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Earthen Floors Workshop

Summer 2014
Earthen Floors Workshop August 3
, 2014



Program Overview
Earthen floors provide a beautiful, clean, and inexpensive flooring solution in homes and
other structures. In this workshop, we will learn how to mix, and set earthen floors to
create cleanable, strong surfaces in our natural buildings.

Permaform Institute for Sustainability Arts
PISA was founded by dreamers in an endeavor to create our goals of defining an
alternative to conventional capitalistic based development models founded on
unsustainable and devastatingly harmful development through educational formats in
natural development sciences and practical skill development.
Asia was specifically chosen as our educational venue due to its cultural relativity to
current permaforming impacts. The lack of industrial development is a benefit when
applying alternative development ideologies, concepts, and technologies, as lacking
industrialized developments open the potential for initial development which is more
conducive to sustainability of non-industrialized regions environment, economic
stability, and social structures.
PISA is committed to social, environmental, and economically equity. One of our
primary goals is to train entry level professionals in the field of Permaforming which
impacts rural communities with increased employment opportunities, decreased
environmental impacts from activities of development, and professional skill
development which can easily be transferred to local communities through workshop
participant initiation.

Earthen Floor Workshop
Program: Earthen Floor Workshop
PISA Faculty: Jennifer Shurley (USA)
Semester: Summer 2014
Workshop Description
The workshop is taught through hands-on experiences in creation of an earthen floor.

Workshop Objectives
Participants will be able to analyze the specific conditions of a particular natural
building project and make earthen floors primarily from what is available onsite.
Participants will gain practical knowledge and experience in the mixing and
application of earthen floors in construction.
Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to construct simple
earthen floors using local, naturally abundant, low-energy and non-toxic
Participants will be prepared to create earthen floors in their own personal

Learning Modalities
The instructor teaching this workshop uses hands on workshops as key strategies to
allow each student to develop mastery of workshop content, and develop the skills
necessary to confidently begin natural flooring in their own home construction,
businesses, or through community developments.

Workshop Outline
The following is the order in which students will develop mastery of workshop content

Day 1: Workshop-
Sifting and material preparation
Day 2: Workshop-
Sub-flooring preparations and material setting
Day 3: Workshop-
Floor material mixing
Day 4: Workshop-
Floor setting
Day 5: Workshop-
Floor floating

Note: This outline is subject to change both before and during the workshop based on student learning
goals, weather, and other factors.

Workshop Requirements
Workshop participants must have basic English proficiency, and be physically capable
of working outside, in the summer conditions of Nepal.

In this workshop, grades are not applicable, and workshop participants completing the
program receive letters of reference from the instructor for their workshop activities.

An educational program dedicated to the art of cob.
30 Program Hours + Hands-On Projects + Comprehensive Curriculum + Top Notch Instructor.
20 Positions are Available. Apply Soon.
August 3
, 2014 to construct an earthen floor
Five days, 10am 3pm

Pokhara, Nepal. The earthen floor workshop is being hosted on a private residence.

Through hands-on activities, workshop participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to
construct earthen floors using locally-sourced clay, sand, and straw.
About Nepal
Nepal is a charming, ancient country seeped in legend, culture, and fantastic architecture. This little
country is wedged between China and India, is home to the second largest natural water reserves on the
planet, and is one of the least developed countries of the world. Political instability, lack of ocean
access, and socio-economic inequality continue to impact the development of the people, economy, and
threaten the environment.
Jennifer Shurley is an equity engineer specializing in triple bottom line business, structural, project,
educational programming, community development, and systems development. She has 15 years of
permaforming experience, beginning with the development of her own home in Hawaii based on the
principles of passive design, and has designed and built many alternative structures ranging from
temporary settlements, to intentionally designed cities. Her experience has lead her around the world
working for individuals, businesses, INGOs, and personal projects internationally oriented in Africa,
America, India, Nepal, and Mexico. She is the founder and creator of the Permaforming program, as
well as the primary instructor of workshop activities.

The total fee of the full program is 20,000 NPR for the 5 day workshop. Tuition can be paid in full, or
you may choose to partake in the payment plan.
Payment plans require 50% of fees paid at registration, with the remaining balance paid in monthly
increments split into three months.
Program Payment Plan 10,000 NPR paid at time of registration, 10.000 NPR paid on the first
day of workshops
If you would like tips on how to seek sponsorship/financial support, contact us.
Please note: The fee includes 5 days of workshops + all materials. Lodging, food, travel, visa, and flight
arrangements are not included. Students will need to supply their own work cloths, gloves, and sturdy
work shoes.
We have 20 available positions. Registration is first come, first served. To register, follow these steps:
1) Copy/paste and send the program application to
2) We will get back to you within three days to confirm availability.
3) Once confirmed, a deposit will reserve your place. You can either send payment in full or, if you
prefer, choose the payment plan option. If you select the payment plan option, please send one
envelope with your deposit, plus your post-dated check (dated for the first day of the program)
All deposits, payments and payment installments are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are on a payment
plan and do not complete the program, your remaining checks WILL be deposited and we expect this
non-refundable policy to be respected and implemented. If cancellation notification is given prior to July
25th, your fee (minus a non-transferable/non-refundable $100) will be transferable to another program
within 12 months of notification.