil
and is now in custody. The Molo
Administration Police boss said
the parents had gone into hiding.
They disappeared after receiving
information that we were after
them, but we will not rest until
they are arrested, he said
SEEKING JUSTICE | Accused and accuser in assault case share court bench
Pastor David Maina Karuru
and Ms Beth Mwende
Imaana in a Nairobi court
yesterday. Mr Karuru was
charged with assaulting
Ms Imaana and damag-
ing her phone at Yahweh
Evangelistic Revival Min-
istry Church in Nairobi, on
April 29. He was released
on a Sh5,000 bond. The
case will be heard on
July 7.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
National News 11
ust the other day, we
buried nearly 100 people
who needlessly died
from consuming cheap,
toxic liquor.
As a society, we are a
forgetful lot. We express
outrage when such incidents
occur, quickly bury our
heads in the sand, and then
patiently wait for the next
round of deaths from cheap
News about deaths of
hundreds of people from
consumption of illicit liquor
has become repetitive,
boring and predictable.
We Kenyans endure
injustice and accept such
man-made tragedies with
fatalistic resignation.
Today, I return to the
debate on whether tax
policy should be applied
to deter citizens from
consuming too much kumi
kimi and smoking roll-your-
own tobacco.
How do we tweak sin
taxes to deter consumption
of socially proscribed goods
and services poisonous
liquor, unltered cigarettes
and hard spirits that are
brewed under unhygienic
This is a pertinent issue
right now because we are
approaching the period for
the annual budget where
the Cabinet Secretary for
the National Treasury, Mr
Henry Rotich, will reel out
new tax proposals.
In response to a recent
article I did on the same
subject, the governor of the
Central Bank of Kenya, Prof
Njuguna Ndungu, sent me
a research paper which he,
together with the prominent
economist and scholar,
Mwangi Kimenyi, authored
several years ago on excise
duty on beer.
I will not go into the
specics of the ndings
of this study. In general,
it conrms the following
If cheaper brands
of cigarettes are taxed
excessively, consumers will
turn to unltered cigarettes
with higher nicotine
If cheaper beers and
spirits are taxed too
highly, illicit spirits of
higher alcoholic potency
become more desirable to
Higher taxes on beer will
drive consumers to harder
liquor because as the saying
goes, people will always
seek more bang for the
I believe that the
application of sin taxes in
this country has achieved
the opposite results.
As the study by the
eminent academics showed,
high taxes on low-end
alcoholic drinks such as
Senator Keg brewed by
Kenya Breweries, and
similar beers by Keroche
Ltd, are linked to the
upsurge in production and
consumption of illicit brews.
The same dynamic
has been observed in the
tobacco industry. We saw
what happened when former
Finance Minister Amos
Kimunya introduced a
uniform excise tax regime
for all categories of cigarette
in the Finance Act of 2011.
There was a phenomenal
spike in the retail prices of
low-end cigarettes.
When you push the prices
of low-end cigarettes beyond
the reach of poor people,
you will have pushed them
out of the formal market
into the unregulated market
of contrabands where
taxes are not collected.
In theory, sin taxes
are not supposed to be
regressive. Yet when you
look at the impact of the
changes to excise duty
rates introduced in the 2011
Finance Act, the opposite
was achieved.
By increasing the tax on
low-end cigarettes while
reducing excise duty on
middle- and high-end
cigarettes, it is the poor who
were exposed to a heavier
tax burden.
The current regime of
sin taxes does not hit the
pockets of the citizens
equally. Clearly, a strong
case exists for a careful
evaluation of the incumbent
regime for sin taxes.
Without a doubt, sin taxes
contribute a signicant
share of revenues for the
But in the wake of the
deaths from illicit alcohol,
the challenge for policy
should be how to maximise
revenues while at the same
time making sure the citizen
is not pushed into drinking
and smoking unregulated
and harmful products.
The reason why public
health has not been a key
objective of tax policy
is because we have been
anchored for too long to
the following economic
First, that by enriching
the government, you enrich
the poor. Secondly, that by
imposing high sin taxes, you
collect more revenue and
that you can break the link
between eort and reward
and still get the same eort.
Taxation is not merely
about collecting revenue for
the government. It can be
used to prevent deaths from
high consumption of kumi
kumi and kiraiku.
If cheaper beers and
spirits are taxed too
highly, illicit spirits
of higher alcoholic
potency become more
Time to rethink sin tax: The poor are
dying needlessly from taking poison
Ban on political rallies
a very imprudent step
he governments decision to ban all political
rallies for an indenite period has been
attributed to security concerns.
However, the authorities will be hard-pressed to
justify a decision that seems mainly designed to
block the gathering planned to welcome opposition
leader Raila Odinga on his return from a three-
month sojourn in the United States.
It is true that Kenya faces daunting security
challenges, especially with the ever-present threat
of terrorist attacks, but that must not be used as an
excuse to curtail legitimate political activity.
The rights of assembly, association, and
expression are protected in our expansive Bill
of Rights and must not be curtailed in a manner
reminiscent of the dictatorial one-party mindset.
Unless there was a real and present security
threat, the decision announced by the Inspector-
General of Police to bar political rallies will be seen
as a crass manoeuvre to halt the planned Cord rally
set for Saturday, and also a series of opposition
gatherings set for the coming weeks and months.
In our democratic political dispensation, it cannot
be the role of the National Police Service to block
political challenges at the behest of the ruling party.
The security chiefs who made the decision
should be well aware that barring legitimate
political expression could be counter-productive
if those barred from meeting decide to defy the
ban and exercise their rights, setting the stage for
confrontation and conict.
The police and other security agencies are bound
by their oath of oce, and by the Constitution, to
discharge their duties independent of direction and
control of any political formations.
The onus is on those who decided to ban political
gatherings to show they were reacting to valid
security concerns.
Prosecute hate-mongers
he various commissions that investigated the
cause of the violence that rocked the country
after the 2007 elections were unanimous
that hate speech during the campaigns precipitated
the mayhem that nearly tore the nation apart.
Consequently, a law was enacted to circumscribe
hate speech and an independent body, the National
Cohesion and Integration Commission, set up to
rein in hate-mongers.
This is the reason why the commission
questioned a political activist over his online
postings that appeared to be hateful. Similarly,
it has questioned former Vice-President Kalonzo
Musyoka over a recent snide remark to a journalist
that amounted to ethnic proling.
On paper, these moves indicate the commission is
doing something but in reality, they do not amount
to anything.
The commission has never gone beyond
interrogating people. Nobody has been punished
for spewing hatred, yet this is common, especially
among politicians who never miss any public
gathering to vilify their perceived opponents.
Interrogation is not deterrence, so the
commission must ex its muscle, drag hate-
mongers to courts, and prosecute them.
LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Ocer
JOSEPH ODINDO: Group Editorial Director
MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor
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Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited
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Wednesday May 28, 2014
12 | Opinion
n August 2010, there were
amendments to the RVR
concession agreement
because the rm had defaulted
and the government had
moved to terminate it.
In summary, the government
negotiated for Volume and
Investment targets, the ability
to build standard gauge
railway (it was clear then
that this was a deal-breaker),
and for the payment of their
concession fees.
On the other hand, RVR
negotiated for more time to
meet targets set in the initial
concession (unfortunately
volume targets have now not
been met), two; compensation
in case of loss due to building
of the standard gauge railway,
and three; staggered payment
of unpaid concession fees.
Today, the critical targets
that are clear deal-breakers in
determining a second default
by RVR are:
1. Investment target: $40
million minimum investment
(this has been met).
2. Volume target of 1.9
billion net tonnes x kms
moved (NTK) by June 2014.
This will not be met. At best,
RVR will achieve 1.3 billion
NTK by net month.
Therefore, from next month
the governments of Kenya
and Uganda are well within
their rights to terminate the
RVR concession. Put simply,
RVR is dead today and open
to termination unless the two
governments jointly agree to
waive yet another default and
get RVR out of jail.
Development money lenders
have a deep interest in this
matter. The actual investor
in RVR is Ambience Venture
Ltd; a detail not known to
the public. Citadel Capital,
the Egyptian company that
is better known, manages
Ambience Venture but owns
only 20 per cent of it.
Development nancial
institutions that are also
lenders to the project own
almost 80 per cent of
Ambience Venture Ltd. This
has created a clear conict of
interest as RVR is controlled
by the same organisations who
are its lenders.
A clear demarcation between
the shareholders and lenders
to the business is required, as
in any business. This is not the
case at RVR.
The situation is made worse
by the fact that Ambience
also owns and funds BOMI
(Ugandan shareholder),
eectively meaning that when
Transcentury was forced
out, the entire shareholding
of the company reverted to
the development nancial
institutions which are also
lenders to the project.
It means that there is
no true local participation
in the project by either
Kenyans or Ugandans. Yet
both govenments will come
under extreme pressure
to renegotiate the RVR
concession, with no guarantee
whatsoever that RVR will
perform any better.
Already, in a radio talk
show on Tuesday, May 20,
the Cabinet Secretary for
Transport and Infrastructure,
Mr Michael Kamau, while
admitting that RVR has failed,
nonetheless declared that the
contract had been extended
by one year and will be
renegotiated in view of SGR.
The reason Anglo Leasing
was paid is related to standard
gauge railway. The government
needs to pay the Chinese
20 per cent of the $4 billion
construction cost. This is $800
million which it doesnt have.
To make this payment, the
government needs to borrow
to kick-start the SGR project.
The borrowing presumably
needs to come from the
Sovereign Bond as the
government have no ability to
raise the money from savings
(which is what a prudent
government should do).
The government has already
borrowed heavily domestically,
hence the dilemma. It was
also clear that a protracted
Anglo Leasing case would
have delayed the Sovereign
Bond and put the SGR project
at risk.
In any event, it has already
been admitted that Anglo
Leasing was paid to unlock
the ability to borrow money,
which surely includes money
to pay the 20 per cent deposit
for SGR.
Failing to enforce RVR
termination is very similar to
failing to defend the Anglo
Leasing case. In both cases,
the government is waiving
and, or has compromised
its legal rights in a situation
where it is highly costly to the
taxpayer to do so.
One can only assume that
extraneous interests invariably
persuade the government not
to enforce the publics legal
rights. This is fraudulent, and
a blatant abuse of oce.
Mr Ngugi is a consultant in
public aairs and policy (kiriro
RVR, which has failed, is shaping up to
become the next Anglo Leasing scandal
A Rift Valley Railways engine on
the move: Which way forward?
he seemingly knee-jerk move by
a few Western countries to issue
travel advisories and evacuations
of tourists on grounds of security has left
both players in the tourism industry and
the government asking many questions.
The manner in which Britain in
particular evacuated its nationals from
Mombasa is baing. It literally hounded
its own citizens from hotels and loaded
them into waiting aircraft.
Those interviewed by the media at
the Moi International Airport publicly
protested against the evacuation,
promising to come back soon.
The danger of such moves are that they
are likely to trigger a domino eect and
precipitate a crisis in the tourism industry,
as well as hurting diplomatic relations
between the two countries.
Similarly such an evacuation will send
the wrong message internationally that
Kenya is not a safe tourist destination. It
may also portray Kenya as a dysfunctional
State, unsuitable for investment.
Conventionally, evacuations of citizens
abroad by a country are only reserved for
situations of military coups, civil wars and
violent extra-state conicts. Kenya is a
fully functioning democracy.
It is, however, true that some
nefarious external or internal groups are
increasingly expanding their footprints
in the country. But this is not to say that
terrorism is peculiar to Kenya. It is a
global phenomenon that requires a global
eort to neutralise it.
For Britain, therefore, to hastily airlift
its citizens is at the very least an act of
cowardice, and betrays the British stand
in the ght against terrorism.
Terror groups thrive in an environment
of panic, paranoia and psychological
lockdown. In taking the unfriendly
measures against a key ally, what the UK,
the US, Australia and France dont realise
is that they are inadvertently handing
victory to terrorists.
It is also defeatist for Britain to airlift
tourists, yet there are many Britons as
well as investments in the country.
Malice and ill-will
It is also disturbing that the quartet did
not share the intelligence that prompted
their action with Kenyan security
agencies. That this was done, without the
knowledge of the government smacks of
malice, ill-will, and irresponsibility.
The totality of these unmerited
travel advisories and evacuations
must deservingly be treated as acts of
provocation and economic sabotage. In
this regard the government must seek
answers from Whitehall, Elysee Palace,
Washington and Canberra.
Such drastic measures lend conspiracy-
mongers more reason to arm their
assertions that the cosy relations between
Kenya and the East has everything to do
with the imbroglio. The aggressive entry
of China into Kenya seems to be arousing
paternalistic instincts in the West.
Should this be the case, then such acts
betray how desperate the West is, in the
wake of the growing Sino-Africa relations.
It is worth noting that Israel with its
frequent headline-grabbing security
issues and a highly securitised daily life
has continued to enjoy the patronage of
tourists from the Western world.
A key lesson from these measures is
that it is time the government opened
up new tourism markets. There is a clear
need to rethink the traditional sources
of clientele and aggressively market its
tourism products in new markets.
By the same token the government will
need to scale up the ght against terror
threats and restore public condence.
In East Africa Kenya has suered huge
collateral damages owing to ideological
and investment ties with the West. This
binding history should be reason enough
for the West to stand with Kenya in
dealing with terrorists.
Tourism is a core economic pillar of
Kenyas economy generating an annual
revenue north of Sh90 billion. Therefore,
if the crisis is left to fester, it will cause
loss of livelihoods.
Mr Magutt teaches politics and
international studies at Kenyatta
University (
With friends like these, who needs foes?
Police arrest a university of Nairobi student
Devolution Secretary Anne Waiguru for the sack while
turning a blind eye to the decision by her boss,
President Kenyatta, to resurrect the hated provincial
administration, are not serious, says Fr Pascal Kinoti.
The Presidents strong county commissioners,
he adds, will end up undermining governors and
hampering devolution. If the MPs are bold enough,
they should take the bull by the horns, challenges
Kinoti, whose contact is
or write to Watchman,
POB 49010, Nairobi 00100.
Fax 2213946.
TSC INEFFICIENT. The Teachers Service
Commission will denitely be interested in this one.
Antony Kabiro George, who was recruited as a teacher
last August, is appalled at the ineciency displayed
by his employer, as nearly a year later, and despite
fully discharging his duties, he has yet to receive
his appointment letter from the TSC. This is rather
uncharacteristic of the organisations reputation. His
contact is
RESTORE POWER. Since a power transformer
at Mugumone trading centre in Kithaku, Meru
County, blew up over a month ago, the locals have
been given unfullled promises by Kenya Powers
customer care about a replacement, says Peter Bundi
Mutungi. Some have since given up, and decided
to buy solar panels. When will this darkness be
banished from us? asks Peter, whose contact is
POLICE DID THEIR JOB. The mere fact that police
dispersed rowdy university students doesnt mean
that peaceful demonstrations ended with retired
President Kibakis administration as alleged by Dave
Tumbula, says his namesake, Dave Mungai. According
to Mungai, the police ocers, by arresting the rioting
students, did exactly what was expected of them. He
quips: Tumbula should be living among the rebels
in a failed state if he thinks this is what democracy
entails. His contact is
serious crimes today are being committed by
security personnel, claims Jimmy Ndirangu. This,
he adds, conrms that Inspector-General of Police
David Kimaiyo is not doing enough to rein in his
wayward ocers. Jimmy alleges that ocers on
duty are responsible for 15 per cent of the crimes,
and collaboration between them and their sacked
colleagues accounts for 45 per cent. Sacked ocers,
he adds, commit 25 per cent of the crimes. His contact
NAIROBI WEST HELL. Nairobi West trading
centre turns into a market place every night, especially
on Kisauni Road, with over 100 cars parked on
pavements, their occupants chewing miraa, drinking
or smoking shisha, says Abdi Mohamed. We can
no longer sleep in peace because of loud music
from the patrons who yell until early in the morning.
The majority of the patrons are young boys and
girls. They litter roads and pavements and relieve
themselves in the open. Abdi, whose contact is, wants Nacada to intervene.

Have a moral day, wont you!
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Opinion 13
What can families do to ensure they hire reliable househelps?
should only hire adults whose back-
grounds and characters are known.
ANN WANGUI: Families should
carry out a thorough background
check on their potential househelps
and try as much as possible to gather
information about them from the
neighbours, friends and relatives.
PHYLLIS MWANGI: Most families
end up hiring thugs, murderers and
even kidnappers as their househelps.
Families should investigate the past
life and experience of the house-
helps they hire and also treat them as
human beings with dignity.
intense interview; do major back-
ground check prior to hiring.
cant get one from the homes they
really know, then it is advisable to
get the trained ones from registered
househelp bureaus.
SKY KARIUKI: Some bosses turn
househelps into animals who then
seek defenceless people like children
to vent their anger on in revenge.
What can be done
to curb the looming
hunger following
rain failure?
Send your comments to:
am writing as Head of Commu-
nications at the British High
Commission to respond to the
Sunday Nation article, Is there
Western conspiracy to end Jubilee
rule before its ve-year term?
You will not be surprised that the
UK response to this is, there is no
such conspiracy. But it is likely
that conspiracy theorists may not
take our word for this, so I would
like to oer a few facts.
Firstly I would refer to the clari-
cation we made last week, follow-
ing our travel advice change of the
week before. In it, we said that the
change to our travel advice regard-
ing Mombasa was motivated by
one thing only: our responsibility
to inform British citizens of our
objective assessment of the po-
tential security threat to them in
that area.
Risk level
Travel advice is there solely for
the safety and security of British
people when they are outside the
UK. We do not take changes to our
travel advice lightly because we
know the impact that it can have
on the economy in those areas that
are aected. We are not allowed
to make travel advice changes on
the basis of political or economic
reasons assessments are made
purely on the level of risk to the
security of our citizens.
Nor would it make any sense for
us to make this travel advice change
on the basis of politics or econom-
ics. The latest advice for Mombasa
aects British businesses just as it
aects Kenyan businesses.
And its not only the individual
British citizens that live and work
in Mombasa. Other British tour-
ism business operators have also
temporarily lost a key part of their
market. The charter companies
that have cancelled flights, the
hoteliers, the travel writers, the sea
sports specialists and so on. Many
of them are British; indeed, more
tourists come to Kenya from Brit-
ain than from any other country.
Our desire is always to reduce
the level of travel advice. We keep it
under constant review and we hope
it may be possible to take it back
to a lower level before too long. But
we have to do that on the basis of
objective security assessments, as
always, not because conspiracy
theorists pressure us to do so.
Finally I wish to reiterate that
for many years, the UK has stood
shoulder to shoulder with Kenya
in the ght against terrorism, just
as we did during Westgate. We rec-
ognise the impact of terrorism, and
we are resolved to continue sup-
porting Kenya in this ght.
British High Commission, Nairobi
To the editor
The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@ You can also mail to: The Editor, Daily Nation, POB 49010,
Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or legal considerations.
Travel advice based solely on the
risk facing the British, not politics
Amani Tiwi Beach Resort in Kwale County following a travel warning by Eu-
ropean countries, which saw hundreds of tourists evacuated from the hotel
recently. The UK has dismissed conspiracy theories as baseless.
Emails from correspondents
Impeach Waiguru lest women think they are above the law
Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi should go ahead
with the motion to impeach Devolution Cabinet Sec-
retary Ann Waiguru. I have nothing against her nor do
I know the crime she has committed, but Im against
is the custom of women defending fellow women on
gender grounds; they should not be allowed to mix
gender activism with national aairs.
Women claiming they are being targeted whenever
another is called to account is not the way to go. What
is the dierence between defending on gender basis
and a tribe defending its kin on tribal basis? Why is
gender unity to perpetuate impunity tolerated?
What women are telling us is that they are above
reproach. But if they are a super gender that should
not account for its actions, they should desist from
holding public oce.
In this era of open democratic space, even the
President answers for his actions and has already
been threatened with impeachment. Why is a threat
to impeach Ms Waiguru causing a furore? Are women
not discriminating on gender by being silent when
the President is threatened and coming out to defend
Ms Waiguru? Women should tell us if they want to be
women leaders or leaders of women.
This scenario is replicated at the grassroots, where
women organisations, like Fida, have assigned them-
selves the role of defending women from a perceived
enemy, men; Fida even interferes in family matters.
If a man disagrees with his wife, he is pit against a
whole womens organisation. Where is justice in that?
Who sanctioned this harassment of men? Talk of men
turning to alcohol! We are nurturing a dangerous cul-
ture where nobody will dare criticise a woman.
Its absurd that teachers have to
be barred from engaging in other
businesses to fend for their families.
What dierence is there between
teachers and other public servants?
They also need extra income as long
as they dont interfere with the work-
ing schedule at school.
This government has not been
able to keep up with the salary needs
of teachers, who then dont have any
option but to engage in alternative
business to aord the high cost of
living. Should they die of hunger?
If that is not the case, then the
government should at least ensure
that salary increment for teachers is
eected. That way, they will stay fo-
cused on their jobs. Low pay is what
makes teachers do business.
Pay teachers well and
theyll stay o business
Kenyas reputation for racial har-
mony is under threat, thanks to a
nurse at a hospital in Rongo, Homa
Bay County.
An accident victim was aban-
doned by the nurses. A war of words
ensued with the Good Samaritans
demanding the victim be attended
to. This prompted a nurse to say that
even white people die here!
It is foolhardy to imply that if
white people die at a facility, then
the death of a black person does not
matter! Allow me to add my voice to
the chorus of dissonance against this
brazen display of prejudice against
ones own race.
Racism against nurses
own race is still wrong
Working class mothers like myself
are under siege. After work, many at-
tend parallel classes. On Friday, that
networking event is a must, and on
weekends there is the chama, a wed-
ding, and, of course, church.
In trying to juggle all our respon-
sibilities, we have come to rely heav-
ily on househelps. We simply cant
function without them. They run the
home, prepare meals, look after in-
fants and help with homework.
The problem is, we do not know
the domestic workers we employ. We
are literary allowing complete stran-
gers to run our homes.
The same rigorous interview we
were subjected to get the job we
work day and night to keep should
be applied when hiring a househelp.
Househelps should get
jobs through interviews
MOVIE STARS: They can only be
described as movie stars, given the
theatrics Sonko and Shebesh are
involved in every so often. Its been
drama for these two ever since Day
One, and they have kept the re
burning. With so many scandals
surrounding them, they should be
encouraged to put together a movie
by the title Bad Boy and Bad Girl of
Parliament. Love them or hate them,
they bring out the best of the worst
in the streets, Parliament and clubs.
But honestly, they need to stop the
wrangles and build this nation.
Nigeria is rich in both human and
mineral resources, Boko Haram has
proved to be a thorn in the esh of
the Goodluck Jonathan administra-
tion. The abduction of 276 school-
girls on April 14 was like a scene
from a horror movie. Last weekend,
this dreaded group went through
three villages in northern Nigeria,
killing 28 and burning houses. While
I praise President Jonathan for ac-
cepting help from UK, US, France
and China, more needs to done to
face Boko Haram head-on.
IKO ARCHITECT: On Iko accolades
article by Kiarie Peter, he rightly
pointed out the benets that this
technology has oered in the towns.
This is a far cry from the previously
free albeit lthy council toilets.
In short, this technology actually
redened sanitation facilities in pub-
lic urban areas, besides providing
employment to the youth. So that
the accolades reach home, the brains
behind the Iko toilet is one David
Kuria, CEO, Ecotact Limited.
WEST INNOCENT: Lets put our
house in order rst before we start
claiming the West is against us. Eu-
ropeans are safeguarding their citi-
zens. Whats wrong with that? Our
unresolved murders and grenade
attacks are even scaring Kenyans
away from their country. Lets im-
prove our security and tourists will
ow in. To improve our security,
we must ght graft. Hit squads that
ambush, kill and get away should be
apprehended. The recent attack on
Maina Njenga that left ve people
dead shows the insecurity in Kenya,
especially coming so soon after the
horror of secret graves in Kitengela.
Who will visit a country where law
and order is not guaranteed?
Wednesday May 28, 2014
14 | Letter
Wednesday May 28, 2014
union wants the TSC to
suspend the proposed
code of regulations for
teachers to allow more time
for dialogue.
Some clauses in the Code
are unconstitutional, demean-
ing, retrogressive and against
the freedom and rights of the
teachers, according to Kenya
Union of Post-Primary
Education Teachers national
chairman Omboko Milemba.
Mr Milemba said that the
Teachers Service Commission
should let the structures, which
include county oces, to be
used to take in teachers views
so that the nal document can
be acceptable to all parties.
The code was rst drafted
in 1972 and revised in 1976,
1985 and 2005.
Kuppet also wants the TSC
to pay costs for teachers
who undertake professional
development programmes
as prescribed by the com-
The unionist said yesterday
they would oppose any attempt
to deny teachers the right to
engage in fund-raisers, saying
they were key in organising
harambees for churches, needy
students, funerals and other
community needs.
Mr Milemba maintained
that teachers must be allowed
to exercise their political free-
dom, including expressing
their political leanings, noting
that any denial would breach
their constitutional rights.
The same applies to busi-
nesses, he said. Teachers
must be allowed to participate
in private business so long as
the business does not inter-
fere with their work in their
work stations and which are
currently being done through
other people.
Right to go on strike
The unionist said the union
would push to have head
teachers and deputies allowed
to participate in trade union
activities as every worker had
the right to form, join or par-
ticipate in the activities and
programmes of a union and
to go on strike.
The TSC has initiated the
revision of two documents
that set out the terms and
conditions of service for the
Mr Milemba wants both
teachers unions (Kenya Na-
tional Union of Teachers and
Kuppet) included in the review
Kuppet seeks talks in
teachers code revision
EDUCATION | TSC asked to stop review and allow dialogue
Union boss claims
some regulations
against rights and
freedom of teachers

Teachers must
be allowed to
participate in
private business
as long as it does
not interfere with
their work
Kuppet chairman
Omboko Milemba
POOR RAINS | Alarm as crops fail
A worker on a spraying mission at a farm in Kiplombe,
Uasin Gishu County yesterday. There was uneven
germination of maize due to erratic rains being expe-
rienced in the area.
Jam costs
Former Gatundu North MP
Clement Waibara yesterday risked
a warrant of arrest after he arrived
late for the hearing of his case.
According to resident magis-
trate Ms Joanne Wambilyanga,
the accused was supposed to be
in court by 9am but he arrived 45
minutes later.
By the time Mr Waibara, who
is facing a charge of conspiracy
to murder, was walking into the
court, the magistrate had already
issued a warrant of his arrest and
cancelled his Sh30,000 bail.
Sick lawyer
However, she changed the terms
after Mr Waibara said he had been
caught up in trac jam.
He also told the court that he
wanted to represent himself since
his lawyer, Mr Polycarp Ongwae,
was in hospital.
Ms Wambilyanga lifted the
arrest warrant but maintained
that Mr Waibaras bail had been
The magistrate said the former
MP had inconvenienced the court
and was to pay another bail of
Sh50,000 or be remanded.
She added that Mr Waibara was
in the habit of arriving late in court,
prompting her decision.
The hearing resumes on June 17.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
16 | National News
Pursuant to Article 201(a) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, and Article 207 (1) & (2)(e)
of the Public Finance Management Act 2012, it is notied for the general information
that The Meru County Budget for Fiscal Year 2014/2015 is ready for review and Public
Participation. The Budget and Appropriation Committee will be holding meetings on the
venues, time and dates as indicated in the schedule below:
1. Imenti North Kamunde Social Hall 29/5/2014 10.00am
2. Imenti Central Gatimbi Sub-County Ofce
30/5/2014 10.00am
3. Imenti South Nkubu Social Hall 31/5/2014 10.00am
4. Igembe North Laare Social Hall 02/6/2014 10.00am
5. Buuri Timau Social Hall 03/6/2014 10.00am
6. Tigania East Muriri Social Hall 04/6/2014 10.00am
7. Tigania West Urru Social Hall 05/6/2014 10.00am
8. Igembe Central Kangeta Social Hall 06/6/2014 10.00am
9. Igembe South Maua MCK Church 07/6/2014 10.00am
For more information, please visit the Meru County Assembly website: and give your views. You can also write to the Clerk through the
address given below;
The Clerk to the County Assembly
P. O. Box 3 - 60200
Wednesday May 28, 2014
400 families displaced in armed conict receive aid
Hundreds of families displaced
in armed conict between the Tur-
kana and Pokot have received relief
supplies from the government and
humanitarian agencies.
The government yesterday distrib-
uted food to the over 400 Turkana
families rendered homeless after their
houses were burnt down by raiders in
violence in which 20 people have been
killed in the last two months.
The families are still in need of
additional relief food and shelter ma-
terials to avert further suering, said
Turkana South sub-county commis-
sioner Elijah Kodo, while describing
the security situation along the vola-
tile border between the two warring
communities as calm.
Boundary disputes
He disclosed plans by the Kenya
Red Cross Society to donate more
supplies and household materials to
the families.
KRCS and the Ministry of Health
are also providing medical care to the
families camping in various trading
centres. There is need for the gov-
ernment and humanitarian agencies
to intensify provision of health care
and sensitise the victims on how to
observe hygienic conditions, ap-
pealed William Ekuam.
Mr Kodo said logistics have been
put in place to ush out criminals in-
volved in cattle rustling and banditry
in the region.
Suspected carjackers
arrested on highway
Four suspected carjackers who
police said had posed as passen-
gers in a matatu were arrested
yesterday morning. Nakuru
Police chief Bernard Kioko said
they surrendered near St Marys
Hospital without ring a shot. He
said they carjacked the matatu
at around 2 am. They robbed
passengers of cash, phones and
other valuables before driving
away in the matatu, abandoning
the passengers in the bush. Mr
Kioko said the suspects would
appear in court soon.
Ex-civil servant in the
dock over murder plot
A former employee of the
Kenya Electricity Transmission
Company was yesterday charged
with plotting to murder the rms
auditor, accusing him orchestrat-
ing his dismissal. Mr Nicholas
Mboya was jointly charged with
Mr Joshua Amutavi with con-
spiring to kill Mr Eric Audi. The
court heard that the two plotted
to hire hit men and kill Mr Audi
in Ongata Rongai but police
foiled the plans. The men denied
the oence and were released on
Sh100,000 bail. The case will be
heard on August 6.
448 photos of attraction and 547
traveller reviews posted on leading
website TripAdvisory. Page 20
he Treasury has set aside
Sh9 billion for compensation
of people whose land will be
acquired for construction of the
standard gauge railway.
Transport Principal Secretary
Nduva Muli said the Kenya Railways
Corporation targets 11,000 acres of
land for the Sh327 billion project.
He said the Transport ministry and
the Kenya Railways were negotiating
with the National Land Commission
to ensure compulsory acquisition is
done legally.
The commission, he said, would
provide land valuation expertise and
assessment of amounts to be paid to
the people who will be aected.
The national government would
hold talks with county governments
whose regions the railway line would
cut across to help in the acquisition,
according to the PS.
He was addressing a news confer-
ence at Voyager Hotel in Mombasa
on the sidelines of a workshop for
sensitisation on land acquisition and
Representatives from the Transport
ministry, Kenya Railways and China
Road and Bridge Corporation, par-
ticipated in the workshop.
The PS assured private land own-
ers that they would be paid if their
property will be taken away.
The 11,000 acres are expected to
be acquired from private land, from
Mombasa to Nairobi. Mr Muli, how-
ever, did not indicate the number of
people who would be compensated.
He urged county leaders and private
land owners to support the railway
project, saying it would revolutionise
At the same time, he urged squat-
ters who invaded railway reserve to
leave immediately.
Those who would not vacate vol-
untarily would be forcibly evicted to
pave the way for the standard gauge
railway, he warned.
Kenya Railways Managing Director
Atanas Maina, who was present at
the meeting, said the company had
gazetted 56 acres of land for the
project and would do so for another
76 acres.
The mapping and survey work for
the land to be acquired compulsorily
for the construction of the railway has
been done.
We are now identifying the pri-
vate land owners as well as holding
discussions with the Kenya Wildlife
Service over 130 kilometres of wildlife
conservation land, he said.
The Railways boss said he expected
the state rm to acquire 60 per cent
of the land required for the new
railway by August while the 11,000
acres are expected to be available in
He said work had begun. The
initial construction of the railway
line is underway at Mtito Andei and
Nairobi South Station where camps
have already been set up.
Some construction equipment was
already in the country while more was
in the high seas, he added.
The standard gauge railway is one
of the agship projects of Vision 2030
and was launched by President Keny-
atta in November last year.
China Road and Bridge Corpora-
tion, with Exim Bank of China as
the nancier, signed agreements to
undertake the work.
Tom Konyimbih of the NLC said
the commission was helping KRC on
legal issues, market value of land and
MOMBASA | Ocials convene meeting to discuss compulsory acquisition
Treasury allocates Sh9bn for land
owners to give way for new railway
Those aected are being
identied with the help
of other agencies, says
Transport Principal
Secretary Nduva Muli
Transport PS Nduva Muli (left) and Kenya Railways MD Atanas Maina address
journalists at the Voyager Hotel in Mombasa yesterday. He said the national gov-
ernment has set aside Sh9 billion for compensation of land owners who will be
displaced by the standard gauge railway.
We dont want the private land
owners to lose out as if such a
thing happens, they will oppose
the acquisition.
National Land Commission
member Tom Konyimbih
We are now identifying the
private land owners as well as
holding discussions with the
Kenya Wildlife Service over 130
kilometres of wildlife conserva-
tion land.
Railways MD Atanas Maina
Land agency has
been involved
Forgery case college
worker out on bail
An employee of the Nyandarua
Institute of Science and Technol-
ogy was yesterday charged with
forging documents to steal cash.
Mr Joel Ngugi Gitau denied com-
mitting the oence when he ap-
peared before Senior Magistrate
Peter Ndege and was released
on a Sh100,000 bond. The court
heard that Mr Gitau forged some
receipt books and purported that
they belonged to the institution.
He is also said to have altered
some entries. The case will be
heard on August 6.
Couple loses battle
over Saitoti son
A Nakuru couple has lost their
claim of parentage of former In-
ternal Security minister George
Saitotis adopted son. Mr Justice
Isaac Lenaola ruled that police
investigations had revealed that
Mr Zachary Musengi Saitoti was
not the lost child of Mr Sebastian
Maina Ngunju and his wife. The
couple wanted the court to set
aside a consent they entered last
year in which they had agreed
never to make such claims again.
The judge dismissed their appli-
cation on Friday.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
18 |
Tension high
as rustlers
burn houses
in attack
Tension is high in Makutani
following the torching of several
houses during a raid.
The raiders, believed to be from
East Pokot, struck Kiserian in
Baringo South Sub-County in
search of water and pasture for
their livestock.
The burnt houses belong to
residents who ed the area last
year due to insecurity and had
just rebuilt them. The conict
was sparked by last weeks inci-
dent in which Ilchamus herders
detained cows belonging to Pokot
herdsmen which had crossed over
to Mukutani division.
Tribal animosity
Local leaders led by Baringo
South MP Grace Kipchoim and
Mukutani ward Member of the
County Assembly (MCA) Renson
Parkei accused police of failing to
protect the villagers.
What is the government doing
when one community can invade
anothers land yet it has all the
machinery to restore order in the
area? posed Ms Kipchoim, add-
ing that the issue may spark tribal
animosity if not handled carefully.
Baringo County Commissioner Be-
nard Leparmarai, who toured the
area yesterday in the company of
Tiaty Sub-County Commissioner
Daniel Kurui, conrmed that three
houses were set ablaze over the
We have deployed enough
police to restore calm. We are
also liaising with elders from the
two communities to unite them.
They are competing for pasture
and water. Drought has led to the
drying of major water sources,Mr
Leparmarai told the Nation.
Man remanded as case
faces language hitch
A man accused of being in
Kenya illegally was yesterday re-
manded by a Nyeri court after he
failed to understand the two o-
cial languages. Mr Wago Wario is
said to have been found at Honi
in Nyeri County without papers
to show he is a Kenyan. Act-
ing Senior Resident Magistrate
Christine Wekesa ordered the
prosecution to provide a Borana
interpreter to ensure the accused
would understand the charges.
Major towns to have
solar street lights
The county government has
set aside Sh45 million to install
solar street lights in all major
towns. The executive member for
land and urban planning, Mar-
tin Kafwa, said the programme
would enable people to conduct
business at night and curb in-
security. We want to light our
towns and create a conducive
environment for businesses since
they contribute a lot to our econ-
omy, said Mr Kafwa.
County budget has a
7 per cent shortfall
The Vihiga county government
is grappling with a seven per cent
decit in its 2014/15 proposed
budget, residents attending hear-
ings in Sabatia heard yesterday.
Budget committee chair Festus
Girure said Vihiga had been al-
located Sh3.3 billion against pro-
posed estimates of Sh4 billion.
He, however, said the county had
received an appropriation aid of
Sh377.7 million that had reduced
the decit to Sh283 million.
HUMAN-WILDLIFE CONFLICT | Farmers protest over animal raids
Farmers demonstrate at Mzee wa Nyama on the Nakuru-Elementaita road yesterday over the invasion of their plots by
wild animals that stray from the Soysambu Conservancy. They said over the years they have lost their maize, among
other crops, to the animals.
NAKURU | Orphanage director accused of forcing two men into act
Foreigner ghts to halt sex charges
n Australian missionary who
is seeking to block his trial
for sex oences has rejected a
Christian professionals groups bid
to participate in his case.
Mr Ian Castleman, who has sued
the State for prosecuting him, has
told the High Court in Nakuru that
the Kenya Christian Professional
Forum has no connection with his
petition against the government as
it was not a party in the criminal case
that he faces.
Mr Castleman was accused of
sexually abusing male employees at
an orphanage that he runs in Elbur-
gon, Nakuru County.
The director of Ian Castleman
Orphanage Kenya was arrested on
claims that he coerced two men at
the orphanage into sex.
He was charged with two sexual
oences before a chief magistrates
court on September 13, 2012.
The rst charge was that on dates
between 2010 and 2012, being the di-
rector of the orphanage, he had sex
with one of his male employees.
He committed the same oence
against another worker on dates
between 2008 and 2011, the charges
The case, which was in Nairobi, did
not begin as he applied for it to be
transferred to Nakuru, where the al-
leged oences were committed.
After the transfer, he led a petition
and obtained orders suspending the
trial on grounds that the prosecu-
tion was violating his constitutional
Through the petition, he is seeking
to permanently stop the criminal case
against him. He claims that his right
to equality and freedom against dis-
crimination are being denied, violated
or threatened.
The missionary has sought a
declaration that sections of the Con-
stitution are discriminatory against
In documents presented before
Lady Justice Roselyn Wendoh yes-
terday, the missionary accuses the
lobby group of trying to usurp the
powers and duties of the Director
of Public Prosecution and the At-
torney-General, the respondents in
his petition.
The lobby group does not have
stake, legal interest or duty in the mat-
ter, he argues. Its application is not
in the public interest but an attempt
to champion its own course.
Missionary wants lobby
group barred from
joining his petition
against a criminal case
September 2012: Mr Castleman
was charged with two sexual of-
fences. Later, he led a petition
to stop the criminal proceedings.
March 2014: The Kenya Chris-
tians Professional Forum applied
to be allowed to take part in the
petition, arguing that its out-
come would aect the values its
September 24: The hearing date
for the petition.
Australian was
arrested in 2012
Man dead, 9 in hospital after eating hippo
One person died and nine others
were admitted to the Embu Level
Five General Hospital after eating
hippopotamus meat at Kaluku in
Mbeere South sub-county.
Mr Maina Ndungu, a sherman
died after complaining of stomach
pains while the rest were rushed to
hospital with itches and swellings on
their hands, legs and other parts of
the body.
Mwea assistant county com-
missioner George Maina said the
fishermen found the hippos car-
cass, which had several wounds, on
the banks of Tana River.
Mr Maina said Mr Ndungu was the
rst to spot the carcass and shared the
meat with his colleagues last week.
The shermen thought the hippo
had been injured by their colleagues
and had only died of its injuries. We
suspect he (Ndungu) allocated him-
self a huge chunk of the meat, said the
assistant county commissioner.
He said it was dicult to establish
the total number of people who con-
sumed the carcass as the area attracts
shermen from Muranga, Embu, Ki-
rinyaga and Machakos counties.
However, Mr Maina said public
health ocials would hold a baraza
today to ask those who ate the meat
to come forward for help.
The hospitals medical superintend-
ent Gerald Ndiritu said the condition
of the hospitalised victims was sta-
ble. He said they were suspecting the
patients developed anthrax and were
treating it as such.
The shermen thought
the (dead) hippo had been
injured by their colleagues
Mwea assistant county
commissioner George Maina
Inmates bid to ee
while at hospital fails
An inmate who attempted to
escape was yesterday stopped by
warders. The prisoner, serving his
ve-year sentence at Kerugoya
GK Prison in Kirinyaga County,
was taken ill in the morning and
the warders had taken him to
hospital. The ocer-in-charge of
the prison, Mr Peter Kubende,
said the inmate was awaiting
treatment when he took the dash
to freedom but the warders acted
fast and seized him.
Puzzle as policemans
body found in the park
A police ocer attached to the
Anti-Stock Theft Unit in Malti,
Garbatula was yesterday found
hanging from a tree at Uhuru
Park in Nairobi. Nairobi Central
Police Commander Mr Paul Wan-
jama said he could disclose the
deceaseds identity because the
next of kin had not been notied.
A police certicate of appoint-
ment, an identity card and an au-
tomated teller machine card were
found on the body.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
County News 19
Counties urged to
automate services
Counties should automate
services for eciency, Infor-
mation Communication and
Technology board secretary
Katherine Getao has said. She
said the public had the right to
access services without being
subjected to long queues and
frustration. Its time the use
of manual systems in county
oces was shelved, Ms Getao
said in Eldoret.
Pastor in death of
schoolgirl case ees
A case in which a pastor is
accused of killing a schoolgirl
could not be heard after it
emerged that he might have
ed the country. Mr Charles
Nyachwara allegedly killed
the girl after deling her and
making her pregnant. The
pastor was out on bond. Mr
Nyachwaras surety, Mr Za-
charia Maosa, was ordered to
produce him in court when the
case is heard on October 23.
Court seizes camera
from KBC journalist
A magistrate conscated a
camera from a journalist who
was lming in a Bungoma
courtroom. Principal magis-
trate Vincent Maisiba seized
the camera belonging to KBC
journalist Josephat Okiria for
lming without permission.
The camera was returned
to him after an ICT ocer
viewed the recording. Mr Oki-
ria was in court for the hearing
of an assault case against him.
NAKURU | Six other sites mentioned
Mara River
ranked top in
tourists poll
ourists have singled
Mara River as the
best among seven
top attractions in the world
famous Maasai Mara Game
In online voting on the
leading website TripAdvisor
on return to their countries,
the visitors posted pictures
and glowing comments on
the river.
A total of 448 photos of the
river and 547 traveller reviews
were posted on the website.
It is currently considered
the worlds eighth wonder
of the world due to the an-
nual wildebeest migration
characteristic to it.
The Mara Triangle was
awarded a certicate of ex-
cellence by TripAdvisor for
the third consecutive time for
being the second best region
to visit. Communities in the
area lease land for the estab-
lishment of conservancies run
by tour operators.
Other notable attractions
that had their pictures and
reviews posted are Ol Kinyei
Conservancy, the third best;
Mara Naboisho Conservancy;
Musiara Swamp; Eluai Plains;
and Olypunyata Swamp.
The results, released on
Sunday, attracted rave re-
views from various tourism
stakeholders on Twitter.
This comes hardly a week
after stakeholders launched
a massive campaign, urging
tourists to visit Kenya and
sample its unique features
and attractions.
In response to travel advi-
sories issued by US, Britain,
France and Australia, the
Kenya Wildlife Service said
terrorism was a global prob-
lem, with the Kenya Tourism
Federation urging tourists to
ignore the warnings.
Additional reporting by Ka-
zungu Samuel and Daniel
448 photos of the
attraction and 547
traveller reviews
posted on leading
website TripAdvisor
Home-grown solutions
will save the countrys
tourism sector, a tourism
expert and tour operator
has said.
Mr Matthew Katoto
Nguli, the CEO of Tusam-
baze Utalii Kenya, has
urged tourist hotels to
introduce packages that
are pocket-friendly to
local people to attract
Cut charges,
hotels urged
Poultry disease
wreaks havoc
Poultry farmers are count-
ing losses following an out-
break of Newcastle disease
that has killed more than
5,000 birds. Kakamega North
has been hit hard with farm-
ers losing about 10 hens
every day. Mr Peter Shitialo
said he had lost birds valued
at Sh20,000. Ocials have
asked farmers to take all their
birds for vaccination and avoid
feasting on the carcasses.
Hearings stall after
power disconnection
Operations at Nyamira Law
Courts registry have been par-
alysed for two days following
disconnection of power. Those
seeking typing and photocopy-
ing services were turned away.
Electricity was disconnected
by Kenya Power because of
construction works near the
courts. Contacted, Kenya
Power ocials said power
would be reconnected soon.
SLUMP | Low tourism season hurts trade
Mr Benjamin Fundi sells carvings on Oginga Odinga Street
in Kisumu yesterday. He moved from Nairobi, hoping to nd
business in the lakeside town but the low tourism season has
dealt him and other curio traders a terrible blow.
World Vision Kenya (a non-prot making Christian Relief and Development Agency with projects in most parts of Kenya)
invites tenders from approved and reputable Civil and Building Contractors for the above works within our ORWA Area
Development Program (ADP).
Orwa ADP is located 580 KM North of Nairobi city and Chepkondol Primary School is located about 40 km off Marich- Kainuk
town road.The distance from Kapenguria to Marich centre is about 76kms.
Eligible bidders should attach valid documentations and be able to meet the following minimum requirements:-
1. Must be a registered company (Attach Certicate of Incorporation).
2. The Contractor must be registered by National Construction Authority in category NCA 7 or higher for Building Works
3. Valid Tax compliance Certicates (Attach documentations).
4. Attach details of similar or relevant works completed within the last ve years giving details of clients who may be
contacted for more information, amount and status (state if complete or ongoing). Technical capability to include list of
relevant equipments owned/hired and skilled staff (Site agents, masons, plumbers etc), give details and provide proof of
the same.
5. Experience as a contractor in the construction of at least 3 works of a nature and complexity equivalent to the Works
over the last 5 years (to comply with this requirement, works cited should be at least 70 percent complete);
6. Sound Financial standing (Attach Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years). Liquid assets and/or credit facilities, net
of other contractual commitments and exclusive of any advance payments which may be made under the Contract, of no
less than KSh. 7,000,000
7. Programme of works showing contractors proposed schedule of undertaking the construction.
8. Conrm ability to raise 10% of contract sum as Performance Bond valid for the period of the contract if awarded the
9. A consistent history of litigation or arbitration awards for the Applicant or any partner of a Joint Venture may result
in disqualication. Joint Ventures are not permitted for this project. However, subcontracting will be allowed, at the
discretion of the Employer
10. Must be willing to engage at least 80% of his/her unskilled labour from the local community.
11. Must visit the site and show evidence of the visit through a signed conrmation letter from the Project Engineer/ ADP
Manager. (Pre-tender site meeting will be held on Wednesday 04
, June, 2014 at 0915 Hrs at Chepkondol Primary
Tender documents containing detailed specications can be obtained from: The Cash Ofce, World Vision Kenya, Karen
Road, off Ngong Road, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs 2,000/= per Tender document (Between 9.00 a.m.
to 12.30 p.m. and between 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Monday to Friday during ofcial working days). Payments
should be made either in cash or Bankers cheque payable to World Vision Kenya.
Completed Tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly showing the Tender No. and Description should be
addressed to:
The Secretary,
Central Tender Committee,
World Vision Kenya,
Karen Road - Off, Ngong Road,
P O Box 50816-00200
and delivered to the Tender Box at the reception of World Vision Complex, Karen Road on or before Friday,13th, June,
2014 at 10.00 Am. Tenders shall be opened publicly immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders who wish to witness
the opening.Tender prices must remain valid for 90 days from the date of tender closing.
Tenders must be accompanied with a Bid security equivalent to 5% of the Total Contract Sum, valid for at
least 120 Days, in form of a Bank Guarantee from a reputable Bank.

