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Immortality: Like all Elders Collector has been barred from Death's realm.
Invulnerabilities: Class 1000 resistance vs Heat, Cold, Electricity, Radiation Toxins and Diseases
Power Primordial: Unearthly (100) ability to take the power from remnants of the primordial energies of the Big
Bang that still permeate the universe. The Power Primordial can be used to
produce a wide range of effects, including augmentation of physical attributes
(strength, durability, speed, etc.), molecular restructuring, creation of force fields,
teleportation and numerous other abilities. Collector Specializes in Energy
Manipulation and is capable of the following abilities:
Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Unearthly (100) ability to manipulate cosmic
Energy for various uses including:
Raise any of his abilities to Unearthly (100) without limit.
Manipulate Energy: Electrical, Light, Gravitational and Magnetic energy manipulation: Unearthly (100) rank and
Project Unearthly (100) Force Bolts that have a range of 10 areas.
Growth: Unearthly (100) ability to grow up to 100 feet tall; however he rarely grows over 15 Feet.
True Invulnerability: Good (10) resistance to all attacks.
Life Support: Shift-Z (500) ability to survive in space indefinitely.
Regeneration: Class 5000 ability to repair from any damage since being barred from Deaths door.
Precognition: Class 1000, but the collector must meditate for a long time.
Physical Manipulation: The Collector often disguises his supposed true
form, masking it in the gentler humanoid form, thus he has limited
physical morphing abilities of AM (50).
The Collector has access to an almost unlimited supply of equipment and
will have 1-4 devices of Unearthly (100) rank available all the time. Here is
an example of devices that Collector consistently carries.
Temporal Assimilator: Amazing short-time travel so when not surprised
the Collector will always win initiative.
Body Armor Suit: Unearthly (100) resistance to physical and Energy
Inhibitor or Confinement devices: Shift-Z (500) ability to confine and hold
a species.

Starship: Class 5000 warp-drive. The Collectors ship has Unearthly (100)
defensive guns, force fields and various devices that allow him to protect his
prized Collection. He has kept this collection for Billions of years. Each of the Items listed below act as though they
have Unearthly (100) abilities.
Tibetan crystal balls: These balls emit mystical rays, and magic beans that can conjure up warrior giants.
Magic Lamp: He possesses a magic lamp that can summon four-headed djinn with mystical powers.
His "boxes" are rectangular "inter-dimensional traps" that can weaken a victim's strength or sanity.
Gigantic robot guards: (F: AM, A: GD, S: MN, E: UN) a stun beam, and stasis beams (Unearthly (100) ability.
Obedience Potion: with it, the Collector can compel a human victim to do his bidding;
Cosmic Viewer: with which he can monitor events on various worlds
Kymellian translation/control device: This device resembles a flute, and allows him to communicate with other
living beings.
Time probe: Enabling him to find and procure artifacts from other time periods. He uses starships holding
museums of his collections.
Temporal Assimilator: that allows time travel, Persian "flying carpets" and a "flying cape" that allowed flight.

All known species in the Universe, Botany, Biology and al known sciences.

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