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Cyborg Exoskeleton: Most of the High Evolutionary's powers are derived from his protective suit which is linked to

him making them virtually one entity. It also provides its wearer with Unearthly (100) protection against physical
attacks and Shift-Z (500) protection from energy, psionic, or magical attacks. Wyndham is constantly updating and
evolving his abilities and technology, however the powers that he uses on a regular basis include:
Telepathy: Class 1000 ability to mentally probe, attack, and defend himself.
Astral Projection: The High Evolutionary can separate his spirit from his physical form and can survive in this state
for an indefinite period of time with Cl 1000 ability.
Telekinesis: Class 1000 Ability to move objects, and create force fields.
Levitation: Class 1000 ability to fly or levitate across vast spaces in the universe.
Kinetic Bolt: Cl 1000 kinetic blast of force.
Artificial Evolution: Capable of forcibly evolving life-forms at an accelerated rate including Wyndham himself,
when faced with an evolutionary dead-end. He has done so by dying and having his body reconstruct himself almost
instantly, allowing him to become even greater.
Artificial Devolution: Capable of forcibly devolving life-forms at an accelerated rate.
Clairaudience: Class 1000 ability to perceive things across the galaxy with each of his senses.
Clairvoyance: Class 1000 can hear and see things in alternate dimensions and perceive future events.
Communication with Animals: Class 1000 ability to communicate with animals.
Communication with Cybernetics: Class 1000 ability to communicate with robotics and machinery (such as Tony
Starks Armory and Galactus ship).
Cosmic Awareness: Class 1000 ability to perceive things across the universe that is of
importance to him. He almost always benefits from this understanding, although most
others do not recognize his motives until he has already succeeded (stealing Galactus
ship, transferring Ultrons mind, etc.)
Danger Sense which also alerts the High Evolutionary of threats to any of his
creations: Class 1000
Linguistics: Class 1000 ability to comprehend any language.
Mental Invisibility which he can extend to an entire world: Class 1000 ability.
Mental Probe: Class 1000 ability to probe living and cybernetic beings.
Force Field: Shift-X (150) ability to create protective force field.
Matter Creation: Class 1000 which can be used for the following:
Artifact Creation: This allows the creation of complex shapes and weapons that have
cosmic or anti-mystical properties.
Elemental Creation: Can create any existing element or chemical reaction to create
planets or stars.
Life form Creation: Can create life forms as simple as a mutant or as complex as a Herald.
Ability Boost: High Evolutionary can boost any or all-physical abilities (FASE) to Class 1000 for 1-10 hours a
day. If Power Rank already, he may raise it by +1cs.
Endowment: High Evolutionary has the Class 3000 ability to endow others with a portion of his power
transforming ordinary beings into super-beings with Power rank ability. Even his heralds, whom he has endowed
with a small fraction of his ever-renewing power, are able to manipulate matter and energy in ways far beyond
human comprehension. Initial abilities and Powers no higher than Shift Z (objects as well). High Evolutionary can
magnify, reduce, or negate and has total control over those Powers he has given a target. He can amplify
someones existing Powers by +4CS, even if he was not the source. He can reduce a subject Powers any amount,
all the way to Shift-0. The changes are permanent until Evolutionary changes
Mechanical Creation: Create machines that act as bases or worlds.
Hyper-Invention: Wyndham can create any device he wants by assembling
whatever materials are either in hand or can be made from existing substances.
Missiles: High Evolutionary can create missiles with Unearthly (100) range and
Photonic Energy: Can spray energy of Unearthly (100) intensity and damage. He
Can increase this to Shift-Z (500) if he so chooses.
Growth: The High Evolutionary can grow with Class 1000 ability increasing his
Strength up to the Cl 1000 of growth if he so chooses.
Evolutionary Suit: The suit is designed to protect its wearer at all costs and, as
such, expends automatically up to 150 karma points to prevent disasters from
affecting the High Evolutionary. The suit can, in time, even create a whole new body
for Wyndham. The suit provides complete life support for Wyndham, automatic
recycling his air and providing him with water and food. This allows Wyndham to
have Class 1000 immortality.
Speech Throwing: Class 1000 ability to throw his voice vast distances across space.
Total Memory: Cl 1000 ability to remember anything and everything he comes across much like a universal
quantum computer.
Extra-Dimensional Travel: Cl 1000 ability to travel between dimensions.
The Star Sphere: Wyndham now serves as a universal abstract, equal opposite of Galactus as a "World Builder"
function of creating, rather than committing genocide on sentient civilizations.
Galactus has allowed the Evolutionary to leave with his star sphere to continue
creating new life throughout the universe. The High Evolutionary now uses
Galactus smaller spherical ship to travel the cosmos to build new planets. Despite
being smaller than Taa II, it is still massive and has the following capabilities:
Body: Shift-Y (200)
Speed: CL1000
Control: UN (100)
Protection: UN (100)
On-Board Systems:
Transportation: Teleportation, telepathic, the Star Spanning Sphere, and
sometimes Star Sphere itself.
High Evolutionary carries an array of technological devices of his own design.
Special Weaponry: Star Sphere can create and channel planetary energies into a
dead sphere, with Cl 1000 ability.

The ship has been integrated with a few characters. When Galactus learned that
Khoon had valuable maps to a trans-dimensional corridor, he absorbed his life and
information into the navigation system. This now allows High Evolutionary to navigate the stars in other galaxies
and dimensions easily and find many uncharted regions many empires have yet to find. When Morg destroyed Air
Walker his consciousness was downloaded into the ship's mainframe, where he remains conscious and leads the ship
to uninhabited worlds to be regenerated.

Through the ship are devices seemingly at High Evolutionarys will to control. He sometimes uses long tendrils
located in the ship to help him alter a planets electromagnetic energy-field when he can siphon or regenerate it.

The ship contains for its defense should High Evolutionary not have the strength to defend himself or
wishes not to. The ship is supplied with extremely advanced technology, including immense navigating computers
and regeneration chambers.
Robot Body: The Punisher Robots' very bodies give them the following abilities:
Invulnerable to Toxins and Disease: CL1000
Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe, can survive in the vacuum of
Body Armor: MN (75) protection vs. Physical and Energy attacks.
Plasma Generation: MN (75) Energy emission.
Multiple Strikes: The arms swing like windmills, attacking anything
around or adjacent to them up to 6 times per round.
High Evolutionary has +3CS reason in the fields of genetics, engineering biology,
chemistry, medicine, physics, human psychology, computer science, and cybernetics.
The Seeker, Knights of Wundagore, Adam Warlock, New Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four,
Magneto and Quick Silver.