World Vision Kenya reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.
United Nations Development Programme
IRIN is a non-profit humanitarian news service that is in the process of being carved out from the UN
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. There is need to define the vision and the projects
unique selling points with the goal of approaching potential investors with a business proposal by end
June 2014, with an aim to re-launch the service possibly under a new brand in 2015.
Application process
For the full Terms of Reference (ToR) and requirements please visit UNDP Kenyas Website; and the UN Global
Market Place:
Sealed proposal documents comprising the technical proposal and the financial proposal in separate
sealed envelopes clearly marked RFP /UNDPKEN/006/2014 IRIN BRANDING CONSULTANCY
FOR IRIN RELAUNCH should be dropped at the UNDP TENDER BOX placed at the main entrance
reception of UN Complex in Gigiri and addressed to:
United Nations Development Programme
Attn.: The Deputy Country Director (Operations)
The United Nations Development Programme Kenya Office
UN Complex Gigiri, PO Box 30218, 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
(4.30) P.M. KENYA TIME.
Note: Bidders who had earlier submitted their proposals are advised to re- submit
UNDP Kenya reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
20 | County News
P O BOX 21280 00505 NAIROBI
CELLPHONE: 0773829417 OR 0721 480199
TENDER FY 2014/2015
P.C Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute wishes to invite interested bidder for tender and prequalification for
supply of goods and services as follows.
a) PCKTTI/T/1/2014/2015/01 - Insurance for vehicles
b) PCKTTI/T/1/2014/2015/02 - Insurance for Institute fixed Assets
c) PCKTTI/T/1/2014/2015/03 - Security Services
d) PCKTTI/T/1/2014/2015/04 - Sanitary Bins Services
a) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/05 - Laboratory Equipments, Tools, Chemicals & services
b) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/06 - Computer and Computer Accessories
c) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/07 - Electrical/Electronic Materials & Equipments
d) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/08 - Fire Fighting Equipments and services
e) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/09 - Hardware goods
f) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/10 - Printing services
g) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/11 - Sports gears & Equipments
h) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/12 - Exhauster services
i) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/13 - Petroleum products
j) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/14 - Timber and Construction materials
k) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/15 - Meat and Meat products
l) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/16 - News papers
m) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/17 - Auto- spares &services
n) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/18 - Groceries (dry goods)
o) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/19 - Fruits and vegetables
p) PCKTT/PRE/014/015/20 - Airtime
q) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/21 - Stationery
r) PCKTTI/PRE/014/015/22 - Cleaning Materials

At least 30% of the tenders and prequalification will be awarded to youth, women and persons with disability. Tender and
Pre-Qualification documents may be obtained during working hours from the institute procurement office upon payment
of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.3,000.00 for tender documents and Ksh.1, 000.00 for pre-qualification documents either in
cash or in a bankers cheque in the name of the institute. Tenders should be addressed to:
The Chief Principal
PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute
P. O. Box 21280-00 505, NAIROBI
The documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, properly labeled with the number and name of tender and
dropped in the tender box at the reception in Block (A) ground floor on or before 13
June 2014 at 12.00 noon.
Tenders and prequalification will be opened immediately thereafter at staff lounge in presence of bidders/tenderers or their
representative who choose to attend.
The institute reserves the right to accept or reject any bid wholly or in part and is NOT bound to accept the lowest bid or
give reasons for it decisions.
1. The ceremony will take place on 26
June 2014 in the institution. Further information to be provided later.
2. All those who successfully completed their studies between Dec 2012 and Dec 2013 are invited.
The Girl Child Network (GCN) is an independent, non political, non religious, not for prot membership organization
of over 312 organizations that includes key government ministries, departments and individuals working to improve
the status of children in Kenya with special emphasis on the girl child. The Network was born in 1995 as a follow up
of the Beijing Platform for Action and implementation of Article 12, The Girl Child. It is from this that GCN draws its
mandate which is to primarily mainstream children activities with a focus on the girl child, in the development sector
through advocacy, information sharing, action implementation and strengthening of children programming in Kenya.
Girl Child Network hereby invites sealed bids from interested and eligible bidders who are technically and nancially
capable for construction of concrete water tanks of 50 cubic meters and construction of Girl Friendly VIP Latrines (4
door latrines plus a changing room) as per the details below:
GCN/SSIP/05/WT14: Construction of Concrete Water tanks of 50 cubic meters in Five (5) selected schools Within
Kajiado Central, Isinya and Mashuru areas in Kajiado County.
GCN/SSIP/05/PL14: Construction of a block of VIP latrines (4 doors plus a changing room) in seven (7) selected
schools Within Kajiado Central, Isinya and Mashuru areas in Kajiado county.
Tender documents containing detailed specications can be obtained from GCN Nairobi ofce located at AMREF
Kenya Country Ofces next to Wilson Airport upon payment of a non-refundable fee Kshs. 5, 000.00 (Five Thousand
Shillings Only) in cash as the tender processing fee for each of the bid.
If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest for the services stated above, please send your bid with
proof of legal incorporation, VAT Registration certicate, PIN certicate, Current/valid tax compliance certicates,
trading license, audited account for the last 3 years, programme of works showing contractors proposed schedule of
undertaking the construction, companys prole with clear details on the company structure and list of directors plus
any other relevant documents in a plain envelop, clearly marked with the Tender number either: #GCN/SSIP/05/WT14
for construction of the concrete water tanks or/and #GCN/SSIP/05/PL14 for the construction of the girl friendly blocks
of VIP latrines. All submitted documents should be in bound copies and in duplicates - 2 sets. The constructor must be
registered by National Construction Authority/ies or its equivalent.
Completed tender documents for the two separate bids should be sealed in a plain envelop clearly showing the Tender
No. and description addressed to:
The Chairperson
Girl Child Network-Tender Committee
P. O. Box 2447-00200,
AMREF-KCO Building
Wilson Airport - Off, Langata Road,
Nairobi, Kenya
All bids should be delivered during ofcial working hours (8.00 a.m. 4.00 p.m.) on or before Friday 6
June 2014
at 3pm. Tenders shall be opened publically on the rst Wednesday (at 2.30pm) after the tender closing date in the
presence of bidders who wish to witness the opening. Tender price must remain valid for 90days from the date of
tender closing.
NB: Girl Child Network reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and its not bound to give any reasons thereof.
Only shortlisted bidders will be contacted.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
S/No Tender Number Item Description
1 KNATCOM /01/2014-2015 Provision of Air Travel Agency Services
2 KNATCOM /02/2014-2015 Provision of cleaning services
3 KNATCOM /03/2014-2015 Repair, maintenance of Telephone, Equipment, Fax and PABX
4 KNATCOM /04/2014-2015 Repair, Servicing and Maintenance of Photocopiers
5 KNATCOM /05/2014-2015 Repair ,Servicing and Maintenance of Computers, Printers and
Ups units
6 KNATCOM /06/2014-2015 Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicles
7 KNATCOM /07/2014-2015 Cleaning of curtains
8 KNATCOM /08/2014-2015 Provision of Maintenance and servicing of air conditioners
9 KNATCOM /09/2014-2015 Provision of outside catering services
10 KNATCOM /10/2014-2015 Supply of Newspapers, periodicals and Magazines
11 KNATCOM /11/2014-2015 Provision of Internet Service networking services.
12 KNATCOM /12/2014-2015 Provision of Research consultancy services (customer
satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work environment
13 KNATCOM /13/2014-2015 Provision of valuation services.
14 KNATCOM /14/2014-2015 Provision for legal services.
15 KNATCOM /15/2014-2015 Provision for sanitary services and related services
16 KNATCOM /16/2014-2015 Provision for Staff Medical insurance Cover Services
17 KNATCOM /17/2014-2015 Provision for construction and maintenance services
18 KNATCOM /18/2014-2015 Provision of parking space facilities
19 KNATCOM /19/2014-2015 Provision motor vehicle insurance covers.
20 KNATCOM /20/2014-2015 Provision for Staff Pension Scheme Services
21 KNATCOM /21/2014-2015 Provision for staff Group and Life Insurance covers Services
22 KNATCOM /22/2014-2015 Provision for Human Resources Consultancy and Training
23 KNATCOM /23/2014-2015 Provision of Insurance and Brokerage/Services
24 KNATCOM /24/2014-2015 Provision of Design/Creative and advertising services
25 KNATCOM /25/2014-2015 Provision of Corporate Branded Promotional materials
26 KNATCOM /26/2014-2015 Provision of Photography and video services
27 KNATCOM /27/2014-2015 Provision of courier services
28 KNATCOM /28/2014-2015 Provision of fumigation and pest control services
29 KNATCOM /29/2014-2015 Provision of Taxi/care hire services
30 KNATCOM /30/2014-2015 Provision, installation and maintenance of software solutions
and licensing
31 KNATCOM /31/2014-2015 Provision of web hosting and maintenance services
32 KNATCOM /32/2014-2015 Provision for printing services.
33 KNATCOM /33/2014-2015 Provision of hotel accommodation and conference facilities
The Kenya National Commission for UNESCO invites application bids for the following tenders from interested eligible candidates for the
supply of the under listed goods and services.
1 KNATCOM /34/2014-2015 Supply of General Office Stationery and supplies
2 KNATCOM /35/2014-2015 Supply of Computer consumables and related items
3 KNATCOM /36/2014-2015 Supply of Office furniture, Furnishings and fittings
4 KNATCOM /37/2014-2015 Supply of Telecommunication Equipment
5 KNATCOM /38/2014-2015 Supply of Tyres, tubes and batteries.
6 KNATCOM /39/2014-2015 Supply of electrical, plumbing and carpentry items
7 KNATCOM /40/2014-2015 Supply of Computers, Laptops, I pads, Printers, UPS units
and related items
8 KNATCOM /41/2014-2015 Supply of Staff identification Cards
9 KNATCOM /42/2014-2015 Supply of Photocopiers, Typewriters, Fax Machines and Office
10 KNATCOM /43/2014-2015 Supply of Scratch Cards
11 KNATCOM /44/2014-2015 Provision of creative design, layout and printing of Reports,
calendars, brochures, diaries, signage, branding services,
caps, banners, posters and flyers.
12 KNATCOM /45/2014-2015 Supply of Fuel using Electronic Fuel Management Cards
13 KNATCOM /46/2014-2015 Supply of soap, detergents, tissues and disinfectants
14 KNATCOM /47/2014-2015 Supply of fire proof safe and cabinets
15 KNATCOM /48/2014-2015 Supply of office furnishing.
16 KNATCOM /49/2014-2015 Supply of mineral water and water dispensers.
17 KNATCOM /50/2014-2015 Supply of flowers
18 KNATCOM /52/2014-2015 Supply of staff uniform and Corporate wear
19 KNATCOM /52/2014-2015 Supply of security access control and accessories items
Tender documents may be obtained from the Procurement Office, National Bank Building Harambee
Avenue 14th Floor room 1406, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs1,500.00 in cash, per set
of documents in cash office on 14
floor room 1415 National Bank Building House.
Complete tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked
TENDER NO. -------------------------- and TENDER Name. ------------ do not open before
.. (date and time) and addressed and posted to:-
Secretary General/CEO
P.O. Box 72107-00200
Or should be deposited in the Tender Box 14
floor procurement office room 1406 so as to be received
ON OR BEFORE Wednesday 11
June 2014 at 10.00 a.m.
Late bids shall not be accepted after closing time and date. Tenders shall be opened immediately
thereafter in the presence of candidates or their representatives who choose to attend on 14
conference room.

Head, Finance
FOR: Secretary General/CEO
Wednesday May 28, 2014
22 |
CRIME | Child injured in arson attack
Nine-year-old Monica Chelangat rests at Nakuru Provin-
cial General Hospital yesterday after being treated for
burns she sustained after a man set her mothers house
on re at Gachuma trading centre in Gilgil. The man is
still at large.
ROW | Leaders clashed in a bar on Saturday night
Sonko and Shebesh
quizzed over brawl
airobi Senator Mike
Sonko and Womens
Representative Rachel
Shebesh yesterday recorded
statements at the CID and
blamed each other for a bar
brawl that degenerated into
a gun ght.
Mr Sonko was the rst to
arrive at the Kilimani CID
headquarters accompanied
by Mr Atur Kocher, the
owner of the Caribea bar in
Hurlingham, Nairobi.
The senator later handed a
bundle of Sh300,000 in cash
to the bar owner as compensa-
tion for the damage the ght
I am giving this money to
show my responsibility as a
leader and to take care of bills
not paid by clients and dam-
ages caused, he said.
Ms Shebesh arrived about
an hour later accompanied
by her husband, and later
left without addressing jour-
Supporters of the two
leaders clashed at the bar on
Saturday, prompting one of
Ms Shebesh allies to draw
a gun and shoot in the air.
Patrons ed after the com-
Kilimani CID boss George
Ojuka said the two leaders
blamed each other for the
He said a pistol belonging
to an aide of Ms Shebesh was
confiscated when the man
went to record a statement.
Mr Ojuka said detectives
will continue recording state-
ments from supporters of the
two leaders and employees at
the bar.
Friends turned foes
The le will then be handed
to the Director of Public Pros-
ecutions for action.
Yesterday, the Nairobi
senator gave an indication
of how sour the relationship
between the two former allies
has become when he said that
another woman can do a bet-
ter job than Ms Shebesh.
I will not hide anything.
There are better leaders who
can do a better job than her,
he said. The two campaigned
together in the last elections
on a TNA ticket.
In sign of growing
dierences, senator
says Nairobi needs
a better leader
The amount, in thou-
sands, that Sonko gave
a bar owner yesterday

There are leaders

who can do a
better job than
Nairobi Senator
Mike Sonko
City Halls
The Nairobi County Assembly
yesterday sought answers on City
Halls multiple bank accounts,
some of which are dormant.
County Secretary Lillian
Ndegwa and Chief Finance Of-
cer Jimmy Kiamba were hard
pressed to explain why the county
had many accounts, as they ap-
peared before the assemblys
Public Accounts Committee.
Some of the accounts may have
been operated illegally, they said.
Mr Kiamba said the had 12 ac-
counts despite advice from the
Transitional Authority to close
down some.
The county ocials told the
committee that City Hall opened
an account with Kenya Commer-
cial Bank in anticipation of a loan
to settle an Equity Bank debt.
An emergency fund loan ac-
count was opened with the
National Bank and a governors
account and solid waste manage-
ment with the Co-operative Bank,
they said. Currently, Nairobi has
two accounts with the CBK, three
with Equity, ve with Co-op Bank,
one with Housing Finance and
one with the National Bank.
Kenya Airports Authority wishes to inform tenderers who are participating in the
above mentioned tender that;
1. The scope of works has been amended as follows:-
Lot 1 - Security Screening Equipment
Lot 2 - Under Vehicle Inspection and Trafc Control
Lot 3 - Surveillance and Communications Equipment
2. The tender closing date has been extended from 30
May 2014 to
June 2014.
Participating tenderers are advised to collect the addendum from the ofce of the
General Manager (Procurement & Logistics) Kenya Airports Authority Headquarters,
2nd Floor, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm local time or may also download the addendum
from KAA website (
All other conditions of the tender remain the same.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
County News 23
KISUMU | Patients buy medicines from private pharmacies
Nurses protest as drug
scarcity hits hospitals
ospitals in western
Kenya are suffering
a serious shortage
of drugs.
Patients are referred to
private pharmacies for pre-
scribed medicine.
Hospitals in Kisumu, Mig-
ori, Kakamega and Busia
counties are in dire need of
drugs. They also have a short-
age of health workers.
Most patients are turned
away due to lack of sta to
attend to them.
Nurses Association of
KenyaKisumu branch sec-
retary general Erick Ondieki
said hospitals were experienc-
ing a huge inux of patients
yet they had no drugs.
Medicine previously sup-
plied by the Kenya Medical
Supplies Agency were run-
ning out.
We are forced to send our
patients to chemists to buy
the drugs even though most
of these are supposed to be
free, he said.
The most aected depart-
ments were maternity and
The number of patients
being referred to Kisumu for
medical attention has gone up
due to lack of medicine in the
rural health facilities.
Mr Ondieki said the lack
of drugs was caused by long
procurement procedures.
He noted that most of the
medicine supplied by Kemsa
was meant for primary ill-
nesses such as malaria with
serious illnesses left out of
the dispatches.
Hiring was stopped
His Kakamega counterpart
Remson Bulunya said the
county had advertised for
nurses but hiring was stopped
by the Devolution ministry.
Kisumu county executive for
Health Elizabeth Ogaja said
they had set aside Sh600 mil-
lion for the purchase of drugs
and renovation of the hospitals
in the coming nancial year.
Said Dr Ogaja: There is no
need for alarm as the county
governments are working hard
to make primary medicine
available to the locals.
Long procurement
procedures restrict
quick acquisition,
says union ocial
Amount in shillings Kis-
umu has set aside for
drugs and renovations

We are forced to
send patients to
chemists to buy
drugs even those
supposed to be
NAKs Erick Ondieki
PROTEST | Senator criticises police for killings
Nominated Mom-
basa County Sena-
tor Emma Mbura
condemns the
killing of two sus-
pected gangsters
by police in Kisauni
yesterday. She said
the two were in-
nocent and asked
of Police David Ki-
maiyo to investigate
the recent killing of
youths in Mombasa.

Farmers in Meru earned
Sh19.4 million from the sale
of coee after the last harvest-
ing season.
This was after the county
government leased the Kenya
Planters Co-operative Union
(KPCU) factory in Meru to
mill, process and market the
coee under the Meru County
Coee Millers Cooperatives
Union (MCCMCU)
Meru Governor Peter
Munya said yesterday the
farmers earned the cash from
the October-December season
last year.
Low season
He said 86,000 kilos of
cherry was milled at the
plant and sold in Germany
and Switzerland.
The money has been sent
to coee societies to pay the
farmers, he said.
During that period, 13
cooperative societies and
19 private estates milled and
marketed their crop through
the new system.
The lowest payment to the
farmer was Sh40 per kilo
while the highest was Sh65,
according to gures released
by executive in charge of
cooperatives and trade, Mr
Ntoitha MMithiaru.
It should be noted that
it was a low season but we
anticipate to mill around 16
million kilos in the April-June
season, he said.
Sh19m bonanza for Meru coee farmers
Wednesday May 28, 2014
24 | County News
Its been 14 months since the inception of Laikipia County Government
and we are happy to say that we have taken some long strides since
then. One of the areas in which we have had great achievements is the
area of legislation.
Legislation is one of the most important instruments of government
in organizing society and protecting citizens. It determines, amongst
others, the rights and responsibilities of individuals to whom the
legislation applies. It is also through legislation that the government is
able to lay down structures and systems through which it carries out its
functions. In this regard, we are glad to announce that His Excellency
Laikipia County Government has enacted the following 11 laws to
1. Laikipia County Appropriation Act, 2013
2. Laikipia County Supplementary appropriation Act,
3. Laikipia County Finance Act, 2014
4. Laikipia County wards development fund Bill, 2014
5. Laikipia County Education bursary fund bill, 2014
6. Laikipia County enterprise fund bill, 2014
7. Laikipia County revenue board bill, 2014
8. Laikipia County development Authority bill, 2014
9. Laikipia County petition to County Assembly
(procedure) bill, 2014
10. Laikipia County public appointments (County
Assembly) approval bill, 2014
11. Laikipia County Assembly (powers, privileges and
immunities) bill, 2014
These laws, we believe will go a long way in ensuring maximum service
delivery to the people of Laikipia.
It is however not lost on us that with these laws now being in place,
a great task lies ahead. These laws would be totally meaningless if
enforcement was not properly and effectively carried out. We would
like to assure each one of you that we are equal to the task. Be that as
it may, every Journey begins with one step. This is certainly a big step
towards a bright future for the people of Laikipia and therefore, a cause
for celebration.
We urge all the people of Laikipia and all members of the public to
familiarize themselves with these laws. These laws will be uploaded
on our website at as well as Copies of the bills will also be kept at the
county headquarter offices in Nanyuki, sub-county offices, Members
of County Assemblys ward offices as well as the ward administrators
offices. Members of the public can visit these offices to make copies of
the legislations.
We thank the members of the public for their continued support.
God bless Laikipia. God bless Kenya.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
CAIRO, Tuesday
gypt gave voters an extra
day to vote for a president
today, in a surprise move
amid a reportedly low turnout
in the rst election since the
overthrow of the Islamist
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the ex-
army chief who toppled Islamist
president Mohamed Morsy last
year, is the clear frontrunner. But
his campaign had hoped for a
large turnout for a decisive show
of support.
After reports of a meagre
turnout on the rst day of voting
on Monday, his backers and
sympathetic media harangued
voters to go and vote as Morsys
Muslim Brotherhood had called
for a boycott.
One television anchor, the
ultra-nationalist Tawq Okasha,
went as far as suggesting that
people who do not vote should
be shot.
The decision to extend the
voting into Wednesday was made
to give a chance to the largest
possible number of voters to cast
their ballots, said a member of
the electoral commission quoted
by state news agency MENA.
The commission added later
in a statement that the vote
had been extended because of
a heatwave that resulted in a
crowding of voters during the
evening hours.
A comfortable win for Sisi
over his sole rival, the leftist
Hamdeen Sabbahi, has never
been seriously in doubt.
But the Brotherhood, subjected
to a brutal police crackdown in
which hundreds of its supporters
have been killed, has called for
boycott and said it will not
recognise the outcome.
So too have key activists
behind the 2011 uprising that
toppled long-time strongman
Hosni Mubarak in 2011. They
fear Sisi is an autocrat in the
The interior ministry said
turnout on the rst day of the
election was about 16 million
out of the countrys 53 million
eligible voters.
But some Cairo polling
stations visited by AFP were
deserted in the rst hours of
voting on Tuesday.
I dont want to be part
of those responsible for all
those people who died, Tarek
Salim told AFP at a Cairo cafe,
explaining his decision not to
Another abstainer, Diaa
Hussein, complained there was
no real choice. Sisi didnt leave
a chance for anyone else to win,
he said. Gamal Abdel Gawad,
an analyst at the American
University of Cairo, said the
extension of voting affects
the credibility of the election
There was no need to raise
expectations of a high turnout.
When the result of an election is
already known, there is very little
incentive for voters to come out
and vote, he said.
Sisi issued a personal plea for
a large turnout after casting his
own ballot on Monday.
The entire world is watching
us, how Egyptians are writing
history and their future today and
tomorrow, he said, surrounded
by cheering supporters.
The rival candidates have
portrayed the vote as a choice
between stability and the
freedoms promised by the
pro-democracy uprisings in the
The Arab worlds most
populous nation has been
rocked by turmoil since the 2011
uprising which has ravaged the
economy and its vital tourism
Sisis ouster of Morsy on July
3 triggered the worst peacetime
bloodshed in recent Egyptian
history, but the former army
chief has vowed to stamp out
the violence.
A big security force
deployment prevented any major
polling day incidents.
We need an iron st to restore
the situation, said 63-year-old
engineer Kamal Mohamed Aziz,
who had come with his wife to
vote for Sisi.
But civil servant Karim el-
Demerdash said he had voted
for Sabbahi to try to preserve
the gains of the 2011 uprising.
I am sure that the election
results are already decided but
this is the last attempt to bring
the revolution into power, he
Sisi has said true democracy
will take a couple of decades, and
suggested he will not tolerate
protests disrupting the economy.
He has also pledged to eliminate
the Brotherhood, which won
every election following
Mubaraks overthrow after being
banned for decades.
Forgery will never grant
legitimacy to a butcher nor
will it lessen the determination
of revolutionaries, the
Brotherhood said as it urged a
Madonna tells of Malawi
graft amid poll crisis Page 28
by AFP
in the
hours of
PLANS | Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has pledged to eliminate the Brotherhood
Turnout threatens to mar Sisi
win as Egyptian poll extended
A supporter of ex-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi celebrates after voting in front of a polling station in the
Mediterranean port city of Alexandria on Monday. The second day saw very little activity.
Senegal sets
on asset
NATION Correspondent
DAKAR, Tuesday

Senegals President Macky
Sall has given his ministers up to
end of June 2014 to declare their
assets in a bid to implement the
ght against corruption.
The Senegalese leader
announced the deadline during
the opening ceremony of a
three-day conference in Dakar
on the declaration of assets for
16 countries in West and Central
President Sall had declared
his assets as about 8 billion CFA
(about $16mKsh1.4bn) at the
time of taking oce in 2012 and
at which time his then Premier
Aboul Mbaye, a banker, had
declined to do so, sparking a
wave of condemnation.
But the incumbent the Prime
Minister, Ms Aminata Tour, a
jurist, who also helped to moot
the law has expressed readiness
to declare her assets when the
time comes.
But the president has delegated
the responsibility of receiving
the asset declaration to a newly
established National Oce against
Fraud and Corruption or Ofnac
which is headed by Madam Na
The Office was set up after
lawmakers voted in law Senegalese
lawmakers passed a law in March
this year requiring all senior
government workers to declare
their wealth at the time of taking
Apostasy convict
gives birth in jail
A Christian Sudanese woman,
sentenced to hang for apostasy
in a case that has sparked inter-
national outcry, has given birth in
jail, her husband said on Tuesday.
Until now I did not see them.
They didnt allow me to go in and
see, Daniel Wani said. Im dis-
appointed really, he said from a
prisons oce where he was con-
tinuing eorts to see his wife and
newborn daughter. Meriam Yahia
Ibrahim Ishag, 27, is being held
at prison in Khartoum. (AFP)
Wednesday May 28, 2014
26 |
Wednesday May 28, 2014
op diva Madonna has
weighed in on Malawis
chaotic election, criticis-
ing embattled President Joyce
Banda, who has tried to nullify
the vote amid allegations of ir-
The superstar, who adopted
two children from the southern
African nation, has been involved
in a long-running spat with Mala-
wis government over her charity
work in the country.
In a statement posted on the
website of her charity Raising
Malawi, Madonna accused the
government of corruption and
of failing its people.
I am so sad to see that be-
cause of the actions of their
president Malawians will con-
tinue to suer, the American
singer said.
In my philanthropic work I
have seen the depths of corrup-
tion in Malawis government. I
can only hope that change will
come, Malawians deserve so
much better.
Madonnas charity says it has
poured millions of dollars into
the support of children, includ-
ing orphans in Malawi, which
is ranked by the UN Human
Development Index as one of
the worlds 20 least developed
After a visit to the country
last year Bandas government
accused the 55-year-old of in-
ating the value of that help,
demanding VIP treatment, being
uncouth and bullying state
ocials. In a long statement, it
said that if Madonna had her way
the Malawi government and its
leadership should have rolled out
a red carpet and blast the 21-gun
salute in her honour.
When leaving the country,
Madonna was for the rst time
denied use of the VIP section at
the airport in Lilongwe.
A government spokesman
claimed the singer wants Ma-
lawi to be forever chained to
the obligation of gratitude for
having adopted two Malawian
But Madonna denied these
ridiculous allegations.
I did not ever ask or demand
special treatment at the airport
or elsewhere during my visit,
she said.
Meanwhile, Malawis poll
watchdog pressed ahead with a
troubled vote recount today, in
a bid to show the country can
resolve a deep political crisis
constitutionally and save its
young democracy.
Since the chaotic vote a
week ago, President Banda has
attempted to declared the vote
null and void and court orders
and injunctions have own back
and forth.
She has claimed the vote was
marred by serious irregulari-
ties and called for a new ballot
within 90 days, saying she would
not take part.
But it is not clear she has the
constitutional power to make
such a move and a court ordered
the vote count to continue.
Electoral commission chair-
man Maxon Mbendera late on
Monday urged Malawians to stay
calm, saying a full audit could
take up to 30 days.
Allow me to appeal to the
country, it is time to build this
nation, Mbendera said. (AFP)
US Pop Star Madonna sits with
her adopted Malawian son David
Banda during a visit to Malawi in
this le picture.
vote was
marred by
Madonna tells of Malawi graft
EVIDENCE | In my philanthropic work I have seen the depths of corruption in... government
Poor turn: The election
imbroglio is unlikely to help
Malawis dire economic
Graft: A Cashgate scan-
dal, which saw corrupt
ocials steal around $30
million dollars of state
funds has seen vital foreign
aid frozen.
Poll chaos wont
help economy
AU marks 10th
of Peace and
Security Council
The African Union (AU)
yesterday marked the 10th
anniversary of its Peace and
Security Council (PSC).
The 10th anniversary of
the Council provided an ideal
opportunity for the Council to take
stock of its performance, identify
challenges and opportunities with
a view to eectively promote and
maintain peace and stability
throughout Africa, said AU.
Though a lot to be done, during
its 10 years of existence, the PSC
has signicantly contributed to
the prevention, management,
and resolution of conicts on the
continent, said the pan-African
It also contributed to the
efforts aimed at post-conflict
reconstruction and development
and peace-building as well as to
the promotion, deepening and
consolidation of democracy on
the continent, said AU.
Speaking to reporters during
the celebrations of Africa Day
and the marking of the 10th
anniversary of the Council at
the AU headquarters, Mr Erastus
Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of
the AU Commission, reiterated that
the Council has contributed a lot to
peace and security of the continent
over the past decade. (Xinhua)
Wednesday May 28, 2014
28 | Africa News
uropean leaders were to hold a summit
in Brussels today, their rst chance to
digest the stunning success of euroscep-
tic and far-right parties at EU polls which has
shaken the continents political landscape.
Frances President Francois Hollande called
yesterday for Brussels power to be reined in
after what newspaper headlines called an
earthquake in Europe.
That tremor was delivered by European vot-
ers backing eurosceptics in a stinging rebuke
to Brussels, with Frances National Front
(FN) and Britains UKIP leading the pack of
anti-EU parties.
Mr Hollande went on national television to
call for the EU to reduce its role, which he
said had become for many citizens remote
and incomprehensible.
The embattled leader saw the far-right Na-
tional Front (FN) come out on top in Frances
vote, pushing his Socialist Party to a humiliat-
ing third place in the elections for seats in the
European parliament.
This cannot continue. Europe has to be
simple, clear, to be eective where it is needed
and to withdraw from where it is not neces-
sary, President Hollande said in his address
to the nation.
Across the Channel, British Prime Minister
David Cameron faced a similar sentiment from
voters, with the anti-EU UK Independence
Partys victory at the ballot box.
The European leaders will meet from 1700
GMT to take stock after the four days of vot-
ing across the 28-nation bloc, which came to
a close on Sunday. They will also discuss the
election of the next president of the European
Commission, the head of the EU executive.
The crisis in Ukraine is also on the agenda.
Ahead of the Informal European Council in
Brussels on Tuesday, Mr Cameron spoke to
several of his counterparts saying they should
learn from the election results, a statement
from his Downing Street oce said.
The PM has been making the point... that
leaders should seize the opportunity of tomor-
rows dinner to heed the views expressed at the
ballot box that the EU needs to change and to
show it cannot be business as usual, it said.
Mr Cameron spoke to German Chancellor
Angela Merkel, who experienced a dierent
result with her own conservative party winning
the poll in Germany.
Its quite remarkable and regrettable but
now the point is to win those voters back,
said Ms Merkel in reaction to the anti-EU
trend elsewhere.
A policy of competitiveness, growth and
jobs is the best answer to the disappointment
of those who voted in a way that we dont like,
she said. The pro-European Union parties must
oer disillusioned voters the real prospect of
jobs and growth, said French Prime Minister
Manuel Valls, who ruled out stepping down
after just weeks in oce.
Late today, Germanys finance minister
described Frances far-right National Front
(FN), as a fascist party.
Mr Wolfgang Schaeuble told a forum on
Europe that the outcome in Europes second
biggest economy was a vote not for a right-
wing party but for a fascist party.
The result is a reality check for everyone
in Europe, not only for our friends in France,
Schaeuble, a veteran and strongly pro-EU
member of Chancellor Angela Merkels con-
servatives, added. (AFP)
EU meets after shock
poll win by radicals
GRAPHIC NEWS Source: European Parliament *NI Non-Inscrits
Mostly anti-
53 Greens/ EFA 42 GUE/ NGL
46 ECR
38 EFD
European PeopIes Party Centre-right. Wants federal super state
Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Centre-left
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party Liberal
Greens / European Free Alliance Environment, self-governance
European United Left Nordic Green Left Left wing
European Conservatives and Reformists Centre-right, eurosceptic
Europe of Freedom and Democracy Right-wing eurosceptic
NI* Non-attached members Far-right, eurosceptic parties
Others. New parties political alliance to be decided
Provisional result:
06:00GMT (Tuesday)
Turnout: 43.09%
41 NI
64 Others
GRIM SIGNS | Britain, France the worst hit
German Chancellors party
experienced a dierent result
winning the poll in a rare case
This cannot continue. Europe has
to be simple, clear, to be eective
where it is needed and to withdraw
from where it is not necessary
Frances President Francois Hollande
Ebola could
deal with
Africa, says
French radical
PARIS, Tuesday
The deadly Ebola virus
could solve Frances immi-
gration problems in three
months, Jean-Marie Le
Pen, founder and honorary
president of Frances far-
Right Front National, has
said in remarks which have
shocked the countrys politi-
cal establishment.
Speaking in Marseille
shortly before a joint rally
with Marine Le Pen, his
daughter and current party
leader, Mr Le Pen, 85, said:
There is a demographic
explosion in the world and
a risk of submersion. A re-
placement of (the national
population) is under way.
However, he added: Mon-
sieur Ebola can solve the
problem in three months.
Ebola is one of the most
feared infectious diseases
in the world and there is no
specic treatment or vaccine
for the viral haemorrhagic
A current outbreak in
Guinea has killed at least 83
people the rst in Western
Africa in 20 years and the
rst time that Ebola has been
conrmed to have crossed
international borders.
Mr Le Pen, who is ran to
be a euro MP in the South
East constituency, made
the inammatory remarks
ahead of a public speech
during an exchange with
French journalists, many of
whom relayed his comments.
China leader
urges market,
BEIJING, Tuesday
Chinese President Xi
Jinping has called for coor-
dinated functioning of the
market and government in
resource allocation to pro-
mote sustainable economic
and social development.
Calling the relationship
between the government
and market the core issue
in economic reforms during
a collective study yesterday,
President Xi stressed that the
roles of the two are not con-
tradictory and should not be
pitted against each other.
To give the market a
more prominent role, China
has pledged to deepen eco-
nomic reform to ensure the
market plays a decisive
role, instead of the previous
basic role, and allow gov-
ernment to play a better
role in allocating resources
during a key reform meeting
last year.
President Xi stressed that
the role of the market cannot
replace or negate the role of
the government. (Xinhua)
Wednesday May 28, 2014
International News 29
Cellular Blankets
Bed Spreads(Counter Panes)
Bed Sheets
Draw Sheets
Mortuary Sheets
Mackintosh for theatrelMattresses
Patients Uniform (Green/Blue white stripped)
Theatre Crocs
Baby Wrappers
Green Calico Material
Bio-Hazard Colour - Coded Step Bins
All Fabric 100% pure cotton
Contacts: 0720794143, 0721 348752
Hurry while stocks last
We are inviting offers from interested parties for the purchase of motor vehicles as
listed hereunder:
1 Mitsubishi FM657M Truck KBU 683X Leakeys Storage Ltd - Kitui Road
2 Toyota Hilux KUN Pick-Up KBL 137D Legacy Connections - Nakuru.
3 BMW X5 Station Wagon KBR 591J Leakeys Storage Ltd - Lunga Lunga
4 Foton Aumark Truck KBS 647E Summit Cove Storage - Mombasa
5 Isuzu FRR33L Truck KBW 087T Leakeys Storage Ltd - Kitui Road
6 Toyota Mark II Saloon KBL 303B Eldoret Auction Center - Eldoret
Vehicles are sold on AS IS WHERE IS basis.
Bids should be placed in a sealed envelope marked Tender for Motor Vehicle
addressed to:
The Tender Committee
P. O. Box 44599-00100
Bids can also be submitted through email on:
To reach the Comittee not later than 3rd June 2014
For further details, contact us on
Tel : 0711 041278 or 0711 041134 or 0711 041497
Kindly indicate your full contacts details in the bids.
Finance can be arranged subject to credit appraisal.
Nandi County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualied persons to ll the following positions;
Terms of Service (3 Months Contract )-Renewable
Salary scale: Ksh 24,662- ksh29, 918p.m
House allowance: Ksh 6,000 p.m
Commuter allowance: Ksh 4,000p.m
Requirements for appointment
- At least an ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering or related eld from a recognized institution.
- Wide knowledge and experience in preparation of bill of quantities.
- Show administrative ability by being conversant with government procedures.
- Prociency in computer literacy
- Good communication and inter-personal skills.
Duties and Responsibilities
- Reporting to the Roads Engineer ,the inspector will,
- Provide assistance and information to the road designers, contractors and public concerning requirements of road construction
standards and other applicable laws and statutes.
- Prepare the bill of quantities for roads works.
- Conducts sites inspections as directed to ensure that the works are compliant to the set standards.
- Prepare periodic progress reports of the road works.
- Prepare, maintain and organize inspection reports for all the completed works.
- Perform other duties as may be assigned.
How to Apply
All written applications, CVs, copies of certicates, testimonials and identity cards should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly indicating
on the left side the position being applied for and addressed to:
The Secretary,
Nandi County Public Service Board,
P.O. Box 802-30300 Kapsabet.
Hand delivered applications should be handed over at the Nandi county Public Service Board Ofces (Former Municipal Council Ofces).
In addition, interested candidates are advised to submit copies of letters of clearance from:
i. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
ii. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)
iii. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Certicate Of Good Certicate
iv. Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
To reach the ofce before the close of business on or before 13
June, 2014.
Important information to all candidates;.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Any form of canvassing or lobbying will lead to automatic disqualication.
Women and the physically challenged are encouraged to apply
We refer to our advertisement that appeared in the Local Dailies seeking applications for the Posts of Chief Ofcer Health and Sanitation
and County Legal Ofcers.The Board is pleased to invite the shortlisted candidates below for interviews on 10
June 2014 at the Nandi
County Public Service Board Ofces at 9.00 am.
1 Dr. Edward Serem Kimutai M MBCHB
2 Jackline Jeruto Kosgei F Msc, Bsc.
3 Antipas Kemboi M Bsc.
4 Moses Chebii Yatich M MPH, Bsc, Dip.
1 Leonard Kiptoo Koech M LLB.
2 Anne Murugi Munyua F LLB, Dip Laws.
3 Keneth Kipchumba Korir M LLB, Dip Laws.
4 Hillary Kipkosgei Choge M LLB,Dip .Laws.
Candidates should bring their CVs and testimonials alongside the following original documents:
i. Kenyan ID or valid passport.
ii. Certicates and testimonials.
iii. Clearance by HELB and Ethics & Anti-corruption Commission.
iv. Certicate of good conduct.
v. KRA Tax compliance certicates.
vi. Current and valid registration/membership to respective professional bodies where applicable.
$',3& %&0*-,&+
*()2&3/ "10)-.*03
&3'l,25 ,*+4'51" #)22)0 $/..)(2,/.1
Tender for Construcon of Ndanai Gorgor Road (C15)
Tender No. KeNHA/810/2014
The Kenya Naonal Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a State Corporaon established under
the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, with the responsibility for the management, development,
rehabilitaon and maintenance of naonal roads. The Authority has received Government
of Kenya funds through the Development Vote and wishes to expend some of the funds for
construcon of various roads.
The Authority invites bids from eligible construcon companies to undertake construcon
works for Ndanai Gorgor Road (C15) 14Km.
The scope of works shall be as provided in the respecve bid documents.
The requirements for bidding are as follows:
(a) Cerfed copy of cerfcate of incorporaon.
(b) Cerfed Proof of Registraon with the Naonal Construcon Authority under
Class NCA1 as roads and other civil works contractor.
(c) Cerfed copy of Current Tax Compliance Cerfcate
(d) Thresholds specifed in the tender documents covering the following-:
(i) Similar previous experience.
(ii) Equipment holding.
(iii) Professional and Technical Personnel.
(iv) Turnover and liquid assets supported by Audited Accounts for previous
three (3) consecuve years.
(v) Current work load.
(vi) Ligaon history. (Sworn Afdavit)
Procurement shall be based on the post qualifcaon method and the above details will be
submied with the priced bid. There will be preference for domesc bidders in accordance
with secon 39 (8) of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.
A mandatory pre-tender site visit and pre- bid meeng will be held on Friday, 7
2014 starng at Ndanai market at the end of the tarmac road as from 10.00hrs.
Interested eligible bidders may obtain further informaon from Procurement Ofce, Kenya
Naonal Highways Authority Headquarters, Blue Shield Towers, First Floor Hospital Road,
Upper Hill, during normal working hours.
A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested bidders as from
Wednesday, 26
February, 2014 upon payment of non-refundable fees of Kshs. 1,000.00
(One thousand only) in form of bankers cheque only payable to Kenya Naonal Highways
Completed bid documents should be submied to:-
Secretary Tender Commiee,
Kenya Naonal Highways Authority,
Blue Shield Towers, 1
Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill,
P. O. Box 49712-00100,
Or deposited in the Tender Box on the mezzanine Floor, Blue Shield Towers, Hospital Road,
Upper Hill so as to be received at 12.00 noon on Friday, 28
March, 2014.
Opening of the bids will take place immediately thereaer at the Board Room, 3
Floor, Blue
Shield Towers, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, in the presence of Tenderers/Representaves who
wish to aend.
Levina Wanyonyi
$',3& %&0*-,&+
*()2&3/ "10)-.*03
&3'l,25 ,*+4'51" #)22)0 $/..)(2,/.1
Tender for Construcon of Ndanai Gorgor Road (C15)
Tender No. KeNHA/810/2014
The Kenya Naonal Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a State Corporaon established under
the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, with the responsibility for the management, development,
rehabilitaon and maintenance of naonal roads. The Authority has received Government
of Kenya funds through the Development Vote and wishes to expend some of the funds for
construcon of various roads.
The Authority invites bids from eligible construcon companies to undertake construcon
works for Ndanai Gorgor Road (C15) 14Km.
The scope of works shall be as provided in the respecve bid documents.
The requirements for bidding are as follows:
(a) Cerfed copy of cerfcate of incorporaon.
(b) Cerfed Proof of Registraon with the Naonal Construcon Authority under
Class NCA1 as roads and other civil works contractor.
(c) Cerfed copy of Current Tax Compliance Cerfcate
(d) Thresholds specifed in the tender documents covering the following-:
(i) Similar previous experience.
(ii) Equipment holding.
(iii) Professional and Technical Personnel.
(iv) Turnover and liquid assets supported by Audited Accounts for previous
three (3) consecuve years.
(v) Current work load.
(vi) Ligaon history. (Sworn Afdavit)
Procurement shall be based on the post qualifcaon method and the above details will be
submied with the priced bid. There will be preference for domesc bidders in accordance
with secon 39 (8) of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.
A mandatory pre-tender site visit and pre- bid meeng will be held on Friday, 7
2014 starng at Ndanai market at the end of the tarmac road as from 10.00hrs.
Interested eligible bidders may obtain further informaon from Procurement Ofce, Kenya
Naonal Highways Authority Headquarters, Blue Shield Towers, First Floor Hospital Road,
Upper Hill, during normal working hours.
A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested bidders as from
Wednesday, 26
February, 2014 upon payment of non-refundable fees of Kshs. 1,000.00
(One thousand only) in form of bankers cheque only payable to Kenya Naonal Highways
Completed bid documents should be submied to:-
Secretary Tender Commiee,
Kenya Naonal Highways Authority,
Blue Shield Towers, 1
Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill,
P. O. Box 49712-00100,
Or deposited in the Tender Box on the mezzanine Floor, Blue Shield Towers, Hospital Road,
Upper Hill so as to be received at 12.00 noon on Friday, 28
March, 2014.
Opening of the bids will take place immediately thereaer at the Board Room, 3
Floor, Blue
Shield Towers, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, in the presence of Tenderers/Representaves who
wish to aend.
Levina Wanyonyi
JUNE 2016
The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a State Corporation established
under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, with the responsibility for Management, Development,
Rehabilitation and Maintenance of National Roads.
The Authority hereby invites applications for prequalification of suppliers for the provision
of goods and services for the period ending 30
June 2016. Interested eligible suppliers
are invited to apply indicating the code number and sub-category of goods or services
they wish to supply.
Interested applicants may obtain further information and inspect Pre-qualification
documents from Procurement Office, Kenya National Highways Authority Headquarters,
Blue Shield Towers, 1
Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, during normal working hours or
from any KeNHA Regional Office as detailed in the prequalification document.
Interested applicants are requested to download full prequalification details document
from our website free of charge or from KeNHA Headquarters, Blue
Shield Towers, Upper Hill Road, Ground Floor or Regional Procurement Offices as
detailed in the prequalification document.
Completed pre-qualification documents must be submitted in enclosed plain sealed
envelopes, clearly marked with the Tender number and written Pre-Qualification of
Suppliers Category Reference/Description and be deposited in the tender box
situated as indicated in the prequalification document where one wishes to be prequalified
so as to be received on or before Wednesday, 11th June, 2014 at 11.00 a.m.
Pre-qualification documents shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the
prospective applicants/ representative (s) who choose to attend at KeNHA Headquarters
or the respective Regional Offices.
Youth, Women and Persons living with Disability who have been dully registered
with the National Treasury (Directorate of Procurement) are encouraged to apply
for the categories specified in the pre-qualification document.
All candidates whose Pre-qualification documents will have been received before the
closing date and time will be advised in due course, of the results of their applications. Only
candidates prequalified under this pre-qualification process will be invited to bid for various
goods and services as and when required.
Levina Wanyonyi
The said vehicle was stolen on the 16/05/14 in Karen by a man using the
names Kemboi & Rotich and was working with an accomplice named
Anyone with information regarding the car please call 0722521702 or
0720830830 or contact the nearest police station.
Reward if found.
KBY 144L, Grey in Color
Wednesday May 28, 2014
30 |
SEARCH | Ex-president against acceptance of foreign help
LAGOS, Tuesday
igerias ex-president Olusegun
Obasanjo has met with people
close to Boko Haram in an at-
tempt to broker the release of more
than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls, a
source close to the talks told AFP.
The meeting took place last week-
end at Obasanjos farm in southern
Ogun state and included relatives of
some senior Boko Haram ghters as
well as intermediaries and the former
president, the source said.
The meeting was focused on how
to free the girls through negotiation,
said the source who requested ano-
nymity, referring to the girls seized on
April 14 from the remote northeastern
town of Chibok, Borno state.
Reports of the talks emerged as
Nigerias Chief of Defence Sta, Air
Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, said the
girls had been located while casting
doubt on the prospect of rescuing
them by force.
Mr Obasanjo, who left office in
2007, has previously sought to ne-
gotiate with the insurgents, including
in September 2011 after Boko Haram
bombed the United Nations headquar-
ters in Abuja.
Then, he ew to the Islamists base
in the Borno state capital, Maiduguri,
to meet relatives of former Boko
Haram leader Mohammed Yusuf, who
was killed in police custody in 2009.
The 2011 talks did not help stem the
violence and some at the time doubted
if Obasanjo was dealing with people
who were legitimately capable of
negotiating a ceasere.
Spokesmen for the former head
of state, who remains an inuential
gure in Nigerian politics, could not
be reached to comment on the latest
reported Boko Haram talks.
But the source told AFP that
Obasanjo had voiced concern about
Nigerias acceptance of foreign
military personnel to help rescue
the girls.
He said he is worried that Nigerias
prestige in Africa as a major continen-
tal power had been diminished by
President Goodluck Jonathans deci-
sion to bring in Western military help,
including from the United States.
Mustapha Zanna, the lawyer who
helped organise Mr Obasanjos 2011
talks with Boko Haram, said he was
at the former presidents home on
But he declined to discuss whether
the Chibok abductions were on the
I was there, he told AFP, adding
that Obasanjo was interested in help-
ing orphans and vulnerable children
in Nigerias embattled northeast and
that possible charitable work was on
the agenda.
Zanna had represented Yusufs fam-
ily in a wrongful death lawsuit led
against the government following his
death in police custody. (AFP)
Hopes as Nigerias Chief
of Defence Sta says the
the girls had been
located amid rescue fears
Obasanjo in talks
to free schoolgirls
A screengrab
taken on May
12, 2014, from
a video of Ni-
gerian Islamist
extremist group
Boko Haram
obtained by
AFP shows a
girl, wearing
the full-length
hijab talking to
the camera at
an undisclosed
rural location.
Liberia president calls
for respect of nature
NATION Correspondent
Liberian President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf has said
Africans need to conserve
their natural resources, if
they must achieve their
development agenda
under the six pillars of the
Common African Position
(CAP) by 2030.
The Liberian leader em-
phasised that it is about
time that Liberia and
Africas natural resources
are preserved, managed
and used for the benet of
their peoples.
She made the statement
at the national launch of the
Common African Position
(CAP), on post 2015 De-
velopment Agenda in the
capital Monrovia yester-
The Liberian leader also
called for peace and secu-
rity, noting that the entire
African continent wants
to be peaceful, stable and
secure, if they will be able
to compete and achieve
the same level of develop-
ment as other regions of
the world. President Sirleaf
noted that Liberia and the
African Continent in gen-
eral need a global and full
partnership that ensures
mutual respect.
Turkish Airlines
employee killed in
Somalia attack
ANKARA, Tuesday
A Turkish Airlines security coor-
dinator in Mogadishu was killed in
a drive-by shooting today, ocials
A vehicle carrying Turkish Air-
lines sta in Mogadishu came under
attack, Turkish Airlines spokesman
Ali Genc wrote on Twitter, naming
the victim as Saadettin Dogan.
We got information that a Turk-
ish citizen was shot dead near K4
and it was a drive-by shooting,
police ocial Ahmed Ali told AFP
in Mogadishu. We dont know the
motive nor the killers so far, he
said. Turkey has been very active
in Mogadishu, where continued
attacks by the Al Qaeda-inspired
Shebab group rage on. (AFP)
Pursuant to article 35 of the constitution of Kenya 2010, we would like to inform members of the Public that the Budget Finance and
Appropriation Committee will be holding Public hearing meetings on the Budget for FY 2014/2015, Ward Development bill 2014 and
Finance bill 2013 at the following venues and dates.
Monday 2/6/2014 Sidindi Sidindi primary school 9am 12.30pm
Monday 2/6/2014 Sigomere Uloma assistant chiefs Baraza. 2pm 5pm
Wednesday 4/6/2014 Ugunja ward Ugunja Town Hall 9am 12.30pm
Wednesday 4/6/2014 East Ugenya Sihai D.Os office. 2pm 5pm
Thursday 5/6/2014 North Ugenya Udira Kamrembo Centre 9am 12.30pm
Thursday 5/6/2014 Ukwala Ukwala Town Hall 2pm 5pm
Friday 6/6/2014 West Ugenya Ratado Chiefs Camp 9am 12.30pm
Friday 6/6/2014 Usonga Lunyu Komuga Library 2pm 5pm
Saturday 7/6/2014 West Alego Uranga DOs Office 9am 12.30pm
Saturday 7/6/2014 Central Alego Boro Centre 2pm 5pm
Monday 9/6/2014 North Alego Umala Chiefs Camp 9am 12.30pm
Monday 9/6/2014 Siaya Township ATC Siaya 2pm 5pm.
Tuesday 10/6/2014 South East Alego Bar Ogongo Chiefs Camp 9am 12.30pm
Tuesday 10/6/2014 Yala Township Jamii Hall Yala. 2pm 5pm
Wednesday 11/6/2014 North Gem Mutumbu Chiefs Camp 9am 12.30pm
Wednesday 11/6/2014 Central Gem Nyangweso market 2pm 5pm
Thursday 12/6/2014 West Gem Ulamba moving mountains
9am 12.30pm
Thursday 12/6/2014 East Gem Bar Kalare Chiefs Camp 2pm 5pm
Friday 13/6/2014 South Gem Angkasite Resource Centre 9am 12.30pm
Friday 13/6/2014 East Asembo Nyilima Library 2pm 5pm
Saturday 14/6/2014 West Asembo Mahaya Market 9am 12.30pm
Saturday 14/6/2014 North Uyoma Ragengni CCA Church 2pm 5pm
Monday 16/6/2014 South Uyoma Ndigwa Chiefs Camp 9am 12.30pm
Monday 16/6/2014 West Uyoma Manywanda MCAs Office 2pm 5pm
Tuesday 17/6/2014 North Sakwa Gobei Secondary school 9am 12.30pm
Tuesday 17/6/2014 Central Sakwa Nango Social Hall 2pm 5pm
Wednesday 18/6/2014 South Sakwa Migwena Cultural Centre 9am 12.30pm
Wednesday 18/6/2014 West Sakwa Maranda DOs Office 2pm 5pm
Thursday 19/6/2014 East Yimbo Nyamonye ACK Church 9am 12.30pm
Thursday 19/6/2014 West Yimbo Usenge Chiefs Camp 2pm 5pm
The Committee comprises of;
1.Hon. Jacktone Odinga- Chairman
2.Hon. Peter Muhula- V. Chairman
3.Hon. Silvester Madialo- Member
4.Hon. James Otare- Member
5.Hon. William Angul- Member
6.Hon. Joseph Awuor- Member
7.Hon. Nicholas Aneme- Member
8.Hon. Margaret Okech- Member
9.Hon. Jared Abayo- Member
ON FRIDAY MAY 30, 2014 AT 2.00 PM
Shares Registrar
May 28th, 2014
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Africa News 31
ope Francis yesterday
warned there were no
privileges for bishops
when it came to child sex
crimes and said he would hold
a special mass with victims
next week in the Vatican.
Three bishops are being
investigated, Francis told
reporters on his return ight
from the Middle East when
asked about the thousands of
scandals that have rocked the
Catholic Church.
One of them has already
been convicted. There are no
privileges. Priests who do this
are betraying the Lord, said
the Argentine ponti, who has
set up a new committee to root
out abuse.
Francis also said he would be
celebrating a mass next week
at his Vatican residence, St
Marthas, with six or eight
victims and would then
meet with them privately to
talk about their ordeal.
The pope last month person-
ally asked forgiveness for the
evil of abuses and prom-
ised more action in response
to accusations of cover-ups
and excessive leniency by the
At a UN hearing earlier this
year, Vatican ocials revealed
that 3,420 abuse cases had
been handled over the past dec-
ade by the Catholic Churchs
Canon Law prosecutors.
As a result of these cases,
848 priests were defrocked
expelled from the priest-
hood. A further 2,572 were
ordered to live a life of prayer
or penance, for example in a
Meanwhile, Pope Francis
yesterday praised the cour-
age of Israeli President
Shimon Peres and Palestin-
ian leader Mahmud Abbas
after both agreed to come to
the Vatican to pray with him
for peace.
Abbas and Peres have the
courage to move forward,
Francis told reporters on his
return ight from a three-day
trip to the Middle East that was
packed with powerful symbol-
ism but with politics never far
The meeting in the Vatican
is to pray together, its not a
mediation, the Argentinian
pope stressed of the prayer
summit scheduled for June
6, after both Peres and Abbas
accepted his surprise invitation
issued on Sunday.
It is a prayer without dis-
cussions, said the ponti, who
has made interfaith dialogue a
cornerstone of his 14-month-
old papacy,
He had stated the three-day
trip would be purely religious
but waded into sensitive issues,
praying at the controversial
West Bank separation barrier
in another unscripted move
which the Palestinians saw as
a silent condemnation of the
Israeli governments policies.
Francis, 77, on Monday
capped his diplomatic high-
wire act with a mass at a
contested Jerusalem site where
he made an impassioned call
for an end to religious intoler-
ance, saying believers must
have free access to sites they
consider sacred within the
Holy City. (AFP)
WAYWARD | 2,572 priests ordered to live a life of prayer
Ponti plans Mass
at Vatican residence,
with six or eight
victims of abuse
Pope says no privileges
for bishops on abuse
Pope Francis talks to journalists during a press conference he held aboard the papal ight on his way
back to Rome at the end of a three day trip to the Midle East, on Monday.
Number of priests
defrocked expelled
from the priesthood

One of them
has already been
convicted. There
are no privileges.
Priests who do
this are betraying
the Lord
Pope Francis
New Libya Prime Ministers home attacked
TRIPOLI, Tuesday
Armed men attacked the
home of Libyas new prime
minister today, two days
after he won a parliamentary
vote of condence but with
opposition to his proposed
government rising.
Libyas General National
Congress, or interim parlia-
ment, had elected 42-year-old
businessman Ahmed Miitig as
premier in a chaotic vote this
month to replace Abdallah al-
Thani, who had resigned for
security reasons.
There was an attack with
rockets and small arms on
the prime ministers house
in Tripoli at 3:00 am (0100
GMT), an aide to Miitig said
on condition of anonymity.
The premier and his fam-
ily were in the house at the
time, but escaped unharmed.
His guards opened re on the
group, wounding two of them
and arresting them, the ocial
added. (AFP)
The Kenya National Examinations Council invites sealed bids for the following tender number:
Tender documents with detailed specifications may be downloaded from The Kenya National Examinations Council website: free of charge.
However, hard copy of the tender document can be obtained from our Offices at National Housing Corporation (NHC)
Building, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi Room 319 (3
floor) upon payment of a Non-refundable fee of Kshs.1,000.00 per
document by Bankers Cheque.
Bid security bond for not less than 2% of the quoted sum valid for 120 days as specified in the tender documents should be
submitted with the complete tender documents.
Tender bids in plain sealed envelope marked Tender for Security Printing of Certificates and bearing no indication of the
Tenderer should be addressed to:
The Council Secretary/Chief Executive
Kenya National Examinations Council
P O Box 73598 00200
And placed in the Tender Box on 6
Floor of the NHC Building, Nairobi or sent by post so as to reach the above address
not later than Wednesday, 18
June 2014 at 10.00 am. All tenders must be accompanied with a bid security as specified.
Submitted documents will be opened publicly in the Conference Room on 6
Floor, NHC Building soon after the above
stated closing date and time in the presence of the Tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. Late bids will
be returned unopened.
The Kenya National Examinations Council reserves the right to reject any tender without giving reasons for the rejection and
does not bind itself to the lowest or any tender.
Telephone (+254-20) 249178 / 247344 / 2226884
Fax: (+254-20) 2226032
Council Secretary/Chief Executive
National Housing Corporation Building,
Aga Khan Walk, P O Box 73598 00200
Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company would like to notify its esteemed customers
the following are the only authorized pay points and any other forms of payment are
deemed illegal.
NCWSC Regional Offces & Banking hall
CBD Banking Hall: Cameo Building 1st floor, Kenyatta Avenue
Westlands Banking Hall: The Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Westlands
Headquarter Offices, Kampala Road, Industrial Area
Northern: Showbe Plaza; Pangani
Eastern : Pinnacle House, Spine Road; Kayole
North Eastern: Eastleigh Section III, 18th Street;
Western : Parklands Plaza, Chiromo Lane;
Southern : Woodely, Off Joseph Kangethe Road
Central : Enterprise plaza, Enterprise Road, Industrial Area
Kasarani : Kasarani/Mwiki Rd, Opposite Kasarani
Police Station
Partner Banks
The Cooperative Bank of Kenya
K- Rep Bank
Citi- Bank
Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd
Equity Bank Ltd
Housing Finance of Kenya
Postal Corporation of Kenya
Service Providers
Nakumatt supermarket outlets
MPESA Business No. 444400
Airtel Money
Pay- Net
Jambo Pay
Kindly note, all payments to NAIROBI CITY WATER
& SEWERAGE COMPANY must be made at the above
mentioned AUTHORIZED PAY POINTS and an official
receipt issued.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
32 | International News
Mortgage rm seeks
to bridge skills gap
Housing Finance has partnered
with an international training
provider Datam Edu Limited in
a bid to ll the professional gap
among artisans in Kenya. This
is prompted by the shortage of
skilled sta at a time when multi-
billion shilling public projects
are under way, the mortgage
nancier said. Datam will im-
port Australian courses in build-
ing and construction to Kenya,
Housing Finance executive
director Winnie Imanyara said.
The courses will entail entrepre-
neurial, professional development
training at short-term certicate
and diploma programmes, she
added yesterday.
Jamii Boras Sh250m
system on pilot basis
Jamii Bora Bank Limited is to
install a new banking system at a
cost of Sh250 million. It is known
as Project Duma and is aimed
at creating a modern, integrated
technology platform for ecient
processes, exibility and will
be dynamic. Brieng the media
yesterday, bank chief operations
ocer Philip Muriuki said pre-
liminary tests were under way to
ensure the seven-month project
is completed on time. We have
completed the full scoping of the
project and are currently training
the core team to spearhead it,
Mr Muriuki said.
Matatu have launched a pay card
for commuters as the deadline to go
cashless nears.
Matatu Owners Association and
Matatu Welfare Association teamed
up with technology rm Fibre Space
Limited to provide a card that will be
used by commuters.
The government set the deadline for
cashless matatus for July. The launch
of the card will help investors control
their cash ows, increase revenue and
reduce losses, association chairman
Simon Kimutai said.
Known as 1963, the card has been
piloted in vehicles on Ngong road,
Eastlands and Waiyaki-Kikuyu routes
with condence that it is ready for
the market.
The industry-backed card will be
the latest entrant in a eld that has
attracted a number of rms seeking a
piece of the millions generated from
matatus daily.
Safaricoms Lipa na M-Pesa, Google
in partnership with Equity Beba Pay
a Hong Kong rm Tap-to-Pay that
is working with the Kenya Bus Serv-
ice to pilot a pre-paid plastic called
Abiria Card, are also in the cashless
payment market.
Tap-and-go technology
The Co-operative Bank is also
working on a prepaid card that uses
tap-and-go technology as well as an
online payment through which matatu
owners will track all fare transactions
in real time.
Family Bank is eyeing the market
with its Pesa Mob app.
However, the Matatu Owners As-
sociation said that the industry will
prefer something it has developed and
is already in the market.
This is a Kenya product developed
by our own youth; surely why should
we look elsewhere? Mr Kimutai said
to stakeholders during the launch
Matatus drive away on their own card payment road
S. Africas economy shrinks during
rst quarter of the year. Page 35
Stocks broker to stay
under CMA for longer
Discount Securities will remain
under statutory management for
one more year, the High Court
has said. The decision follows
and application by the Capital
Markets Authority. It will be the
fth time the regulator has sought
to extend its control of the bro-
kerage rm having taken over in
2009. It is hereby ordered that
the period of the appointment
of the statutory manager of Dis-
count Securities Limited be and
is hereby extended for 12 months
from May 10, 2014, the High
Court said in a notice published
yesterday. The regulator sought
more time to appoint a statutory
manager for the rm.
Treasury will
not pay Anglo
Leasing Sh3bn
FINANCE | The controversy that refuses to go away despite the passage of time
enya will not pay Sh3.05
billion being demanded
by Anglo Leasing com-
pany associated with Sri Lankan
businessman Anura Pereira.
At the same time, the
government is preparing a sup-
plementary budget to regularise
payment of Sh1.4 billion by re-
allocating funds that have not
been used in the projects.
Strong defence
Speaking yesterday during a
convention organised by Leas-
ing Association of Kenya at the
Kenya School of Monetary Stud-
ies, National Treasury Cabinet
Secretary Henry Rotich said
the government would not pay
the money but would mount a
strong defence.
The money is part of a claim
over controversial Flagstaff
NCTC project deal entered
into in 2004 at a cost of $41.8
million for National Intelligence
Mr Rotich, however, justied
the Sh1.4 billion payment by the
government saying it would have
prevented the country from oat-
ing a Eurobond meant to raise
up to Sh170 billion.
Regularise payment
The government is prepar-
ing a supplementary budget to
regularise the payment by re-al-
locating funds that have not been
used in the projects, he said.
On leasing facilities, Mr Rot-
ich said the government will hire
another 1,500 vehicles for the
national police and county com-
missioners in the next nancial
year to add to 1,200 that it took
on this year.
It will also lease helicopters
for police operations and medi-
cal facilities.
Mr Rotich said leasing of facili-
ties by the government would be
enhanced to improve services to
the public and cut costs.
The initiative dovetails within
government policy which aims
at promoting lease nancing to
improve service delivery, deepen
nancial sector and grow the
economy, he said.
The Cabinet Secretary said
leasing provides a means of
expanding domestic capital
and equipment investment in
the economy while reducing
costs associated with waste
and disuse.
Plans are under way to ex-
pand leasing to other assets,
starting with lease of medical
equipment and other plants and
machinery including ICT-related
equipment, Mr Rotich said.
The two-day convention is
being attended by industry
players, credit providers and
Wananchi demonstrate against the paying of Anglo Leasing-type con-
tracts. The government said yesterday it will not pay the extra Sh3.05
billion being demanded.
Government now
preparing extra
budget to cater for
amount already paid,
says minister Rotich
Leasing of facilities by the
government was mooted in
2009, but implemented in the
last nancial year when 1,200
vehicles were hired for the
National Police.
The government intends to
continue leasing to cut costs
of services to the public.
Mr Rotich said the govern-
ment will continue to explore
areas where it can lease
starting with medical equip-
ment and even Information
Communication Technology
Other means of
cutting costs
Plans are
under way
to expand
leasing to
other assets,
with lease
of medical
and other
plants and
Henry Rotich
The amount of money that the
contract entered into in 2004
was worth
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Kenya lures private banking rms
Kenya is emerging as a target
for rms that provide private
banking services as the number
of ultra-wealthy individuals in
the country grows.
A report by the New World
Wealth says Africas private
banking will grow at an average
of eight per cent over the next
decade. Trends will be matched
by economic development in
some of the continents larger
The most promising emerg-
ing African markets for private
banking are Nigeria, Ghana and
Kenya. Fast-growing countries
such as Angola and Zambia
are next on the list, said the
Private banking and wealth
management rms focus on
providing services to the rich
in managing trusts, inherit-
ances and investments.
According to New World
Wealth, South African compa-
nies currently dominate the
list of the continents largest
wealth management rms with
an estimated Sh6.51 trillion
($74.2 billion) in their books.
The ndings are in line with
international developments. In
its 2013 report on private bank-
ing, audit rm PwC noted that
rms were going beyond the
beaten path in search of prots
and new clients.
It said private banking rms
in Europe and North America
are focused on managing in-
heritances. Those in Asia and
other emerging markets must
focus their attention on wealth
creation for the newly rich.
INSURANCE | Shariah-compliant accounts on show
The Association of Kenya Insurers executive director Tom Gichuhi (left) and Takaful Insurance of East
Africa chief executive Hassan Bashir during a media breakfast to showcase new Shariah-compliant
accounts and declaration of a second year surplus at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nairobi yesterday.
No let up as shilling slides further
Sustained end month de-
mand for US dollars from
corporates to pay foreign
shareholders continued piling
pressure on the Kenyan shil-
ling yesterday weakening it to
a low of 88.10.
The local unit, which
opened trading at 87.85/87.95
against the greenback yester-
day, reached a low of 88.00/
88.10 during the session. The
local unit, however, closed at
Analysts said the shilling re-
mains weak due to increased
demand especially from
companies paying dividends
unmatched by supply.
The dividend period for a
lot of rms is usually between
April and June.
We saw the shilling rather
weak in the morning due to in-
creased demand from energy
and the telecommunication,
said Mr Nahashon Mungai,
a forex dealer at the Kenya
Commercial Bank.
Demand is high
Negative sentiments on in-
security have persisted, damp-
ening prospects for dollar
inows from Kenyas tourists.
The inows are very low
but the demand is high. The
tourism season is also low,
said Commercial Bank of
Africa forex dealer Joshua
What the local unit was trading
at against dollar at closing time
he proposed revival of Blue
Shield has been delayed
following failure by the Insur-
ance Regulatory Authority to make a
decision on the statutory managers
Blue Shield Insurance, which was
put under statutory management in
September 2011, was given a clean
bill of health by its statutory manager
early this year paving the way for its
return to business.
This is, however, awaiting ocial
consent of IRAs chief executive, Mr
Sammy Makove.
Statutory manager Eliud Muriithi
submitted a report on the state of Blue
Shield to the regulator on January 20,
2014 proposing the underwriters
revival subject to terms that share-
holders were to meet.
Mr Makove sought an extension of
the statutory manager 90-day period
from January 30, 2014 to continue an
evaluation of the report.
On May 9, IRA sought another ex-
tension to July 4, 2014 causing anxiety
to creditors and policyholders some
of whom are in court facing millions
of claims.
Contacted, IRAs spokesperson
yesterday said the regulator is yet
to make a nal decision and is in
We are discussing the report with
the team from Blue Shield, said
Noella Mutanda, the IRAs head of
communications promising to give
a more elaborate plan on the talks
with Blue Shield later.
Papers filed in court show that
shareholders have been agitating to
be handed back the company.
Before going under, Blue Shield had
230 workers employed directly and
another 1,000 indirectly engaged.
The company has outstanding
claims amounting to Sh2.2 billion
and other creditors are owed Sh200
million coupled with Sh100 million
in unpaid taxes.
Blue Shield revival on hold
despite clean bill of health
INSURANCE| Eorts to return to business await nod
The year when Blue Shield Insurance
was placed under statutory manage-
Insurer to
approval of
IRA chief
United Nations Avenue P. O. Box 44482-00100 Nairobi, Kenya;
Tel.: +254 020 7622043 / 7622053
Fax: +254 020 7622588 / 7622263; Email:
Looking forward to receiving your best offer.
To Sell Generators in Kakuma
The WFP in Kenya shall on 03.06.2014 to 06.06.2014 between 9.00am -2.00pm
sell the under mentioned Generators on as-is-where-is basis in Kakuma.
Model Capacity Year of
QTY No. of
75kva 2004 1 12,130 Needs Major
75kva 2004 1 15,820 Needs Major
80kva 2008 1 19,150 Needs Minor
88 kva 2008 1 13,872 Needs
200kva 2011 1 0 New
i. Terms and conditions of sale to be picked at the sale location or send a request
to to receive the same.
ii. Viewing of the Generators to be done at the WFP ofce in Kakuma. Bids on the
same will be placed within the timeframe provided above. Deadline for receiving
bids is 13.06.2014.
iii. A 10% down payment of the total amount quoted to be submitted with the bid,
this will be refunded if unsuccessful; payment will be in bankers cheque.
NB: WFP reserves the right to retain the 10% in the event of a bidder not taking up the
won item; winning bidders will be notied by phone. All Bids must be addressed
to WFP, quoting bid no. ADM/FM/03/2014 and dropped at the WFP ofce in
Kakuma or in Nairobi at the WFP Warehouse Ofce at Gigiri Shopping Centre,
along Limuru Road.
WFP reserves the right to reject any or all bids without providing any reason and has
no obligation to accept any offer made.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
34 | Business News
World Cup to boost
use of private jets
The number of private jets
operating in Brazil will nearly
double during the World Cup,
with more than 700 expected
to arrive from overseas, the
Valor business daily said yes-
terday. Leonardo Fiuza, head
of TAM Business Aviation,
told the newspaper Brazil
was expecting more execu-
tives, politicians, royalty and
wealthy tourists to y in on
private jets than at the 2010
World Cup in South Africa.
The 700 private jets that
landed there caused chaos
when some clogged the tar-
mac at Durban airport.
alls to harmonise
spectrum manage-
ment policies across
the continent dominated
the rst day of the on-going
African Telecommunication
Union summit on digital
The three-day forum
which kicked o in Nairobi
yesterday, will see ATU
member-countries explore
ways of eecting a smooth
transition from analogue to
digital broadcasting.
Discussions on how best the
continent can utilise the spec-
trum that will be freed in the
transition are also expected
to take centre-stage.
At the opening ceremony,
speakers pushed for a harmo-
nised approach to migration
and the management of accru-
ing digital dividends.
This is a unique oppor-
tunity for policy makers,
regulators, broadcasters and
telecommunication industries
to obtain a coordinated Afri-
can approach and to lay the
groundwork for the next steps
in Africas transition away
from analogue broadcasting,
and towards harmonised use
of the digital dividend spec-
trum, ATU secretary general
Abdoulkarim Soumaila said.
Communications Commis-
sion of Kenya director general
Francis Wangusi said it was
important that Africa fast-
tracks migration to allow
for the development of other
services that demand high
speed connectivity.
ICT Cabinet Secretary Fred
Matiangi asked stakeholders
to double the eorts towards
digital migration to beat the
global deadline of June 2015.
Forum seeks
smooth digital
TV switch
ICT| Call to expand spectrum
Decision on use
of freed space to
dominate three day
meeting in Nairobi
This is a unique
opportunity for policy
makers, regulators
ATUs Soumaila
Drug rms under
the microscope
China is reportedly putting
more foreign drug rms un-
der scrutiny, state media said
yesterday, days after the con-
clusion of a police probe into
alleged bribery by employees
of Britains GlaxoSmithKline
(GSK. Earlier this month,
Chinese authorities ended a
nearly one-year probe into
GSK, accusing a top British
executive of ordering employ-
ees to commit bribery. Health
authorities in the eastern city
of Hangzhou were looking into
the business practices of other
drug companies.
LAUNCH| Keroche unveils foundation
Deputy President William Ruto (right) is received by Keroche
Breweries managing director Tabitha Karanja and co-founder
Joseph Karanja during the launch of the Keroche Foundation at
the Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi yesterday
Spain out of the
woods, says IMF
The IMF declared yesterday
that Spains economic recov-
ery is here to stay hailing a
return to growth and job-crea-
tion despite the nations 26-
per cent unemployment rate.
Spain has turned the corner,
the International Monetary
Fund said in a report on the
eurozones fourth-largest
economy, which emerged in
mid-2013 from ve years of
stop-start recession. The fund
noted that Spain grew in the
rst three months of this year
at a quarterly rate of 0.4 per
cent the fastest clip since a
2008 property crash.
PM chides banks
slight cut in rate
Turkish Prime Minister
Recep Tayyip Erdogan chided
the central bank yesterday
for only slightly easing a key
interest rate, saying that it was
insucient. Interest rates are
high and must be reduced. We
are tasked with balancing the
(economic) climate Erdogan
told his ruling party MPs in
parliament. The interest rate
must be lowered so that real
investments can increase, he
added. Last week, the central
bank trimmed its one week
repurchase rate, used by com-
mercial banks for short-term
funding, from 10.0 per cent to
9.5 per cent
Cofek sues over job extension
A consumer body has sued
Energy and Petroleum Cabi-
net Secretary Davis Chirchir
for extending the contract of
the National Oil Corporation
of Kenya managing director.
The Consumers Federation
of Kenya (Cofek) claimed that
Mr Chirchirs reappointment
of Ms Sumayya Hassan-Ath-
mani for another three years
without subjecting her to
formal application was uncon-
stitutional and a breach of the
parastatals regulations.
The lobby argued that the
Cabinet Secretary failed to
consider concerns over Ms
Hassan-Athmanis suitability
to lead the corporation and
that he disregarded recom-
mendations from the Nocks
board of directors against the
The minister disregarded
all precautions on the reap-
pointment and made the sus-
pect decision without taking
due diligence. He failed the
integrity test after reneging on
his oath of oce and should
be himself declared unt to
hold a public oce, said law-
yer Henry Kurauka on behalf
of Cofek.
The lobby is seeking an
order to stop Ms Hassan-
Athmani from assuming oce
and a further order directing
the Nock board of directors to
appoint another person as act-
ing managing director of the
state corporation pending the
determination of their suit.
Additional number of years
that the NOCK boss got
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Business News 35
Last 12 Mths Security Prices
High Low Yesterday Previous Shares

57.00 21.00 Eaagads Ord 1.25 30.00 30.00 1,000
123.00 80.00 Kakuzi Ord.5.00 144.00 144.00 3,100
167.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co Ord 5.00 156.00
625.00 450.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ord 20.00 670.00
30.00 19.40 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.00 27.50
19.95 11.25 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 16.35 16.85 24,300
350.00 210.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.00 275.00 272.00 500
Automobiles & Accessories
50.00 21.00 Car & General (K) Ord 5.00 35.00
- - CMC Holdings Ord 0.50 13.50
13.50 9.00 Marshalls (E.A.) Ord 5.00 9.55 9.40 500
7.70 4.50 Sameer Africa Ord 5.00 7.80 8.30 198,300
19.15 15.00 Barclays Bank Ord 0.50 16.60 16.65 130,400
155.00 54.00 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ord.5.00 139.00 142.00 2,700
248.00 141.00 Diamond Trust Bank Ord 4.00 238.00 237.00 253,600
42.25 29.50 Equity Bank Ord 0.50 40.25 40.25 977,500
42.50 22.00 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.00 36.75 37.50 306,900
145.00 85.00 I &M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 129.00 130.00 42,000
51.00 35.50 KCB Ord 1.00 47.75 47.50 715,100
39.25 18.50 NBK Ord 5.00 30.25 31.75 22,100
68.00 48.50 NIC Bank Ord 5.00 59.50 60.00 171,700
340.00 271.00 StandardChartered Ord 5.00 309.00 306.00 108,400
25.00 14.50 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 21.75 21.75 626,600
Commercial & Services
6.60 3.40 Express Ord 5.00 5.90 6.25 149,700
- - Hutchings Biemer Ord 5.00 20.25
14.70 8.30 Kenya Airways Ord 5.00 11.80 11.70 88,300
16.50 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ord 1.00 14.00 14.00 400
400.00 271.00 Nation Media Group Ord. 2.50 314.00 315.00 44,000
247.00 44.00 ScanGroup Ord. 1.00 48.00 48.50 1,301,700
39.00 24.50 Standard Group Ord 5.00 34.00 33.00 1,000
56.50 39.25 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.00 38.75 39.75 28,500
24.00 13.00 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.00 13.00 13.00 32,300
Construction & Allied
98.50 60.00 ARM Cement Ord 1.00 81.50 81.00 340,400
225.00 170.00 BamburiCement Ord 5.00 173.00 172.00 14,100
98.00 75.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ord 5.00 93.50 93.50 2,600
18.00 13.80 E.A.Cables Ord 0.50 14.60 14.75 11,800
110.00 56.50 E.A.Portland Cement Ord 5.00 92.50

Energy & Petroleum
17.90 10.00 KenGen Ord 2.50 10.55 10.65 161,000
11.80 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 9.00 9.10 1,216,600
20.75 13.50 KP&LC Ord 2.50 14.30 14.50 2,188,500
- - KP&LC 4% Pref.20.00 8.00
5.50 5.50 KP&LC 7% Pref.20.00 5.50
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ord 5.00 27.25 26.00 165,700
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
20.00 7.30 British American Investments Co.0.10 17.55 17.50 965,800
12.20 4.20 CIC Insurance Group Ord.1.00 9.95 9.90 1,147,400
340.00 217.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.00 338.00 334.00 10,400
21.00 13.10 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.50 18.70 19.00 171,200
23.00 9.20 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ord 1.00 18.10 19.10 92,300
145.00 51.50 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00 126.00 122.00 34,000

41.00 17.05 CentumInvestment Co Ord 0.50 38.75 39.00 780,000
6.00 3.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.00 4.70 4.70 9,800
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century LtdOrd 0.50 23.75 23.75 2,000
Manufacturing & Allied
- A.Baumann & Co. Ord 5.00 11.10
190.00 100.00 B.O.C Kenya Ord 5.00 142.00 147.00 100
635.00 521.00 British American Tobacco Kenya Ord 10.00 600.00 601.00 2,700
67.50 30.50 Carbacid Investments Ord 5.00 30.75 32.75 45,400
426.00 212.00 East African Breweries Ord 2.00 271.00 271.00 105,100
4.00 1.90 Eveready EA Ord 1.00 3.55 3.55 16,700
8.60 4.40 Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 8.60
5.05 2.85 Mumias Sugar Co. Ord 2.00 3.00 3.00 433,100
29.00 14.00 Unga Group Ord 5.00 30.50 32.00 26,700
Telecommunication & Technology
13.40 6.15 SafaricomLtd Ord. 0.05 13.00 13.00 17,520,800
Growth & Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS)
25.00 4.40 Home Afrika Ltd Ord. 1.00 5.05 5.10 160,300
NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008=100 Down 0.17 points to close at 149.24
NSE 20 Share Index Down 11.56 points to close at 4888.36 EquityTurnover-707,717,363 Prv 634,968,039

Euro $ C$ SF IR JY ZR
ABC buy 120.07 87.95 148.28 - 98.24 1.50 86.27 8.46
sell 120.21 88.05 148.50 - 98.40 1.49 86.41 8.51
Barclays buy 119.75 87.75 147.85 80.83 98.01 1.48 85.96 8.47
sell 120.20 87.95 148.36 81.16 98.45 1.49 86.32 8.50
Co-op buy 119.50 87.75 147.72 80.73 97.88 1.50 86.10 8.35
sell 119.70 87.95 148.09 80.96 98.13 1.50 86.31 8.63
Equity buy 120.20 87.65 147.43 80.65 98.17 1.50 86.56 8.36
sell 120.69 87.85 147.93 81.03 98.71 1.51 86.91 8.55
NBK buy 119.32 87.61 147.52 80.62 97.69 1.49 85.95 8.44
sell 119.58 87.81 147.85 80.81 97.96 1.50 86.16 8.55
KCB buy 119.60 87.75 147.60 80.90 97.80 1.48 86.05 8.35
sell 120.00 87.95 148.00 81.20 98.20 1.49 86.45 8.55
CBA buy 119.86 87.90 147.81 80.43 98.10 1.49 86.26 8.39
sell 120.23 88.10 148.25 81.06 98.35 1.49 86.49 8.49
CFC Stanbic buy 119.41 87.65 147.60 80.68 97.80 1.49 85.88 8.49
sell 120.08 87.95 148.31 81.11 98.30 1.49 86.26 8.51
GulfAfrican buy 119.79 87.75 147.92 80.88 98.03 1.48 86.05 8.48
sell 119.72 87.90 148.01 80.91 98.07 1.50 86.25 8.56
FCB buy 120.40 86.70 146.50 79.00 98.70 1.30 84.50 8.00
sell 121.20 87.20 147.30 79.70 99.40 1.50 85.40 8.60
Prime buy 119.50 87.50 147.50 80.50 97.50 1.48 86.10 8.40
sell 120.00 88.00 148.00 81.00 98.00 1.49 86.60 8.60
Mean Buy Selll
1 US Dollar 87.8569 87.7694 87.9444
1 Sterling Pound 148.0068 147.8370 148.1767
1 Euro 119.8978 119.7673 120.0283
1 South African Rand 8.4838 8.4518 8.5157
Ksh/Ush 28.8197 28.7340 28.9053
1 Ksh/Tsh 18.9400 18.8642 19.0157
1 Ksh/Rwanda Franc 7.7285 7.6753 7.7818
1 Ksh/Burundi Franc 17.6424 17.5111 17.7738
1 UAE Dirham 23.9200 23.8958 23.9441
1 Canadian Dollar 80.9014 80.8195 80.9833
1 Swiss Franc 98.2278 98.1067 98.3489
100 Japanese Yen 86.1493 86.0431 86.2554
1 Swedish Kroner 13.3761 13.3615 13.3907
1 Norwegian Kroner 14.7131 14.6922 14.7339
1 Danish Kroner 16.0713 16.0524 16.0902
1 Indian Rupee 1.4887 1.4876 1.4898
1 Hong Kong Dollar 11.3318 11.3206 11.3431
1 Singapore Dollar 70.0028 69.9135 70.0920
1 Saudi Riyal 23.4251 23.4014 23.4487
1 Chinese Yuan 14.0696 14.0550 14.0842
1 Australian Dollar 81.4478 81.3447 81.5509
Money Market Funds Daily Yield Eective Annual Rate
African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund Kenya Shilling 6.29% 6.47%
Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 6.47% 6.67%
British-American Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.38% 9.83%
Stanlib Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 7.49% 7.75%
CBA Market Fund Kenya Shilling 6.03% 6.21%
CIC Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.63% 10.06%
Zimele Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.0% 9.31%
Amana Shilling Fund Kenya Shilling 9.88% 10.34%
ICEA Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 8.70% 9.05%
Madison Asset Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.05% 9.44%
GenCap Hela Fund Kenya Shilling 11.05% 11.52%
Fixed Income Funds/Equity Funds/Balanced Funds Buy Sell
African Alliance Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 11.57 11.20
CIC Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 9.23 9.46
Standard Investment Income Fund Kenya Shilling 102.22 102.78
African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 190.08 178.50
ICEA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 138.98 146.29
British-American Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 198.80 205.12
CBA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 154.88 164.42
CIC Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 13.21 13.91
Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 375.91 402.78
Stanlib Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 167.23 167.23
Madison Asset Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 56.23 59.70
GenCap Hisa Fund Kenya Shilling 126.85 122.41
African Alliance Managed Fund Kenya Shilling 21.98 20.71
British-American Managed Retirement Fund Kenya Shilling 133.46 134.59
ICEA Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 139.90 147.27
Amana Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 109.66 109.66
British-American Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 190.57 196.14
CIC Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 12.88 13.48
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shilling 154.54 164.56
Madison Asset Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 69.05 72.87
Amana Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 111.74 111.74
Zimele Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 5.25 5.41
Stanlib Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 129.31 129.31
GenCap Eneza Fund Kenya Shilling 124.19 119.85
GenCap Iman Fund Kenya Shilling 115.88 110.09
Stanlib Bond Fund B1 Kenya Shilling 105.48 105.48
Stanlib Bond Fund A Kenya Shilling 105.00 105.00
Old Mutual East Africa Fund Kenya Shilling 149.51 158.23
British American Bond Plus Fund Kenya Shilling 145.15 148.12
GenCap Hazina Fund Kenya Shilling 119.08 114.92
ICEA Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 98.83 99.83
Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 102.63 105.07
Algerian Dinar 78.4777
Bahrani Dinar 0.37701
Djibouti Franc 177
Egyptian Pound 7.0049
Jordanian Dinar 0.708
Kuwait Dinar 0.28054
Lebanese Pound 1513
Libyan Dinar 1.2245
Moroccan Dirham 8.1344
Omani Riyal 0.386
Qatar Riyal 3.6403
Saudi Riyal 3.7504
Syrian Pound 148.1
Tunisian Dinar 1.6151
Yemeni Riyal 214.75
UAE Dirham 3.673
Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar
radiators, Generator radiators, Earth Moving radiators, Oil
Coolers, Intercoolers, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Dryers,
Tube & Shell, Plate & Bar, Spiral Tube Cooler, Cooling
Towers, Generator Radiators & Air Conditioners. We
REPLACE PLASTIC TANKS with Brass or Aluminium
for the best service
in town!
Wednesday May 28, 2014
36 | Business
St. Josephs Boys National School invites tenders for labour contract for the
construction of a storey dormitory as detailed below:-
Interested bidders should be contractors registered with the Ministry
of Public Works category F and above. Labour contractors must have
experience in storey building works. Bidders are advised to purchase tender
documents during working hours (8.30a.m. - 4:00p.m.) on weekdays at a
non-refundable fee of Kshs.5,000/- (Five Thousand Shillings only) from the
Principals Ofce.
Quoted prices in Kenya shillings must include all Government taxes and
should remain valid for at least 90 days after the expiry of the closing date
of this Notice.
Completed tender documents in a plain sealed envelope marked with the
respective tender number should be dropped in the tender box situated at
the Principals reception on or before 06/06/2014 by noon. The tender
will be opened thereafter at 2.00pm. at the Board room and bidders or
their representatives are welcome to witness the opening.
N/B. The institution is not bound to accept the lowest bidder or any tender
nor give any reason for rejection.
P. O. BOX 485, 30200 -KITALE
Tenders are invited from interested and eligible firms/suppliers to
submit sealed bids for the following;
Supply and
delivery of pipes
and fittings
Wednesday 11

June 2014
Complete Tender documents with the detailed information may be
obtained from EWASCO Offices , next to Kenya National Library off
Embu- Meru rd during office working hours upon payment of a non-
refundable fee of ksh.1,000.00(one thousand shillings only) per tender
document, paid in cash or Bankers cheque.
Tenders must be accompanied by a Tender Security from a recognized
Bank equivalent to 1% of the Tender price. Tender documents in a plain
sealed envelope clearly marked with Tender No. and description should
be addressed and posted to;
The Managing Director
Embu Water and Sanitation Co Ltd
P.O BOX 2142-60100
Or be deposited in the Tender Box located outside the cash office, on or
before Wednesday 11.00 am, 11
June 2014. Tenders will be opened
immediately thereafter at the Companys board room in the presence of
Tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.
All correspondence to be addressed to:
P.O. BOX 2142-60100
TEL: 068-31156, 31527
Am currently working in Central Asia last two
year for oil distributing co with network across
3 continents but now feel I should return home
and apply the knowledge I have acquired here.
Am interested in working for SME where I can
set up system to move from manual work or if
there is system I streamline data to ensure there
is accurate financial information in the system &
management of debts recovery.
Those who are interested in finance personnel
who is confidential, high integrity, customer service oriented, able to work
under pressure and team work, please review my C.V on LinkedIn
( my contact is
Available on one month notice.
0722 732717
Under instructions received from our principals the chargees in exercise of their statutory
power of sale we shall sell the under mentioned properties by public auction.
All that freehold property known as L.R.NO.NGONG/NGONG/28843 NKOROI
NGONG DIVISION, KAJIADO COUNTY, located along Migingo close and about
1.2 kilometres off Magadi road at Kenya Assemblies Of God Sign Post turn off within
Nkoroi area, Ngong Division, Kajiado County, measuring 0.059Ha(0.14573 acres)
approximately and registered in the name of TOP AD GRAPHICS LTD OF P. O. BOX
11559-00100 NAIROBI.
ACCOMMODATION: Entrance porch, lounge, Dining room, kitchen with a concrete
worktop, stainless steel sink unit and cupboards, kitchen store with wooden shelves, 2
No bedrooms each with inbuilt wardrobe, master bedroom ensuite, WC -western type,
overhead shower . bathroom with a an overhead shower, separate WC, western type,
lobby with a WHB, circulation passage. Extension: Only substructure and walls upto ring
beam have been constructed.
The property is utilized by one Mr. Martin Winga the proprietor of the debtor
company herein.
All that freehold parcel of land known as L.R.NO: NDARUGU/KARATU/1495
KIAMBU COUNTY, Located in Makohokoho area of Ndarugu and about 5 kilometres
to the North West of Karatu Trading Centre. It lies about 800 metres to the South West
of Makohokoho Primary School, measuring (0.25 acres) approximately and registered in
On the property stands two houses, water tank and a pit latrine. Walls are constructed
of quarry stones externally keyed or partly rendered beneath pitched GCI sheets roof
on timber trusses.
The properties are vacant save for labourers who work there during the day.
1. All interested purchasers are requested to view the properties and verify the details
for themselves as the auctioneers or the advocates do not warrant these.
2. A deposit of at least 25 per cent must be paid in CASH OR BANKERS CHEQUE at
the fall of the hammer and the balance to be paid within 30 days to the chargees
3. Sale is subject to a reserve price, the necessary Land Control Board Consent (if
applicable) and such overriding interests as may exist against the properties.
4. Interested purchasers are requested to view the property between 10.00 a.m. and
5.00 p.m. and our Mr. Macharia 0722-732717 will assist the buyers to point out the
properties subject to prior arrangement.
5. Further details and conditions of sale may be obtained from our offices.
NB: Bidders to pay refundable deposit of Kshs.500,000/- in bankers cheque to
obtain bid Number.
(CAP 286)
PDP No.N9/2014/01 (A) Existing Marine Police Staff Houses (B) Marine Police Site
NOTICE is hereby given that the above mentioned Part Development Plan was on
09/04/2014 completed.
The Part Development Plan relates to land situated within Kisumu East District.
Copies of the Development Plan have been deposited for public inspection at the offices
of the District Physical Planning Officer (Ardhi House) Kisumu, District Commissioner
Kisumu East, and Office of the City Manager, Kisumu.
The copies so deposited are available for inspection free of charge by all persons
interested at the above mentioned offices between the hours of 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
from Monday to Friday.
Any interested person who wishes to make any representation in connection with or
objection to the above Development Plan may send such representations or objections
in writing to be received by the District Physical Planning Officer, P.O. Box 1874,
Kisumu, within sixty (60) days from the date of publication of this notice and any such
representations or objections shall state the grounds on which it is made.
Dated the 21
May, 2014.
Subject of Tender Motor Cycle Quantity 26 Units
Specication 2 Stroke Delivery Point Nairobi
Adeso, formerly known as Horn Relief, is an expanding and vibrant African
based international development and humanitarian organization. At Adeso,
we work with African communities who are yet to realize their full potential;
working inside these communities to create environments in which Africans
can thrive. The REGAL IR project is a ve year initiative funded by USAID
and lead by Adeso, aiming to reduce hunger and poverty, increase social
stability and build strong foundations for economic growth by strengthening
social, economic, and environmental resilience in pastoral and transitioning
communities in Kenyas arid lands.
REGAL-IR invites bidders to tender for the supply of 26 Units two stroke
motor cycles as specied in the tender documents. Tender documents can be
downloaded from Adeso website
Date of Issue: 28
Closing Date
& Time:
16:00 Hours EAT
To be considered, Bidders should submit a complete bid proposal no later
than the closing date and time indicated above.
Any questions should be submitted in writing and emailed to no later than three days after the issue date of
this ITT. No questions will be entertained if they are received by means other
than the specied email address. The tender document number should be
stated in the subject line.
Duly led documents should be submitted in hard copies by 16:00 EAT of the
June 2014 at the tender box at the Adeso ofces reception at Mijikenda
Drive, off Olenguruone Road, Lavington Nairobi. +254 20 8000881,
8009268. The documents should be addressed to
Tender Ref: PR 0721- Supply of Motor Cycles
Adeso Africa Development Solutions,
Lavington, Mijikenda Road,
P.O.BOX 70331-00400, Nairobi, Kenya.
The Nation Media Group Advertising Centre
located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street
Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Public Holidays 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
We are open to receive all your Advertising Requirements.
For all enquiries please call: 3288661/2/3/4/5
The Nation Media Group Advertising Centre
located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street
Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Public Holidays 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
We are open to receive all your Advertising Requirements.
For all enquiries please call: 3288661/2/3/4/5
The Nation Media Group Advertising Centre
located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street
Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Public Holidays 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
We are open to receive all your Advertising Requirements.
For all enquiries please call: 3288661/2/3/4/5
Wednesday May 28, 2014
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Customized Conversions
4x4 Accessories
Wednesday May 28, 2014
38 | Advertising Feature
Customized Conversions
4x4 Accessories
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Ebnqfst- BSC Qspevdut ljlf Po Cpbse
Dpnqsfttpst- Ple Nbo Fnv Dpjl Tqsjoht-
Bjs Mjgu Iflqfs Tqsjoht- Fohfl gsjehf gsff{fst
Ff{z Bxo Sppgupq Tfout boe tjef Bxojoht
boe nboz puifst/
Xf npejgz fwfszuijoh
gspn tvtqfotjpo up uif
eftjho pg uif joufsjps/
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Advertising Feature 39
Wednesday May 28, 2014
40 |
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of the following goods and services to the Institute as and when required
for the period starting 1
July, 2014 to 30
June, 2015.
1. MTTI/01/2014/2015 Firewood & Charcoal Preferred
2. MTTI/02/2014/2015 Timber (Assorted), Props & Fencing Posts Reserved
3. MTTI/03/2014/2015 Building Materials Stones, Sand, Ballast & Hardcore Open
4. MTTI/04/2014/2015 Electrical & Electronic Materials, Fittings and Accessories Open
5. MTTI/05/2014/2015 Computers, Printers, Computer Accessories and Software Preferred
6. MTTI/06/2014/2015 Groceries Open
7. MTTI/07/2014/2015 Dry Foods Maize, Green Grams and Beans Open
8. MTTI/08/2014/2015 Green Groceries Open
9. MTTI/09/2014/2015 Bread and Confectioneries Open
10. MTTI/10/2014/2015 Meat and Meat Products Preferred
11. MTTI/11/2014/2015 Milk Preferred
12. MTTI/12/2014/2015 General Stationery Open
13. MTTI/13/2014/2015 Printed Stationery/Materials Open
14. MTTI/14/2014/2015 Clothing Materials and Staff Uniforms Reserved
15. MTTI/15/2014/2015 Games Uniforms & Equipments Open
16. MTTI/16/2014/2015 Automotive Equipment, Parts and Accessories Open
17. MTTI/17/2014/2015 Hardware Materials Open
18. MTTI/18/2014/2015 Plumbing Materials Open
19. MTTI/19/2014/2015 Animal Feeds and Other Agro-Vet Materials Preferred
20. MTTI/20/2014/2015 Fuel, Oil Products and Cooking Gas Open
21. MTTI/21/2014/2015 Furniture- (Library, Office & School Furniture) Open
22. MTTI/22/2014/2015 Training and Capacity Building on Human Resource, Competency Needs Assessment Preferred
23. MTTI/23/2014/2015 Minor Renovations, Repairs, Painting of Buildings & Structures Reserved
24. MTTI/24/2014/2015 Servicing of Office Machines & Equipment Preferred
25. MTTI/25/2014/2015 Servicing of Sewing Machines Open
26. MTTI/26/2014/2015 Servicing and Repair of Kitchen Equipment Open
27. MTTI/27/2014/2015 General Insurance Services Buildings, Equipment, Motor vehicles, Group Personal
Assurance (GPA)
28. MTTI/28/2014/2015 Plumbing Maintenance Works Open
29. MTTI/29/2014/2015 Electrical Maintenance Works Open
30. MTTI/30/2014/2015 Studies, Surveys & Strategic Development Related to Governance Reforms Reserved
31. MTTI/31/2014/2015 Repair and Servicing of Computers Reserved
32. MTTI/32/2014/2015 Repair and Servicing of Institute Vehicles Open
Reserved means only youths, women and people living with disabilities may apply.
Preferred means youths, women and people living with disabilities will be given priority during evaluation.
Open means any Bidder may apply.
All prices must include all costs of delivery and taxes where applicable.
Tender documents may be obtained from the Institute Accounts Office during normal working hours, beginning
Wednesday, 28
May 2014.Completed tender documents and proposals for supply of services, in plain sealed
envelopes clearly marked with the Tender No. and Tender Item should be addressed to the undersigned:-
The Principal,
Mathenge Technical Training Institute,
P. O. Box 665 - 10106, OTHAYA.
and must be deposited in the Institutes Tender Box on or before 10
June 2014 at 10.00a.m.Tenders will be opened
immediately after the closing time in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend in the
Institute Board Room.
The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or part and is not bound to give any reasons
Wednesday May 28, 2014
42 |
Wednesday May 28, 2014
JOB GROUP S (2 posts)
Appointment for each of the following portfolios
1. Lands, Physical Planning, Surveying and Housing
2. Public Works, Roads, Transport and Communication
a). Duties and responsibilities
The chief ofcer shall be the accounting and authorized ofcer in respect to
the exercise of delegated powers and shall be responsible to the respective
County Executive Member.
Implementation of policies and development plans
Development and implementation of strategic plans
Formulate and implement effective programs to vision 2030 and sector goals
Promote national values and principles of the County Public Service
b). Requirements for appointments
Be a Kenyan citizen
Be a holder of a bachelors degree from a university recognized in Kenya
Satisfy the requirement of chapter six of the constitution
Masters degree will be added advantage
Have knowledge, experience and of not less than 10 years in the specic
portfolio with at least three years experience in management and
Women are encouraged to apply
Duties and Responsibilities
Planning and implementation of surgical care at the facility and in the county
Supervision of the surgical department at the facility and surgical services in
the county
Teaching and supervision of medical ofcer interns, clinical ofcer interns and
other clinical staff
Coordination of mentorship of staff at the facility
Coordination of continuing medical education in the department and at the
Coordination of the disaster response team
Reports to County Director of Medical services.
Requirements for Appointment
Bachelor Degree in Medicine and surgery from a recognized university
Masters Degree in General Surgery
Registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board
Current retention certicate from the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board
Reporting to Deputy Director HRMD
Duties and responsibilities
Organizing Human Resource Audits Inspection and preparation of Audit
Monitoring and implementation of the Public Service Board delegated duties
and Monitoring issues that require urgent attention from the Board.
Preparing reports for disciplinary committee.
Offering guidance and supervision to the Ofcers.
Implementation of payroll activities
Requirements for Appointment
Be a Kenyan Citizen
Be a holder of a Bachelors Degree in social science from a recognized
Should have a diploma or postgraduate
Should have served for at least three( 3 ) years.
Prociency in computer application.
Excellent report writing skills and writing minutes
Duties and Responsible
General Cleaning duties
Maintaining general tidiness around the ofces
Moving or carrying ofce equipment and furniture
Collecting and cleaning tea/food serving facilities in ofces
Collecting and delivering documents outside the organization
Delivering documents within organization
Any other duties s may be assigned
Reports to Administrative ofcer Public Service Board
A KCSE Certicate with a minimum of D- or its equivalent.
Ability to multitask and work under pressure
Knowledge of computer is added advantage
Duties and Responsible
Driving a motor vehicle as authorized
Observe safety of passengers and/or goods therein
Maintenance of work tickets for vehicles assigned
Carrying out routine checks on the vehicles cooling, oil, electrical and brake
system, tyre pressure etc.
Detecting and reporting malfunctioning of vehicles systems
Ensuring security and safety of vehicle on an off the road
Maintaining cleanliness of the vehicle
Requirements for Appointment
A minimum of KCSE Certicate or its equivalent
A valid driving license free from any current endorsement and valid for any
of the classes of vehicles which the ofcer is required to drive with at least
3yrs experience
Passed the prociency test of Ministry of Public works
Demonstrate outstanding professional competence and integrity in work
P.O.BOX 803, 40600, SIAYA
The Public service board of Siaya wishes to recruit competent and qualied candidates to ll the following vacant positions
Wednesday May 28, 2014
44 |
A current certicate of good conduct from the Kenya Police
Ensuring security of ofce records documents and equipment for PSB
Recording dictations in shorthand and transcribing it in typewriting form
Processing data
Management of Ofce.
Management of Ofce protocol.
Handling telephone calls and appointment.
Successful applicants will be deployed to various departments in the County
Requirements for Appointment.
For appointment to this post a candidate must have:
i) A Diploma in Secretarial duties from a recognized institution.
ii) The following academic and professional qualications offered by Kenya
National Examination Council:
Shorthand (70 w.p.m) or Audio Typewriting.
Typewriting 11 (30 w.p.m)/ Computerized document processing 111
Business English 11/ Communication 1
Ofce practice 11
Commerce 11
Secretarial Duties 11
Ofce management 111/ Ofce Administration and Management
iii) A certicate in computer applications from a recognized institution
Duties and responsibilities
Implement annual procurement plan for the PSB
Preparation of tender documents, request for quotation in accordance
withpublic procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and managing the entire
tendering process
Responsible for warehousing, distribution, inventory, stock control, logistics
and market survey.
Maintaining proper lling of supply chain documents
Prepare periodic and annual procurement plans
Prepare periodic and regular supply chain reports
Coordination of submission of tender documents by bidders
Coordination of tender opening, taking minutes of opening, adjudication of
tender meeting and facilitating tender evaluation processes.
Requirements for Appointment
Be a Kenyan citizen
Diploma in supply chain management from a recognized institution.
Good communication and interpersonal skills
Prociency in computer application
Membership to Kenya institute of supplies Management or chartered institute
of purchasing and supplies.
Be conversant with modern computer packages used in supply chain

Duties and responsibilities
Head of division, accounting within the CPSB
Reporting to the Finance Ofcer CPSB , Will be responsible for timely and
accurate preparation of management reports that fall under his/ her section.
Planning, directing, coordinating and supervising areas of control
Training and developments of staff under her/ him and sealing targets for the
Responding to authorized payments
Certify and verify returns
Requirements for Appointment
Be a Kenyan Citizen
Be a holder of Bachelor of Commerce ( Accounting or Finnance Option)
Must be CPA K holder
Minimum experience of ve (5) Years
Have computer knowledge
Satisfy the requirements of chapter six of the Constitution
Duties and responsibilities
processing of documents for PSB
preparation of estimates of expenditure for general ofce
preparation and maintenance of stores , records, equipment inventory and
ensuring proper lling systems.
processing of Human resource statistics
Assisting in planning ofce accommodation and layout
Requirements for Appointment
Kenya citizen
Minimum of KSCE D+
Must have certicate in computer prociency
Duties and Responsibilities
Compiling statistical records for PSB
Sorting lling and dispatching of letters
Maintaining an effective lling system
Computation of statistical records based routine or special source of
Compiling Human resource data.
Requirements for Appointment
Be a Kenyan Citizen
Posses a Certicate in any of the following Disciplines Human Resource
Management, Business Administration , Kenya Accounts Technician Certicate(
KATC), Records Management, Kenya Administration and Management
Examination(KAME) or any other approved equivalent qualication from a
recognized institution.
Be in possession of Kenya Certicate of Secondary Education(K.C.S.E) mean
grade C- or its equivalent.
Certicate in computer application
All the applicants are required to have the following:
- Clearance form KRA
- Clearance form HELB
- Clearance from Credit Bureau
- Certicate of Good conduct from CID
All applications, CVs, copies of certicates and testimonials and Identity
Card should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the left
side for the position being applied for. Hand delivered application letters can
be dropped to the Public service board ofce, Ardhi house Bondo, and
addressed to:
The Secretary, County Public Service Board
P.O. Box 803 40600
The applications to be submitted not later than June 4, 2014 at 5.00pm
Rading Charles
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Dont upset workmates
The last thing you want to
do in the office is to upset
colleagues and, even worse,
the boss. Roles in the office
are usually interlinked. You
often need the person on the
next desk to either add value
to your performance, or to
facilitate it. What could happen
to the flow of your work need
no explanation if you were to
upset that person.
Remember that it is three-times
easier to upset someone in
the office than at home or at a
social place. Chances are even
higher in a high-paced office
environment where tension is
Understand your colleagues
temperament and avoid
upsetting them. Some people
dont take certain jokes at all.
You should know that and keep
such jokes to yourself when its
only the two of you in the room.
Be nice to workmates, and
always strive to complete your
assignment before the next
level manager decides its
needed. Your ambition should
be to make friends at the office,
and not enemies. That applies
to bosses, too.
Tetra Tech ( / is seeking to recruit a
consulting company to provide consultants to lead and conduct sector impact assessments from
climate change under the Lake Victoria basin-wide Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation Assessment
(VIA) work being conducted by the USAID/East Africa Planning for Resilience in East Africa through
Policy, Adaptation, Research and Economic Development (PREPARED) Project. PREPARED is a fve-
year, multi-organization, comprehensive program aimed at mainstreaming integrated, multi-sectoral,
evidence-based, climate-resilient development planning and program implementation into the EAC
and its Partner States development agendas.
As part of the VIA, the PREPARED Project will assist the East Africa Community
(EAC) to:
Conduct a comprehensive vulnerability impact assessment in various socio-economic sectors
to inform adaptation decision making;
Promote alternative livelihoods systems, including enhancing adaptive capacities of
communities, fragile ecosystems and national economies;
Develop a comprehensive multi-county, trans-boundary climate change adaptation action plan
for the region, focusing on the Lake Victoria basin; and
Support countries in mainstreaming and implementing the regional adaptation strategy and
action plan.
The priority sectors to be covered include:
Agriculture and Food Security;
Water, aquatic ecosystems and water infrastructure;
Health including sanitation and human settlements;
Terrestrial ecosystems including forestry, wildlife, and tourism; and
Energy and its infrastructure.
Sector teams for the VIA, established along the fve thematic areas will be included in this
consultancy with each team comprising a team leader and key sector-specifc experts.
Interested and qualifed consulting frms from the East African Community (EAC) Partner States
should request the RFP for this consultancy through the following email address: preparedprojec
The deadline for submission of proposals in response to this RFP is 20 June 2014.
Tetra Tech ARD encourages proposals from consulting frms from any of the EAC Partner States
of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Tetra Tech ARD is committed to diversity and
gender equality in all of its operations. We encourage applications from women-owned and
underrepresented frms.
Tetra Tech ARD is proud to be an Affrmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
The PREPARED Project
Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy,
Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development
Wednesday May 28, 2014
46 | Appointment
Job Opportunity Abroad for Ladies
1. Waitresses
2. Female Cleaners
3. Female Electricians and HVAC Technicians
4. Female Plumber
Age 21-40 Years.
Come to Embassy House, Mezzanine Floor, Room 1. Harambee
Avenue. Opposite Sheria House with your CV and Passport.
0714727128/ 0717268563
The Eastern Africa Standby Force Coordination Mechanism
(EASFCOM) invites applications as stated below:
(REF: HR/07/04/BILSEC)
The Eastern Africa Standby Force Coordination Mechanism (EASFCOM) wishes to
recruit a competent Bilingual Secretary towards enhancing its management system.
This is a local position open to candidates from the Eastern Africa Region currently
residents or citizens of Kenya.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Translation of documents to French and English and vice versa from time to time as
required by the Organization.
Typing and proof reading English & French documents, reports, correspondence,
messages as required by the Organization.
Receiving and drafting responses in routine correspondence.
Coordination of office functions with other offices within EASFCOM.
Minimum Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelors degree in linguistics, English, French, or relevant field from a recognized
Fluent in both English and French. Knowledge of Arabic is an added advantage.
Minimum five years working experiencetranslating documents from English/French
or vice versa in a multicultural and multinational environment.
Excellent Information Communications Technology Skills including proficiency with
main office software and knowledge of information systems, internet tools and ability
to work in a team.
Interested and qualified candidates should send a detailed CV with three
referees,contact details (e-mail, telephone number) together with copies of certificates
to the undersigned not later than 11
June 2014.
EASFCOM is looking for a reputable International company to audit accounts for
2014 & 2015 for both our offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Interested candidates should apply to the address below by Friday 13th June 2014.
For enquiries and more details please send an email to us with the subject line reading:
Karen Westwood Park Rd, off Ngong Rd
P.O. Box 1444 00502, Tel: 254-20-3884720; Email:
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Appointment 47
Wednesday May 28, 2014
48 | Appointment
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Appointment 49
Wednesday May 28, 2014
50 | Appointment
Food, Accommodation, Medical and Uniform Provided.
Interview on Friday 30
May 2014 at Embassy House, Mezzanine Floor, Room 1.
Harambee Avenue. Opposite Sheria House Call 0717268563 ; Email 1:,
Duly instructed by our principals, FINANCIERS, we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned
motor vehicle on: - WEDNESDAY 4
1. Viewing can be done at LEAKEYS STORAGE LTD LUNGA LUNGA RD to verify the
details, as these are not warranted by the Auctioneer or our principals AS SALE IS ON
2. Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs.100,000.00 to obtain
a bidding number at our offices in form of a BANKERS CHEQUE.
3. The declared purchaser must deposit 25% of the purchase price by close of business
auction day and the balance paid within seven (7) days from the auction date, failure to
which the money received including the deposit will be forfeited.
4. Sale is subject to a reasonable reserve price.
Krishna Mansion, 1st Floor, Suite 14, Moktar Daddah Street, Opp.
Jevanjee Gardens P.O. Box 26093-00100 Nbi.
Tel: 020-313696, 2243932 Mobile: 0713-562094
Duly instructed by our Principals, THE FINANCIERS, we shall sell by public auction the following
REPOSSESSED motor vehicle on THURSDAY 5
1. All interested buyers are requested to view and verify all the details of the Motor vehicle as
these is not warranted by the Auctioneer. 2. Refundable deposit of Kshs.50, 000/= in form of
BANKERS CHEQUE ONLY strictly to be paid to obtain a bidding number 3. Sale of motor
vehicle is subject to reserve price and all documents are available. 4. Viewing will be done
from THURSDAY 29
MAY, 2014 between 10.00a.m to 4.00p.m.
People from all spheres
of life and demographic
groups read informative
and creatively designed
Nzuri Ranches Limited, a farm that specializes with crop production is
seeking to recruit a farm supervisor in charge of supervising workers on a
daily basis and reporting daily to the directors.
The candidate should have the following qualifications:
Should have minimum qualification of a diploma in crop productions,
horticulture production or farm management from a recognized
Three years experience in a supervisory role in a busy farm.
Knowledge in operation and maintenance of farm equipment.
Computer literacy in MS office
Over 30 years old
The salary is net of Kshs. 25,000.00 per month with a bonus on
Applications should be sent by email to
Applications to be sent before 4th June 2014

Wednesday May 28, 2014
WANT love? Sms 0723304396
A265 Medical
BAR & Restaurant Kahawa West
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B. Firming & Enlarging
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Grey Hair in 2 Weeks
Tooth whiter & Dark Spot Remover
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Free Delivery & Private Consult
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The owner of Land LR NO. 2116/11/56 Kitale
municipality, Laini moja area in Trans Nzoia County
wishes to extend the use of that parcel of land
to include Residential purposes. This subject to
the approval by the County Government of Trans
Individuals, Institutions or organizations etc. with
objections to the proposal are requested to do so
in writing within 14 days of this notice to:
The County Secretary,
County Government of Trans Nzoia
P. O. Box 4211-30200, Kitale.
RUIRU Poultry Farm, Layers (20
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The owner of plot Number Nanyuki
Marura Block 8/4930 (NTURUKUMA)
intends to change use of his property
from Agriculture to Light Industrial (Wines
packaging) subject to approval by the
County Government of Laikipia.
Individuals, institutions etc with objections
to the proposal are requested to forward
them in writing within fourteen (14) days
of this Notice to;
The Sub County Administrator
Laikipia East
P.O. Box 156 10400, Nanyuki
(CAP. 300 Section 35 )
4899081 of P.O Box 3335 ELDORET in the
Republic of Kenya is registered as proprietor in
Absolute/Leasehold ownership interest of all that
piece of land containing 1.476Ha or thereabout,
situated in the District of Uasin Gishu.
Registered as Parcel No. CHEPTIRET/
KAPKOI BLOCK 7 (Seiyo)27 and whereas
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that the land Title Deed/ Certicate of Lease
issued thereof has been Lost Notice is given
that after the expiration of (60) days from the
date hereof, I shall issue a new Land Certicate
provided that no obligation has been received
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Dated: 27
May, 2014.
Everlyne Keter, Land Registrar, Uasin Gishu
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Code: 20115
Wednesday May 28, 2014
52 | Notice/Classieds
QATAR: Security guards urgently
required to work in hotels. Come to
Madonna House 3rd floor room 302
near Graffins College Westlands Call
0708-293755, 0713085810
REQUIRED Store keepers good
English School Certificate Email with CV
ROYAL Automobile Club of Kenya a
leading motor club is in need of
competent drivers/ Come to China
Centre Ngong rd Nbi during working
hrs with CV
SALES and Marketing Managers ICT
Solutions with over 5 years
experience 35-40yrs. apply ICT Jobs
SALES People with experience in
FMGs CVs to
URGENTLY needed: Clerks,
Drivers, nurses, accon, sec, trs, msgrs
etc send your E-mail to 0700103666
URGENT Part-Time Jobs SMS ur No.
& Grades to 0728-674322
JOBS: Latest Jobs and job postings at
8-10-15-18-20% pm. 0719523375
WASADO SACCO Ltd requires a
software provider. Apply with
company profile stating fees to Box
18011-00500 Nairobi
ADVANCE selling ur car 0721322265
ADVANCE selling ur car 0722833300
QUICK Loan on Car, Upto 6 Months
Repayment 0704808990, 0739973012
God fearing h/gs best salary 0722386482
H/Helps wntd best sal+off 0722466091
SMART Jobs SMS Job 0705189011
WEB hosting @1000 0722-209414
B476 Business Opportunities
We are looking for a C.E.O
who can partner with us in our
company to boost our business.
We are willing to give shares in
the company.
Interested candidates to send
CV to:
INVEST in FMCGS company Earn 5%
weekly & 20% monthly 0726160432
B485 Business Services
REGISTER a Company 0706-536432
SALARY guide 0205100137
A826 Computer Services
DATA backup for KSH 25 /= PER GB
Call 0711 051 000 Email:
B603 Chemicals
We have a wide range of industrial
chemicals available at competitive
prices both ex-stock Nairobi and
Mombasa as well as regular direct
Contact Details:
0715 444816, 0722 499115,
+254 20 210 7202/81
Ask for Phillip
B525 Financial
@0202245564 cash on ipads&iphone5
020-10010, 0722-632287 Loan on
Cars, iPads, Laptops & house holds
FAST Cash loan agnst cars 0735130125
0202214396 Advance selling your car
plots/ laptop. 0724268552, 0710746831
020-2245564 spot loans on Toshiba,
Macpros& HP Laptops btwn 20K-50K
Independent ACTUARIAL &
Life, Mtge/Term, Edu & Anti-End Ins
Investment & Savings Plans (L & N-L)
Group Life, Disability & CI Insurance
Group & Individual Pensions
Single & Joint Life Annuities (Level & Esc)
Buying a Life Policy? Consult the Professionals!
0733 817383, 0702 165199, 2012661
LOAN car household 0712828800
Nairobi: CALL 0710590517, 0739365331
Vedic House 6th Floor Rm 610
Mombasa: CALL 07225349691, 0412319940
1st r Pan Africa Ass. Hse
LOANS 10-50k on cheques +
guarantor Call 0739365331
LOANS Available, with logbook or
title deed call us on 0714-862000,
0735-599524, 0732868556, 0739334083
LOANS on the spot between 15-40K
with laptops as security, 0723408602
LOANS to Bankers 0724223223
WE Advance you cash & trade in as we
sell your car 0713266196
WE finance buying of new saloon cars
(Probox/NZE/Premio etc) dep 30%.
balnc 48 months 0721-914458
B546 Machinery for Sale
B499 Tenders
WE Bid Tenders For You 0706-536432
B827 Web Hosting/Design
WEBHOSTING +Free domain 0713478555
A808 Boats
COOKS and cleaners wanted NRB
0717-183920 &
A822 Computers
CISCO 2951 v/bundle 0722724822
CORE i5 laptops @27k, Core2duo
CPUs @8500, duo CPUs @7k, p4
@5k, 17 TFT @5400, keyboard
@350, printers + parts @computer
shop Mezz1 Afya centre 0202095829
Systems Dejavu Technologies
Rahimtullah bld opp Bazaar/TSC 1st
floor rm 16 Moi Avenue 0726106253
Lptop&Mac*repair i buy dead 0721486136
SACCO software free WWW.LT.CO.KE
A871 Miscellaneous
A557 Apartments Available
ARROW Furnished Apts 0733760006
SERVICED Apts. free wifi. no
water/elec outages. 0722344778
A564 Hostels
BEVERLY Boys Hostel. Home away
from Home. situated along Juja Rd.
Pangani next to Total Petr Stn. Ample
sec. parking and n/hood, hot showers,
dstv. ksh.3,400. Call: 0202466193,
0722619799, 0722904302.
A571 Hotels
GLORY Palace Hotel 1000/- per
person call: 0723176777, 0726427267,
CONFERENCE & seminars,
excellent accommodation & variety of
cuisine from our restauraunt 0702440489
(KENOL, Muranga)
Single Rooms @ Kshs. 2,000/=
Conference meetings Swimming Pool
Modern Gymnasium
Spacious Outdoor Event Ground For Hire.
Hotel Ambassadeur
Freedom to stay your way
SINGLE BO: 2,300 | DOUBLE BO: 2,800
Conference And Meeting Rooms
Bar & Restaurant | Free wi-fi
For reservations please call:
+254 202246615/6 | +254724259829
SERENE Gardened surrounding
luxurious affordable rooms 0722747158
SERENE Gardened surrounding
luxurious affordable rooms 0702440489
B894 Tour Services
MADARAKA Day 3days Masai Mara
offer 12,500 0726484339
Africa/India/China visas & air tickets
available. Galileo (GDS) Graduate
courses offered. 0722583759,
A614 Confectionery
EDIBLE Cake Photos from 350 City
Centre 0700-304050 Mon - Sat
B250 General
AU-PAIR/Nanny training & placement
centre Tel 0729421785
CHEF and Barman 0711-951715
FIELD Sales Jobs SMS 0720751389
GET a job SMS JOBS to 22450
JOIN the Hottest Club in Nairobi:
Models, Supervisors, Barmen and
Hostess Call Now 0708-089836
LIBYA /Lebanon /Jordan: hsekeeping
Free visa SMS 0729-421659
MRKT & Sales mgr 4 TV co. 0738863191
Attractive remuneration offered to the
successful candidate.
Send your application and testimonials to
P. O. Box 43375-00100
Hand Delivery to
Nairobi West Hospital
Gandhi Avenue,
Nairobi West
Application deadline 6
June 2014
Clean & maintained self contained
rooms with hot showers & TVs.
Conveniently located in downtown CBD.
Single BB -1,700/-; Double BB 2,700/-
Call: 0720 484 496 /
0734 981 163
Latema Rd. opp. Maximum Miracle Church
Your City Retreat for Business and Leisure
B243 Domestic/Casual Jobs
10 H/girls gd sal +off tel 0736464242
A small Scale farm in Koru need a farm
manager. Call 0710157126
For a girls secondary
Interviews on
Thursday, 29th May 2014 at 9 am
Call- 0722 641 711 / 0721 722 877
A reputable MEP company in Doha Qatar is
looking for:
10 Chiller/Refrigeration Tech, 15 Security Guards.
15 Electricians, 5Pr. Nursery Teachers.
5 Diesel Mechanics, - 5 GCC licensed Drivers,
5 Landscapers - 10 Duct Insulators
10 Duct Fabricators, -5 HV cable Jointers,
5 AC Technicians, - 3 Irrigation Technicians,
4 Lady drivers, 35 Skilled and unskilled workers,
5 Fire ghters, 10 cleaners, 20 Tea Girls/Boys,
Send CV, full size photo, passport size photo and
copy of travel passport to: elipseinternational or Drop CV in our ofce Embakasi
Fedha Estate (near Fedha Mosque) or 2nd oor
Thade House (Luthuli Ave.) 76 (ask for Charles).
Call 020-2177032 for enquiry.
(10) s/mkt att driver t/boy stor/k
Worldwide mrktng Gill hse 0707812199
REGD Pharmtech (1) wanted Donihom
SHIFT job avail 0707928283
INDUSTRIAL Machinery : Lathes
presses, milling, printing machines and
others 0722-673507
B602 Courier Services
FLEET of Trucks Vans Pick ups Motor
Cycles for hire 0726-702757
A leading PSV is doing massive
Sms the word KAZI to 20902 to apply,
deadline 18th June 2014
40 PSV drivers
60 Conductors
10 Inspectors
4 Route auditors
2 Accounts clerk
1 Accountant
10 Mechanics
grade A
10 Cleaners
1 HR person
1 IT person
3 Data entry
1 Store manager
1 Purchasing
1 Receptionist
SCIENCES Teacher required got a
degree? Ready to work South African
Region SMS details to 0728-548331 or
Invest 6k Earn 18k Quarterly!Doesnt
Matter Whether ur in or Outside
Kenya! Call/sms 0717950192
B490 Computer Services
A complete pharmacy software
package. Call 0722-480194.
DIGITAL Copiers from 30k Drum &
toner available 0729-240244
Bright Technologies Ltd.
Old Mutual Bld-Ground Floor
Kimathi Street
Phone: 0710623400 /
Variety of ETRs,
Laptops, Tablets
also available
3 bedroom master ensuite apartment to
rent on Statehouse road for 75,000
Residents entrance special offer.
Entrance Fees Discounted by 50%
payable at the entrance direct to the
parks authorities
2 days Tour Depart at 5.30am
Ksh 9,500
3 days Tour Depart at 8.30am
Ksh 12,500
Tel: 0721362462
Or 0722875836
Or 0722851243
CAKE Baker & Decorator needed in
Nairobi. Cert/Dip in Bakery course
required. Send CV to
Experienced Gypsum Ceiling installation and wall
skimming specialist preferably with experience
from a reputable company.
At least C- in Both Mathematics and English
Language in KCSE. Age 18 to 24 years. Kenyan
Can earn from25, 000-60,000 depending on
individual hard work. Training Fees will be charge For
the Trainees.
Qualied Candidates Should send their detailed C.V to or call us on 0789519780
ISMART Kenya, Riruta Precious Plaza
Kawangware next to Equity Bank. Is
looking 4 hard working & ambitious
youths for a free business training &
job. Must be availbl 4 one week from
3rd June 2014 at 10am 0704715432
Applications for Std 8 MATHS
teachers are invited. Should have
worked for five years and above
in a candidates class with proven
excellent results. Call 0725922988 or
send application to
The Director,
P.O. Box 11844 00400, Nairobi.
0704762050 Trailer Turnboy Driver
Cleaner Worldwide Marketing gill hse
2H/girls wntd good sal+off 0721531412
JORDAN-Amman: Housekeepers
requried. Ladies,Age, 24-35yrs. Ticket
& visa free. St Ellis Hse. Wabera St.
Nbi 0702- 980740. Attractive salary!
ISMART Kenya, off Jogoo rd, Uhuru
mkt on Jogoo hse opp Uchumi
supermarket is looking 4 hardworking
& ambitious youths 4 free biz training
&job. Must be available 4 one week
from 3rd june 2014 at 10am. Call
0701387121 for a chance
Executive office equipment for sale
0721981052. (pbx, CCTV, furniture)
QATAR Qualified Chefs Needed
Urgently Call 0722-882347
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Classied 53
Motoring / Property Classifications: VAT Inclusive
All Days 450/= per line per day

Beauty/Medical/Health/Herbal & Acupuncture Sections
All Days 550/= per line per day

All Days 2,000/=per centimetre column +VAT
Minimum size 4cm x 1 column

Beauty/Medical/Health/Herbal & Acupuncture Sections
All Days 2,100/=per centimetre column +VAT
Minimum size 4cm x 1 column
DNA Voucher Fee 2,500/-
Mombasa Kisumu
Furaha Plaza, Ground floor, Mega Plaza, 3rd flr, Wing B
Nkuruma Road, P.O.BOX 80708 Tel: (057) 2021699, 2021230
Tel: 0732 138 900, 0719 038 900, 020 328 8900.
0734 333 385, 0722 200 770, 041 222 5479 Eldoret
Fax 2230264 Fax (057) 2020388 Kisumu Zion Mall,
Wing C, Tel: 0722 200 773
Nakuru 0719038950/1
C.K. Patel Building, Kenyatta Avenue
Te (051) 2215506, 2215740, 2211688 Nyeri
Kona Hauthi House. P.O. BOX 1396,
Tel: (061) 2030640,
Tel/Fax: (061) 2034120
Jopaka Enterprises Mwanzia Building, Next to Katubas
Jogoo Kimakia Building Bob Odalo: 0723373971
Patrick Kamau: 0725856687 Email: KITENGELA
Mbambu Communications Behind Kobil Sarafina Hse, 1st Flr Rm 36
Clairbourn Building, Uhuru Street 0723373971 / 044-20342 / 0755629572
along Kwame Nkuruma Road KARATINA
Room No.A7, Maggie: 0722755823 Harmony Plaza,
Email: First Flr. Next to Equity Bank,
Stephen Munyiri: 0733277993/ 0711411515
EMBU Email:
Peterson Stationers/Bookshop
County Council ADC House KISII
Peter Kangugi: 0722894910 Mwalimu House, Telfax: (058)31386
Email: Peter Angwenyi: 0722478171
Admedia International Ltd,
Nguviu House, 1st Floor, Rm 02
Above Mbuni Dry Cleaners MERU
Silas Nthiga: 0722357028/020 2114546 Ndiungi Agencies
Email: Kingora Building, Opposite Meru Teachers House
Sophia Ntinyari: 0712628022
Friends Communication Isiolo Video Den
Ambewe Complex, 2nd Flr, Rm 6, Pwins Plaza, 1st floor, opp. Uchumi Supermarket
Wycliffe Irangi 0722375680 Peter Kaluai: 0721405815 Email:
Bungoma County S.N. Peter Designers,
AM Enterprises Ltd Ushirika Bank House,
Nasombi House, Moi Avenue 2nd Floor, Lucy Gitura: 0725608918
Opposite Bungoma County Assemmbly
Call Chriss Masinde Njabini Service Station
Tel. 055 30161 Tel: 0713 375405/0723019528
Cell: 0721 526154 Email:
Chief Kitonga Building, Biashara Street, Wadi Plaza along Kilungya street, Kitui town,
1st Floor, Room 6. P.O. Box 8 - 90200 Kitui Room G8 behind Bondeni Pharmacy,
Pinnacle News Agency: 0720922438.
Email: Winnie Mwende 0726384400 and 0736286593.
For further enquiries, call: 0719 038 8661/3/4/5/6
T/Fielder 02 BJ silver v/clean 0723355120
TOY Harrier, 06, KBY, 2.4CC, Black,
4wd, very loaded-2.350m 0722764447
Housegirls available 0703621523
FIELDER 2002 KBK manual black
1800cc 770K 0721439443
ISZ NQR KBV+Contract 0731464241
NAVARA Aventura 06 0721439443
B177 Motor Cycle for Sale
@ 150,000/-
inclusive of VAT
& Log Book
Carries upto 800Kgs maximum
Reverse Gear
Air Cooler Engine
Tyres are heavy duty
Engine capacity 150cc
1year service
We have genuine spare parts
1 litre goes for 30-35km (Very
P. O. Box 36053 - 00200
B227 Containers
CONTAINERS for sale 20ft @200k
each. Call 0720713627 Utawala Nb
B049 Car Hire
EDEN Rent a car, special Rate,
Saloons, 4x4, Prados, Limousines, Pick
-ups, Voxy, 0723719444, 0733758503
0700128555 rav4, Voxy, saloon new,
modern, f/ld, variety from 2500/- p.d
Blessed tour needs cars 30-150
CAR Hire best rates 0722959840
CARS wanted 50 to 150k 0723541853
PHINEKARS carhire 0716-616761
VICTOR safaris & tours ltd car hire
0720545192, 0722379197
YOU have a car? call Tir-loa Tours for
hire 0723142500
B063 Driving Schools
AT Seniors from Kshs. 6,000/= All
branches. 0707299880, 0729461713
B070 Exhaust Pipes and Silencers
SETLAK Galv 552265, 0722527924
B085 For Sale, Private
ADVANCE selling ur car 0710746831
BMW X5 04/05 0722-228273
ISUZU 4.3 KAW Kshs 950 0722463404
ISUZU Dmax dcab 06 0725491973
LEXUS 04/06 auto 0723217758
Mazda Bantum p/up 290k 0721-387528
MERC C200 KBY 07 2.9m fully loaded
0720445569 v/clean new shape
MERCEDES C200 KBX 0725514565
MIT Canter FH/Fighter new & used
deposit from 500K blnc financed in 48
mnths. 0722293903, 0721914458
MIT FH KAV 2M 0771039866
MIT RVR KAP 255k 0722714686
MITS Canter KBK 4Ton ksh.1.5m
negotiable. 0720428325
MITS FH215 KBD 08 2.7 neg
MITS io KAU 480k 0737797943
MITS-L200 pick up 4WD manual
diesel KBY @1.45m 0722-856272
MITS O/lander 4wd 1.38m 0702554550
N/NAVARA 06 2.5L diesel, sunroof,
fully loaded, not-used 0723344388
NAVARA D/Cab KBM blue 890k
NAVARA s/dcab 05/06 0721946752
NIS Vanete KBY auto petrol 800,000/=
dep. 320,000 bal @2yrs 0711971952
NIS Xtrail KBL 04 0720723563
PRADO 04/07 diesel 0721401692
PRADO Diesel Yr07 @3.55m KBX
exJapn sunroof + leather 0722856272
PROBOX 07 KBY 660k 0721310992
RANGE Sport Black v/clean 07&06
Trade-In OK 4.3m 0722-797787
To make appropriate enquiries and
take appropriate advice before sending
money, incurring any expense or
entering into binding commitment in
relation to an advertisement.
be liable to any person for loss or
damage incurred or suffered as a
result of his/her accepting of offering
to accept an invitation contained in any
advertisement published in the Nation.
B257 Men
EXPERIENCED Field salesman
needed for auto spares and hardware
wholesaler. Email CV to
B249 Recuitment Agencies
QATAR housekeeping & ladydriver
passport medical & visa free skill visa
in Malaysia & Australia. Call
0788328478. Visit us at Sonulux Bld
8th fl Suite 805 Moi Avenue Nbi
B264 Management Jobs
QUALIFIED building and civil works
supervisors required 0723896169,
B403 Colleges
ICDL, CCNA DeepAfrica Tech
Eldoret 0712 500500
KIWAN Computer College offers all
job oriented computer courses Tel
0722453607 Information Hse 2nd Flr
BUSES Isuzu FRR / Nissan UD 51
passengers call 0722846026
Cheap cars
Ford Everest 04 7seats 890k 0723930034
Hilux p/up KXC 420k 0727158324
M/ Pajero KAN dsl 420k 0725847805
Mazda Demio KBY 710K 0727158324
Merc E240 KBY 895k 0727755807
Mitsu L200 '07 1.95m 0718306515
Nis/Patrol KBT dsl 1.45m 0722733747
Nis B15 KBP/L auto 420k 0727158324
S/Legacy KAQ auto 340k 0718306515
Sub b4 KBB auto 450k 0723930034
T/Hilux dcab KAL 540k 0727755807
T/Prado KAN/P/Z 720k 0725847805
Nis xtrail KBB mnl 785k 0725847805
T/Rav4 KBK silver 790k 0727755807
T/Spacio KBF auto 645k 0723930034
T/Vitz KBY 07 auto 580k 0722733747
T-FIELDER KBZ newshape white +
alloys yr07 @965k 0722-856272
TOYOTA NZE v/c Call 0720796355
TOYPrado 99 auto KAT 1m 0721638187
VW Golf KBB auto 595k 0723930034
VW Passat KAL 290k 0718306515
Xtrail 07 new/s 1.95m 0722733747
HONDA CRV KBR 1.5m 0722224020
M/BENZ C200 KBE 1.5M 0721488973
T.premio v/clean 490k 0732866070
TOY 100 KAM 350k 0729-819350
TOYAE 91 AJ 120K 0702245687
Create a new sms
and send to 20115
SMS TO 20115
Corolla 2003
Kshs 500,000
call 07xxxxxxxx
S.Impreza BF 01 550k 0726992795
SCANIA Prime Mover & Trailers
choice of two; KBJ/ KBP, Quick sale
with running business 0703-485622
SUBARU KBZ Foresta @1.35m
Yr07 no-turbo 0722-856272
T/90 clean 220k 0722700791
T/ALLION KBK 03 620k 0722714686
RAV4 auto man 06/07 0721949752
T/CROWN new shape 0722825670
T/Fielder KBY 1.1m 0727596051
T/Fldr KBV 06 880k 0737797943
T/Harrier 4wd KBY 2.48m 0705864475
T/Mark 2 KBQ 04 @770k 0722588890
T/MARK X, 07 KBY 1.35M 0722705175
T/MARKX 06, 2units, bdy kit, alloys,
steering controls KBX 0723344388
T/Mark-X 07 silver 1.35m 0722-290393
T/NZE KBE @550K Call 0722741434
T/Prado KBZ blk 07 3.5m 0722616632
T/PROBOX KBS 365k 0722714686
T/shark 7L KBZ 07 1.6m 0722616632
T. Felder 07 Wine 1.15k 0722496269
T. Passo BX Blue 530k 0722496269
T. Vitz Red 07 650k 0722496269
T Duet KBD k340 neg 0722696841
TOY Belta KBV 06 650k 0722379197
TOY Nze KBF v/cln. 620k 0720261760
TOYOTA-iST KBZ red with alloys
yr07 @785k 0722-856272
TOYOTA Kluger KBN 0720911999
alloys+DVD yr07 @599k 0722856272
TOY Vitz alloy KBY 625k 0705370165
TOY VITZ KBY 0720285615
T/SHARK KAQ 37OK O721794163
VW/GOLF 05, 2.0L auto, Silver,
KBS, fogs, alloys, v/clean 0723344388
VW Golf KBE 02 570k 0722588890
VW Jetta FSi black 07 0722767752
VW Jetta KBY 1.2M neg 0735642766
VW Toureg 04 0722228273
XTRAIL n/shape 08 model KBV-E
gun metalic. v/clean 2M 0736727838
B106 Oils & Lubricants
2 Diesel tanks of 30000 litres available
in Thika, price 250k Call 0710-765471
B277 Domestic/Casual Jobs
0722516342, 0721834778 trained h/g
/generator.h/ price.554620
CANTER new 2.2M 0728485491 msa
ISUFRR bus KAY 06 1.2M 0713389744
MIT L200 2008 1350K 0721419233
MIT Lancer 350K 0723941285
MIT Pajero man 580K 0722626383
N/B15 v/c AV 350K man 0713389744
N/Wingrod BV 06 650K 0724268552
NIS Xtrail 03 770K 0722626383
SUB Leon KAK 240K 0723941285
T/RUNX BE yr01 Silv 480k 0724268552
TNZEBM620k 0720170567
TOY Landcruiser 650K 0725732784
TOY NZE 2003 650K 0721901972
DEGREE Dip Certs 0722215781
0723973677, 0729565529,
0729482300, 0702399383
BAL IN 12MONTHS 0733729534
T/NZE KBK (G) @670K 0721-638971
T/Premio 97 v/cln 495k 0722836049 ownr
450K. DEPOSIT 50-200K
TOY Fielder KBS 05 760k 0706220697
TOY NZE kbw yr06 765k 0721796498
TOY NZE Probox Wish Fielder dip
250K balance 12-36 months
0722113757, 0733417012
B383 Education
CV Writing services ,email:
B424 Private Tuition
TUITION for Pri & Sec 0721868070
CARS Wanted 40-250k 0722-612220
SALOON Cars @ 2K p/d 0724139935
CALDINA kbw 2006 1m
DEMIO07 KBY blu 0715901179
FIELDER KBN 420K 0714809557
FIELDER KBX blac 0715901179
HONDA Crv KAR ks.680k 0733507120
ISUZU TX Tiper Tel 0720731245
L/ROVER 110 TDi 99 s/w 0722320891
M/CANTER KBP Ksh 970k 0721987129
230K 0722680480
MAZDA s/w 05 480k 0721762895 Ali
MERC Benz Tipper KBD ask 2.9M
MERC E260 d/free clean asking
Ksh360k Tel 0722262035
MIT/Lancer BY 07 660K 0773359198
MIT CANTER 0728306333
MIT CNTR 4D32 KAU 0732712454
MITS canter fuso ex UK 75tones
KBX192 msa 0726252469
MPREMACY kbv 735k 0772159500
N/Advan KBR 05auto 395k 0714805753
NISSAN B15 ,v/c 430k 0708393149,
lady owner
PROBOX KBK 03 465k 0728330640
SUBARU legacy station auto 2002
quick sale Ksh 620,000 ono.
SUZK Esc new model 0722-528241
SUZUKI Esc KAQ 0722301465 390k
T/Allion BY 07 F/L 1.25m 0722349381
T/Funcargo KBK 450,000/- 0733507120
T/Lexus KBY 07 3.5cc 2.6m0714805753
T/Sprinter KAZ 390,000 T.0733507120
TOY 100 KAP 320K 0722219645
TOY 100KAQ140K 0727554102
TOY Fielder BS 760k 0721356502
TOY LTouring KAW 400k 0720461186
TOYOTA E111 KAT white for sale
450k yr 1997 auto company maint
ained contact 0728604192 9am- 5pm
TOY - Townace 2006 KBS-Z petrol
auto, v.clean Shs660k, 0728-987833
N/B15 KBE cln 420K 0726-888606
CARS new needed long term with driver
30k Belta/Voxy etc. 0721222975
B263 Women
HEAD teacher and teen councellor
wanted in a girls school located in
Naivasha, 30yrs or above. 3yrs
experience Tel no. 0700402131 Must
be a female
F.Cargo KBH v/c 390k 0720763205
MITSL200 03 Pup 690,000 0722709023
fresh import Call 0721 493 076
Toy 110 auto diesel 0721 493 076
TOYOTA Hiace 2007 KBY
manual/auto diesel Call 0721 493 076
0721144998 new cars from 1500/=
LEXUS RX400, KBW, 2006, 2.8M,
Tel 0720943337
MERCEDES S350, KBT, 2006, 4.8M,
Tel 0720943337
MIT/Pajero KAP 320K 0734034095
NIS B15 KBE slv 320K 0736544706
NOAH KBM v/c 450K 0737021303
T/Fielder KBX 05' 830K 0736544706
T/AE 110 AU 390K 0722212564
TOY/IST BS 05' @540K 0736559264
TOY Fcargo clean 375k 0723847301
2008 Model, 4M, Tel 0720943337
B298 Women
AM a lady Law grad in Nrbi looking 4 a
job 0701787127
Wednesday May 28, 2014
54 | Classied
K/Sukari 1/4acre - Kericho Rd. 6.8M
Neg. Contact 0724784830
5O*100 280K PAST O735383668
DonholmPh8 1br 12-13k 0727720945
10AC several pcs loan available Tinga
Magadi rd 0729767098
5 acres ORongai @10m 0722808455
C/Works 33x70, 1/2ac 0722808455
Kariobangi N 80/30 3.5M 0721683187
KINOO1/8 6.2M 0723992209
Landles Thika 1/4a 1.3m 0723423944
Matuunzukini 55ac 0723767717
PINK Developers Diani Kinondo 3
acres beach front 10m p.a ideal for
Hotel, holiday home 020-2314070,
0720-695401, 0710-189582 clean title
PINK Juja farm 50x100 @300k near
bypass 0710189582, 0720695401
PINK Juja farm 8 acre quarry farm best
concrete 7m Call 0720-695401,
0710-189582 clean title
Ruaka 1/4 acre, call 0722591328
RUNDA 1/4, 1/2acres 0722808455
TASSIA / baraka 33/66 3m 0721683187
G/FIELD 3br 20k 0701407382
BANGALOW Langata - Carnivore
Trident Estate 0721301003
RUAI Malaa 1/8acs in a beautiful
homely environment,on a freshly
done all weather roads in a gated
comm set up & titles;Buy 1 plot
@395K, 2 plots @750K, 3 plots
@1.125M,4 plots @1.5M.Very ideal
for immediate occupation &
speculation, free viewing daily &
installments ok. 0724003413/
0721394634 Dolphins Real Estates Ltd
RUIRU 1.25acre title 0722553286
RUIRU b/pass (corner) 50x100 80m
frm rd 3m title 0722689440
THKA - Ngwa-Tola 2plts 0717253153
UMOJA Innercore 40x80 0733559744
KAYOLE 32rooms 0724646867
1&2br Adams Yaya 10-30k 0722579332
KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50,000 bal
4mths. Ready titles. 0202-164920,
0712-013550, 0788-953862 Sideway
Properties Ltd. Vedic Hse 7th Floor
Naivasha 5acres @1.7m 0736499175
Pre-delivery services available
Call the toyotsu sales team on:
Tel:(ISDN) 0711 050 000
Selects from over
250 units
B740 Land, Plots for Sale
1 Acre, 2acre Magadi road Tinga town
0722270313, 0721347080 Nyotu
3.5acres Industrial plot Mombasa
Road 45m per acre 0722270313,
0721347080, 0756347080 Nyotu
8.5 acres Industrial plot Mombasa road
behind Nice & lovely with stone wall
55m per acre net 0722270313,
0721347080, 0756347080 Nyotu
ARE You selling your plot or land? call
us on 0206530244
ATHI River 1.1acres touching Msa Rd
clean papers 0722522375
ATHI River 2.5acres touching Msa Rd
35m/acre 0722522375
EMBAKASI Utawala Est. 40x80ft
plots 1.1M 2220019, 0722831903
EUSEL Company Plots Ruiru
250-500k. Plot with 2rooms 600k
Githu-45 800k-2m. 1 storey flat with
5shops 3.7m 0722-152215
Fortsmith Rd Kanyariri on tarmac
1/4 ac @7M ono 0720996994
IMANI Real Estate Konza plots with
title 200K Mai Mahiu plots with title
120K Konza 2.8 acres 1M p.a Call
0700855176, 0722792905 office
Nellion Centre Thika rm 201
JUJA 1/8ac 800K 0722329180
Kabuku Lmr rd 1/8 1.6m 0710305329
KAMULU 1acre 2.5M 0722912383
KAMULU- JOSKA near Green Hse.
50x100 plots 225,000/- 0733-582208
KAMULU-JOSKA at KBC prime Dev.
50x100 800m 345,000/- 0722312387
KAMULU- JOSKA at KBC Special offer
50x100 310,000/- 0722-312387
KAMULU- JOSKA at KBC Dev area elec
50x100 210,000/- 0733582208
Church & sch 50x100 250k 0722312387
KAYOLE Soweto 2 f/dev plots @
4.2M 0722-492653, 0733-265375
KIAMUMBI 1/8 & 1/4 Acre 0722441411
KISAJU 1/8 plot with title deposit
100,000/= plus installments of upto
24months Call 0721-222856
KISERIA 1/8acre 850k 0721826152
Kiserian 1/4s p/rd @600k 0722723512
KITE 1/8 P.Sacco 0725412527
KITENGELA 1/8 ac Plots @450k
0727-367393, Vineyard
KITENGELA 10KM from tarmac @
KCA 50X100 230,000 0722-312387
KITENGELA 13KM ICT city Malili
50ftx100ft 220k 0722-312387
50ftx100ft 200,000 0733-582208
KITENGELA 1/8 400k before KCA.
KITENGELA near Yukos 1st row
1/4acres commercial Tel 0731-682577
Komarock 35x30 1.8m 0727596051
KONZA 600ac on railway 0722174131
LONGONOT Gate 10ac prime plot
next to Inka Homes 0711497529
MAAIMAHIU Commercial plots on
tarmac ideal for curios, choma-zone,
lodges, shops,carwash 5km from
M-Mahiu- Narok Junc. ksh. 700,000/=
Tel 0714988239, 0734319922 owner
MAANZONI 5acres touching Msa
Rd near Vista 13m/a 0722522375
MARAGUA Samar 44ac 0723488507
MOMBASA Rd 25acres near Simba
Cement 6m/acre 0722522375
MWIHOKO 1/8ac 700K0722329180
Mwihoko 50x100 t/d 650k 0722401865
NAIVASHA 4acre call 0725524862
NGONG 1/4ac ideal 4flats 0729038205
NGONG 1/8, 1/4, 1/2acs 0729038205
O/Rongai 1/8 580k, 370k 0722312536
RUAI 1/2ac 1.6m call 0734133089
RUAI at Joska dev. prime 50x100 2km
from rd water & title 600,000/=; 3km
from rd 400,000/=; JOSKA 150,000
(s/offer); ISINYA 50x100 3km from
Pipeline 150,000/=; KISAJU 50x100
4km from road next Jamii Bora.
400,000/=. Truelands, Reli Co-op
Hse, Mfangano st., Rm 404 0720
738141, 0734800400, 0710343334 or
visit or Email:
RUAI at Joska touching outer by-pass
develped 50x100 170,000 0724717438
RUAI-KAMULU at Joska 50x100 Dev.
Prime 175,000/- Titles 0722206830
RUAI at KBC 2km from tarmac
50x100 300,000/- titles 0724717436
RUAI at KBC 50x100 500m from
tarmac 400,000/- w/titles 0724-717438
RUAI at KBC 50x100 dev 350,000
prime with titles & water 0724717436
RUAI at KBC 50x100 special offer
280,000/- w/titles Tel: 0724717438
RUAI-JOSKA 50x100 Plots prime
dev area with elec 1km from Kgd rd.
400,000, Ruai Joska- ready title 1km
from Kgd rd @ 375,000, Ruai Joska-
2km from greater eastern by-pass @
350,000, Isinya 3km from Wisemen
University @ 150,000, Isinya 2km off
Konza rd 250,000, Isinya 4km off
Namanga Rd. near, Diaspora Echo
village 300,000, Kajiado near Kajiado
District Hosp. Special Offer 60,000,
Viewing Day: Sunday. Time:10:00 am.
Free Transport!!!, Finelands Holdings
Ltd, Development Hse, 8th Floor Rm
811 Opp. Afya Centre, Tel:
0722417074, 0724816611,
RUAI Joska prime Dev. Elec, water
with titles 630,000/- 0722-206832
RUAI-KAMULU at Joska near Sunshine
Dev. 300,000 Titles 0722-206832
RUAI - KAMULU at KBC 50x100 500m
from Rd. 375,000 titles 0722206830
RUAI - KAMULU at KBC opp. farm
C Dev. Titles @260,000/- 0722206830
RUIRU bypass 50x100 4.2M. Call
RUIRU Eastern Bypass 40 x 80 450k,
600k titles ready Broadspect Invest
Ltd 0712 335 837, 0738 505 445.
RUIRU near Chiefs office 70x80ft
with title call 0721581318 owner
RUNDA 1/2x2acre plots 0734266598
SAFARI Park 1ac on sewer 0734266598
SAFARIPARK 1acre (subdivided)
0.5acre 55m near USIU cal 0722870934
SAFARI Park 40x80 6.9m0710446388
SHAMATA 13acs 4.5M. 0737848199
SYOKIMAU Mavoko 1/4ac 0721581172
THIKA landless Gatundu link road
near Jerusalem 65x135 0789710952
THIKA 65X80 Kwaheri fronting
Garissa road. Title available
THIKA Githingiri next to Golf Club
1/4a t/deed 4.7M no agents 0736727838
THIKA Ngoingwa Tola plots 50x100
900k title deed 0722681052 Samjo
B747 Parking Space Available
LONGTERM parking in secured
compound Parklands. Reasonable
rate call 0722747158
LAVI 4bd apt 14.5m 0733530834
B768 Premises, Offices to Let
1,2,3 bedroom flats /shops in new
Donholm, Tena, Nrb West &
Madaraka opp Strathmore University
BARICHO Rd office unit & show
room space, secure, lift 0722742222
EQUIPED offices 12K-35K view
park. Tel 0202585384
EQUIPED Office space @ Kshs 200
per day with free internet, secretary,
messenger. Telephone and locker
0722657220, 0722138901
GODOWN Clesoi Rd off lunga
Lunga road 020-2020565
Hotel self contained rooms 200sqft to
let as offices in serene gardens
surrounding 0702440489
HOTEL self contained rooms 200sqft
to let as offices in serene gardened
surrounding 0722747158
LAVI 4bd ensuite 0733530834
OFFICE Anpemu House Ngara Road
Tel: 020-2020565
OFFICE Town ctr 8K 0722777274
SHOP near Grogon rd 0713-013750
WAIYAKI Way office units 1500sqft
secure, opp. Lion Place 0722742222
B782 Properties for Sale
A commercial building Ongata Rongai
on tarmac with 6shops and 1 broom
3, and 2bedrooms 4 Ksh26M
0722270313, 0721347080 Nyotu
AWENDO /Migori 3br bungalow
1/8acre 3m 0726317152/0724211204
Buru Inc 60k per month 0724-965007
KASARANI 5br 20M 0722329180
BLOCKS of apartments in South B &
Thika Road with good income of
250,000/= to 1.2m pm 0736-006603
KITENGELA 3b/r house 0721930016
LAVINGTON 3br new apart
ensuite DSQ s/pool 14m 0722522375
LAVINGTON 3br new apart
ensuite dsq s/pool 14m 0722364996
MSA Rd 3br bungalow ensuite very
secure 6.5m 0722364996
NGONG 4br houses 0729038205
SOUTH C Akiba 4br maisonete sq
15m 2220019, 0722831903
STHB/PView 3br 15M 0722329180
B789 Properties to Let
2&2BRMS Houses Ayany Estate
Contact 0722-537808, 0700-316127
2 DSQ Muthaiga nrt 0724007237
BURUBURU 1br 13k 0723717474
BURUBURU 4br 30k 0723717474
GIGIRI Whispe Avenue bungalow
wing 5br dsq 1/2acre 0725883388
GROUND Floor Shop & Offices
Westlands Muthithi Rd 0725-794247
I/CORE 1br 11k 0733541620 owner
JAMHURI-11 2brm Tel 0722791960
KITENGELA 3br bung 0714694255
L/Kabete 2br Banana 3br 0725817817
LANGATA Dam2 3 &4 brm apt 37k
& 42k respectivly 0729957520
LAVINGTON 3bdr apart. master
ensuite 65k call owner 0720408067
LAVINGTON Amboseli Rd new
Flats 2brm 35k, Shop 20&12k, Bsitter
8k Call 0727-948196, 020-2395490
LAVINGTON Sunning Hills Flats
3br ensuite 58K 0714-606405
OLEODUME 3br 70k 0723717474
OLIVE Imara Daima 2 &3 brm @30k
& 40k 0713042048
OLIVE Kikuyu rd 2brm very spacious
35k 0713042048
OLIVE Nairobi West shops &
restaurant to let 0713042048
AWENDOUriri 0723406112
DRUMVALE 5acs, Lukenya/ Katani
1/4 plots call 0208148933
ISINYA town 70acs 0725260051
TEL. 0720-976896
Karen 1/2acre 25m 0727136014
KAYOLE (Mihango) 1/4 acre water,
elect, near tarmac 2.7M T. 0722889102
KIAMBU town commercial plot 50x100
16m 0735-823006
KINOO s/centre 1/4ac 15M 0725000509
KISAMIS 1/8 350K 0721595726
Kitengela 1/8ac plots 255k 0727136014
Kitengela 11ac @1.3m 0727136014
KIT- Town: 1/8acre 6m 0722889102
LIMURU1/8AC 1.5M 0732229050
LIMURU1/8AC 700K 0732229050
LIMURU 3acres tea Tel:0728-555660
MAGADI rd 1/8ac 110k 0727136014
RUAI-JOSKA 50x100 130K, 180k,
275K, 600K ready title KBC. 40X80
140K, 40X80 comm 160K, 50X100
135K, 200K, Viewing Wed 9am, Sat
10.30am. Hope Realty Tusker hse
0727867432, 0735696835
Syokimau1/8a w/t owner 0708294144
THINDIGUA 3/4 acre 0721356111
UMO-INNER plt "A" 0708525620
SALON Chair to let opp Uchumi
Hyper Ngong rd Tel 0731-317175
NASRA Two together 0722792898
RONGAI Accacia 3bedroom house
for sale. Contact owner 0787972882,
THIKA -Magogoni 1/2acre red soil
plot with 3b/room hse light & water
with free hold title Call 0739409988
3 Bedroom spacious apt all ensuite with
sq opp Makini Sch call 0721279584
GITH45 2br spacious10K 0722255173
KAREN: 4b/rooms 100k 0722889102
CALL 0723774756. 2014-05-28
Innercore 40x80 5m T. 0722-788500
KITE 1/8 470k r/t 0722323941
Syokimau 50x100 2.7m 0722788500
OFFICES 2let 7,000/=pm 0722346585
KAYOLE 16rooms 32 rms Dandora
21rooms & 10rooms 0729475785
U/Innercore flat inc 250k 28m Nasra
3br mais 15m 0722788500
FEDHA: Tassia 2br @20k 0722801486
KASARANI Complex view 3broom
owner 0722-610797, 0736-610797
ATHI River Kinanie 1/8 plots
530,000/= 0721911159
JUJA 500k 0720453470
JUJA Farm 50x100 300k Titles
0720938283, 0705147102 Pattmos
JUJA Kalimoni plots 40x80ft touching
Juja farm rd 0725850586, 0722716398
K/SUKARI maisonette hse f/financed
18M neg 0721675493 Mwaniki
KAHAWA Sukari Bungoma rd plots
prime 0725 850586, 0722716398
KAMULU near Bookview Acad. 40x80
KAREN 29acres 0722858562
KASARANI ICIPE 30x80 controlled
dev. Call: 0725850586, 0722716398
KIAMBU Rd 1 acre on tarmac
@120m Call 0725-726251
LIMURU Ndeiya 2 acres developed
3km off bypass 5m 0722570332
LUKENYA 6 acres 6m 0722570332
MUSHROOMS Gardens Kiambu rd
1/2 acre @15m Call 0725-726251
MUSHROOMS Gardens Kiambu Rd
1/2 acre @14.5m Call 0725-726251
MWIKI 50x50 1.5m 0723375473 title
NAIVASHA block of 24 plots with
titles 3rd row 6m 0722570332
NGONG Kibiko 10-50 A/c 0722858562
Nyandarua Ndinda 25 acres river
front 500,000 p/acre 0722570332
RUIRU 50x100, 650k & 40x60, 650k,
400k & 250k ready titles 0720938283,
0705147102 Pattmos
NEAR KAMAKIS 2.8M 0723605016
RUNDA Mumwe 10 acres @50m
each Call 0725-726251
SAFARI Park Gardens 40x80 contro
lled dev. 0725850586, 0722716398
THIKA 1ac opp Bible 0721969098
THINDIGUA Kiambu Rd 1acre with
2 houses income 120,000/= @70m
Call 0725-726251
BIG 1/4 Acre motor garage premises
msa rd 0720174149
GROUND big shops 1st flr 3600sqft
Monrovia St. 0787917404
SHOPS /Stalls /offices at Rware
B/centre Mfa/Luthuli Ave 0722282506
KOMAROCK 3br tiles m/ens 2car
park clean 6.2m 0722377583
1, 2& 3brs Buru & Umoja 0722-295826
1, 5BR KITISURU 0726949517
1b/r Yaya centre 15000 0727032058
2b/r Valley Arcade 25,000 0720040895
AT South B one bedroom studios &
bedsitters DSTV, water & security
24/7 0720451423, 0714538594
ESTELLE Sec3 selfcontained
bedsitters 0702408937, 0706116647
K/ROCK ph 5 3br main 0722813866
KAREN 5br all ensuite 0722-295826
KOMAROCK Ph4 4br 0714-265010
LANGATA 3br apt 0722813866
LAVINGTON Muthangari Gardens
6br all ensuite + 2DSQ, swimming
pool, gym, backup generator,
borehole water @150k 0723-308663
NGONG Rd 2br 25k 0726291214
NYAYO Emba 3br main 0722813866
1/8 plot @ Kiserian for 1.7M.
KAMULU Drumville 1acre 0729883910
KAYOLE Bidii 1.2m 0727120038
KINOO Gaitumbi 1/8ac 0720353104
RUNDA 1/2ac prime 0721564522
SOUTH C 50X100 0721564522
THIKA Ngoingwa 1/4acre red soil
with title 0721956891 owner
UMOJA-1 next 2 KCC 600k ideal 4
flats 0722-852288, 0726-992795
2br Pangu & offices 0724301706
3,2,1 Southlands 0724301706
JUJA 3bdrm hse 0712381309
NGONG 46 3br 4.5m 0727541770
Membly 5br 40k,2br 15k 0722999203
N/WEST 1BR 6K 0704554518 0wr
MARAGUA Samar plot 0722336271
NYAMBARI CBD plot 0722336271
RUAI 1/8ac KBC 95,000/= best special
offer, 175k, 230k ready titles & electri
city 250k, 300k 1km frm tarmac,
Nanyuki 50x100 near Enaai Golf
Course & military residence (Jua Kali)
with title 150k, Nemuge Company
Ltd, Reli Co-op Hse, 2nd flr 201 Nrb.
Free viewing on Wed & Sat @10am.
Call 0722450218, 0789 767109,
0202632731. Nanyuki: Gefro Imani
Hse, 1st flr 0727755544, 0721416179
UMOJA 2br+1ext title 0722658917
CHAI Estate 50x100 0720549915
KIRIGITI 50x100 own 0722756546
KONZA 2acres 7.5m 0715259944
MALINDI North, fundisa agriculture
land for sale 41acres price: Total
6.15m contact 0735989998
Narok Uni 1/8 750k 0722-817112
ONGATA Rongai Rimpa 2ac @15M
p/acre 0733-264839, 0725-000509 Rungiri/Kinoo h/way 1/8 13M 0739859688
RWAKA 1/2acre 50x100 0729622163
TASSIA III 33x66 2.3m 0722137056
3 bedroom master ensuite apartment
for sale in Kilimani-Statehouse Road
for 15.5M 0733605222
1, 2br Ngong road 7-14k 0712302691
1 & 2br Yaya Cntre 15-30k 0722469446
2 bedroom apartment for rent 25 000
2br Wlands nxt to ABC 26k0722469446
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Classied 55
COAST (Telephone
Coast Numbers Only)
D787 Aircraft
D557 Apartments available
SOUTHLANDS 3br secure
maisonette call 0736521832
RIARA 3br +sq 90k 0726830632
D531 Hotels
A. Glory Nyali holiday resort 1,500/- pp
+ b/fast & swimming pool 020-
2107105, 0721-895935, 0720- 298208
D857 Furniture
KHIMJIS Office & home furniture tell
E740 Land Plots for Sale
LAMU 3acres btw new airport and
Egerton Univ land. 3M neg. Urgent
sale. No brokers. 0732893358
E761 Premises,Offices for sale
Tomboya St building 270m 0734790088
E782 Properties for Sale
KOKOTONI House 3m ono Call
E789 Properties to Let
KIZINGO 4b/r new flats 0720925922
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that A.I.C Umoja
Members Society announces the death of Mr. Joshua Munywoki
Kisuko. Husband of Hannah Kavuvani and Late Rhodah Kalewa.
Son of Late Kisuko Kivuli and Late Ngalyuka Kisuko. Father
of Wayua Musyimi, Mwikali Muthengi, Asst. Bishop Samuel
Munywoki, Mule Mutia, Felistus Kanyaa Maithya, Rev. Eunice
Peter, Jacob Munywoki, Edith Nicholas, Irene Kaendi, Albanus
Munywoki: Brother of Late Kathule, Late Ngali, Late Musukwa
Mutua and Kimanzi. Father-in-law of Rachel Ndeme, Irene Kisuko,
Musyimi, Late Muthengi, Late Mutia, Gilbert M. Munywoki (NHIF),
Peter Mwova, Nicholas Muia, and Shadrack Kaendi. Grandfather
of Cyrus, Debra, Benjamin, Abigail, Andrew, Ruth, Joshua, Kasele,
Grace, Ann, Alice,Valentine, Nelly, Amos, Nicole, Shadrack, among
others. Great Grandfather of Peace, Brian, James, Simba, Tito,
Kamene, Musangi, Mutethya, Kanyaa, Mbwau, Kikunzi;. Friends and
relative meets daily at Garden Square, Nairobi; from 27/05/2014
of 29/05/2014, for burial preparations. A funds drive of be held at
Garden Square, Nairobi on 29/05/2014. Members of A.I.C Umoja
Society will meet at the church on Thursday 29/5/2014 at 6.00
pm for prayers. The cortege will leave Muthale Hospital on
Saturday 31/5/2014 at 10.00 am for burial service at his home
Makaani Village, Musengo Loc., Kitui County, beginning 12.00
Noon, same day.
Contacts: 0722-211683,0727-770135,0722-793579
Joshua Munywoki
1900 - 23/05/2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
AIC Umoja Members Society
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the sudden death of our beloved Susan
Atieno Ondiek (Supuu) which occurred on 25 th May,
2014 at KNH. A student at Misyani Girls Secondary
school, Kagundo. Daughter of Mr. Paul Ondiek Otieno
and Rose AchiengOtieno.
Sister of the late Angela Oduor, Gerald Otieno,
James Ondiek, Teresia ondiek, Pauline Ondiek, Peter
India, Daniel Yoga, Jacob Ombewa, Philip Ogola, and
Elizabeth Ondiek. Niece of Anna simba, Peter Ngak,
Patrick India, Elizabeth Keke, Lucia Ochieng, Charles
Omenda, Jane Ochieng, Salome Omondi and Hon.
John Omondi, Julia Omenda, Jack Odera, Nathan
Odhiambo and Dottie Okoth. Cousin of Fiona, David,
Anthony, Meshack, Ian, Gerald, Denis and Pauline
among others. In-law of Evelyn Otieno, Elsie Okoth
and Moses Ouma. Aunty of Eric, Brandon, Denzel,
Aisha, Jewel, Clef, Jayden and Ivan.
Family and friends are meeting Daily at their home
in Uhuru phase 3 estate plot R51. There will be a
fundraising in aid of medical and funeral expenses
tomorrow Wednesday 28th May 2014 at Holy
Trinity Catholic Church Buruburu phase I from
6pm. Burial will be on 7th June 2014 in Seme kaonje,
Opande School, Kisumu County; other details will be
communicated later.
Till we meet again our dear Supuu go and rest with the angels.
Susan Atieno
Ondiek (Supuu)
11/03/1996 - 25/05/2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
W/MARY Thika Rd 4br 0733610377
D279 Notice
It is with humble acceptance of
Gods will that we announce the
sudden death of John Chiugu
Wahome of Utawala Estate Nairobi
on the 20th of May 2014 at the Aga
Khan University Hospital, Nairobi.
Son of the Late James Wahome
Chiugu,the Late Michael Karugu
Chiugu and Jacinta Wanjiku Karugu.
Son in Law of Amos Mwangi and
Mary Amos.
He was the Beloved Husband of
Regina Waringa. Father of Ashley
Wanjiku, Brian Chege, Patricia
Nyambura and Beatrice Wangui.
Brother of Susan Karugu, James
Karugu, Carol Karugu and Timothy
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at All Saints Cathedral
Nairobi and in His Nairobi home Utawala Estate from 5pm for
Prayers, Funeral and Burial Arrangements.
The Cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home at 8:00 am
on Friday 30/05/2014. The funeral and burial service will be held
from 10:00 am at their Nyaribo home,Kiganjo,Nyeri County.
John Chiugu
Sunrise: 18/04/1968
Sunset: 20/05/2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
We regret of announce the death of Gideon Amigo Mukiti
Musyoka a long serving Hotelier who died on 21/5/2014
after a long battle with diabetes, at the time of his death he
was the General Manger EEL HOTEL ELBURGON. Son of
Pius Musyoka Mwangie and Alice Muli.
Step son of Naomi Muthisya. Husband of Mabel Tsisiga
Mukiti Formely of TelKom Nakuru. Father of Catherine
Ndunge, Joyce Kalunda, Pamela Nthambi and Pius Musyoka
of Nuru Palace Hotel Nakuru. Grandfather of the late
Michele, Sandra, Stacy, Lenox and Natasha. Father in law of
Livingstone Sumba of Nairobi and Oscar Muchai of Nakuru.
Guardian of Patrick of Leopards Hotel Nakuru, Dorothy ,
Vivian, and Isabella. He was brother of John Musyoka,
Joseph, James, Joshua, Daniel, Francis, William, Boniface, late
Peter Musili, Nzasu, Lydia, Agnes, Annah, Grace, Jane and
Beth. Son-in-law of David Onzere, Mama Rachael, Brother-
in-law of late Stanley, late Judith, Milton,Aggrey, and Peter all
of Soy. Ndwiga, Musyoka Kilonzo , Mwangagngi , Muthui,Late
Loise, Margret, Martha, Mwende, Kyambi,Ndusya, and
Muthakye. He was nephew/niece of many others. Relatives
and friends are meeting daily in Nairobi and at his Ndege
Farm residence for burial arrangements. Cortge leaves
Nakuru General Hospital Mortuary 0n 30th May 2014 for
step over at his Ndege Farm residence Lanet. Thereafter
burial will take place at his home, Kithinge Village, Muumoni
District Formely MwingI North. He will be missed by family
and many who knew him.
May God rest his soul in eternal peace.AMEN
Gideon Amigo
Mukiti Musyoka
Sunrise 28/8/1948
Sunset 21/5/2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
We regret to announce the sudden death of George
Ochieng Obuya. Immediate former Head Teacher of Ayora
Mixed Secondary school, Kisii County.
He was the son of the Late Jared Nundu Obuya and the
late Mama Mary Akoth Nundu of South Uyoma Location,
Bondo District. He was step son of Alice Andeyo and
Benta Anyango. He was husband of Emily Awuor. Father
of Collins, Marion, Gill, Davine Mary and Lupita. Brother of
Pamela Obuya (KNATCOM -UNESCO), Michael Obuya
(JPIP), Doreen (Germany), Fredrick, Christine, Nancy,
Selline and Lucy. Brother in-law of Grace Otieno, Joseph
Gero, Josphat Idachi. Nephew of Julius Oluoch, Petronala
oluoch, the late Tobias Ogoll, Prof.Washington Olima,Alice
Auma, Patrick Jakino, Walter Nyawanda, Jenifer Omollo,
Jane Ousa, Sylvia Odongo. Uncle of Allan, Angela, Eddy,
Darren, Mary-Anne, Fidel & Mary. Inlaw of George Ayanga.
Cousin of Neto Adhola and Leo Adhola.
There will be a fundraising meeting to be held at the
All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi on Thursday 29 May and 2
June 2014 at 5pm to help offset Hospital bills and funeral
expenses; Ofafa Hall, Kisumu and in his house in Bondo Town.
The Body lies in Star Hospital Mortuary, Kisumu. Funeral Arrangements will be communicated later.
For further information please contact Nairobi: 0721299257, Kisumu: 0729228975 and 0722680950, Bondo:
We loved you but God loved you more
George Ochieng
1972 2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
SOUTH B 4br maist 45k0700486927
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we accept
the sudden demise of Victor Nyairabu Omoro former
employee of Kenya National Audit ofce Nairobi. Son of
the late Omoro Onuonga and the late Kemunto Omoro.
Husband of Agnes Obonyo Nyairabu and loving father
of Emmah, Emily, Emmanuel, Aznat of Asoat University
of Kenya and Paul of Ongata Academy. Brother of
Mosoti, late Nyamamba, Ayiera, Ongondi, Mogoko, Orina,
George, Thomas, late Kwamboka, late Kombo, Nyabonyi
and Rebecca. Cousin of Orenge, Nyasinga, Hunderson
Magare, Ntabo, Nyamamba, Okeyo, Obiero, Mokoro,
Ogamba, Ayienga and Peter Mogaka. Brother-in-law of
Ogoti, Makaa, Maengwe, Ondieki, Mokeira, Moraa, Teresa,
Monica, Alice, Bosibori, Thabitha, Anne, Esther, Kerebi,
Kingaya among others. Nephew of Mingate, late Mogaka,
late Ayiecha and late Ombwori. Korera of Ndubi, Mwangi.
Uncle of Elijah Nyamamba (The National Treasury),
Richard Nyamamba (Kefri), Philip Ongondi, Omoros,
Nyaberi, Julius Nyamamba, Kennedy Nyasinga (KRA),
George, Nyaboke, Joshua Gichana (Immigration),
Kennedy Mosoti (NACC) among others. Father-in-law of
Vincent, Morara. Meetings are being held at Garden Square, Mogumo village and at Nalepo Along
Rongai Kiserian Road. The nal fundraising to offset funeral expenes will be held at professional
centre on Wednesday 28/05/2014 from 5.00pm. For contributions Mpesa: 0722757435.
Burial will take place at his home Mogumo village, Bogwendo sublocation, North Kitutu Location,
Manga sub- County, Nyamira County on 2nd June 2014.
Victor Nyairabu
1959 - 22nd May 2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the passing on of Edward Warutere
Tungani on 23rd May 2014.
Husband of Purity Njoki. Father of Martin Maina,
Mercy Nyawira, Eunice Wanjiru, late James Mwangi,
David Muchiri, Faith Wambui, Grace Wanjira, and
Rose Wachuka. Son of the late Tungani Muchiri and
Julia Mirigo. Brother of Wambui, Gathoni, late Ngima,
Muchiri,Thiga,Ngatia, Wanjiru, Wanjira, Wambura,
Muriuki and late Muriithi. Son in law of the late
Samuel Kanja and late Eunice Ngima. Father in law of
Wahome, Githinji, Kihara and Muriuki. Grandfather of
Miriam, Hepzibar, Mitchelle and Loveline.
Funeral arrangements are being held daily at his
Karura residence. The cortege leaves Jamii hospital
mortuary at 9.00 am on Friday 30th May 2014 for a
funeral service and burial at Karura Village, Karatina,
Nyeri County.
You have fought a good ght, you have nished the race, and have kept the faith.
Rest in peace , dad.
Edward Warutere
Promotion to Glory
We celebrate the life of sister in Christ Serah Muthoni
Wainaina (Mama Kimaku) who until her death was a
business woman at Gikomba Market. She went to be
with the Lord on the evening of 20/5/2014.
Beloved wife for 31 years of Stanley Wainaina.
Daughter of the late Joseph Wahome and the late
Keziah Muthoni (Nyeri). Daughter-in-law of the late
Paul Kimaku and the late Rachael Njeri (Gatundu).
Loving Mother of Stephen Kimaku Wainaina(Housing
Finance), Rachael Wainaina (YFP) and Keziah Muthoni
(KIM). Sister of the late Wangombe, Mukami,
Nyambura, Wanjiru, Ann and the late Gatimu. Step
sister of the late Wangari, Muthoni, Reina, Wangui,
Nclungu and Joel.
Friends and relatives are meeting at Waithaka,
Thindigua, Kiganjo and Norwich Towers opp. Hilton.
The cortege will leave KU Funeral Home at 8.00 a.m
on 30/5/2014 for a funeral service at PCEA Kiganjo
and thereafter burial at her Roi farm in Kiganjo,
She has fought a good ght, She has nished
the race, She has kept the faith
A Celebration of Life
Serah Muthoni
(Mama Kimaku )
OLIVE Naivasha rd 2brm from 18k to
27k 0713042048
OLIVE Rongai 3br15k,25k 0713042048
RIARA Rd 4br maisonette + SQ 110k
owner 0751-663312, 0733-757519
SOUTH B 15k 0723717474
SOUTH B 3 Bedroom Flat Spacious
Secure 0721569616 No Agents
SOUTH C 2br Bungalow, parking
@45K rent pm. Call 0714128056
SOUTH C near Next Gen 3br
apartment secure 0720-854389
UPPERHILL 3br apt 0721275903
VILLA Franca off MSA rd 3br@22k
2br@20k secure apts 0733-733170,
WESTLANDS 3br call 0723543503
B803Property Management
ENA Call 020 2214860, 0722521679
U/HILL 1br8k 0728282530 ownr
E768 Premises, Offices to let
BEDSITTERS to let mikindani
offices to let Ganjoni two bedrooms
and one bedroom to let at vescon 1
call 0789108470 or 0412316551
SAIKA Kdord 3br 0722813866
SOUTH B Balozi, Flats 2br 25k 1br
18k bedsitter 13k 0722-293100
WESTLANDS 3br flat m/ensuite
70k 0716779519 owner
B810 Wanted to Buy
INVESTORS looking for prime land/
plots up-market to develop or joint
ventures 0722570332
B733 Stalls Available
STALLS to let Jevanjee Gdn shopping
Mall Moktar dada str 0706-231846
The Physical Planning Act CAP 286
The owners of Plot No Mombasa/
Block XVII/883, purpose to change the
user from Residential to Business cum-
Residential subject to approval by the
Mombasa County Government.
Any Objection can be forwarded within
14days from the date of this notice:
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the passing on of our beloved Major (Rtd)
Lawrence Kearie Warukira (formally of KAF) after a
long illness bravely borne.
Son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey & Alice Njeri
Warukira. Loving husband of Rocxanah Wairimu
Warukira. Loving father of Tony & Judy Kearie, Eva &
Tony Mbugua, Mumbi & Charles Karani (US) and Eric
Wambaa (US). Brother of Lillian, Katherine,Waiganjo,
late Salome, Njau, Kimani and late Wanjiku. Son in Law
of the late Wambaa Waiyaki and Alice Mumbi. Brother
in law of theWambaas of Muthiga among others and
grandfather of many.
Prayers and funeral arrangements are being held daily
at his home in Nkoroi, Ongata Rongai. There will be
a special meeting on Wednesday, 28th May, 2014 at
St Andrews Church at 5.00pm to raise funds for
medical bills and funeral expenses.The cortege leaves
Umash Funeral Home on Friday, 30th May 2014 at
9.00am for his home for a funeral service and burial
Contact and contributions can be made through
Tel. 0722519255
We treasure every moment we shared with
you. Rest in peace.
Major (Rtd)
Lawrence Kearie
12/07/1945 - 23/05/2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
Wednesday May 28, 2014
56 | Classieds/Transition
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the death of Joseph Augustine Mwangi
(J.A.), of Kenya Revenue Authority that occurred on
25th May 2014 after a long illness bravely borne.
Beloved husband of Mary Mwangi of Enoomatasiani
Girls Secondary School. Son of the late Musa
Kabugua and Monica Wangechi of Kirinyaga County.
Son-in-law of the late Mbogo Gatuiku and Gladys
Wanjiku of Muranga County. Father of Joy Wangechi
(Egerton University) and Tom Kabugua (Nori
Secondary School). Brother of Wanjiru, Wairimu,
Maina, Martin, Lucy and Njeri.
Friends and relatives are meeting for prayers and
funeral arrangement at his residence in Kibiko-A
Ngong and NPC Valley Road from 5.30pm daily
starting Tuesday 27th May 2014.
Other details to follow later.
Contributions can be sent to Mpesa No. 0720-798361 or 0715-324427
A Celebration of a Life Well Lived
Joseph Augustine
Mwangi (J.A.)
We, the family of the late Isabella Muthoni Wamahiu
wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to our
friends and relatives for surrounding us with love and
care following the sad demise of our beloved mother.
Isabellas family is deeply touched by the numerous calls,
generous contributions, visits, prayers and words of
encouragement from each and every one of you, which
enabled us to give our mother a dignied send off.
Special thanks go to the funeral organizing committee
both in Nyeri and Nairobi, St, Stephens Small Christian
Community in Gatitu, Karoro Lwanga Small Christian
Community Githiru, CWA Gatitu, Father Charles
Wairagu, Father Francis Gerald Mathenge, Father David
Hunyu, Mr Duncan Gachago, the management of Kirori
Baraka Academy Nyeri, KPLC staff Nyeri and University
of Nairobi Library staff.
Since we may not be able to mention each and everyone
who worked tirelessly in assisting us during the difcult
time, kindly accept our deep appreciation and may the
Almighty God bless you abundantly.
We thank the almighty God for the 76 years our mother
shared with us and for the indelible legacy which we will
continue to draw inspiration from.
All things work together for good to them that
love God (Romans 8:28)
Isabella Muthoni
(Mwari wa Wamahiu)
1938 - 30/4/2014
Death has occurred of Mrs. Rachel Wanjiku
Mokoosio of Kibiku A Ngong Kajiado. Wife of the
Late Simon Timaiyo Mokoosio. Mother of Nancy
Naserian, Late Nicholas Silau Mokoosio, Esther
Mokoosio, Patricia Mokoosio, Winnie Mokoosio,
Stelah Sananka Mokoosio, Angela Soi Mokoosio,
Dennis Mokoosio. Mother-in-law of Anne Wanjiku
Silau, Charles Ndungu, Robert Wambugu (U.S.A),
Wambua (U.S.A) and Kawa. Sister of Winnie
Njau, Late Ruth Wangendo, Mary Guchu, Grace
Hinga, Doreen Hinga (U.S.A) Late Nduta Hinga.
Grandmother of Jamu, Udi, Sopiato, Carol, Ratia,
Naisoi, Sempeyo, Samantha, Stacey, Lemasho, J.T,
Mbula and Valeria. Sister-in-law of Late Jonah
Mokoosio, Late Peris Lewet, Dorcas Ntimama, Milka
Mapi, Johnson Salaton, Eva Mutui among others.
Friends and relatives are meeting at her home
Kibiko A Ngong.
The cortege Leaves Lee Funeral Home on Friday
30th May 2014 at 9:00am for funeral service at
PCEA Church Kibiko A and thereafter Burial at
her home Kibiko A
Death and Funeral Announcement
Rachel Wanjiku
It is with sadness that we announce the sudden death
of Mrs Agnes Warimu Muchori and her newborn
baby boy which occurred on Sunday 25th may 2014
at Jamaa Hospital and the baby at Reinha Rosary
Wife of Ibrahim Wanjohi (EDI) of (Wanjohi Housing),
mother of Adrian Karanja, daughter of James Muchori
and Alice Warigia, brother of Herman Mwangi of
(Uhuru Secondary), daughter-in-law of Elizabeth
Wanjiku,mary Njeri, cousin of Kelvin, Alex,njeri
Biriri Sophia (Wanjohi Cousin) Kamau (Kamroro
Creators ) Kim (Us) Godfrey, Njoki, Alice, John (
Kenya Poly) Wachira, Njoru, Charles, Mcras, Austine
and many. Granddaughter of Brandon Mwangi,
Friends and family are meeting daily at Tree Hotel
Nairobi and at her home in Utawala at 6pm. The
cortege leaves KU mortuary on Saturday 31st may
2014 and there after the service and funeral will take
place at her home in Sagana Kirinyaga County.
In our hearts you will live forever rest in peace
Death and Funeral Announcement
Agnes Warimu
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the promotion of glory of Mr. Simon
Kiarie Kiania which occurred on 22/05/2014 at
Husband of Irene Njeri, father of Grace Wanja,
Rehema Njeri and Henry Kiania of Pink Roses
Academy. Son of Henry. Kiania Mugo and
Hannah Njeri. Brother of Jacinta Wanjiru,Virginia
Wakanyi, Grace Wairimu, Pauline Wahu, Mary
Kinga, Michael Thangwa, Jane Wambui and
Margaret Wanjiku.
Relatives and friends are meeting daily at his
home in Ikinu, Mehl hotel Ngara, and Yaya
Inn South B daily from 5.00 p.m. of 8.30 p.m.
the Cortege leaves K.U mortuary on Friday
30.05.2014 at 8.30 a.m. for burial and funeral
service at his home in Ikinu location Miodwe
village Kiambu County.
We treasure every moment we share with you. Rest in peace.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Simon Kiarie
It is with profound shock that we announce the
sudden death of our lovely father Kepher Ludenyo
Adagi which occurred on 22nd May, 2014 at Avenue
Hospital Kisumu.
Son of the late Joash Kidigu and the late Mama
Zipporah Mideva. Beloved Husband of Margaret
Ingosi Adagi. Loving father og Jackson Atsiaya, Japheth
Ludenyo, Erick Livanze, Festo Khakabo, Zipporah
Mideva, The late Tedorah Mulanda, Joash Kidigu and
Joy Ingasiani.
Father in-law of Everlyne Ayuka, Everlyne Akinyi,
Mary Jesca Karemi and Lilian Natwati Khakabo.
Brother of Philomena Engasia Elazia, Noel Musimbi,
Margaret Loyi and Hezron Ambeva. Son in-law of
the late Johnstone Khakabo Wanzunzu and the late
Tedorah Sungwa.
He has left behinf fteen grand children. Burial will
be held on Wednesday 28th May, 2014 at his home in
Matende village Kakamega County.
Daddy, in Gods hands you rest, in Our hearts
you live forever.AMEN
Gone too Soon
Kepher Ludenyo
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the sudden passing on of Corporal George
Gachanja Githendu (CID Flying Squad, Naivasha) following
a fatal road accident along Naivasha Nairobi Highway on
Sunday 25th May 2014. Husband of Jane Nduta Gachanja
(Ministry of Livestock - Veterinary Department, Nyeri).
Father of Lawrence Muraya Gachanja (JKUAT), Alex
Ndirangu Gachanja (Arrester High School, Nakuru)
and Racheal Wambui (Nyeri Good Shepherd Academy).
Son of Moses Githendu Gachanja and Beatrice Wambui.
Brother of Daniel Mwangi, Mary Wangui, Lydiah Wairimu,
Rahab Wangechi, Charles Ngunjiri, Milcah Wacuka, Grace
Muthoni all from Gititu sub-location, Aguthi Location, Tetu
Sub-County, Nyeri Country. Son-in law of Grace Wanjiru
Ndirangu of Kiagi Gathaithi. Brother in law of Mary
Muthoni Macharia, Simon Mutonga Ndirangu, Michael
Macharia Ndirangu, Rose Nyambura Ndirangu, Margaret
Wanjiku Njuguna. Friends and relatives are meeting at La
Belle Inn Conference Room , Naivasha, At his Skuta home,
Nyeri and his rural home Gititu at 5.00 pm daily.
The Cortege leaves Outspan Hospital Mortuary on
Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 9.00am, funeral service at St.
Marks ACK, Ruringu (Nyeri) at
10.00 am and thereafter burial at his rural home Gititu.
In Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you remain forever. May the Lord rest your soul in
eternal peace.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Corporal George
Gachanja Githendu
We celebrate the life of Kasyima Mutolo Lundi.
Beloved husband of the late Ruth Musyawa. Son of
the late Mutolo Lundi and Nziva Mutolo.
Father of Geofrey Mutua, Sareh Nduku, David Ndeto,
Charles Musyoka, Agnes Katini and Janet Mutinda.
Brother of the late Stephen Mwilu Mutolo, late Paul
Mwanzuli Mutolo, late Kaveki Mutolo. Father in law
of the late Martin Ndai, Grace Mutua, Josephine
Munyiva, Loice Kamene, Jackson Munyitya, Reuben
Mutisya and Eunice Kavata. Uncle of Duncan Mumo
Mwilu, Idah Wavinya Kiseve, Mule among others.
Grand father of many.
Family and friends are meeting at his home in Kyalavo
Kibaoni location, Machakos County and Garden
Square Nairobi from Tuesday 27th May, 2014.
The cortege leaves Montezuma Monalisa Funeral
Home Machakos on Saturday 31st May, 2014 at
8.00am for funeral service and burial at his home
Kyalavo Kibaoni Location, Machakos County.
Rest in peace Umau
Death and Funeral Announcement
Kasyima Mutolo
1918 2014
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will
that we announce the death of Henry Kabui
Wandati which occurred on 25/05/2014. Son
of the late Stephen Wandati Kabui and Anne
Nyambura Kabui. Brother of Rose Wahinya
of Carworld Enterprises, Monica Wanjiru
of Triple Three Marketing Ltd and Carol
Wangari. Brother-in-law of Charles Wahinya
of KPLC. Friends and relatives are meeting
daily at their residence at Kagia Farm, Rironi
from 3.00 pm.
The cortege leaves PCEA Kikuyu Hospital on
Friday 30th May 2014 at 9.00 am for funeral
service at St. Andrew Catholic Church Rironi
at 12.00 noon. Thereafter, burial follows at
Kagia Farm.
Happy are the pure at heart for they will see God Mathew 5:8
Death And Funeral Announcement
Henry Kabui
We the family of the late Charles
Muchogu Kago wish to glorify the
Almighty God for the gift of long and
blessed life of our beloved patriarch.
As a family we were deeply humbled and
overwhelmed by your prayers, presence,
moral and nancial support during the
demise and send off of our beloved
father, grandfather, great-grandfather,
uncle and friend.
Special thanks to PCEA Mitahato and
entire Kambui Presbytery, all clergy led
by Rev. Geoffrey Mwihandi Moderator
Kambui presbytery, The Very Rev. John
Gatu, PCEA Womans Guild leadership lead by Mrs. Veronicah Muchiri,
PCEA Evergreen and entire Milimani North & South Presbyteries, PCEA
Gateway and entire former Greater Nairobi Presbytery, PCEA Lmirijo and
entire former Ngong Hills Presbytery, ACK St.Joseph of Arimathea Gakobu
and entire Mt Kenya South Diocese, The Utawala, Embakasi community,
organizing committee, relatives, friends and neighbours.
Since it is not possible to name everyone who gave us support and
encouragement during this difcult time; please be assured that your input
and contribution were highly appreciated.
May Almighty God bless you all abundantly.
Elder Charles
Muchogu Kago
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will
that we announce the promotion to glory
of Henry Omuga Omenda formerly (World
Vision, Oxfam and Prime Steel Limited) which
occurred on May 15, 2014 at 8.30pm at
Nairobi Hospital after a short illness.
Beloved husband of Caroline Ndege Omuga
(World Vision). Father of Peace Kavuka
and Hermes Omoke. Son of Sylas Omenda
(Treasury) and Janet Omenda formerly (World
Vision). Brother of Johnstone Omenda(Eka
Hotel), Roselyn Omenda and Valarie Omenda
(Philips Pharmaceuticals Limited). Son in-law
of John Ooro Ndege and Agnes Auma Ooro
of Ogwethi Village Migori County. Brother in-
law of Beatrice and Carlton.Nephew of David
and Hellen Makokha, David and Gladys Aswani,
the late Edith Omenda, late Francis Omenda,
Late Hudson Omenda, Christopher Odari,
Sammy, Edward, Kabaka, McDonald, Gilbert, Lilian among others. Cousin of
Hesbon, Emmy, late Fred, Hulda, Joe (USA),Sylas, Bonny among others
There will be a funeral service at Salvation Army Church Central (next to Old OTC)
at 2pm on Wednesday 28/05/2014.
The body leaves to Busamo Village,Vihiga County on Thursday 29/05/2014 and burial
on Saturday 31/05/214.
Rest in peace Omush
Henry Omuga
Promotion to Glory
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the demise of Esther Kimeu (Mukulu) on
21st May 2014 at Kangundo Sub-county Hospital after
a short illness.
First wife of Kimeu Muneene, co-wife of Alice Kimeu,
Mother of the late Alfred Kimeu (Sp), Ezekiel Kieti, Martha
Wambua (Mbusyani Pri.), Rose Lisero (CBK) and Ben Ali
Kimeu (Horn of Africa). Mother in law of Joseph Wambua,
Beatrice Nzau (Headteacher Kawethei Pri.), Priscilla
Kieti (Deputy Headteacher Kitongi Pri.), Anthony Lisero
and Zainabu Ali. Step mother of Lazarus, Maria, Mutuku,
Colleta, James and Mbulwa. Grandmother of Joyce, Caro,
Winnie, Lilian, Robert, Anthony, Marvin, Chritine, Adrian,
Barak, Mariam, Alice and many others.
Family and friends are meeting daily at her residence-
Kawethei Village, Kangundo Sub-county and at Garden
Square Nairobi from 5.00 Pm. There will be a harambee
to aid in funeral arrangements on Thursday 29th May 2014
at Garden Square from 5.00 Pm. The cortege will leave
Kenyatta University Mortuary on Saturday 31st May 2014
at 7.00 am for a funeral service at Kawethei Salvation
Army Church and thereafter burial at her home.
In life we loved you, in death we cherish you, in
heaven you watch over us. Forever you reign in our hearts. Rest in peace Mwaitu.
The memory of a good person is a blessing (Proverbs 10:7)
Death and Funeral Announcement
Esther Kimeu
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the death of Mr Agostino Ngugi on
Thursday 22nd May 2014.Son of the late Peter
Kiguru and the late Priscilla Wanjiku. Husband of
Hellen Mugure. Father of George (Icagaki Sec School)
and Edna Mbau (Ikundu Pry School), the late Margaret
Wanjiku, Boniface G. Ngugi (DSO Loitokitok) and
Jane Gitau(KIST), Lucy Wairimu, Joyce and Solomon
Wanjohi, Peter and Eunice Mwangi (Joyful Textiles
Eldoret), John and Charity Maina(Praize Textiles
Embu), Joseph G.Ngugi (Oasis Textiles Eldoret) and
Beatrice Gicheha(Equity Bank), Magdaline Wanjiru,
Mary and Peter Kinyua of Embu, Sabina Njeri,
Catherine and John Maina of Eldoret.
Grandfather of Mercy, Hope, Mark, Grace, Joy, Winie,
Glory, Victor, Abraham, Cathy, Gilbert, Muthoni, Taf,
Osteen and Anthony. Great grandfather of Kagiri.
The cortege leaves Muranga County Mortuary on
Thursday 29/5/2014 at 10am for service and burial
at his farm in Githembe village Kahumbu location of
Muranga county. Friends and relatives are meeting
at his Githembe home, KIST, Pollycafe Embu, Mahindi
Hotel Eldoret, Thika, and at his sons home in
Maragua Town.
It is God who gave Agostino Ngugi to us, it is God who has taken him away. Blessed
be His name.
Celebration of a life well lived
Mwalim Agostino
Board of Directors, Managing Director, KBC Family and Kamoko
family announces the untimely death of Benson Otieno Yotto of
the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, which occurred on 16th May,
2014 in Nairobi.
He was son to Michael Yotto Amoko and Mama Grace Akumu Yotto.
Husband to Mary Makyotto. He was the loving father to Rhoda
Akinyi Makyotto and Martin Makyotto, and grandfather to Moses.
Nephew to Agak Pankratus, Johnson Nyakiti, John Akuno, John
Kings Amoko, Simon Gor, Stephen Amoko, Josia Ogol, Jekton Akoko,
Susana Nyakiti, Regina Agak, Leah Akuno, Perez Gor, Mary Obonyo,
Gladys Amoko, Jane Ogol, Mary Akoko, Rusanael Nyakiti, Elsa Nyakiti
Isabella, Lewnora, Penina, Roselinda, Damaris, Elseba, Nora, Helida
and Phoebe. His stepmothers are Beldina Yotto, Lona Yotto, Penina
Yotto and Julia Yotto.
Benson was an adored brother to Dr. James Makayotto, Engineer
John Makyotto, Dr. Moses Makayotto (KIRDI), Charles Ayieko, Caleb
Amoko, Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng, Hesbon Omollo, Samuel
Yotto, Peter, Shem, Walter, Nixon, Dennis, George, Kennedy, Margaret
Otega (M.A. Otega & Co. Advocates), Diana Adiedo, Jackline Owilla,
Mary Adoyo, Dolly Akinyi, Tabitha Ochieng, Elizabeth Adhiambo and
Josephine Yotto.. Cousin to Nancy, Rael Nyakiti, Engineer Gordon Nyakiti, Martin Nyaundi among others. Brother
in-law to Beatrice, Mildred, Margaret, Pamela, Edna, Lucy, Mary, John T.Otega, Eric Adiedo among others. He was a loving
uncle to many.
The cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on 29th May, 2014 for burial on 30th May, 2014 at Kamoko Village, Upper
Kakwajuok, Rachuonyo North Sub- County, Homabay County.
Benson Otieno
Death and Funeral Announcement
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Transition 57
The Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban
Development regrets to announce the passing
on of John Charles Rombo Katombo of Surveys
Department, Nandi who passed away on 12th
May, 2014 at Victoria Hospital - Kisumu.
Son of the late Julius Rombo and the late
Elseba Tombo and Christabel Tombo. Husband
of Florence Apondi of Kadika Primary School.
Father of Joy Christine of Uriri District
Hospital, Liz, Noel, Donah, Joan of Nyabururu
Girls and Mitchel Audrey of Pentagon Academy.
Brother of the late Albert, Naftali, Willis, the
late Selina, Sabina and Paulina. Son-in-law of
the late Shadrack Omolo and Mama Rosa of
Gem. Brother-in-law of Dorcas, Gladys, Dorothy,
Monica, Janet, Josephine and Judith.
The cortege leaves Star Mortuary-Kisumu on 29th May, 2014 at 10.00 a.m. for Migori
for overnight stay and will be buried on 31st May, 2014 at his home in Kisumu Karateng-
Kaitalo Village.
John Charles
Rombo Katombo
Death and Funeral Announcement
Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban
It is with great sadness and acceptance of our Heavely
Fathers will that we announce the passing on to glory of
Mrs. Zaveria Nduru Murungi (Mami) on 23/05/14.
Beloved wife of Rtd Snr Chief Daniel Murungi Anampiu.
Cherished and adored mother of Mary Mutuku & Philip,
Joseph Murungi (late) & Joyce, John Gitonga & Purity, Betty
Ireri & Peter, Pamela Kabui & Gitonga, James Mwenda &
Grace, George Mungiria & Gaita and Consolata Kathure
& Mwiti. Daughter of the late Daniel MLuruti and
Carumerina Ciabaikiamba.
She will be eternally remembered with much affection and
great love by her grandchildren, nephews, nieces, inlaws and
the community that she served selessly with unmatched
kindness and dedication.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at her home in
Kitheo, Meru North at 5:00 pm for prayers and funeral
The cortege leaves Nkubu Mission Hospital at 10:00 am
on Saturday 31/05/14 for funeral service and burial at her
Ntutumu Home, Kitheo Location,Tigania West, Meru County
Mami, you have fought the good ght, you have nished the race, you have kept the faith.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
Zaveria Nduru
Murungi (Mami)
We glorify God for the life of Jemima Karani, wife of
the late Wilson M Reri Kigari, who passed away on
Thursday 22/5/2014 at Chuka District Hospital.
Daughter of the late Kiunga Ringai and late
Mwaruguru. Sister of the late Charity Ismael, Justus
Thambu Kiunga and late Silas Kanampiu Kiunga. Co-
wife of Jeniffer Wilson MReri. Mother of Peris Kiburi,
Esther Eustace Baarine, Lois Francis Njiiri, Gerald
Kamunde, Eliud Gitari and Daniel MReri. Step.
mother of Joyce Muyia, Kikuvi, Leonard Miriti, Pastor
Jane Njeru, Sarah Njeru, Leonard Miriti, Linus Micheni
and Karen Omae. Mother in law of George Kiburi,
Late Eustace Baarine, Francis Njiiri, Judy Njeri Gerald,
Lydia Gitari and Sarah Nkirote MReri, Kanyua Miriti,
Paul Kikuvi, Pastor Njeru, Frank Njeru, Beth Micheni
and Pastor Omae. 38 Grand children and over
40 great grand children. Friends and relatives are
meeting for funeral arrangements at Chuka Ushiriki
Motel and at her home Kathiru village- Kiriani
Sublocation, Murugi Location, Chogoria Division
Tharaka Nithi County. The cortege leaves Chuka
District Hospital Mortuary on 30th May at 9am, for
the funeral service at Kithima P.C.E.A church at 11am,
followed by burial at her home Kathiru Village.
May her soul rest in eternal peace.Amen
Celebration of Life Well Lived
Jemima Karani
Wilson M Reri
1913 - 22/05/2014
We the Muthiani &Kendagor families announce
the untimely death of Corporal (W) Judy Toroitich
Kendagor Maithya of Riruta Police station - Nairobi
after her battle with breast cancer. Wife of Victor
Maithya Maundu (Diplomatic Police-Gigiri). Daughter
of Joseph and Rebecca Kendagor (Elgeyo Marakwet).
Mother of Brian Maundu (Utumishi Academy),Rosalia
Ndulu (Our Lady of Mercy-Katangi) and Rebecca
Ndunge( Blessed Hope Academy RGC - Harambee).
Sister of Edna, Gideon(Irrigation Board - Marigat)
Reuben( Moi University Kericho), Naomi, Gerishon
and Jonah( Bank of Africa- Kericho). Daughter in law
of Rosalia Maundu and late Alexandar Maundu. Cousin
of Susan, Ronald, Col. Chebii ( KDF) among others.
Niece of late Francis & Chebet Keino, late Chelimo,
John Keino and Kabero among others. Sister in law of
Busienet,Agnes, Mama Jacob, Gladys, Rufus (Jonnels &
Company) and Rosemary Muthiani and Carol Maundu.
Aunt of Kiprono, Jacob, Jelima, Kiplangat, Kiptoo,
Chamtai, Renee, Ryan Ronicah, Jonathan among
others. Relatives and friends are meeting at Delicia
cafe Nairobi (next Jivanjee Gardens), T. Tot restaurant
Machakos, Judor estate Mombasa, Wagon wheel
Hotel Eldoret,and at her house Harambee police
line. Funeral and Burial Service will take place at her
husbands home Kambiti Village Wamunyu location Mwala district Machakos county on Saturday
31st May 2014. Cortege leaves Chiromo parlour same day for Wamunyu at 8.30am.
Death and Funeral Annoucement
Corporal (W)
Judy Toroitich
Kendagor Maithya
We regret of announce the death of Nancy Wambui,
beloved wife of Martin Ngetha Ngatia (Kiganjo),
daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mbatia
(Muguga, Kiambu County).
Mother of Dennis Mbatia, Late Charles Ngatia, Julia
Gathoni and Ann Njeri. Daughter-in-law of late
Ngatia Ngetha and Julia Gathoni Ngatia. Sister of
Njunge, Wanjiru, Kariuki, Munderu, Nyaruiru and
Kahura. Sister-in-law of Nguthiru , Livingstone, Kirigo,
Late Wangu, Wabera, Wanjiru, Njeri, Nyambura and
Wanjiku. Grandmother of Ian, Nancy. Arnold, Tristan,
Treva, Andrean and Tatiana. Mother-in law of Sylvia
Muthoni, Tabitha, Waithegeni, Walter Mashady and
Robert Kibiru.
Prayers and funeral arrangements are being held daily
at Kiganjo town, opposite police station and at Iruri,
Ruguru Division, Mathira from 4.00pm.
The Cortege leaves Mathari Hospital Mortuary at
8.00am on 30th May 2014 Burial will take place
thereafter at , Iruri, Ruguru Division, Mathira, Nyeri
We loved you
Death and Funeral Announcement
Nancy Wambui
1955- 25/05/2014
It is with humble acceptance of Gods
will that we announce the death of our
beloved mother Maria Njeri Ngoko.
Wife of the late David Ngoko Kamau.
Mother of the late Stanley Kamau, late
John Mwangi, Dominic Kimani (Nyoro
contractors), Lawrence Njoroge, Jacinta
Wairimu Thiongo, Nicolleta Wanjiku
Kagone, Simon Ngigi (proprietor Shelter
Villa) and Julia Wambui.
Prayers and meetings are being held at
her home in Kipipiri, Mahiga Meri and at
Shelter Villa Ruai from 7pm. The cortege
will leave Kenyatta University Funeral
Home on 30th May 2014 at 7AM followed by funeral service and burial at
her home Mahiga Meri Kipipiri, Mawingu Scheme.
Mum you havefought a goodght,
nished the race and kept the faith.
May the Lord rest your soul in eternal peace.
Maria Njeri Ngoko
1913 - 25/05/2014
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the promotion to glory of Kogo Elizabeth
Jematia (Taboigoi) on 21/05/2014.
Wife of the Late Reuben Cheseret Kogo. Co-wife of
the late Jane Kogo. Beloved sister of the Late Maindi
Arap Nyongi, the Late Kipkering Katam, the Late
Kaptich Yebei, Ketili Kerich, Bot Chepkili Kesumo and
Malolu Bot Agui. Loving Mother of Catherine Tanui,
Monica Koech, Domtila Kemei, Thomas Cheseret,
Rosebella Maru, Christine Kogo. Step mother of
Julius,Esther, Salina, Philip,Jebet, Jemeli, Henry and
Chelagat. Mother-in-law of the Late Kimaiyo Tanui,
Benjamin Koech, the late John Kemei,Late Charles
Maru, Constantine Cheseret, Ann Cheseret, Emily
Cheseret and Andrea Magut. Loving grandmother
of Stephen Kemei (Vigilance Nrb), Emmanuel Talam
(Ofce of the D. President), Jane (U.K) Mathew Maiyo,
Snr.srgnt Barnabas Tarbei (KDF), IP Maryline Kemei
(CID), Puritie Jepkoech (MTC Nrb), Evans Lagat ,
Letting Jubilous (Co-op), Eng. Nathan Kiprutoh among
others. She left behind several great grand children.
Friends and family are meeting daily at her home in Lelwak village for prayers and funeral
The cortege leaves MTRH mortuary Eldoret on Friday 30th May 2014 for funeral service at
her home Lelwak village Ollessos Location, Nandi County on 31/05/14 at 0900.
In our hearts you will remain forever .Amen
Kogo Elizabeth
Jematia (Taboigoi)
Promotion to Glory
It is with humble acceptance
of Gods will that we announce
the death of Stellamaris Nthoki
Kiloo of Barclays Bank Kenya on
Monday 26th May 2014, after a
long illness bravely borne.
Daughter of Winstone Kiloo
Nzini and the late Francisca
Wavinya Nzini.
Sister to Patrick & Jane Mutua,
the late Nicholas, Anthony &
Shera Kitaka and Rita & George
Auntie to Clara, Angela, Andrew and Emmanuel.
Relatives and friends are meeting daily at All Saints Cathedral
from 5:30pm for prayers and funeral arrangements.
Blessed are the dead who die in The Lord that they
may rest from their labours and their works follow
Nthoki Kiloo
Celebration of a life well lived
With humble acceptance of Gods will, we announ
ce the death of Mzee Kaguku Gachoka of Kiganjo,
Gatundu South.
Husband of the late Elizabeth Wairimu (Wangari),
Pauline Wairimu and Peris Wanjiru (Wamageri).
Father of Jack Kimani (Goldsh General Merchants),
Jacinta Wanjiku, Miriam Wanjiru, Francis Ngari, James
Gachoka, Wainaina, Kimani, Mburu, Mbiiri, Maria
Wanjiru, Wambui, Jane Njeri, Mary Maregi, Beatrice
Njeri, Lucy Ondiala. Muiruri, Alice Wambui, the late
Gachoka and Thoni.
Father-in-law of the Late Charles Njuguna (Shari),
Kariuki Kangethe, Edward Ndehi, Rachel Kimani
(Multi-vision), James Waiganjo, Ondiala, Momanyi
among others. Uncle of Paul Mburu (formerly Lenana
school) and George Gachoka. Grandfather and great
grandfather of many.
Family and friends are meeting daily at Upways Hotel
Thika Road at 6.30pm and at his Kiganjo home for
prayers and funeral arrangements.
The cortege leaves KU Funeral Home at 8:30a.m., on
Friday 30/5/2014 for funeral service and burial at his
farm in Kiganjo Village, Gatundu South.
May God Rest his soul in eternal peace.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Kaguku wa Gachoka
(Kaguku Kafundi)
Today marks one year since the Lord called you to be with
Him in his glorious home. We learned that when a loved
one becomes a memory then that memory becomes a
treasure. God has been our comforter, refuge, strength
and a very present help (Psalms 46: 1). He has been our
shepherd and Lord. He has never left us nor forsakes us.
This far it has taken his hand and we glorify his name.
We the Mwaura family take this opportunity to sincerely
appreciate our family members, P.C.E.A Langata, friends,
neighbours, colleagues of DT DOBIE and well wishers who
supported us both spiritually and nancially. May the Lord
who sees in secret bless you abundantly.
Michael you are fondly missed by your dear wife Rachael
and daughter Victoria, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,
parents, brothers in-law, friends and relatives.
As a family we continue to honour you and carry on with
your memory (Joshua 24:15) as for me and my house we
will serve, the Lord.
In Gods arms you rest in our hearts you live forever. For whether we live, we live unto the
Lord, and whether we die we die unto the Lord; whether we live therefore or die we are the
Lords (Romans 14:8). We love you but God loves you the most
1st Anniversary / Appreciation
Michael Mwaura
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the death of our beloved David Maingi
Mangure (Daktari), of Embu town, which occurred
on May 26, 2014 at Nairobi West Hospital.
Son of late Benson Mangure & late Hannah Wahito.
Son in law of David & Sarah Mberia. Husband of
Zipporah Maingi. Father of Caroline Wahito & Doris
Karimi. Brother of late James Njuguna, Rashid Kabi,
Ndegwa(Tibu), Jane Waigumo, late Henry Kabi,
Nyota, Mary Murugi, Gitau, Lucy Murugi, Veroncia
Njogu, Peter Maingi among others. Brother in law of
Mercy Njuguna, Amina Kabi, Patrick Mugambi, Terry
Kabi, Jane Rabaiya, Matthew Njogu, Joel Mberia
among others. Grandfather of Daniel Maingi & Roda
Atiel. Uncle of Hannah, Brian, Claudia, Mohammed,
Abdul, Jamal, Ian, June, Perminus among others.
Friends &family will have daily meetings at: San
Valencia,Anniversary Towers-Mezzanine Floor at 5.30pm from Wednesday to Friday, also
at Canaan Guest House and his Embu home at 5pm, for arrangements and fundraising to offset
the medical bill and meet funeral expenses.
The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Mortuary home on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 7.00am
for burial at his home inh Embu at 11.00am
In Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever Amen.
David Maingi
Mangure (Daktari)
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
We regret to announce the sudden
death of mama Susan Naliaka Khisa of
Namuyemba village, Kanduyi Division,
Bungoma County, which occurred on
22nd May 2014 as a result of cardiac
Wife of the late Shadrack Khisa
Naliakho, mother of the late Fredrick
Khisa, the late Rose Khisa, Frank
Khisa (Nzoia Sugar), Catherine Simiyu
(Kanduyi Primary), Gladys Sitati (Kenya
Methodist University), Lillian Khisa,
Wekesa Khisa (Tea Board of Kenya),
Chrispinus Nyongesa, Stella Khisa (UN,
Sudan) and Edward Khisa.
Sister of Cosmas Barasa, Rosina, Leonida,
Festinus, Vincent, Lazarus, Ernest,
Marystella and Julius among others. Sister-in-law of the late Gideon, the late
Joseck, Dismas, the late Joseph and Japheth among others.
The cortege leaves Lumboka Hospital Mortuary on Thursday 29th May 2014
for a requiem mass at St. Pauls Catholic Church Kanduyi and thereafter to
her home at Namuyemba B village Kanduyi. Burial mass will take place at
her home on Saturday 31st May 2014 before she is laid to rest. May the Lord
rest her soul in eternal peace.
Contributions can be made through M-PESA number 0708072585
Susan Naliaka
Death And Funeral Anouncement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the passing on of Mwalimu Samuel John
Mogendi.Husband of Winfrida Kemunto.Father of Walter
Mekenye,Joan Nyaboke, Justine Okeyo, Caroline Bonareri,
Christine Kwamboka and Francisca Nyatichi. Brother of
Patrick Nyariki, Late Thomas Okari, Salome Toyo, Daniel
Nyakoe, Mark Mbwayo, Late Sabina Otieri,Julia Moraa
(USA). Semo of Gilbert Osoro, Charles Akunga and Isoni
Atuga. Uncle of Polycarp,Louis, Nicodemous, Anthony,
Patrick, Paul, Magistrate Innocent, Edwin Oyaro, Antony
Onkware, Tom, Fred, Moses, Nyandege among others.
Brother in law of Catherine Nyariki, Priscah Okari, Mary
Nyakoe, Jane Nyakoe, Anne Mbwayo, John Mabeya, late
Sabina Osoro, James Motachi, Michael Swoyo,Alex Nyamao,
Elizabeth Akunga, Roseline Isoni among others. Grandfather
of Sandra, Britney,Ursula,Keila,Joseph,Teddy,Denzel,Mur
eithi,Travis,Eudencia .Korera to; Stephen Keuku, Martha
Keuku, Stephen Ongeri,Monica Ongeri, Meshack Mureithi,
Alice Wambui,Nathan Obino Makworo, Alexina Makworo.
Father in law of Caroline,Lilian,Isabella,Esther,Mary, Marion
among others.
Funeral arrangements are ongoing with daily meetings at
5.00PM At his Embassy Residence. Relatives and friends in
Nairobi will meet at St.Pauls University Chapel on Friday
30/5/2014..The fund raising is scheduled for 4/6/2014 at his Embassy home and burial on 6/6/2014 at his
Embassy home. Contribution can be made through M-pesa No.0727981512. RSVP0733613947
Celebration of Life Well Lived
Mwalimu Samuel
John Mogendi
Wednesday May 28, 2014
58 | Transition
Its with humble acceptance of Gods will we
announce the death of our beloved father late
Mwalimu Jones Ombonyo Swanya son of the late
Swanya Nyagesero and late Kemunto Swanya.
Loving husband of Jerusa Moraa Ombonyo.
Father of S.Ombonyo (Finlay), Priscah , Peninah ,
Mokaya Ombonyo (QASO Nkr), Mongare (FKE),
Florence ( Kenyamware Pr.) Esther (Mbaire TTI
), Elkanah (KTDA Rwanda), Hellen (JSC), Duke,
Richard, Zipporah, Everlyne, Edina, Stephen
and Maria. Father In-law of Lily ( Masarian Pr.),
Mary (Gesibei Pr.) Mary (RTI), Lydia (Tengecha
Pri.), Moraa ,Makenzi(Hse Waine), Mallen and
Everlyne. Brother of Daniel, Wycliffe (Swanya
and Okongo Omogeni Advos), late Mongina,
Moraa, late Ogeto Swanya, Elijah, Peter, Mongina
Oseko. Korera to Kipchirchir (Kericho), Nyarindo
(Irianyi), late Keera (Risa), Nyakundi (Nyagachi),
Kipkosiom (Baringo), late Agao (Matongo), Hon.
Ondari (Amariba), late Matangi (Matunwa), Kirera
(Nyabigege), Nyangau (Nyaboterere), Abdallah ,
late Ondieki (Matunwa), Aricha(Motagara). Uncle
of Julius (STD Group), Charles, George (Msa),
Jemimah (Britam), Jackline (NIC), Yunes (ABM),
Mosubi (UoN), Hon. Victor Swanya, Kennedy (Msa),
Simon (USA), Richard (USA), Stephen (NSSF), Daniel
(Germany), Gideon, John (KRA), Henry, David (USA),Yabesh (CS), Robert (TSC), George
(TSC-Msa), Duke (Nrb), Charles (M.O.Health), others
Grandfather of Judith (RAP Nkr), Momanyi,Winy, Lamech (New life), Hon. Nyambega Mose &
Advos, Nevence (Credit Bank), Lilian(MKU), Jackline (MKU) ,Bogonko (JKUAT), Suzanne(UoN),
Muma (MKU), others
Final fundraising today 28th May, 2014 at Professional Centre Nairobi 5.00 pm to Offset the
Medical Bill.
The cortege leaves Montezuma on 29th May, 2014 at 7:00 am. Funeral Service at Iranya Primary
School on 30th May, 2014 and burial Riamisiani Village.

Information and contributions to offset the Medical Bill are welcome to 0722 491597/ 0722
Mwalimu Jones
Ombonyo Swanya
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
It is with deep humility and acceptance of Gods will
that we announce the death of beloved mum Miriam
Nduta Mwangi on 26 th May 2014.
Loving wife of the Late Zachariah Mwangi Kimori,
Mother of Moses Njoroge of Kimori Electricals,
Elizabeth Wambui Kamau of Visa Oshwal, Esther
Wanjiku Kamau of Gatanga Girls, Ruth Njeri Mbugua
of Racecourse Secondary (Eldoret) and Hoseah
Wanderi Mwangi of the National Museums of Kenya.
Mother-in-law of James Kamau of Steel Makers (Nrb),
David Kamau of Moi Academy (Thika), Pastor David
Mbugua (Eldoret), Jerusha Kahaki Njoroge (Thawabu
Primary) and Rosemary Mugure Wanderi (Wa
Mwangi Fashions). Grandmother of many.
Burial is to be held at her home Mugoiri, Kahithe
village Muranga County on 29th May 2014 at
10.00 a.m.
Rev. 14.13
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from
now on:Yes Says the Spirit they will rest
from their labour for their deeds will follow
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
Miriam Nduta
1930-26th May 2014
It is with sorrow that we announce the
death of Mr. Jeff Orina Ichwara of Ngoiswash
Primary school Narok South.
Beloved husband of Emily Chebet. Father
of Austin Orina Student Mulot Sec. School,
Victor and Alvin. Son of Mr&Mrs Ichwara
Nyakundi. Brother of WO1 Charles Nyakundi
KDF, Naomy Omani, Evans Omwenga, Elijah
Ichwara of Parliament,Robert, Eliakin, Jadson,
Esther, Stephen, Reuben(USA) Janet, Doricah,
Ombui, Benard among others. Inlaw of
Omanis, Oira, Mogaka among others.
Prayers and funenal preparations are taking
place at Garden square daily from 5 pm. Main
fundraising will beat Proffessional centre
today,Wednesday 28th May 2014.
The cortege leaves Narok District Hospital on 29.5.14 at 9:00am for burial on
Friday 30th May 14 at Nyaikuro kitutu Masaba Constituency Nyamira County.
Gone too Soon Mwalimu
Jeff Orina Ichwara
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the death of Catherine Kagendo
Muraguri of T.S.C Nairobi which occurred on
23-5-2014 after a long illness bravely borne.
Daughter of the late Charles Muraguri Maina
and Juliet Watare Muraguri. Loving sister of
Jeniffer Wanjiru Muriuki (Kasarini Primary),
Patrick Maina of Narumoro, Anthony Keega
of Nairobi and Geoffrey Wanjohi of USA.
Grand daughter of the late Peter Maina
Kinyungu and Mary Wanjiru Maina of Kiamigwi
village Mathira Nyeri County and the late
Keega Njora and Hildah Kagendo of Kavote
Kirinyaga County. Aunt of Maina, Mumbi, Lucy,
Grace, Muthoni, Dave & Tash and many others.
Cousin of Mainas, Shirus, Keegas, Kagendos
among others.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Ebony House Tom Mboya Street Nairobi and
Kiamigwi home for funeral arrangements.
The cortege leaves Jamii Nursing Home Karatina on Friday 30th May 2014 at 8.30 a.m.
for a funeral service and burial at their Kiamigwi Home.
Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon
Catherine Kagendo
Gone too Soon
It is with humble acceptance of Gods
will that we announce the death of
Mzee Hibironi Mwangi Muchiri (wa
Gikandi) on Sunday 25th May 2014.
Son of the late Gikandi Hungu and
Wangari Gikandi. He was the beloved
husband of the late Mary Wangari
Mwangi. Doting father of the late
Amos Ngure and Margaret Wanjiru
Ngure. Brother of the late Cyrus
Hungu, the late Zachariah Gachini,
the late Francis Ngai, the late Stephen
Muchiri and Simon Igoko. Beloved
grandfather of Moses and Anne
Ndungu, Rosemary Ngure, Grace
Ngure, Sophie Ngure and Salome
Ngure and many others. Great grandfather of
Brandon, Ethan, Tukei, Margaret, Karen, Justin, Aaron, Tikan and Imani and
others. Uncle of many.
Family and friends are meeting daily at his home Kabendera, Muhoyas
Location, Ihururu, Nyeri County at 4pm. Cortege will leave Nyeri Funeral
Home on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 9am for the funeral service at PCEA
Ihururu church and burial thereafter at his farm at Kabendera at 2pm.
Rest in eternal peace
Hibironi Mwangi
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
It is one year since you
departed from us.
Your understanding heart,
intelligent mind and generous
spirit lingers on.
Although gone, not forgotten
your spirit lives in us, forever
in our hearts until eternity.
Your memory we hold dear.
Dearly missed by your loving
wife Margaret, your daughters
Brenda, Christine, Catherine,
your son Eric.
Daughter in law Mary, grandsons Marc Mburu and Ethan
Mburu, your sisters, brothers and friends.
A memorial service and unveiling of the cross will be held at
the family home on Monday 2nd June 2014 at 1pm.
For the Lord is good and His love endures forever,
His faithfulness continues through generations.
Psalms 100:5
Dr. Francis Mburu
In Loving Memory
It is with deep sorrow and acceptance of Gods
will that we announce the death of Phillis Muthoni
Njoroge of Njoro which occurred on Friday 23/5/
2014 at PGH Nakuru.
Loving wife of the Late Samuel Njoroge Githaiga
and co-wife of Late Susan Njoki Njoroge. Mother
of Late Anthony Githaiga Njoroge and John Mbuthia
Njoroge of Njoro. Mother-in-law of Millicent Githaiga
and Catherine Mbuthia. Grand mother of Victor
Githaiga (Nairobi), Phillis Bett(Nairobi), Catherine
Kamenwa(Nairobi), Washington Githaiga(Kimathi
University), Phillis Mbuthia(Emirates Dubai), Jane
Mbuthia(NBI), Samuel Mbuthia(Dubai) and Wilson
Mbuthia(Dubai). Step mother of Late Wambaire,
Githaiga, Late Wairimu, Kairie, Ngararu, Wanjiru, Late
Mburu,Waiharo, Maina and Waithera.
Friends and family are meeting at Njoro town daily.
The cortege leaves Nakuru War Memorial Hospital
on 30/5/2014 at 9.00am. Prayers and service will be
held at Njoro PCEA church and burial at Turkey Farm Njoro.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Phillis Muthoni
We treasure the time you
shared with us
Your legacy life deeply
embedded in our memory
Life will never be the same
without you
We will always look back and
Because you lived a full life
and we are privileged to have
been part of it
Fondly missed by your family,relatives,friends,and the
entire football fraternity.
Memorial service and unveiling of the cross will be held
on 31st May 2014 from 10am at his home in Shivakala,
Kakamega County
Memorial Service/Unveiling of the cross
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will
that we announce the passing on of Obadiah
Karuga Ngayu of Karuna-ini Village, Kimathi
Location, Tetu Division on Sunday, 25th May
Beloved husband of Florence Waruguru.
Loving father of Leah Wamuyu Owotoki,
Jeremiah Ngayu, Francis Gitonga, Miriam
Wanjiru and Loise Nyawira. Father-in-law of
Peter Owotoki and Salome Mwihaki. Grand-
father of Alicia Waruguru Owotoki. Beloved
son of the late Jeremiah Ngayu Wangima
and the late Leah Wamuyu Ngayu. Brother
of the late Morris Mathenge Ngayu, Loise
Nyawira Kioni, Esther Mwiyeria Ndungu,
Rahab Muthoni Ngari, Mary Njeri Kagumba
and Dr. Rhoda Wanja Thairu. Brother-in-law
of Marion Wanjiku Mathenge, the late Peter
Kioni Warugongo, Justus Ndungu Wambugu,
the late Eliud Ngari Wangombe, the late Samuel
Kagumba Muchemi and Dr.Thairu Gaithe.
Friends and Relatives are meeting daily at his residence in Karuna-ini and at PCEA St.
Andrews Church, Nairobi from 5.30 pm for funeral arrangements. There will be a fund
raising to offset medical bills and for funeral expenses on Thursday, 29th May 2014.
The cortege will leave M.P. Shah Hospital mortuary on 30th May 2014 for funeral service
at P.C.E.A Karuna-ini Church and thereafter, burial at his home in Karuna-ini Village, Tetu
In Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever.
I have fought the good ght, I have nished the race, I have kept the faith.
2 Timothy 4:7
Obadiah Karuga
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
We the family of the late Mrs. Martha Ndunge
Maingi would like to express our most
sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation
for the love and support received from all our
relatives, friends and well wishers following
the passing on of our beloved mother.
We acknowledge with deepest thanks and
profound gratitude the kind messages of
sympathy, personal visits, tributes, gracious and
generous contribution and spiritual support,
every word of comfort and expression of care
and kindness that we received. We remain
touched and comforted by
your kind gestures.
We particularly wish to thank all those that
took care of our beloved mother including
Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff of
Nairobi and Kangundo Hospitals and all those
that served her at her home and in Nairobi among others.
Since it is may take long to thank each of you individually, kindly accept this quick
message as an expression of our deepest gratitude.
We thank God for the years He granted Mwaitu (Mother) to be with us.
In God you trusted -Shalom- In our hearts
you are forever cherished.Amen
Martha Ndunge
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of Mrs Rebecca
Warugi Kiarie. Beloved wife of Joshua Kiarie Njoroge.Daughter of the late Jacob Njogu
and the late Leah Njeri. Sister of the late Norman Kiiru, Laban Maigua,William Wagura,
the late Jeremia Ndiaga, the late DorcasWangari, Hannah Wambui and David Ndungu.
Sister-in-law of Daniel Ngugi, Leah Wanjiku, Milka Wanjiku, the late Mary Wangui, the
late Paul Muchiri, the late Ishmael Kamau, Prof. Ngugi Njoroge (Inooro), the late Janet
Wanjiku, the late Robert Kagoko, Jane Nganga and Monica Njenga.
Mother of Dr.William and Rose Njoroge Kiarie (Inside the box), Manases and Zipporah
Chege (RVIST), Nancy Waithera (Gatundu District Hospital), Prof. James and Florence
Njogu Kiarie (University of Nairobi), Kamau Kiarie and Salome Kamau (Cheptoroi
Secondary School), Kiiru Kiarie and Loise Kiiru (Kieni East District Treasury), Joseph
Njogu and Phyllis Njogu (Athi River Marble and Granite Kitengela), Dr Norman Njogu
and Loise Njogu (Egerton University). Grandmother of many and great-grandmother
of Lawrence,Tasha and David.
Family and friends are meeting daily at her Bahati Thayu Farm home in Nakuru County.
There will be prayers at St Andrews PCEA Church Nairobi on Wednesday 28th May
starting at 5.30 pm.
The cortege leaves War Memorial Hospital Mortuary at 8.00 am on Friday 30th May
2014 for a funeral service at Jacob Mugo PCEA Church and thereafter burial at her
home at Bahati Thayu Farm.
I have fought the good ght,I have nished the race,I have kept the faith.
Celebration Of A Life Well Lived
Mrs Rebecca Warugi Kiarie
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Transition 59
Winger Moses backs Nigeria
to reach semis of this years
tournament in Brazil. P.62, 63
Springboks coach
Heyneke Meyer
suered another
setback yesterday
with a ban ruling
South Africas
hooker Adriaan
Strauss out of three
June internationals.
England delay Cook tness decision
England are set to leave it as late as possible before decid-
ing whether captain Alastair Cook is t to face Sri Lanka in
the third one-day international at Manchesters Old Traord
today. The opening batsmans groin injury meant he missed
Englands humiliating 157-run defeat in the second ODI at
Chester-le-Street on Sunday where the hosts were bowled
out for a meagre 99 as Sri Lanka levelled the ve-match
series at 1-1.
Kenyas win over
Comoros in 2015
Nations Cup
preliminaries. The
return leg is on Friday
Mladenovic stuns Li Na in French Open
Former champion Li Na, the second-seeded Chinese superstar and
Australian Open winner, was sensationally dumped out of the French
Open in the rst round yesterday, beaten by a tearful Kristina Mlad-
enovic. Li, the 2011 champion, went down 7-5, 3-6, 6-1 to the 103rd-
ranked blonde Frenchwoman the Roland Garros junior champion in
2009 to suer her rst opening round defeat in Paris in eight visits.
The 2hr 06min loss on a windswept and chilly Suzanne Lenglen court
saw Li undone by 37 unforced errors.
Touring Bhavsinhji Cricket Club
of Gujarat beat Cricket Kenya Select
XI by 116 runs to wrap up the two
50 over series 2-0.
Batting rst at the Ruaraka Sports
Club yesterday, Bhavsinhji set a tar-
get of 233 in their allotted 50 overs.
Satyajeet Chauhan top-scored for
the side with 55. Dharmeda Jadeja
(46) and Abhiraj Jhala (34 ) were
the other batsmen who did well
with the bat.
Emmanuel Budi was CK XIs
highest wicket taker with four for
60. Other wicket takers for the
side included Shem Ngoche 2/30
and Narendra Kalyan 1/23.
CK Select XI routed
In reply, CK XI were routed for
a paltry 116 with 95 balls in hand.
The batsmen failed to cope with
the visitors sti bowling and tight
elding and lost wicket at a more
regular interval without meaningful
runs showing on the board.
Kalyan was CKs top scorer with
24 runs followed behind by Nehe-
miah Odhiambo (above, 23). Hiren
Varaiya (17) and Karan Kaul (15) also
got some runs.
Dhamedra did well with the ball
and was CKs main executioner, tak-
ing six successive wickets for 25. He
destroyed CKs middle and tail-end-
ers, from batsman number ve to 10.
Other wicket takers were Divyaraj
Chauhan (2/16) and Balkrishna Jadeja
2/18. The two teams meet tomorrow
for a T20 game at the same venue.
Tourists hit CK
Select in friendly
The management of Mumias
Sugar Sports Complex has com-
plied with the requirements set
by the Kenyan Premier League
(KPL) to avert a looming ban on
its stadium.
Old goal posts at the football
stadium which did not meet the
requirements of KPL have been
replaced with new ones.
Mumias sports facilities ocer
Emmanuel Ashilaka said the new
goal posts measure five inches
in size, unlike the old ones that
measured three inches.
We have replaced the goal posts
to conform to the KPL Stadia,
Safety and Security Committee
requirements, Ashilaka said.
The committees chairman
Laban Jobita conrmed that the
old goal posts had been replaced
but asked the stadiums manage-
ment to reinforce the iron sheet
perimeter fence.
Mumias Stadium
now ft for use
In NASSAU, Bahamas
thletics Kenya and the Nairobi
County Government will have to
do more to convince world athlet-
ics authorities to hand Nairobi the rights
to host the 2017 IAAF World Youth
Championships with Buenos Aires
expected to present a strong bid.
The Argentine capital and Greensboro
City in USA are challenging Nairobi for
the rights for the championship which
is held once every two years for athletes
aged 17 and below. Next years champi-
onship will be held in Cali, Colombia.
Buenos Aires have indicated that
they would like to host the 2017
championship as a test event for the
2018 Youth Olympics that they will
host, Essar Gabriel, IAAF Secretary
General, said.
Gabriel told a meeting of the IAAF
Press Commission after the conclusion
of the inaugural World Relays Champi-
onships in Bahamas that bid documents
by the three cities should reach IAAF
headquarters by September 25. The
IAAF Council will announce the hosts
at its November Council meeting in
Nairobi must do more
to win 2017 World Youth
Championships hosting
rights amid competition
Kenyas Asbel Kiprop crosses the nish line to
win the mens 4x1500m relay in a new World
record at the IAAF World Relays Champion-
ships in Bahamas on Sunday.
Tough test ahead for Kenyas bid
ATHLETICS | Buenos Aires will also to present strong proposal as test event for 2018 Youth Olympics
ing Committee should Nairobi win the
bid. The team will be comprised of top
corporate executives and professionals
in various elds including media, mar-
keting and security.
AK ocials Isaiah Kiplagat (presi-
dent), David Okeyo (vice president) and
Isaac Mwangi (CEO) were in the Ba-
hamas for the world relays and to also
lobby for Nairobis bid. Addressing the
Press Commission meeting on Monday
evening, meanwhile, IAAF president
Lamine Diack and Vice President Se-
bastian Coe both said they were more
than impressed by the way the inaugural
world relays went.
Im proud of my decision to bring
these championships to the Bahamas.
When I was giving the American ath-
letes their medals after one of their
victories, they kept on telling me to
do it again every year, Diack said.
Track legend Coe, a former 800m
world record holder and chairman of
the organising committee for the 2012
London Olympics, said the Bahamas
hosts were more than impressive.
This was a trail-blazing event. There
was a roar in the stadium that I only
witnessed before when Mo Farah ran
the nal laps at the London Olympics
to win the gold, said Coe who is the
chairman of the IAAFs Press Com-
Monaco where the venue for the 2017
IAAF World Cross Country Champion-
ships will also be announced.
Kampala and Bahraini capital Man-
ama are the only two cities bidding for
the cross-country championship hosted
by Kenya in 2007. Next years World
Cross Country Championships will be
held in Guiyang, China, on March 28.
First Ladys support
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, an
athletics convert with one marathon
and a half marathon in her bag already,
recently accepted a request by Athletics
Kenya that she becomes patron of Nai-
robis bid, with Governor Evans Kidero
also assuring AK of his countys support
for the championship.
AK are expected to soon announce the
composition of the bidding team which
would morph into the Local Organis-
Year Kenya hosted the World Cross-
country Championships
Buenos Aires have indicated
that they would like to host
the 2017 championship as
a test event for the 2018
Youth Olympics that they
will host
Essar Gabriel, IAAF Sec Gen
Kenyas World record-breaking ath-
letes in men and womens 4x1,500
metres have own from Bahamas
straight to USA for Saturdays Pre-
fontaine Classic Diamond League
in Oregon.
Kenya nished third overall behind
USA and Jamaica at the World Relay
Championships in Nassau, Bahamas.
The team was scheduled to return last
Cherono for two-mile race
World 5,000m silver medallist Mercy
Cherono, who was in the team that
set a new World record of 16:33.58 in
4x1,500m in Bahamas, is in Oregon to
compete in the two-mile race.
Her teammates, World 1,500m
bronze medallist Hellen Obiri and
World Junior 1,500m champion Faith
Chepngetich will compete in the
1,500m in Oregon.
Obiri and Chepngetich will be
joined in the metric-mile race by
World 800m champion Eunice Sum
who was in 4x800m team that won
silver in Bahamas.
In Bahamas, Cherono opened with a
leg of 4:07.4, leading at the handover,
followed by Chepngetich (4:08.5), Irene
Jelagat (4:10.8) and Obiri brought Kenya
home with 4:06.9 to better their own
record in 16:33.58. Jelagat is the only
one from the quartet who was expected
home last night.
World 1,500m champion Asbel Ki-
prop and his 4x1, 500m World record
breaking team of Commonwealth
Games 1,500m champion Silas Kiplagat,
Collins Cheboi and James Magut will do
battle in the Bowerman Mile race.
Olympic 800m champion and World
record holder David Rudisha will return
in Oregon after a leg injury.
World record-breaking athletes head straight to Prefontaine Classic
Wednesday May 28, 2014
60 |
FOOTBALL | Kenya will be without Oliech in Fridays crucial match in Moroni
arambee Stars will
today leave for Mo-
roni, Comoros, for
their 2015 Africa Cup of Na-
tions preliminary qualier return
leg match against the islanders
on Friday.
But the teams preparations
have been overshadowed by the
axing of striker Dennis Oliech
over what head coach Adel Am-
roche termed a major case of
On Monday, Amrouche said
Oliech would not be part of his
game plan in Comoros after
the player missed training for
a week without permission.
Lack of respect
Amrouche read lack of respect
in Oliechs actions and it is still
unclear if the striker will travel
with the team even as first-
choice goalkeeper Arnold Origi
joined the camp in Monday.
I dont care who you are,
even if you are Diego Maradona.
Everybody in the team is equal
and discipline is mandatory,
said a visibly-angry Amrouche.
Amrouches decision is aimed
at instilling discipline in the
entire squad.
This is not the rst time the
France-based forward is having
disciplinary issues with coaches.
Oliech was in the bad books of
former Stars coaches, German
Antoine Hey and Frenchman
Bernard Lama. At one point,
Hey bowed to public pressure
and elded Oliech even after
dropping the player from the
team over disciplinary issues.
Having struggled to beat
Comoros in Nairobi, the team
must rethink its strategy if they
are to keep alive their hopes of
participating next years tourna-
ment in Morocco.
Comoros frustrated Stars by
closing down on the spaces, sit-
ting back to absorb the pressure
and suddenly bursting forward
to attack when in possession.
With Oliech out of the squad,
Amrouche is likely to start with
AFC Leopards Allan Wanga and
Belgium-based Ayub Timbe as
lead strikers.
Team carries slim win
to return leg of 2015
Afcon preliminaries
Stars leave for Comoros
Event returns to Muthaiga
The Kenya Golf Trophy
tournament returns to its
traditional home of Muthaiga
Golf Club when the third edi-
tion tees o on October 10.
Royal Nairobi Club hosted
last years event which at-
tracted 50 sponsors who
oered 40 promotional prizes
worth Sh4.35m.
Kiambus Humphrey Maina
Mwangi carded a total of 40
points to claim the overall
prize plus the Crystal tro-
Event organizer Tob Cohen
of Tobs Kenya Golf Safaris
said Orange Kenya will be
the new title sponsor of this
years event.
Like last year, this years
event will be held in aid of
the Junior Golf Foundation
As official partner, the
JGF will once more benet
from the Orange Kenya Golf
Trophy. The proceeds of a
hole-in-one shoot-out over the
lake on hole 13 and auction
of holiday vouchers donated
by dierent hotels and lodges
will all go to the JGF, Cohen
The best four juniors will
compete for one of the prizes
on oer at the tournament,
he added.
Stage set for Kenya Open
The Kenya Open Junior
Championships serves off
this weekend after the end of
the qualifying rounds in Uasin
Gishu, Kakamega and Macha-
kos counties last weekend.
Enock Kimutai and Asimta
Namusende won the boys and
girls Under-18 qualiers in
Uasin Gishu to ease through
to the event at Nairobi Club.
Kimutai, a student at St
Patricks Iten, beat schoolmate
Robert Korir 4-1 in the boys
nals. Elvis Birir of Aviation
College beat Dickson Kimutai
of St Patricks 4-2 for bronze
in the play-os.
The girls nal was a Moi
Girls High, Eldoret affair
where Namusende edged out
June Namiranda 5-4.
The Uasin Gishu qualiers
drew players from Testimony
School, Moi Girls, St Moni-
cas Girls High, Tambaach
Boys High and St Patricks.
In Kakamega, Nicole Adhia-
mbo Onyango beat Linda
Janet Otieno 5-1 to win the
girls Under-18 nal.
Tony Kipruto from In-
gotse Boys hit Butere Boys
Eugene Omondi to prevail in
boys nal.
Ishmael Changawa during their Kenya Open Junior tennis cham-
pionship at Nairobi Club on December 17, 2011.
Harambee Stars defenders Brian Mandela and Jockins Atudo train at Nyayo Stadium on Monday. The
players leave for Comoros today ahead of Fridays 2015 Africa Cup of Nations preliminary qualier
match against the hosts.
The proceeds of a
hole-in-one shoot-out
over the lake on hole 13
and auction of holiday
vouchers will go to JGF
Tob Cohen, tournament
I dont care who you are.
even if you are Maradona,
discipline is mandatory
Adel Amrouche, Stars coach
Records fall at Aga Khan swimming pool contest
Meet records fell at will as the
Nairobi Amateur Swimming As-
sociation season ended with the
Age-group Championships at Aga
Khan High School. Twenty-ve
records were set at the weekend,
with Natasha Oduor-Owino (left)
of Sea Horse and unattached Mat-
thew Boyer each claiming ve.
Oduor-Owino,18, set new times
in Girls 16 and over 200m individ-
ual medley (IM), 100m breaststroke
and 100m freestyle, 100m IM and
50m breaststroke. Boyer, 15,broke
records in boys 14-15 200m IM,
100m breaststroke, 100m freestyle,
100m IM and 50m breaststroke.
Imara Bell Thorpe, Nabil Saleh
and Jamie Owora set two records
each, with Nasimiyu Khatundi, Ger
Ogot and Virginia Okumo also reg-
istering new marks.
Were and Mudde send
AFC to Cup quarters
Kenyan Premier League side AFC
Leopards are through to the quar-
ter-nals of the Nile Basin tourna-
ment after beating Tanzanian side
Mbeya City 2-1 on Monday night in
Khartoum, Sudan.
Ugandan midelder Musa Mudde
and winger Paul Were were on
target for Ingwe in the rst 20
minutes of the game. Ingwe had
registered a comfortable 2-0 win
over Etincelles of Rwanda in their
opening match.
Leopards will now play Academie
Tchite of Burundi in their last group
game. Leopards have been boosted
by the arrival of team doctor
Patrick Ngulase who linked up with
the squad on Monday evening. The
squad played the rst match with-
out Ngulase and injured players
had to seek medical attention from
the opposing camp.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Sport 61
Capello already knows
the Russia squad
Russia manager Fabio Capello
says he has already decided on
his 23-man World Cup squad but
intends to wait until the June 2
deadline before divulging his list.
Im really pleased with all of
my players work in the training
camp, he said after Mondays 1-0
World Cup warm-up win over Slo-
vakia. In the match with Slovakia
weve seen the high level of inten-
sity that we will likely face at the
World Cup in Brazil. Im happy
that none of my players were in-
jured. Ive already determined the
23-man squad for the World Cup
but I want all of my 25 footballers
to carry out preparations all to-
gether until the deadline.
Socceroos have work
to do, says coach
Australia coach Ange Postec-
oglou said his team are heading
in the right direction but still
have work to do ahead of the
World Cup after an uninspiring 1-
1 draw against South Africa.
While Australia did not play in-
jured rst-choice squad members
Mile Jedinak, Mark Bresciano and
Matthew Spiranovic on Monday,
there was little to enthuse about
before they depart for Brazil to-
day. But Postecoglou was keen to
put a positive spin on the game,
as he trimmed his travelling party
to 27 yesterday by axing Curtis
Good, Adam Sarota and Josh
Torres gets a foothold
in Spain WC squad

Chelsea striker Fernando
Torres considers it a spectacu-
lar prize just to get back into
Spains squad for a World Cup
friendly, but has vowed to ght
to secure a ticket on the plane to
Brazil. The 30-year-old, who last
played for Spain almost a year
ago at the Confederations Cup in
Brazil, was named by coach Vi-
cente del Bosque in the national
squad for a warmup game against
Bolivia on Friday. The announce-
ment gave a sliver of hope to the
50 million pound striker, who
suered an alarming slump after
becoming one of the worlds most
feared goalscorers at his peak.
Uruguays Suarez in
race against tness
Uruguays star striker Luis
Surez is recuperating after un-
dergoing surgery to repair knee
meniscus damage in training and
is doing well as he ghts to get
t for the World Cup, team doc-
tor Alberto Pan said Monday.
The 27-year-old who is set to
clash with Liverpool team-mate
Steven Gerrard as Uruguay has
been drawn with England, Italy
and Costa Rica, had the surgery
late last week after injuring his
knee in training on Wednesday.
Pan warned even so that it is
still premature to put an exact
date on when he will return to
normal activity and tness.
Stephen Keshi will decide on his
nal 23-man squad before inter-
national football governing body
Fifas June 2 deadline.
Scotland failed to qualify
for the nals they havent
reached the latter stages of a
major tournament since ap-
pearing at the 1998 World Cup
in France but their improved
performances under Strachan have
boosted condence ahead of next
seasons Euro 2016 qualiers.
Hull striker George Boyd returns to
the Scotland squad after a 12-month
absence following his decision to pull
out of last years trip to Croatia be-
cause it clashed with his wedding.
Ive been on the fringes of things,
said Boyd. I had a game in Serbia
but then got married and had to miss
the next squad, which probably killed
me a bit.
My wedding clashed with the June
date when Scotland won in Croatia.
That was really unfortunate and ob-
viously wasnt great from a football
perspective. It was a great perform-
ance by the boys in that game and
its hard to change when the team
is winning. So really Im just
happy to be back in.
He added: I think we have
that winning mentality with
Scotland now.
The past months have been
really good in terms of results and
performances so hopefully we can
take that all the way into the Euro
2016 qualifying campaign. (AFP)
Samuel Etoo and Cameroons other
World Cup stars are locked in a battle
with their federation over bonuses for
the tournament, press reports said.
The African team, who will be playing
in their seventh nals in Brazil, beat Mac-
edonia 2-0 in a warmup match in Austria
on Monday.
Back home the players face mounting
press criticism over their wage demands.
The Cameroon government last week
oered 61,000 euros, which the players
rejected, and then increased it to 68,000
euros, which was also turned down, Cam-
eroon daily Le Jour reported.
Le Jour said the players were demanding
more than 120 million CFA francs (182,000
euros) each. The daily blasted the demand
as indecent. The Nouvelle Expression daily
said there is tension over the bonuses,
which have been a regular problems be-
tween the players and their bosses.
Failed to get a point
At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa,
when Cameroon failed to get a point and
slumped out after the rst round, the play-
ers received a reported 65,000 euros. The
team reached the quarter nals in 1990
but have otherwise failed to get past the
rst round.
Their record has been picked up by crit-
ics in the latest money dispute.
It is urgent to question the unfettered
mercantilism of the soldiers of another
kind for whom we are still waiting for
the rst prizes on the battle eld, said
Le Jour.
Etoo watched from the bench as Cam-
eroon, who start the World Cup in Group
A against Brazil, Croatia and Mexico,
condently beat Macedonia in Kufstein.
Cameroon coach Volker Finke suered
a shock however when Pierre Webo per-
formed a spectacular scissors kick for the
rst goal in the 52nd minute. (AFP)
ictor Moses is targeting a World
Cup semi-nal spot ahead of Ni-
gerias international friendly with
Scotland in London today.
Moses and his team-mates will
step up their preparations for
Brazil against Gordon Strachans
improving side at Craven Cottage,
the home of Fulham, recently rel-
egated from the Premier League.
And the winger, on the books at nearby
Chelsea, is condent Nigeria can make
a major impression on next months
global showpiece.
I believe we can reach the semi-nals.
But togetherness of the team under the
coach is key.
There is always a good vibe among
the lads when we come together and
well need that at the World Cup.
Disappointing season
Moses has endured a disappointing
season on loan at Liverpool where
he found himself overlooked for long
periods as the Merseysiders nished
runners-up in the Premier League be-
hind champions Manchester City, but
he believes his frustrations can help re
his World Cup campaign.
I think playing at the World Cup will
be good for a lot of the players, and not
just me, he said.
After the Scotland clash, Nigeria will
y out to the United States where coach
Moses backs his Super Eagles
PUTTING BEST FOOT FORWARD | Coach Keshi to decide on his nal 23-man squad before
Reds winger condent
Nigeria will impress in
tourney ahead of todays
friendly with Scotland
Goalkeepers: Vincent Enyeama (Lille), Austin Ejide
(Hapoel Beer Sheva), Daniel Akpeyi (Warri Wolves),
Chigozie Agbim (Gombe United).
Defenders: Elderson Echiejile (Monaco), Efe Ambrose
(Celtic), Godfrey Oboabona (Rizespor), Azubuike
Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves), Kenneth Omeruo
(Middlesbrough, on loan from Chelsea), Juwon
Oshaniwa (Ashdod), Joseph Yobo (Norwich, on loan
from Fenerbahce), Kunle Odunlami (Sunshine Stars).
Midelders: John Mikel Obi (Chelsea), Ramon Azeez
(Almeria), Ogenyi Onazi (Lazio), Joel Obi (Parma),
Nnamdi Oduamadi (Varese), Ejike Uzoenyi (Enugu
Rangers), Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis), Sunday Mba
(Bastia), Reuben Gabriel (Waasland-Beveren), Michael
Babatunde (Volyn Lutsk).
Forwards: Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow), Shola
Ameobi (Newcastle), Emmanuel Emenike
(Fenerbahce); Obinna Nsofor (Chievo Verona), Peter
Odemwingie (Stoke), Michael Uchebo (Cercle Brugge),
Victor Moses (Liverpool, on loan from Chelsea), Uche
Nwofor (Heerenveen).
It is urgent to question the
unfettered mercantilism of the
soldiers of another kind for
whom we are still waiting for the
rst prizes on the battle eld
Le Jour, Cameroon daily
Cameroon plunged into World Cup bonus dispute
Nigerias striker Victor Moses (right) vies for the
ball with Italys defender Christian Maggio dur-
ing an international friendly match in London
last year.
I believe we can reach the
semi-nals. But together-
ness of the team under the
coach is key. There is always
a good vibe among the lads
when we come together and
well need that at the World
Victor Moses, Nigeria winger
June 2
Fifa deadline by which teams should
submit nal 23-man squads for 2014
World Cup
Road to Brazil 15 Days to G -AL!
Wednesday May 28, 2014
62 | Sport
Sao Paulo
oach Luiz Felipe Scolaris right-
hand man has said Brazil were good
enough to win the World Cup and
already had one hand on the trophy.
Asked what he had learned in previous
World Cups, from his backroom role in
Brazils 1970 triumph to his success at
the 1994 nals, Carlos Alberto Parreira
on Monday said that getting things right
o the eld was crucial.
Thats not easy. It entails the opera-
tional side of things, logistics, planning,
the relationship with the fans, the media,
the working atmosphere, said the 71-year-
old team technical coordinator.
We have already achieved that, therefore
we already have one hand on the trophy. We
are favourites but of course that is not
enough to win. Look how many favorites
fell by the wayside in the past.
We have a great team, the team is very
good. We are condent in these players
just look at the team we have, said Par-
reira, who led the Selecao to glory in 1994
before Scolari added Brazils fth World
Cup crown in 2002.
Rock-solid central defence
Parreira said the traditionally attack-
minded Brazilians have a rock-solid central
defensive partnership in David Luiz and
Thiago Silva, whom the former will join
next season at Paris Saint-Germain to
bolster their hopes.
And he praised the strength of the squad
as a whole.
We have experienced, quality players
renowned on the international stage and
we are playing at home, added Parreira,
who has recent experience of shouldering
the pressure of playing on home soil after
leading South Africa in 2010.
Brazil lost the 1950 trophy match at
home to Uruguay, but Parreira said that
only redoubled their zeal to win their sixth
title this time and put right an anomaly.
Of the big teams, we are the only one
never to have won at home. We want to
rewrite history. We already lost one Cup
and we dont want to lose a second one,
said Parreira. (AFP)
to reach semis in Brazil
Samba Boys good enough
to win tournament, says
coach Scolaris assistant
ahead of big showdown
international football governing body Fifas June 2 deadline
The countdown to the 2014 World Cup
begins in earnest this week as a raft of
international friendlies signals the nal
phase of preparations for nations head-
ing to Brazil.
1966 champions England, who head
to Brazil with all-time low expectations,
play the rst of three pre-tournament
friendlies against Peru on Friday at
Wembley before heading to Miami for
subsequent warm-up matches against
Ecuador and Honduras.
Captain Steven Gerrard acknowledged
these nal few weeks leading up to the
tournament would be crucial ahead of
their June 14 opener against Group D
rivals Italy. This is the important part,
the preparation making sure you get
into peak condition and try to nd your
form ready for that very important game
against Italy.
Spain play Bolivia
Meanwhile, title-holders Spain host Bo-
livia on Friday, a nal chance for fringe
players to impress with coach Vicente del
Bosque expected to nalise his 23-man
squad the following day. Del Bosque on
Sunday unveiled a list of 19 players for
the friendly, leaving out players from both
Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid for the
time being to monitor their tness.
Germany, losing semi-nalists in the
last two World Cups, play African hope-
fuls Cameroon in Moenchengladbach on
Sunday. The Germans have been in Italy
for a 10-day training camp with notable
rst-team regulars Manuel Neuer, Philipp
Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger still
nursing their way back to tness.
The Netherlands, 2010 runners-up,
host another Brazil-bound side Ghana
on Saturday in Rotterdam as Dutch
coach Louis van Gaal prepares for one
last hurrah before departing to take over
the reins at Manchester United after the
World Cup.
Four-time winners Italy, whose coach
Cesare Prandelli still has his nal cuts
to make from a provisional 30-man
squad, have an exhibition match lined
up against the Republic of Ireland in
London on Friday.
Dark horses Belgium, a country brim-
ming with youthful talent but making its
rst appearance at the global showcase
in 12 years, face Sweden in Stockholm
on Sunday. (AFP)
Friendlies mark start of Cup showdown
Brazils defender David Luiz (right) vies for the ball with Spains forward Fernando Torres during last years FIFA Confederations Cup nal
football match at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on June 30, 2013.
We have a great team, the
team is very good. We are
condent in these players, just
look at the team we have
Carlos Alberto Perreira, Brazils
assistant coach
Year Brazil won their fth World Cup
title. The Selecao lost the 1950 nal at
home against Uruguay
Road to Brazil 15 Days to G -AL!
United States 1 England 0 (1950)
England arrived at what was their rst
World Cup nals appearance hailed as
potential winners having lost just four
times in 30 matches. Faced with a
team of part-timers, England selectors
rested star player Stanley Matthews. It
proved to be a fatal error as with sub-
stitutes not yet permitted Matthews
sat helplessly on the sidelines as a
goal by Haiti-born Joe Gaetjens, who
earned his keep as a dishwasher in a
restaurant, earned the Americans a
1-0 win. Neither side made it through
to the next round. The match was
immortalised in a book and in a lm
called the Miracle Game
Uruguay 2 Brazil 1 (1950)
The game that came to be known as
the Maracanazo. Hosts Brazil were
drawing 1-1 and under the old format
were just 10 minutes from winning
their rst World Cup in the Maracana.
However, their hopes and that of a na-
tion were dashed as Alcides Ghiggia
lashed in a shot to make it 2-1. Despite
there being 200,000 fans packed
into the stadium Ghiggia, who is now
87 and the only member of the two
teams still alive, said the crowd were
reduced to a great stunning silence.
Brazil got over the trauma and have
won the trophy ve times since while
that was the second and last of Uru-
guays wins.
North Korea 1 Italy 0 (1966)
Pak Do-Ik entered World Cup folklore
by striking the only goal of the game
to secure the hermit Stalinist state a
remarkable 1-0 victory over Italy in
a group match in the unglamorous
setting of Middlesbrough in north-
eastern England. It did not presage a
golden era in football for North Korea
as they had to wait till 2010 for their
next appearance at the nals. How-
ever, for Pak it opened up a whole
new world. I learnt that playing foot-
ball can improve diplomatic relations
and promote peace, he said when he
made an emotional return to Middles-
brough in 2002. North Korea went on
to lose 5-3 to Portugal in the quarter-
nals but their feat was immortalised
in a BBC documentary The Game of
their Lives.
East Germany 1 West Germany
0 (1974)
One of the most politically charged
matches in World Cup history, with
the Cold War raging and intense ri-
valry between the two states reaching
a peak as West Germany hosted the
tournament. The two divided since
World War II fought constantly for
supremacy in the sporting arena but
this was the most high prole meet-
ing. West Germany were packed with
household names but the East Ger-
mans arrived boosted by Magdeburgs
Cup Winners Cup victory. Striker
Jurgen Sparwasser scored the only
goal of the game and provoked wild
celebrations back in the communist
state. West Germany, though, were to
have the last laugh as they went on
to win the trophy while East Germany
bowed out in the next round.
Algeria 2 West Germany 1 (1982)
The North Africans were appearing in
their rst World Cup nals and were
given little chance against the reign-
ing European champions in the clash
in Spain. The German players thought
it was done and dusted. One player
even said that he would play against
us with a cigar in his mouth, Algerias
full-back Chaabane Merzekane told
The Guardian later. The over con-
dence of the Germans came back to
haunt them as the Algerians prevailed
2-1 with Rabah Madjer opening the
scoring nine minutes into the sec-
The Germans pulled level through
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge only for a
stunning move by the Algerians to
culminate in the decisive goal by La-
khdar Belloumi. German coach Jupp
Derwall had said he would go home if
they were beaten by their opponents
but he stayed and it all came down to
the nal group game against Austria.
If Germany won they progressed, but
if it was a draw the Algerians would as
they had beaten Chile the day before.
The Germans won 1-0 with an early
goal which then saw the rest of the
match played as if it was a friendly,
neither side taking chances as they
knew both would qualify at Algerias
expense. Not surprisingly it became
known as the Disgrace of Gijon and
forced a change in that nal group
games would from then on be played
at the same time. West Germany lost
3-1 in the nal to Italy.
Northern Ireland 1 Spain 0
Unfancied Northern Ireland crashed
Spains World Cup esta, beating the
hosts 1-0 through a Gerry Armstrong
goal early in the second-half. Spain
could not even take advantage of
their opponents being reduced to 10
men for the nal half hour as defender
Mal Donaghy was sent o. Northern
Ireland went through to the quarter-
nals but their adventure ended there
while ironically Armstrong earned a
move to Spanish side Real Mallorca.
Armstrong told the BBC in 2008 that
the win that night had given hope
to the minnows of world football. I
think its a great inspiration for smaller
nations who have a bond like we had
and can also achieve success if theyre
Cameroon 1 Argentina 0 (1990)
Argentina as defending champions
opened the 1990 tournament in Italy
against a Cameroon side that had few
recognised stars. However, Francois
Omam-Biyiks headed goal, helped by
an awful goalkeeping error by Nery
Pumpido, gave them an astonishing
1-0 win in a game that their raw tack-
ling saw them reduced to nine men.
We hate it when European reporters
ask us if we eat monkeys and have
a witch doctor. We are real football
players and we proved this tonight,
said Biyik. Cameroon exited the tour-
nament in the quarter-nals, heads
held high and one of the few bright
spots of the nals. The Argentines,
with Diego Maradona their sole crea-
tive outlet, somehow made it to the
nal but left unloved through a mix
of their diving and brutal attitude on
the pitch.
South Korea 0 Spain 0 - S. Korea
won 5-3 on penalties (2002)
South Korea, who co-hosted the nals
with Japan, had already beaten Italy
in the Last 16, in controversial fashion,
and faced a Spanish side packed with
talent, but who had needed penalties
to beat Irish Republic to reach the
last eight. This too went to penalties
as the Koreans followed Dutch coach
Guus Hiddinks instructions to the
letter, harrying the skilful Spaniards
all over the pitch. The European sides
tempers frayed as two seemingly
good goals were ruled out by the
Egyptian referee. The Koreans kept
their nerve in the penalty shootout
and prevailed 5-3 to become the rst
Asian side to reach the semi-nals.
Their current coach Hong Myung-Bo
scored the winner. South Korea lost to
Germany in the semi-nal.
Senegal 1 France 0(2002)
In a repeat of 1990, another talented
but largely unknown African team up
against the defending world champi-
ons and possessed a global superstar
in Zinedine Zidane. The Senegalese,
coached by Frenchman Bruno Metsu,
rattled their opponents from the
start and it was no surprise when
midelder Pape Bouba Diop popped
up to score in the 30th minute. France
and especially their coach Roger
Lemerre seemed incapable of react-
ing and lost 1-0.
France became the rst defending
champions to exit at the group stage,
while Senegal got to the last eight
and on the back of it players like Diop
earned big money moves to top Euro-
pean clubs. (AFP)
The biggest shocks in
Fifa World Cup history
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Sport 63
wo judges have sued
their employer, chal-
lenging an order on
retirement age.
Justices Philip Tunoi of the
Supreme Court Bench and
David Onyancha of the High
Court have urged a court to
nullify a Judicial Service Com-
mission circular that set their
retirement age at 70.
They accuse the JSC of is-
suing a directive that conicts
with the constitutionally-set
retirement age of 74 for
The petitioners pray that
a declaration that the date of
retirement is the date upon
which they will attain the age
of 74 years be issued, their
lawyer, Mr Fred Ngatia, told
the High Court in Nairobi
The judges claim the JSC
wants to retire them pre-
maturely, arguing that their
employers circular that re-
quired them to leave service
by June 3 is bad law.
Mr Ngatia argued that the
retirement age for judges is
74 years according to the
However, they do not want
the dispute resolved through
an adversorial court proc-
ess. They have requested that
a panel of eminent scholars
and jurists be constituted to
adjudicate the matter.
The affected judicial of-
cers argue that they were
hired under the former Con-
stitution, which required them
to retire at 74, hence should
be allowed to serve until they
attain that age.
In a sworn statement, Mr
Justice Tunoi says a letter
dated April 28 from the Ju-
diciary was delivered to him
by a surbodinate sta.
Vacate oce
It is in this letter that a
communication is made to
me that I should retire on
June 3, 2014.
It is an issue to be decided
by this court whether the Ju-
diciary can resolve when I
should retire, he said.
Mr Ngatia said the Judiciary
was not a corporate body to
decide when and how judges
should retire.
So far, 38 judges have
received letters requiring
them to vacate oce at the
age of 70.
Two senior judges
sue JSC for asking
them to retire
Judiciary age limit
row lands in court
DISPUTE | Aggrieved ocers want jurists to resolve matter
Directive is unconsti-
tutional: The judges
accuse the JSC of issuing
a directive that conicts
with the constitutional
Premature retirement:
They claim the JSC wants
to retire them prema-
turely, arguing that their
employers circular that
required them to leave
service by June 3 is bad
age is 74
Bhavsinhji Club of Gujarat
beat hosts by 116 runs at the
Ruaraka Sports Club. P.61
Nigeria winger Moses backs Super
Eagles to reach semis of this years
tournament in Brazil. P.62, 63
HOW WE DO IT | Pupils visit court
Pupils of Harambee Khalsa Primary School, Nakuru,
take notes yesterday as Chief Magistrate Samuel Mun-
gai presided over a court session. The Standard Eight
pupils visited the Nakuru Law Courts to learn about its
processes and the rule of law.
Wednesday May 28, 2014
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Daily Kenya Living
LIVING Kenyas model dads have a lesson or two for the modern man
INSIDE> Petrolhead Baraza JM doles out expert advice on motoring
By the time you nish reading this and turn the page, one
person will have died of alcohol-related complications
around the world. Yes, the desire for a eeting high is now
killing more people than malaria, TB and HIV-Aids, so why
are governments doing so little to stem it?
One for the road,
one for the grave
t is midday on Friday, May 16 and
a group of young men are sitting
on a wooden bench outside a
shack on the northern fringes of
Kiambu town. Most are engaged in
rowdy conversations in the din of
blaring folk music, but one of them
seems deeply engrossed in some sort
of a soliloquy, completely unaware of
the world around him. Impulsively, he
fumbles for his tiny cupful of alcohol
on the dirty stool in front him.
Inside, more young men line the
rusty-brown, metal-sheet walls of
this dimly lit dive, one of the many
drinking dens whose patrons died
just a fortnight ago after consuming
adulterated alcohol. But, today, an
improbable normal prevails here.
One of the revellers, who only
identifys himself as Gachoka, explains
why: all the poisonous alcohol was
poured! He saw it happen on national
TV and there cant be any left. After
all, he poses, does it mean that people
will stop drinking because a few bottles
killed a few people?
It is this freewheeling with alcohol
that is causing concern among health
experts. The World Health Organisation
earlier this month warned that alcohol
was killing more people than the top
three worst rated killer diseases of
modern times; one person every ten
seconds, or 3.3 million people annually.
This is equivalent to 5.9 per cent of
global deaths 7.6 per cent for men
and 4.0 per cent for women.
Multitude of diseases
In its Global Status Report on Alcohol
and Health 2014, the organisation notes
that alcohol not only leads to drink-
driving, alcohol-induced violence
and abuse and injuries, but also to a
multitude of diseases and disorders that
cause one in every 20 deaths globally,
Alcohol has been associated with
more than 200 health conditions,
including liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis,
pneumonia, pancreatitis and most of
the cancers. Previous WHO studies have
found a link between heavy drinkers and
liver, throat, colon, oral and esophageal
cancers as well.
That heavy drinking mainly occurs
between Friday and Sunday evenings,
when, according to the WHO, about 16
per cent of drinkers worldwide engage
in weekly heavy episodic drinking.
These are the average weekend drinkers
who will not touch a tot on weekdays,
but who will wait until the weekend to
pub-crawl and get knocked at out.
The WHO reports that the total
alcohol per capita consumption, in
litres of pure alcohol, for Kenyan
drinkers aged 15 and above stood at
22.8 litres for males and 9.6 litres for
females. This, when compared to the
global average of 6.2 litres, shows how
enamoured with the momentary high
Kenya has become.
Yet Kenya has numerous policy
responses that ought to have ended
this problem. The country, though
having a written national policy and
action plan that dictate, for instance, the
legal minimum age for o-premise sales,
restrictions for on- and o-premise
sales of alcoholic beverages in terms
of hours, and the recently tightened
national maximum legal blood alcohol
concentration (BAC) when driving, is
held back by monitoring systems.
But John Mututho, the National
Authority for Campaign Against
Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada)
chairman, says everybody from the
local authorities to the Kenya Bureau
of Standards (Kebs), to the police and,
ultimately, his oce is culpable.
The main body charged with
ensuring the soundness of all the brews
sold anywhere in Kenya is Kebs, which
needs to ascertain the quality of what is
being manufactured by brewers before
we can license them, says Mututho.
The police and local administration
are supposed to provide intelligence on
the manufacturing and distribution of
malecent liquor. This is not a one-
man show.
Not a one-man show, true,
but, according to the Consumers
Federation of Kenya (Cofek), all these
bodies regulating alcohol production,
distribution and consumption in
the country could actually be the
When nearly 100 people died after
consuming illicit brews earlier this
month, Cofek accused Nacada of failing
in its mandate by conspiring with the
Parliament through unrealistic,
moralistic over-legislation to strangle
the industry.
According to Cofek, Nacada lacks the
capacity and has inadequate policy to
make any impact in the industry. This
problem is big; there is need for unied
approach. The biggest problem we are
facing with the agencies is the silo
management syndrome where every
agency seems to try to be locking
out others yet they share overlapping
mandates. This is not cost-eective yet
the nancial and technical resources
like labs could have been easily shared,
argues the consumer lobby.
James Gichuru Kariuki, a lecturer of
sociology at the University of Nairobi
and a consultant researcher, says
that, although dicult to express in
monetary terms, alcoholism has a
greater impact on human resources
than previously thought.
It deters investment for families
headed by habitual drunks because
it affects individual and household
decision-making in ways that have
a negative impact on economic
productivity and growth, he says.
His views are corroborated by the
WHO, which says it fears that the
problem could massively impact
developing countries where health
facilities and systems are weaker, and
where chronic diseases related to alcohol
could cause further impoverishment.
That, Mr Kariuki warns, is already
happening in Kenya, where the society
has embraced a sub-culture of deviant
drinking and attached heroic labels on
heavy drinkers.
coverstory coverstory
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One for the road: Alcohol now a major global health concern
You need only four glasses of wine to
harm your health, researchers warn
Malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis have been the leading killer diseases of the 21st
century for some time now, particularly in low-income countries, but a new disease
is swiftly overtaking these. Alcohol is killing one person every ten seconds; or 3.3
million people worldwide every year. Put dierently, it means that by the time you nish
reading this story, 60 people will have died... or slightly more if you are a slow reader!
The next time you go out to unwind
at your favourite joint, count the
shots or, if taking wine, the
glasses. According to a new study
by the University of Massachusetts
med school, published in the journal
PLOS ONE, four glasses of wine,
which roughly make a single
alcoholic binge, are enough to
cause lasting damage to the
body by causing bacteria to
leak from the gut, leading to
increased levels of toxins in
the blood.
Four glasses of wine can
elicit an immune response,
potentially impacting
(negatively) the health of
an otherwise healthy
individual, Prof
Gyongyi Szabo, who
led the research, said.
Our observations
suggest that an
alcohol binge is more
dangerous than
previously thought.
In conducting the
study, 11 men and 14
women were given
enough alcohol to raise their blood
alcohol concentration (BAC) to at
least 0.08g/dl in the space of an
hour and blood samples were then
taken for every 30 minutes for four
hours thereafter; and then again 24
hours later.
After the results were analysed,
it was established that just
four glasses of wine led
to a rapid and accelerated
increase of endotoxins in the
blood. Also, the research
established, there was
evidence of bacterial DNA
in the bloodstream, showing
that bacteria had entered
the gut. The bacteria, it
added, was then able to
travel through the gut
walls to other parts of
the body.
According to the study,
women had higher
blood alcohol levels
compared to men,
and in turn higher
endotoxin levels.
Wilson Manyuira
A police ocer from Pangani
Police Station inspects drums
that were used in prepapring
illegal liquor in Mathare slums
earlier this month. Four hundred
litres of changaa were destroyed
and nine people arrested in an
operation to sever the arteries
of illicit liquor production and
distribution in the slums.
May 28, 2014
Eective drugs to
curb alcoholism
ignored, study nds
TWO MEDICATIONS could help tens of
thousands of alcoholics quit drinking, yet
the drugs are rarely prescribed to patients,
researchers reported earlier this month.
The medications, naltrexone and
acamprosate, reduce cravings for alcohol
by ne-tuning the brains chemical
reward system. They have been approved
for treating alcoholism for more than
a decade. But questions about their
ecacy and a lack of awareness among
doctors have resulted in the drugs being
underused, the researchers said.
Fewer than a third of all people with
alcohol problems receive treatment of
any kind, and fewer than 10 per cent are
prescribed medications.
In the US, the Aordable Care Act
requires that insurers provide coverage for
substance abuse treatments and services,
and addiction specialists expect to see
increases this year in the number of people
seeking help for alcoholism.
George Koob, the director of the
American National Institute on Alcohol
Abuse and Alcoholism, said that the
new study should reassure doctors that
naltrexone and acamprosate, while not a
silver bullet, can help many patients.
This is an important paper, said Koob,
who was not involved in the study. There
are eective medications for the treatment
of alcoholism, and it would be great if the
world would use them.
The researchers focused on a measure
known as the number needed to treat, an
indicator of how many people need to take
a pill for just one person to be helped. The
study found that to prevent one person
from returning to drinking, the number
needed to treat for acamprosate was 12;
for naltrexone, the number was 20.
These drugs are really underused quite
a bit, and our ndings show that they can
help thousands and thousands of people,
said Dr Daniel E Jonas, the lead author of
the new study and an associate professor
of medicine at the University of North
Carolina. Theyre not blockbuster. Theyre
not going to work for everybody. But they
can make a dierence for a lot of people.
The new research looked only at
the eectiveness of the medications in
combination with behavioral interventions
like counselling and therapy, which is how
they are normally used. Jonas said it was
unknown whether the drugs would be as
eective on their own.
There are so many psychosocial issues
that often go along with alcohol use
disorders, like depression and anxiety,
Jonas said. Most people dont think you
should just start someone on a medication
and turn them loose.
Historically, treatment for alcoholism
and other addictions has been relegated to
support groups, rehabilitation centers and
similar programmes, said Dr Katharine A
Bradley, a senior investigator at the Group
Health Research Institute in Seattle.
But that is beginning to change as
more doctors view addiction as a chronic
illness that should be treated in a health
care setting, said Bradley, who wrote an
editorial accompanying the study in JAMA.
coverstory coverstory coverstory coverstory
One for the road: Alcohol now a major global health concern
3.3 m
Number of people killed by alcohol-
related illnesses and incidents in 2012.In
the same year, there were an estimated
627,000 deaths occasioned by malaria,
1.3 million by TB and 1.6 million deaths
by Aids-related illnesses (including
TB) worldwide, according to the World
Health Organisation. Alcohol caused the
equivalent of 5.9 per cent of global deaths
(7.6 per cent for men and 4.0 per cent for
PEOPLE LIVING in eastern Europe,
and Russia in particular, are the worlds
heaviest drinkers, and it is showing
in their mortality rates. In Russia, for
instance, one in four men die before age
55, according to a report titled Alcohol
and Mortality in Russia: A Prospective
Observational Study of 151,000 Adults.
This is a demographic crisis, the
studys lead author, Prof David Zaridze
of the Russian Cancer Research Centre in
Moscow, says, adding that the situation is
reversible with the right alcohol-control
Alcoholism is such a big problem in
Russia that it has been declared the
biggest threat to Moscows economic
and health systems. In 2010 prime
minister Vladimir Putin approved a
national intervention mechanism to ght
pervasive alcohol abuse with a target to
cutting alcohol consumption in half by
But the country is still struggling
to roll out measures that include
introduction of criminal punishment for
alcohol production and sales violations,
advertising restrictions, a pricing policy
dependent on quality, and eorts to
promote a healthy lifestyle, all aimed at
reducing the countrys alcohol-related
high mortality rate more than 23,000
people die of alcohol poisoning annually
here, while another 75,000 die of
alcohol-related diseases, according to
ocial statistics.
The last Russian leader to try to
cut alcohol consumption was Mikhail
Gorbachev, who in May 1985 attempted
to put an end to the rampant alcoholism
that was already taking its toll on the
Soviet Union. His eorts were ultimately
unsuccessful, however, and the illicit
production of moonshine samogon
rocketed, not to mention a sudden rise
in sales of medicinal and industrial spirit
which are abused by alcoholics. The
never-popular policy of prohibition was
later quietly dropped.
Overall, a quarter of Russian men die
before reaching 55, compared with seven
per cent of men in the United Kingdom
and less than one per cent in the United
States. The life expectancy for men in
Russia is 64 years placing it among
the lowest 50 countries in the world.
Above: Caskets
bearing some of
the 43 persons
who died after
alcohol laced with
methanol in Shauri
Yako slums during
a requiem mass
at Embu Stadium
earlier this month.
Right: Nacada
chairman John
Mututho displays
some of the
alcoholic drinks
brought to his
oce two weeks
ago for approval
tests after almost
100 people died
after consuming
illicit liquor.
Russia, the worlds drinking capital
A young Russian sits drunk in an abandoned building in Moscow. People
living in eastern Europe are the worlds heaviest drinkers.
A killer larger than Malaria, HIV/AIDS,
TB put together, yet ignored by many
Malaria, HIV/AIDS and
tuberculosis have been the leading
killer diseases of the 21st century
for some time now, particularly in
low-income countries, but a new
disease is swiftly overtaking these.
Alcohol is killing one person every
ten seconds; or 3.3 million people
worldwide every year. Put dierently,
it means that by the time you nish
reading this column, 60 people will
have died, slightly more if you are a
slow reader.
In 2012, there were an estimated
627,000 deaths occasioned by
malaria, 1.3 million by TB and 1.6
million deaths by Aids-related
illnesses (including
TB) worldwide,
according to
the World
Alcohol, on
the other hand,
killed over three
million, or the
equivalent of 5.9 per cent of global
deaths (7.6 per cent for men and 4.0
per cent for women).
In comparison, HIV/AIDS is
responsible for 2.8 per cent,
tuberculosis causes 1.7 per cent of
deaths and Malaria is responsible for
just 0.5 per cent.
Drinking is linked to more than
200 health conditions, including liver
cirrhosis and some cancers. Alcohol
abuse also makes people more
susceptible to infectious diseases like
tuberculosis, HIV and pneumonia.
Most deaths attributed to alcohol
around a third are caused by
associated cardiovascular diseases
and diabetes.
accidents, such
as car crashes,
were the second-
highest killer,
accounting for
around 17.1 per cent
of all alcohol-related
May 28, 2014
Hi Sir,
I have a two-door Range Rover 3.9 V8 and
am planning to upgrade to a 1996 four-door
4.2L, the last model of the 1989 classics. It has
all the features of 4.6HSE, apart from body
shape and the stretch limo (room inside).
Maintenance is not a problem. Can you advise
on performance?
The performance is not so good. Accelerating
to 100 km/h takes a quarter minute, and 170
km/h is just about as far as you will push it. It is
really underwhelming. But then again, the Range
Rover Classic is not a car for the discerning bank
robber, it is more of a waft-mobile, a posing
machine, a Sunday driver nowadays bought
specically for its evocative characteristics and
to draw the envy of fellow connoisseurs because
it is a classic. Chasing Porsche Cayennes and
BMW X5s in it is using the wrong tool for the
right job.
That three-door V8: is it a 3.5 or a 3.9? If it is
the latter, then that engine is not original. The
3.9 litre came with fuel injection, which was not
available with the three-door model. The early
models had 3.5-litre carburettor V8 engines.
Dear Baraza,
What happened to Italian cars in Kenya?
Italians have scores of engineering innovations
that have been used in cars from other
countries. For instance, the front-mounted
transverse engine with in-line gearbox rst
produced by Fiat and copied by Volkswagen,
Ford, Honda and Chrysler. The suspension
of Italian cars gives them incredible feel and
mastery of the road imitated by car makers all
over the world, but not exactly duplicated. The
system of valve adjustments was developed by
Fiat and copyrighted and adopted by Volvo,
VW and Audi.
Italian cars have a reputation, established
over several decades of sales to hopeful, but
subsequently disappointed, customers. The
problem with Italian cars lies in a little word:
reliability. The Romans are innovative, for sure,
but somehow they cant build things properly,
unlike the Germans or the Japanese. Italian cars
were willfully imsy, delicate, and not to be
trusted, but once in a while they did exactly what
they were supposed to do with a air unmatched
by any existing contemporaries sort of like their
soccer teams.
Each brand sported its own particular foibles:
Fiats were notorious for iy electrics. Lancias fell
victim to rust so fast, you would have thought
they were sprayed daily with nothing but sea
water. Ferrari = Fire. Lamborghinis had problems
with build quality, t and nish. Alfa Romeos
suered a combination of all these (except
the conagrations: those are reserved for the
Ferrari and Lamborghini of today). They were
as reliable as a box of wet matches, and just as
useless. Nowadays, though, most of them have
surmounted these issues.
Fiat grew, swallowing fellow companies and
nally decided to spend a little more money on
competent electricians. Lancia lost its identity
and is now nothing better than a rebadged
Chrysler (which was also swallowed by Fiat,
incidentally), but hey, at least they dont rust
anymore, do they?
Alfa Romeos are trustworthy now but
company policy has left the outt oundering in
an identity crisis that it, somehow, cannot seem
to cure and thus resorts to embellishment, half-
truths and crystal ball machinations to maintain
interest from anoraks.
Lamborghini was bought by Audi, which
was itself acquired by Volkswagen, so modern
Lambos are built like Audis with such Germanic
precision that certain motoring hacks are
starting to describe them using a little word that
once upon a time would have been considered
sacrilegious as a reference to a Lamborghini:
Ferraris still catch re, though.
Dear Sir,
I wish to get your expert opinion on the
problem I am experiencing with my manual-
shift Subaru Impreza saloon 2000 model GC8
SRX; note that this is a 2000cc non-turbo.
Recently, I had my clutch, pressure plate,
release bearing and the pilot bearing replaced
by a professional, who is also a renowned rally
driver. After that, the car shudders when I
release the clutch pedal. I was told that this is
an underlying problem with Subaru Impreza.
Kindly let me know if this is true, or if there
is anything I can do to rectify this problem.
I have been driving manual-gear vehicles of
dierent models for the past 36 years and I
have not experienced this (apart from when
your pressure plate has gone weak, which is a
sign that it needs to be replaced).
What happened is that the said rally driver did
not do a professional job. Yes, ddling around
the engine bay of an Impreza is an onerous task;
ask anyone who has had to change the plugs
on one what their knuckles looked like after the
operation and they will give you a look that is
both amusing (to you) and draws sympathy. This
is because of the engine layout: it is a at engine
(horizontally opposed cylinders) which means it
lies very low in the car and robs the surrounding
area of manoeuvering space whenever some
spannering is required.
However, people have changed clutches on
Imprezas ever since they were made and some
of them took their time to do it properly. Your
man here did not take his time. Methinks he did
not properly reassemble the clutch kit and either
some components are misaligned, or some bolts
could do with further fastening. What makes
it sadder is your allegation that he is a rally
driver: surely, at one point he must have dabbled
in Impreza-ship, even if his rally car is not an
Impreza. His mechanical knowledge should at
least stretch to changing the clutch properly on
a car, any car (especially one marketed heavily
using its rally credentials).
Dear Baraza,
I really appreciate your professional advice
on cars. I drive a Toyota Fielder mainly on
You now buy a Range Rover classic to make other connoiseurs envious
The Range Rover is not a car for the discerning
bank robber. It is more of a waft-mobile, a
posing machine, a Sunday driver nowadays
bought for its evocative characteristsics
May 28, 2014
tarmac but when I visit my mum, the
underbelly gets scratched now and again.
I have thought of buying a RAV 4 but
realised that it comes with a big engine
and could consume more. What would
you advise? How do these two cars handle
sharp corners at high speed? I have never
tried doing so. I thought the Fielder
could head straight into a thicket, but my
friend said no. What is understeering or
oversteering? What really happens when I
drive my car at speeds of between 40 and
70kp/h? Does it strain and wear out as my
mechanic says?
In my Fielder, there is a knob in the
gear lever that, when pressed, indicates
that the is OD o. What is that and what is
it used for?
Finally, what happens if I drive in
neutral gear?
It happens to the best of us. My car,
too, scratches its underbelly when I visit
my mum. Whether or not to get a RAV4
depends entirely on you. How bad is
the scratching? In my case, the entire
front bumper came o. How often do
you visit your materfamilias? How much
more fuel are you willing to sacrice for
protection from the demons of shoddy or
non-existent road works? If I could aord
a RAV4, I would get one for those visits
through the less-than-tractable village
paths, but I cant. The choice is yours.
The way these cars handle sharp corners
at high speed is dierent. The RAV4
will roll over while the Fielder will most
likely understeer if on good tarmac or
oversteer badly on a loose surface. I have
experienced both during a road test, which
is why I am not enamoured by that model.
Understeering is a situation whereby
you turn the steering wheel to take a
curve/corner but the car keeps barrelling
straight on. I sometimes refer to it as the
nose washing wide. This is the most
extreme form of understeer. Most times the
car will turn, yes, but it will take a wider arc
than desired; i.e. the amount of steering
lock (the degree to which you twirl the
tiller) is greater than the angle at which
the car actually turns. This is because
the wheels do turn to the same degree
but grip is scrubbed away due to several
factors: pressure, tread depth, suspension
set-up, steering geometry and drive layout
(FWD vs RWD if the turn is made under
power). The name understeer is almost
self-explanatory: not enough steer.
Oversteer is the opposite. Turn the
steering wheel a little but the car turns too
much. A common reference is the back
stepping out because that is exactly what
happens: the rear end of the car steps out
of line with the front. It is like the back
of the car is trying to overtake the front.
This is usually caused by loss of grip at
the rear axle, so the tyres cannot hold the
car in place and centrifugal forces pull the
back end in a straight line as opposed to it
following the arc that is the corner. Other
references are shtailing or getting
into a tank-slapper whenever an attempt
to control oversteer is made, resulting
in the vehicle swinging from side to side
in a violent yawing motion. Intentional
oversteer is referred to as powersliding (if
the engine power is used to break traction
at the rear axle) or drifting.
There is nothing wrong with driving your
car at 40 to 70 km/h, provided you are in
the right gear (for a manual transmission).
Doing that speed in 1st or 2nd gear is just
wasting fuel and heating up the engine
for nothing. Doing it in 3rd, 4th or 5th is
ne. The trick is to keep the engine speed
between 1800 and 4000 rpm. Anything
outside these parameters is either a
desperate attempt at economy driving
(straining the engine and transmission)
or competitive driving (going for top-end
power and/or redlining).
I explained what the O/D button
(overdrive is for) and how it works in a
past article, which I have revisited in an
upcoming book. In a nutshell, overdrive
is used to optimise fuel economy and
prolonging engine life by allowing it to
operate at lower rpm than usual. It
is like a subsidiary gear. For normal day-
to-day use, it is best to leave it on. You
can turn it o when towing another car or
pulling a trailer (high torque applications).
Theres nothing really wrong with
driving your car in neutral, except of course
that you cannot go uphill like that. There
is also the very real risk of accidentally
bumping the gear lever into the wrong slot
(R instead of D). Most cars are designed
with a failsafe (R cannot be selected unless
the car stops completely and the brake
pedal is depressed, or R stays locked until
you press a release button on the selector
lever allowing it to go into R from N), but
this has also happened to me in a Corolla
110 where I had a co-driver (unwanted
help; nobody asked him to intervene) who,
knowing my dislike for driving in neutral,
took matters into his own hands and
surreptitiously slid the selector lever into N
from D in the name of saving fuel.
However. I had already put the lever
in N, so what he actually did was slide
the lever from N into R... at 60 km/h. The
engine went o and the car came to a
violent halt, with all sorts of alarming
beeps emanating from the dashboard.
We were lucky the entire gearbox did not
fall out from under the car or warp some
driveshafts. We were also lucky we were
not rear-ended by a truck, because there
was a truck behind us at the time. This is
why I tell people not to drive in Neutral.
Also, dont help if you havent been
asked to
Having car trouble? Send your questions to for absolutely
free expert advice.
The Range Rover 4.2L:
Accelerating to 100km/h takes
a quarter minute, and 170 km/h
is just about as far as you can
push it.
You now buy a Range Rover classic to make other connoiseurs envious
Understeering is
a situation whereby
you turn the steering
wheel to take a
curve/corner but
the car keeps
barrelling straight
on. I sometimes refer
to it as the nose washing
wide. This is the extreme
form of understeer. Often the
car will turn, yes, but it will
take a wider arc than desired.
May 28, 2014
1 Not easy to trace printout (4,4)
5 A waterway in another
country (6)
10 Lacrosse quartet playing a
short distance away (2,5,8)
11 Peace, as occupied by the
French (7)
12 Regular visitor needs a
short time in shade (7)
13 Fail to notice I have a letter (7)
15 In Japan I mustnt nd
hostility (6)
19 Get back in gear after
changing (6)
20 One provides accompaniment
for sh rst (7)
23 Pugilists rib sure to be
injured (7)
25 Woman grabbing doctors
instrument (7)
27 Bar need rolling pins for
idle pleasure (4,3,8)
28 Twisted journalist faded
away (6)
29 Caution shown by girl (8)
1 Transport running late to the
end of the line (6)
2 Remembering engineers
vocation (9)
3 Birds put on new hat for
ceremony (5)
4 Keep page on top of book (8)
6 Basic essentials for a
stripped-down gure? (4,5)
7 Finished on tee in Open? (5)
8 What chemists and faith
healers do with drugs (8)
9 South American welcome
dish (5)
14 Orderly needs craft and
inuence (9)
16 Monks mule spilled fruit (4,5)
17 Expected expert with small
child to get left inside (8)
18 Parliamentarian Liberal
and manufacturer going round
centre of Delaware (8)
21 One who may have had a
prior engagement (5)
22 Girls story about donkey (6)
24 Characters taking part in
stupendous overthrow (5)
26 Estimated speed thats
dangerous initially (5)

1. Legal punishment
7. Raw earth from which metal
is extracted
8. To choose from two or more
10. To bedeck
12. Genus of a small agile deer
13. A number
14. Appear
15. To drink in small mouthfuls
16. A strong craving for
18. A large stork-like wading bird
related to the heron
21. Consumed
22. To break without dividing
into parts
23. Tiny
24. To lubricate
25. Instruments used for
crushing substances in a mortar
1. A scheme or project
2. 12.00 oclock midday
3. To apprehend
4. Guided
5. Of_______ means of old
6. The slender part of a wine
9. Expressed in verse
11. To make less concentrated by
adding water
14. Supernatural being as a
ghost or fairy
16. Plot of closely mowed grass
17. To exude
19. A large formal dance
20. Runners attached to the feet
for gliding over snow
22. Genus of a large leafed
Each number in our Codeword grid represents a dierent letter of the alphabet. For example,
today 14 represents H so ll in H every time the gure 14 appears. You have two letters in the
control grid to start you o. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use
your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get
the letters, ll in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid.
Check o the list of alphabetical letters as you identify them.
7 Complies
9 Reason
10 Fast
11 Sales pitch
12 Stolid
14 Tea party
15 Canopy
17 Series
20 O stage
22 Setter
23 Sea Anemone
24 Dali
25 Cohere
26 Sediment
1 Romantic
2 Spat
3 Missed
4 Arms race
5 Capitalist
6 Low cut
8 Salute
13 Landscape
16 Platelet
18 Stealing
19 Serous
21 Feed on
22 Serous
24 Dame

Two winners win a Free Meal with Steers daily on 20567!
Fill in the 3 shaded digits and send the values ABC to 20567 for your chance to
to win a Free Meal with Steers. Start the SMS with the word Sudoku e.g Sudoku
1,2,3 Check your Wednesday paper to see if you are a winner. Winners will be
contacted directly by Steers within 2 weeks to receive their prize SMS cost:
10/= Past Winners
The stars suggest that you are thinking seriously
about becoming deeply committed to one of
your relationships. You need this day for thought
because if you rush o half-cocked as you
sometimes do, it tends to lead to an accident-
prone emotional life, as am sure you know by
PISCES | FEB 20 - MAR 20
It wont pay to begin anything fresh today
instead do the opposite: sort out the nishing
touches to all those little jobs, relationships and
everything else that you have left undone. If
you have an Aquarian in your life, they may be
making some extra demands.

ARIES | MAR 21 - APR 20
It is a good time for those of you who work in
the service industries or those who have fallen
behind in their workload, because you are going
to have plenty of energy and the will power to
catch up and surpass yourself. Its a good day
also for making arrangements to have your teeth
TAURUS | APR 21 - MAY 20
With luck you should be surrounded by a certain
amount of cooperation, peace and harmony.
Friends, contacts and acquaintances will be
doing everything in their power to help you out
in any way they can so if you want advice or
assistance in any way, shape or form,
It is a time to focus your mind on your ambitions.
You have been exploring options . Any struggles
in your life can be solved by simply sorting out
your priorities..It is time to recognise whether
people are playing with your ideas or awilling to
make a commitment.
This is a time when you may be taking on new
interests, studies, or hobbies which are likely to
be of an intellectual nature. Aairs connected
with younger people can be tackled satisfactory;
you will know what needs to be done and at
what time.
LEO | JULY 23 - AUG 22
Today you are about to throw o recent
introspection and throw yourself whole heartedly
into the swim of things. You will be taking on
the role of a leader at this time.Because of
this, romantic and social activity is likely to be
instigated by your good self.
VIRGO | AUG 23 - SEP 23
Those closer to you both at work and at home
and in your friendship circle are certainly lively
and full of good ideas so why dont you give
them a listen? You might be quite glad that you
did. If you have a Gemini or a Pisces in your life
these could be the ideal people to go to for
LIBRA | SEP 24 - OCT 23
You will be putting your heart and soul into
work and its a good time for sorting out the
complicated nancial side of your life and facing
up to some basic home truths mainly that you
dont have an unlimited supply money not .unless
you mare making it yourself.
Today the stars pile pressure on your already
over-loaded workload. There might not be
enough space for a well-earned rest, but
a change of scene could give you a fresh
perspective on a current problem. Yyour path to
happiness lies in being true to yourself.
Youd be well advised not to take the promises
or commitments of other people too seriously
because their judgment is totally o and their
enthusiasm is running riot. No doubt their
company will be enjoyable.
There may be a certain anxiety in you as to
whether someone close to you is really putting
their weight or whether it is you who is carrying
around the lions share of the problems and
decision making, when ideally they should be
divided between the two of you.
SUDOKU with Steers
1. Fragrance
7. Ore
8. Ire
10. Liege
12. Carved
13. Kit
14. Bid
16. Module
18. Lemon
20. Ret
21. Ape
22. Generator

1. Flick
2. Alert
3. Role
4. Arid
5. Nee
6. Eve
9. Raise
11. Guile
14. Buret
15. Deter
16. Mope
17. Oner
18. Log
19. Man
To receive NATIONmobile
horoscopes on your mobile, SMS the
Star you want, eg LEO
to 20667 at 5/- above normal rates.


May 5, 2014 Paul Asewe
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May 6, 2014: Josphat Nyaboga
Chris Some Tum
May 7, 2014: Abdullahi Zuberi
Wanjiru Mwaura
May 8 2014: Elijah Kimani
May 9, 2014:: Hezbon Mariwa
Sally Jelimo
May 10, 2014: Philip Otieno
May 11, 2014: Ruth Wangui G

Monday, January 11, 2010
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take her relationship with Fred.Max tries to bring
Vitor Manuela at any cost.
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May 28, 2014
The rst school that Oginga went to was
Maranda Primary School.
He worked very hard and remained at the
top of his class throughout his studies. By the
way, he also ran away from school a few times,
but even so, he did so well at his exams that he
earned a place at the highly respected Maseno
If you dont know where Maseno School is,
you pass through Maseno when going from
Kisumu to your rural home in Siaya. I wonder if
your geography teacher has taught you that the
equator passes through Moseno? It is between
Luanda and Chutaimbo and is a picturesque
small town where the grass is almost always
green and the climate is pleasant.
Now, when the missionaries from Great
Britain came to present day Nyanza, they
founded the Anglican Church of Kenya. Maseno
School was also started by them. Ask your uncle
Ochieng about it. He was also educated there.
The school fees were not easy to raise for
Ogingas family. Do you know that once his elder
brother; Abisai, walked 80 kilometres from home
to Maseno with a sheep to pay his brothers fees!
That was a loving brother!
At Maseno, the Headmaster was Carey
Francis, a white man. He was also a highly
respected mathematics teacher, and taught
many of the brilliant scholars and other achievers
of Kenya.
Oginga was his star pupil in mathematics
at the time. Carey Francis set him dicult
mathematical problems, and Oginga enjoyed
the challenge of guring out his own original
ways of solving them.
The Eiel Tower is an iron lattice edice located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, ... It was named after
Engineer Gustave Eiel, whose company designed and built the . The tower was originally the entrance
arch for the Worlds Fair in 1889. It is 320 metres high and during its ., it surpassed the Washington
Monument and was given the title the tallest man-made structure in the world, a title it held for 41 years. The
tower is made of . and weighs around 10,000 tonnes. Around 50 tonnes of paint are used to paint the
tower every seven years to protect it from . Its design was initially criticised by some of . leading
artists and intellectuals, but it went on to become both a global cultural icon of France and one of the most
recognisable structures in the ... In 2010 it received its 250 millionth visitor.
Learn fun facts about your world by lling in the blanks using the
words in bold given below.
T h e E i e l T o w e r i s a n i r o n l a t t i c e e d i c e l o c a t e d o n t h e C h a m p d e M a r s i n P a r i s , F r a n c e . I t w a s
n a m e d a f t e r E n g i n e e r G u s t a v e E i e l , w h o s e c o m p a n y d e s i g n e d a n d b u i l t t h e t o w e r . T h e t o w e r
w a s o r i g i n a l l y t h e e n t r a n c e a r c h f o r t h e W o r l d s F a i r i n 1 8 8 9 . I t i s 3 2 0 m e t r e s h i g h a n d d u r i n g i t s
c o n s t r u c t i o n , i t s u r p a s s e d t h e W a s h i n g t o n M o n u m e n t a n d w a s g i v e n t h e t i t l e t h e t a l l e s t m a n -
m a d e s t r u c t u r e i n t h e w o r l d , a t i t l e i t h e l d f o r 4 1 y e a r s . T h e t o w e r i s m a d e o f i r o n a n d w e i g h s
a r o u n d 1 0 , 0 0 0 t o n n e s . A r o u n d 5 0 t o n n e s o f p a i n t a r e u s e d t o p a i n t t h e t o w e r e v e r y s e v e n
y e a r s t o p r o t e c t i t f r o m r u s t . I t s d e s i g n w a s i n i t i a l l y c r i t i c i s e d b y s o m e o f F r a n c e s l e a d i n g a r t i s t s
a n d i n t e l l e c t u a l s , b u t i t w e n t o n t o b e c o m e b o t h a g l o b a l c u l t u r a l i c o n o f F r a n c e a n d o n e o f t h e
m o s t r e c o g n i s a b l e s t r u c t u r e s i n t h e w o r l d . I n 2 0 1 0 i t r e c e i v e d i t s 2 5 0 m i l l i o n t h v i s i t o r .
Frances construction rust world tower iron France
AUTHOR: Ezekiel Alembi
AUTHOR: Longhorn Publishers
May 28, 2014
Why do men
hate shopping
so much?
Could your
teen be abus-
ing drugs?
the family magazine
Osso buco stew
with mashed
Kenyas model fathers
Meet the two dads who rush home after work to feed and
give their children a bath
I refer to last weeks main story
about Josphat Njuguna, the man
who has been missing for nine years.
Who is this person who called him
when he went missing? You want
to tell me that Safaricom could not
trace Njugunas call log? How di-
cult was it to trace this caller?
This is a sad story. We should cut the
inated pay for politicians and invest
more in national security and polic-
ing assets.

Pray, where do all these Kenyans
who disappear go to? How can
someone walk out of their front door,
never to return, and never to be
seen? I feel this familys pain. I would
rather know that my loved one is
dead, rather than live in doubt or
ignorance for the rest of my life.
Mark Mutua
I dare say that our police force is as
ineective as they come. I believe
that this mans whereabouts would
have been found had the police
acted as soon as they received the
missing complaint from his son.
Nowadays, it is easy to monitor
someone through their phones. That
person who called this man, as well
as the one who picked up his phone
later, should have been found.
Ezekiel Onyango
I have a relative who disappeared
over 20 years ago. He left for work
one day but did not return. He was
young, healthy, was in a happy rela-
tionship in short, he had his whole
future ahead of him. As far as we
know, he had no enemies, neither
was he involved in an accident. He
just disappeared, and for all these
years, his mother has never stopped
mourning him.
Jackie Njeri
Wifespeak is just what the doctor
Hi, Karimi my name is Anna, from
Uganda. I love your weekly column in
Daily Nation. Which woman doesnt
like owers and chocolate? Dah!
Anyway, at least you are honest.
Keep it up.
Katusiime anna
Karimi, I read your article in
Wifespeak last week with enthusi-
asm. I can imagine the bliss that set-
tles in a marriage that has most of its
ingredients right. I recently surprised
my ance with a fabulous outt I
am pleased to tell you that it did the
trick. I am one of the men who have
found out what makes my woman
tick. Keep enlightening and enter-
taining us.
Karimi, I must say I am impressed
with your article; every woman
needs a dose of romance. My hubby
buys me True Love magazine every
month, save for this month when
he forgot to do it. I just recognised
this romantic gesture when I read
your article. Thanks for your inspiring
Sarah Bondi
Hello Karimi, my name is Patricia
Wanjiru. I am a video editor. I read
your article last week and I just loved
it. Keep writing, educating, informing
and entertaining us.
Patricia Wanjiru
I read your articles, and I have to say
that they inspire many Kenyans. I en-
joyed last weeks, even though I am a
single man.
Erick Mariita
I just read your article, which talked
about why every woman needs a
dose of romance. I totally agree with
you; if only the man in my life could
read it,
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Just where do these Kenyans go to?
The world of medical school is, in
my view, one of the most fullling experi-
ences that one can have at the university.
However, the academic pressure is in-
tense, more so in the school of dentistry
where one has to walk the delicate rope of
science and art.
Of the multiple silver linings that come
with an otherwise taxing profession, the
gift of interacting with people from all
walks of life for me, is priceless. Every
time I mention I am a dental student,
people tend to recount their dental woes,
and some even open their mouths for me
to make a spot diagnosis. On reaching a
certain level of trust, every patient has a
story to tell, and besides being entertain-
ing, some of their experiences lead to self-
reection. For this reason, doctors make
some of the best dinner conservationists.
Last week, an interesting patient walked
into the clinic. He is a distant relative who
had been referred to me by his wife, who I
had met at an extended family gathering.
My patient lived in the outskirts of Nai-
robi, and since he is elderly, he is 87, I had
been anxiously calling him every half hour
to make sure he would not get lost, but
her would assure me that he knew where
the dental hospital was. Sure enough, at
11.30am, there he was at the gate having a
hearty chat with the guards.
Though we are not directly related, the
title of grandfather is betting, if any-
thing, despite this being our rst meeting,
the pull created by our shared blood was
so strong, it made for instant chemistry.
He was a lean man of medium height,
wearing simple clothes, and carrying a
walking stick, which to me seemed more
of a status symbol than a walking aid,
since he was still brisk of step. His frizzy
grey hair was tucked rather ambitiously
under a small cap. His left eye was dam-
aged, but the toothless grin that painted
his face whenever we shared a joke looked
so warm and natural, it almost made me
want to question my clinical judgment of
wanting to give him dentures.
As I took his medical history, I got to
know the man more, and with every word,
my admiration for him grew. His only hos-
pital admission was when he came from
the forest with a bout of pneumonia, hav-
ing been part of the Mau Mau rebellion,
his left eye the price. We got talking about
those days in the forest and the hardships
they had to go through for the sake of a
nation whose destiny, they believed, was
greater than them.
Although the man was clearly passion-
ate and proud of his role in the struggle,
he also expressed dismay about how he
and the other freedom ghters, after hav-
ing fought so hard for their land, were
short changed and forced to buy their
own land back. Those who couldnt af-
ford to do so become squatters, a slap on
the face considering they were the reason
that our ag and not the Union Jack, was
ying high.
After our session was done, I walked
him to the bus station, and as he boarded
the matatu I couldnt help but ponder
how we, as a nation, have neglected our
senior citizens, of how some of us have
to be forced to make that upcountry trip
during the holidays, of how some of us
live a stones throw away from our grand-
parents but wait until an illness compels
us to visit, of how we call our friends to
speak for hours but never seem to nd
the time to call up our parents to just say
hello. We should remember that without
them, there is no us, that perhaps the sac-
rices and tough choices they made along
the way are the reason we are where we
are today.
I salute the veterans.
Send in your 650-word article on
matters aecting the family to living@ with Have Your Say as
the subject. Living does not pay for this
I salute our
freedom ghters
Wednesday May 28, 2014 DAILY NATION
2 Living
for the changed behaviour, or get unusually
angry or defensive.
Teenagers using drugs may also withdraw
from normal family routine and activities,
and instead spend time alone in their rooms,
and cut you o. Also, if they suddenly dont
want you going into their room, or hesitate to
tell you where they are going or with who, sit
up and take notice.
Alcohol and marijuana can impair sense
of judgment; cause an obvious slurring of
speech as well as other diculties in verbal
communication. A teen under the inuence
of these drugs may either talk less or become
abnormally talkative with jumbled speech, or
use drug jargon.
Mood swing
Another warning sign is frequent skipping of
classes, a sudden lack of interest in school
activities, or decline in school grades.
Lack of motivation is another warning sign
of drug abuse. The teenager may exhibit lazi-
ness, poor morale, and may appear drowsy
and fatigued. In such a case, his eating habits
may have become poor.
Another sign is depressed mood, mood
swings and lack of interest in things they
were previously passionate about.
Teenagers are normally very concerned
about their appearance, therefore, any grad-
ual or sudden disinterest in looking good,
disregard for cleanliness, or adoption of odd
dress habits may be a sign of drug abuse.
If your teenager frequently asks for money
but does not give a reasonable explanation
on how he intends to use the money, you
should be alarmed there is a probability
that he could be using this money to buy
drugs. If you fail to give him the money he
asks for, the likelihood is that he will resort to
stealing, to sustain his habit. If money starts
missing from your handbag, or other places
you keep money, or if house-hold items such
as electronics start to disappear from your
home, it could be that your teenager is sell-
ing them to feed a drug habit.
Be observant
Other denitive signs, and which need close
scrutiny, may include widely dilated pupils,
bloodshot eyes, or pin-point pupils. There
may also be noticeable physical changes like
abrupt and unexplained weight gain, weight
loss, and poor oral hygiene. There may be
needle tracks on the skin, which is an indica-
tion of using injectable substances such as
heroine. Such teenagers like wearing long-
sleeved clothes even during warm weather to
hide the needle marks.
Last but not least, a teen who uses drugs
may have drug-related objects such as weight
scales, aluminum foil wrappers, short straws,
cigarette lighters, mirrors and hypodermic
It is the duty of a parent to keep a close tab
on what your child is up to. Spend adequate
time with him, engage him, take an active
interest in activities he is interested in, and
make an eort to know his friends. Only an
involved parent would be in a position to spot
these warning signs, and therefore take the
necessary precautions to oer help.
Drugs and substance abuse is a problem
that is prevalent world-wide. It needs no say-
ing that it greatly lowers the productivity of
the abuser, which is unfortunate, because
young people have immense potential to
become successful and inuential people in
our society.
Adolescence is a vulnerable stage, it is a stage
of rapid change, and the teenager is strug-
gling with a lot, including sexual identity,
self-identity, and pressure to decide what they
want to do with their lives. Experimentation
with smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs mostly
begins at this stage. It is therefore important
for parents, guardians, and healthcare provid-
ers to know the warning signs of drug abuse.
If caught early, it is possible to seek interven-
tions that will prevent addiction.
Red ag
One of the initial warning signs of drug abuse
in teenagers is a change in mannerism and
behaviour, for instance recurrent change of
friends who you do not know or approve of.
When confronted, he may give poor excuses
Signs that your teen could be abusing drugs
Spend adequate time with him, engage
him, take an active interest in activities
he is interested in, and make an eort to
know his friends
Look out for drug-
related material.
This article has been written by Dr. Re-
becca Muthoni and the Living Magazine
Panel of Health Professionals. Please
send all your medical questions to
Dr Muthoni
DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014
Living 3
cover story cover story
Every rst Thursday of the
month, 26-year-old Jonathan
Muema accompanies his wife
and seven month-old son to a
well-baby clinic.
During these visits, his son is
given the required immunisa-
tions, his weight, height, and
feeding habits checked, as well
as his general progress.
When they return home later
that day, Jonathan helps to feed
his son, changes his diaper, and
then rocks him to sleep. This
new father says he does all these
things because he wants to be in-
volved in all aspects of his childs
life. He does not believe that
such roles should be exclusively
left to his wife.
This is our son, and it is not
fair that my wife Agnes should
shoulder the responsibility of
early childcare all by herself,
he says.
This involvement in his sons
life did not just start. It has a
Hands on
I accompanied my wife for all
her antenatal clinics. I wanted to
let her know that we were in this
together, says the Bsc graduate,
who is an information technol-
ogy expert.
As his wifes pregnancy ad-
vanced, and when it became dif-
cult for her to do some chores,
such as mop the oor, Jonathan
would gladly help out.
When I came home from
work, I would prepare super
and thereafter wash the dishes.
Id also mop the oor daily, and
ensure that the house was clean
and tidy.
Jonathan also made a point of
reading and researching about
every stage of his wifes preg-
nancy. Towards the end of the
pregnancy, he is the one who
packed his wifes hospital bag,
which included all the items she
and their baby would need while
in hospital. When his wife went
into labour, Jonathan spent hours
rubbing her back and massaging
her, helping her through the
breathing motions and basically
oering her the much needed
support. For the two days she
laboured, he never once left her
I only allowed myself occa-
sional naps by her bedside. Fam-
ily and friends brought me food
at the hospital, he says.
After hours of prolonged la-
bour, Agnes had to go in for an
emergency caesarean delivery.
The only regret he has is that
doctors refused to allow him into
the delivery room. When his son
Ray Jason was born, Jonathan
spent the rst four hours of his
life with him at the nursery.
The nurses allowed me to
hold him, talk to him and play
with him. They even taught me
how to change his diaper, he
Once home, baby Ray Jayson
would cry for hours - Jonathan
suspected it was colic, since he
had read about it. He had also
heard about the services of infant
massage specialists, and imme-
diately looked up one in Nairobi.
He got in touch with Susan Muri-
ithi of Toto Touch, who taught
the couple how to massage their
son into total relaxation.
No more sleepless nights
She taught us how to mas-
sage the legs, feet, abdomen,
chest, arms, face, buttocks and
back, something that would
soothe and relax him.
He continues,
After about 30 to 60 minutes
of this, he would sleep for several
hours, and with time, the colic
stopped being a bother.
Saturdays and Sundays are fa-
ther and son days at this house-
hold. Jonathan says that giving
Ray Jason a bath, a full body
massage, and later dressing him
and then lulling him to sleep is
the highlight of his week.
Massaging my baby has made
me know him very well. I am in
tune with his body and I know
what makes him tick. Whenever
something is amiss with him, I
can tell immediately. For exam-
ple, if he has a fever, a diaper
rash, is moody, if he has not
slept enough during the day, I
will know instantly, he says.
The intimate massage ses-
sion, he says, allows him and the
seven-months-old to communi-
cate through their eyes. It is also
a chance for them to play with
each other and bond.
Many people might find
These are the faces of Kenyas new father
Meet two fathers
who rush home from
work to give their
children a bath
Infant massage is a bonding activity between
parent and baby, where the muscles of the baby
are stroked in a variety of specialised massage
techniques. There are about 45 dierent types
of strokes that encompass infant massage.
According to Susan Muriithi, an infant mas-
sage specialist, baby massage plays an impor-
tant role in enhancing the bond between parent
and child. When massaging, there is lots of eye
communication, lots of play, smiles, coos, and
loving words said by the parent to the child all
of which convey love and aection.
The sense of touch is a very powerful tool.
With the skin being the largest organ in the
human body, touch is a great communicator
because it helps to tell how we feel towards an-
other person - how we touch someone reveals
how we feel about them, and in the same way,
infants are able to sense how their parents feel
about them just by how they touch them. Touch
is one of the best ways to communicate love to
your child, she says.
Susan, who began teaching parents how to
massage their children three years ago, says
that fathers are gradually warming up to the
Most men get in touch with me after being
referred by their friends. Others accompany
their wives to the training sessions, she says.
Besides bonding with the baby, another great
benet for couples who learn the technique of
infant massage is strengthening their relation-
A new baby can strain a relationship, es-
pecially if he is fussy or regularly suers from
colic. If this is the case, it means that the mother
will be sleep-deprived, and therefore con-
stantly fatigued and easily irritable. Sometimes,
it can lead to depression, explains Susan. Baby
Minutes that each
massage session
massage, she says, is an eective way of soothing
and relaxing your child, who also ends up sleeping
better. This means that both parents get su-
cient rest and sleep, as well as more us time.
Want to learn more about baby massage? Call
0723553188 or email:
Massaging your baby not only helps
him to relax, it is also a chance for both
of you to bond.
Wednesday May 28, 2014 DAILY NATION 4 Living cover story cover story
the country still remind me
of Josephine, fondly called
Cucu. Cucu is a grandmother
and caregiver. Her children
died of HIV-related compli-
cations, and she was left to
care for her grandchildren
under the most deplorable
conditions. As she stretched
her frail hands to give me
a warm handshake, I asked
myself how on earth she
has stood the stench from
that river that ows near her
home for all these years.
If its like this during the
day, how is it during the
night? I wondered. How
does she survive when
it rains, when the river
sometimes breaks its lthy
Me and my team of com-
munity workers exchanged
warm greetings, doing our
best to ignore the hard-to-
ignore heavy stench coming
from the river just next to
where Cucu sleeps. We actu-
ally can hear the water ght-
ing for passing space as if to
avoid this part of Korogocho.
I dont want to look at it. But
I know it wants me to look at it, so I can,
rsthand, perceive the damning reality
on the ground.
As a nation, we all ignore this ugly re-
minder of human beings in this corner
of the country. People like Cucu who
live on the banks of Nairobi River, and
have to survive from the trash that the
city spews.
This is exactly how the other half or
is it three-quarter lives. On the banks
(read, fringes) of society. On crumbs
and sometimes loaves that we have
dumped in our trashcans.
Cucu is the face of the millions of un-
seen Kenyan citizens. Citizens who, you
and I, as leaders in our own spheres,
have failed time and again.
Changing tides
As a non-governmental organisation,
we are now moving toward sustain-
ability of programs. Thats one of the
conditions from our donors. As donors
change tact, so does the tide change
for our clients. I had asked one of the
community health workers (CHWs)
to identify a possible case that would
benet as we move towards ZERO
and, in eect, toward suitability. Thats
how they settled on Cucu. When we
nally got to her place, I thought the
CHWs did not get my brief right. Cu-
cus case is dierent, I thought. We
need to start doing things afresh.
Salary conundrum
The President and his Deputy, and
other bigwigs supposedly took a cut
in their salaries to make the already
strained economy better. I dont know
how to broach such a topic to Cucu.
I cant even understand how her life
will get better if the President takes a
pay cut, retains, or increases his salary.
Cucu is only concerned about how she
makes her income. And thats not all.
She told us that, even at the dumpsite,
there is sti competition. Its an irony.
What you and I throw away, others are
competing to get.
It reminds me of Lazarus and the
rich man; how their afterlife fortunes
changed after they died.
I wish it was easier for me to explain
to Cucu and other Cucus of this world,
what the salary deduction means to
her. Unfortunately, Im still not sure how
that gesture will improve this Cucus
life. The one thing that always worries
her is that someone is already cutting
her income by reaching the dumpsite
earlier than her.
Cucu buys the same packet of maize
our at the same price that you and
I do. Thats despite her pathetic way
of making her money. Because of the
meager earnings she makes, coupled
with the demands of her job, she has
no time to listen to the current aairs.
Cucu does not even own a radio. To
say that she lives from hand-to-mouth
is an understatement. Why, at times she
and the orphans go without a morsel.
As we say our goodbyes, I look more
sorrowful than when I entered Cucus
house. We pass two of her grandkids
seated at the door waiting for Cucu
to give them the goodies in the food
basket we left behind. They dont even
seem to care how many empty prom-
ises we left with their grandma.
Come to think of it, I needed this re-
ality check. Im also a leader. The buck
also stops with the bald woman in the
The presidents pay cut will
not make Cucus life better
This is the diary of Asunta Wagura, a mother-of-ve who tested HIV-positive 26
years ago. She is the executive director of the Kenya Network of Women with
Aids (KENWA). Email:
Marabou stocks and human beings
mingle freely at the Dandora dump
Jonathans fatherhood style
unusual. More so because tra-
ditionally, men have always
distanced themselves from mat-
ters of childbirth, and frown on
a hands-on approach to caring
for infants. Pregnancy, delivery,
breastfeeding, feeding, chang-
ing diapers and bathing children
have always been left to the
mother and the women around
her. In fact, many men have
been known to only start bond-
ing with their children once they
start to walk.
But there is a new generation
of men who are breaking these
norms through the kind of inter-
action they have with their chil-
dren. Jonathan is one of them,
and so is his friend, 31 year-old
banker, Kennedy Muchiri.
Kennedy is a new father too:
his son Jeremy is ve months
I knew from the start that I
would be actively involved in my
childs life. From the moment I
discovered that my wife Rose
was pregnant, I promised her
that I would accompany her for
all her antenatal clinics. I only
requested that she inform me of
the clinic appointment a few days
in advance, to enable me make
the necessary arrangements at
work, says the economics and
accounting graduate.
Midway through the preg-
nancy, his wife developed a
craving for soup from a specic
butchery in their Kinoo neigh-
bourhood. Like the dedicated
husband he is, he passed by the
butchery every evening after
work to buy her fresh soup.
But this is not all, he planned
his annual leave to coincide with
his wifes due date, and when the
time came, Kennedy was there,
and unlike his friend who was
barred from the delivery room,
he was present at the operating
Rose was given a partial epi-
dural which numbed her lower
body only. During the surgery,
we passed the time chatting and
joking, he says.
After the delivery, Kennedy
tirelessly shuttled between the
nursery and the recovery room,
where he spent hours monitor-
ing both wife and son.
Once home, he bathed his
son every single day during his
month-long leave, especially
since his wife as still recuperat-
ing from the surgery. He also
diligently cleaned the umbilical
cord, just like the nurses had
taught him to, until it fell o. He
would also change his diaper and
rock him to sleep as his recover-
ing wife rested.
In an eort to nd other ways
to bond with his son, he took an
interest in infant massage, which
had been mentioned to him by
his friend Jonathan.
The massage specialist
taught my wife and I how to ap-
ply touches that would soothe
and relax him. After doing so a
few times, I began to read my
sons cues, and as a result dis-
covered what makes him happy
and what doesnt.
For the last five months,
Kennedy has been massaging
his son, each session lasting 30
to 60 minutes. While he used to
do this on a daily basis while on
leave, his work schedule allows
him three days a week once on
a weekday, and every Saturday
and Sunday.
He speaks proudly of his
No one can tell me anything
new about my son. I have been
there for each and every one of
his milestones. I can easily tell
when he is unwell, when he is
not happy or when he has had a
rough day. I also know his tem-
perament he is a calm boy just
like his mother.
Proud fathers
Both Jonathan and Kennedy
agree that their approach to fa-
therhood is quite dierent from
that of their fathers.
Many fathers begin to bond
with their children when they are
a little older when they can talk
and walk - but why, yet a child
belongs to both the man and
woman? I dont see why my wife
should shoulder the burden of
parenting alone, Jonathan says.
Kennedy has no memory of
his father bathing or feeding
My father and I mainly
bonded during road trips. I have
no memory of him bathing or
feeding me. I do not believe in
the separation of feminine and
masculine roles, save for the
ones that are physically limit-
ing, such as breastfeeding. Apart
from this, I do everything else
for my son, says Kennedy.
Both men talk about the roles
they play openly. They do not
shy away from informing their
friends that they have to leave to
go and give their children a bath.
Actually, most of their friends
are as dedicated as they are in
raising their children.
These are the faces of Kenyas new father
The proud fathers,
Ken Muchiri (left) and
Jonathan Muema.
DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 Living 5
cover story cover story
the country still remind me
of Josephine, fondly called
Cucu. Cucu is a grandmother
and caregiver. Her children
died of HIV-related compli-
cations, and she was left to
care for her grandchildren
under the most deplorable
conditions. As she stretched
her frail hands to give me
a warm handshake, I asked
myself how on earth she
has stood the stench from
that river that ows near her
home for all these years.
If its like this during the
day, how is it during the
night? I wondered. How
does she survive when
it rains, when the river
sometimes breaks its lthy
Me and my team of com-
munity workers exchanged
warm greetings, doing our
best to ignore the hard-to-
ignore heavy stench coming
from the river just next to
where Cucu sleeps. We actu-
ally can hear the water ght-
ing for passing space as if to
avoid this part of Korogocho.
I dont want to look at it. But
I know it wants me to look at it, so I can,
rsthand, perceive the damning reality
on the ground.
As a nation, we all ignore this ugly re-
minder of human beings in this corner
of the country. People like Cucu who
live on the banks of Nairobi River, and
have to survive from the trash that the
city spews.
This is exactly how the other half or
is it three-quarter lives. On the banks
(read, fringes) of society. On crumbs
and sometimes loaves that we have
dumped in our trashcans.
Cucu is the face of the millions of un-
seen Kenyan citizens. Citizens who, you
and I, as leaders in our own spheres,
have failed time and again.
Changing tides
As a non-governmental organisation,
we are now moving toward sustain-
ability of programs. Thats one of the
conditions from our donors. As donors
change tact, so does the tide change
for our clients. I had asked one of the
community health workers (CHWs)
to identify a possible case that would
benet as we move towards ZERO
and, in eect, toward suitability. Thats
how they settled on Cucu. When we
nally got to her place, I thought the
CHWs did not get my brief right. Cu-
cus case is dierent, I thought. We
need to start doing things afresh.
Salary conundrum
The President and his Deputy, and
other bigwigs supposedly took a cut
in their salaries to make the already
strained economy better. I dont know
how to broach such a topic to Cucu.
I cant even understand how her life
will get better if the President takes a
pay cut, retains, or increases his salary.
Cucu is only concerned about how she
makes her income. And thats not all.
She told us that, even at the dumpsite,
there is sti competition. Its an irony.
What you and I throw away, others are
competing to get.
It reminds me of Lazarus and the
rich man; how their afterlife fortunes
changed after they died.
I wish it was easier for me to explain
to Cucu and other Cucus of this world,
what the salary deduction means to
her. Unfortunately, Im still not sure how
that gesture will improve this Cucus
life. The one thing that always worries
her is that someone is already cutting
her income by reaching the dumpsite
earlier than her.
Cucu buys the same packet of maize
our at the same price that you and
I do. Thats despite her pathetic way
of making her money. Because of the
meager earnings she makes, coupled
with the demands of her job, she has
no time to listen to the current aairs.
Cucu does not even own a radio. To
say that she lives from hand-to-mouth
is an understatement. Why, at times she
and the orphans go without a morsel.
As we say our goodbyes, I look more
sorrowful than when I entered Cucus
house. We pass two of her grandkids
seated at the door waiting for Cucu
to give them the goodies in the food
basket we left behind. They dont even
seem to care how many empty prom-
ises we left with their grandma.
Come to think of it, I needed this re-
ality check. Im also a leader. The buck
also stops with the bald woman in the
The presidents pay cut will
not make Cucus life better
This is the diary of Asunta Wagura, a mother-of-ve who tested HIV-positive 26
years ago. She is the executive director of the Kenya Network of Women with
Aids (KENWA). Email:
Marabou stocks and human beings
mingle freely at the Dandora dump
Jonathans fatherhood style
unusual. More so because tra-
ditionally, men have always
distanced themselves from mat-
ters of childbirth, and frown on
a hands-on approach to caring
for infants. Pregnancy, delivery,
breastfeeding, feeding, chang-
ing diapers and bathing children
have always been left to the
mother and the women around
her. In fact, many men have
been known to only start bond-
ing with their children once they
start to walk.
But there is a new generation
of men who are breaking these
norms through the kind of inter-
action they have with their chil-
dren. Jonathan is one of them,
and so is his friend, 31 year-old
banker, Kennedy Muchiri.
Kennedy is a new father too:
his son Jeremy is ve months
I knew from the start that I
would be actively involved in my
childs life. From the moment I
discovered that my wife Rose
was pregnant, I promised her
that I would accompany her for
all her antenatal clinics. I only
requested that she inform me of
the clinic appointment a few days
in advance, to enable me make
the necessary arrangements at
work, says the economics and
accounting graduate.
Midway through the preg-
nancy, his wife developed a
craving for soup from a specic
butchery in their Kinoo neigh-
bourhood. Like the dedicated
husband he is, he passed by the
butchery every evening after
work to buy her fresh soup.
But this is not all, he planned
his annual leave to coincide with
his wifes due date, and when the
time came, Kennedy was there,
and unlike his friend who was
barred from the delivery room,
he was present at the operating
Rose was given a partial epi-
dural which numbed her lower
body only. During the surgery,
we passed the time chatting and
joking, he says.
After the delivery, Kennedy
tirelessly shuttled between the
nursery and the recovery room,
where he spent hours monitor-
ing both wife and son.
Once home, he bathed his
son every single day during his
month-long leave, especially
since his wife as still recuperat-
ing from the surgery. He also
diligently cleaned the umbilical
cord, just like the nurses had
taught him to, until it fell o. He
would also change his diaper and
rock him to sleep as his recover-
ing wife rested.
In an eort to nd other ways
to bond with his son, he took an
interest in infant massage, which
had been mentioned to him by
his friend Jonathan.
The massage specialist
taught my wife and I how to ap-
ply touches that would soothe
and relax him. After doing so a
few times, I began to read my
sons cues, and as a result dis-
covered what makes him happy
and what doesnt.
For the last five months,
Kennedy has been massaging
his son, each session lasting 30
to 60 minutes. While he used to
do this on a daily basis while on
leave, his work schedule allows
him three days a week once on
a weekday, and every Saturday
and Sunday.
He speaks proudly of his
No one can tell me anything
new about my son. I have been
there for each and every one of
his milestones. I can easily tell
when he is unwell, when he is
not happy or when he has had a
rough day. I also know his tem-
perament he is a calm boy just
like his mother.
Proud fathers
Both Jonathan and Kennedy
agree that their approach to fa-
therhood is quite dierent from
that of their fathers.
Many fathers begin to bond
with their children when they are
a little older when they can talk
and walk - but why, yet a child
belongs to both the man and
woman? I dont see why my wife
should shoulder the burden of
parenting alone, Jonathan says.
Kennedy has no memory of
his father bathing or feeding
My father and I mainly
bonded during road trips. I have
no memory of him bathing or
feeding me. I do not believe in
the separation of feminine and
masculine roles, save for the
ones that are physically limit-
ing, such as breastfeeding. Apart
from this, I do everything else
for my son, says Kennedy.
Both men talk about the roles
they play openly. They do not
shy away from informing their
friends that they have to leave to
go and give their children a bath.
Actually, most of their friends
are as dedicated as they are in
raising their children.
These are the faces of Kenyas new father
The proud fathers,
Ken Muchiri (left) and
Jonathan Muema.
DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 Living 5
stu together, hubby and
I engage our dierent
interests as individuals.
However, there are
activities which I expect
him to do with me, and if
I have to, I drag him with
me. For instance when I
want to go supermarket
shopping, I expect him to
push the trolley as I shop my
heart out, and afterwards, I
expect him to accompany
me as I window shop for
another hour Okay, I just
lied. Nothing, and I mean
nothing, can convince my
husband to go with me
to the supermarket, or go
shopping for clothes. Every
time I suggest it, he puts up
a spirited protest.
The few times he agreed
was when I was heavily
pregnant, and even then, I
threatened to sneeze out
that baby if he did not come
with me.
Better man
That said, there are
places I have succeeded
to drag him to, and glad I
did, because he emerged
from these places a better,
more rened husband.
At least I think so. Take
for instance the marriage
enrichment seminar that I
nagged, begged, threatened
and nagged again that
we attend. He at rst
protested, insisting that only
people with serious marital
problems sign up for such
programs. But I stuck to
my guns, and eventually,
he grudgingly agreed. He
enjoyed the seminar so
much, that he often talks
about stu we learned that I
even forgot.
Then, there are those
places that I have dragged
him to, only for us to quarrel
all the way back home. Like
the classical music concert
where I was excited to meet
fellow enthusiasts. There we
were, talking Schubert and
Chopin, with a thoroughly
bored hubby looking at
us open mouthed. Or the
other time at an art forum,
where I abandoned him with
dreadlocked artists speaking
strange literary jargon that
hubbys mathematically
inclined brain could not
Too much fun
Anyway, I am glad that he
atly refused to accompany
me to a recent event about
nutrition. It was an awesome
event where we learned
about the nutritional needs
of babies and how to
prepare baby feeds. You see,
I argued that such an event
should be for both parents,
not just mothers, because
both are in charge of raising
their kids, and therefore
need to know about
Even with my reasoning,
he did not relent. I am glad
he did not because once
I got there, I realised he
would have enjoyed it way
too much! The rst two
hours were spent learning
about breast feeding. There
was a lot of mention of
breasts, how to treat sore
nipples, and what to do
about breast engorgement.
I could imagine him smiling
throughout the session, what
with over fty women all
talking boobs and nipples!
The camera guy, one of
only three men in the forum,
kept wiping his brow. I
wondered whether the job
was taxing or too much fun
for him.
Is it just my husband who
hates the supermarket?
Karimi is a wife and mother who believes marriage is worth
it. Email
Insecure times call for extra-
security measures. In light of
prevailing circumstances, our
church provides armed police,
metal detectors the whole kit:
in and outside the sanctuary.
Its gone as far as organising
trainings with security experts.
Soon as we reach the
sanctuarys entrance, our
daughter automatically makes a
beeline for the ladies inspection.
Puddngs never asked the
rationale behind our churchs
safety consciousness. Its on
primetime news. Our kids know
were living in very insecure
Aha. God cares. Absolutely.
But that doesnt mean we throw
obvious concerns out of stained
glass windows. Theres an Arab
saying to the eect that, even if
youve asked Allah to, inshallah,
protect your camel, you should
still secure the darn dromedary.
Daddys little girl
Under dierent circumstances,
handles and back-stories, this
picture - taken in December, 11
2012 would still be embedded
in our nations collective
conscience. Picture this
In the vans backseat are two
passengers. Mom and daughter.
Focus on the ve-year-old girl.
Shes extremely distressed. Its
evident from her countenance
and body language. This little girl
is dressed like any other little girl.
Pink top. Curly pussycats held by
pink ribbons.
Pinkys questioning eyes
are drilling through those
of her heavily-bespectacled
Granddads riding shotgun.
Hes holding the slumped body
of his son Pinkys dad - whos
wearing a white blood-soaked
kanzu. There are telltale bullet
marks on the drivers seat
Pinky could be any daddys
little girl. Even Joe Soaps. This
cute kid will endure stigma
because of something thats not
her making: being the ospring
of Islamic cleric, Sheikh Aboud
Thinking aloud
Living in these insecure times
means kids are wont to blurt
seemingly insensitive questions.
The security operation has got
our daughter thinking. Aloud.
Recently, she thought aloud:
Dah-dee? Is Somali a country
or a tribe?
Say what?
When Puddng saw a news clip
of rounded-up supposed aliens
of Somali origin, she asked what
they had done.
I knew where she was coming
from. Our next-door neighbour
is a Somali-Kenyan. Hes good
people. If our daughter hears
us casting aspersions at our
neighbour, or his kinfolk, shell
most denitely give our labels
supersonic legs. And theyll
overlap us before we can rue,
My bad.
In Kenya, and other countries,
there are illegal aliens, we
explained. Carefully choosing our
words. Adding that illegal aliens
are not necessarily from one
particular descent and creed.
For kids, right information
leads to right thoughts: be
they loud, (in the presence of, for
instance, that neighbour), or just
childish musings.
Martyrs and nutters
Polycarp. Greek Bishop of
Smyrna who refused to recant his
Christian faith and was burned to
death by pagans, circa 100 AD.
According to the website,
Defenders of the Catholic, the
name Polycarp comes from two
Greek words. Poly, meaning
many; and carp, meaning sh.
His Christian parents named
him Polycarp so he would bear
much fruit for the Kingdom of
In December 2012, a grenade
was lobbed at the Sunday school
of St. Polycarps Church along
Juja Road, Nairobi. One child was
killed. Six others were seriously
Media merely reported it. They
didnt give cold harsh facts. Like,
that a grenade slices its victims
sinews and bones to smithereens.
Or that those poor kids were
mentally disorientated by the
thunderous bang and ash of
lights. Or that theyll be scarred
for life, as life goes on for the rest
of us. That is, until, God forbid,
the next grenade tears me, or my
loved one, to shreds.
I dont get it. How can an
adult kill children and then call
himself a martyr? I think these
dastards have got their grammar
lessons all twisted, just like their
minds. Yall arent martyrs:
youre worse than nutters. And
dont get me started on exactly
whose kingdom these nutters are
working for.
Community policing
The same frisking happens
whenever we go to the local
mall. Baby girls found leeway.
She knows, and shes told me
as much, that theres a certain
entrance she uses, and the lady
sentry there lets her in without
as much as a passing glance.
I suppose its because the lady
has seen Puddng multiple times.
Or she reasons that this child
cant harm a y.
Well, Caesar and corporates
can only do so much. The bulk of
the policing job is ours. To look
out for each other and for these
nut jobs.
Like our Bishop keeps
reminding us, if you see anyone
or anything suspicious, inform
authorities. Otherwise, youre
endangering yourself not
to mention being a silent
What are you doing to keep
you and your family safe?
If you see anyone or anything suspicious, inform the
authorities, if you dont, youre endangering yourself,
not to mention being a silent accomplice.
Wednesday May 28, 2014 DAILY NATION
6 Living
DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 Living 7
never ceases to amaze me,
and every time I see a preg-
nant woman at my clinic, that
glow really is evident. After
all, being pregnant is one of
the happiest events in most
womens lives.
While most mums-to-be
know the importance of
supplementing folic acid and
avoiding certain foods, like
raw eggs and soft cheese,
they may be less familiar
with other important dietary
An apple a day can keep
asthma away
Research presented at
the American Thoracic So-
ciety conference, found that
women who eat four or more
apples a week are about half
as likely to have an asthmatic
child compared to those eat-
ing one apple a week or less.
It is the phytochemicals in
apples that are believed to
improve lung health.
Fish makes baby brainy
Did you know that eat-
ing oily sh (salmon, trout,
mackerel, herring and sar-
dine) can mean a smarter
baby? DHA (docosahexae-
noic acid) is an omega-3 fat
found in these sh that as-
sists with brain development.
Now since these sh arent
widely available in Kenya, Id
strongly suggest a good sh
oils supplement. Look for one
that contains 500mg of DHA.
And if you needed any more
reasons, omega-3 fats are
also believed to be a protec-
tive factor against premature
birth and low birth weight,
and can prevent depression
during and after pregnancy.
More zinc means bigger and
healthier babies
Of all the nutrients, zinc
plays the biggest role in re-
production. Its needed for all
areas of your babys growth,
from a healthy nervous sys-
tem and brain development,
to bone formation and bet-
ter energy levels. Research
has shown that women with
higher zinc levels give birth
to babies that are heavier
and have a greater head cir-
Get your daily intake from
foods like lamb, ginger, sh,
peas, turnips, eggs, almonds
and oats.
Nourishing the baby when
you cant hold anything
If you do experience morn-
ing sickness, see if you can
persuade someone else into
making breakfast for you,
as sometimes its simply the
cooking smells that make you
feel worse. During the day,
eat little and often, rather
than skipping meals in the
hope that the sickness will
go away. Believe it or not, the
lack of food can also cause
nausea, headaches and other
symptoms youre trying to
avoid. In between meals, sip
on peppermint, camomile
or ginger tea to calm your
Keeping things moving
Constipation and wind are
common problems during
pregnancy as your baby
grows, he or she will press
on your abdomen, making it
dicult for you to eat a lot
and providing less room for
digested waste. Rather than
adding bran to a bre-poor
diet, eat plenty of vegetables,
lentils and beans. Oats and
brown rice are particularly
good. As you feel better, your
baby will feel better too.
According to Swedish
research, women who drink
more than four cups of
coffee a day during early
pregnancy risk miscarriage.
In fact, the chances of hav-
ing a miscarriage double. For
those trying for a child, bear
in mind that just one cup a
day can half your chances
of conceiving. Also avoid
decaeinated varieties, since
these still contain two other
stimulants, theobromine and
What you need to eat, and
avoid during pregnancy
all about food
This versatile herb is
a key ingredient in
French Cuisine. Try it
with eggs, chicken, and
other poultry. You can
either use the whole
sprig or just the leaves
The writer is a clinical nutritionist and certied by the Nutritional Therapy Council in the UK.
Please direct any questions about family nutrition to her on
Osso buco stew with
mashed potatoes
A good stew should be cooked at a
relatively low temperature (simmered, not
boiled), to allow avours to mingle.
Cuts of meat with marbling and gelatinous
connective tissue give moist, juicy stews,
while lean meat may easily become dry.
Some of the major blunders that you can
make when making beef stew include:
1. Wrong cut of meat: Using the wrong cut of
beef is probably the worst mistake you can
make. The best is one that is marbled, and
has fatty tissue.
2. Using Raw meat: Flavour comes from good
browning of the meat before adding liquid.
The caramelised brown bits from the
bottom of the pot gives your stew a deep,
rich avour.
3. Overcooking: Too much cooking will result
in dry beef and mushy vegetables.
Today I will teach you how to make a stew
using Osso buco, which simply means bone
with a hole in Italian. It refers to the marrow
hole at the center of the cross-cut beef shank
(lower part of the leg). The piece is avourful
and relatively cheap, and because it is tough,
it is best for stewing.
6 Osso buco pieces (do not remove the
Cooking oil
1 large onion
4 stalks celery
100gm mushroom
2 carrots
5 garlic cloves
2 tomatoes
2 beef cubes
1 tbsp mchuzi mix (to thicken the stew)
1. Season meat with salt and pepper on both
2. With the heat high, heat a suitable pot with
oil, and when the oil starts to smoke, gently
place the meat pieces without overlapping
and allow to brown. If all the pieces cant t
in the pot, work in batches.
3. When the rst side is browned, turn the
pieces and cook the second side.
4. When done, reduce the heat, then add the
onion, carrots, celery, garlic and about 3
tbsp of oil. Cook the vegetables until they
start to brown evenly, making sure to stir to
avoid burning on one side.
5. Add the mushrooms and tomatoes and
cook until the tomatoes are soft. Keep
cooking while stirring, and if the vegetables
start to stick, add a little water to avoid it.
6. Return the meat to the pot and add
enough water to cover the meat. The water
will deglaze the pot and dissolve all the
browning stuck on the pot. Add the beef
cubes at this point.
7. Stir and bring to a boil then reduce the heat
and simmer while covered for about 1 1/2
hours or until the meat is tender.
8. Add more water to increase gravy and stir
9. To make the gravy more rich and thick,
dissolve 1tbsp of mchuzi mix in cold water
and add to the simmering gravy. Do this
during the last ve minutes of cooking.
10. If using the beef cubes and mchuzi
mix, you will not need to add salt.
11. Serve with mashed potatoes or rice
with a side of vegetables.
For any comment or feedback, follow
me @chefraphaelkn or LIKE my page to get more cook-
ing tips and recipes.
For a dierent avour, skip the mchuzi mix
and dust the beef with wheat our while
raw, then brown it as I have explained. The
bits left behind will thicken your stew and
add avour. Instead of water, you can use
red wine to make the gravy. Ensure you
season the stew.
DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 8 Living