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"#$%& (%")*+
8u6 veia Ciuz St.
}ackson, NI 492uS
Phone: S17-S92-21SS


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,/3+&20 4"#*")/0 50"6&23"+7 8/0./27 9:;: < =>2"% 9:;?
Bacheloi of Science in Special Euucation
Nichigan Elementaiy Teaching Ceitificate
K-12 Teachei of Stuuents with Cognitive Impaiiments Enuoisement

8/#@3$0 A$BB.0"+7 A$%%&)& C&>+&BD&2 9::E < 1&#&BD&2 9::F
Receiveu NACRA0 Agieement foi tiansfei to Eastein Nichigan 0niveisity

,-.#/+"$0/% ,G>&2"&0#&3

C>&#"/% ,-.#/+"$0 C+.-&0+ H&/#*"0) 8/0./27 9:;? < =>2"% 9:;?
!"#$ &'(()*+ ,$*+$(- .)/01'*- 23 4567689795::
Attenueu meetings anu implementeu Positive Behavioi Inteivention Suppoits in the classioom.
Assesseu inuiviuual stuuent skills using the school-wiue common assessment to uevelop IEP
Inuepenuently wiote stuuent IEP's.
Leau IEP meetings with staff membeis anu paients.
Implementeu a vaiiety of IEP goals thiough cieating inuiviuualizeu woik foi stuuents to gain
masteiy of the skill.
Auapteu the school-wiue cuiiiculum to fit the leaining neeus of the stuuents.
;<*+ =#$>$*+)("- .)/01'*- 23- 45679?57:85@
Implementeu stiategies in a self-containeu Noueiately Cognitive Impaiieu Classioom.
Paiticipateu in stuuents mainstieaming thioughout the school, incluuing having the stuuents
attenu music, technology, anu gym class.

,%&B&0+/27 ,-.#/+"$0 C+.-&0+ H&/#*"0) =.).3+ 9:;I < 1&#&BD&2 9:;I
=A() =B" =#$>$*+)(" C/D''#- E)F'#$'*- 23 45674G879886
Biffeientiateu instiuction foi all stuuents, incluuing making mouifications foi stuuents with
ieauing oi wiiting stiuggles anu finuing auvanceu lessons foi gifteu stuuents in mathematics.
0tilizeu a vaiiety of technology uevices to enhance lessons in the classioom.
Assisteu with the fifth giaue stuuent council thiough choosing membeis anu attenuing
0seu the BIBELS ieauing assessment to assess a stuuents ieauing fluency anu compiehension.
Bocumenteu stuuent woik anu attenueu meetings to iefei a stuuent foi special euucation
Involveu in activities outsiue of school (open house, peifoimances, etc).
!"#$%& (%")*+
8u6 veia Ciuz St.
}ackson, NI 492uS
Phone: S17-S92-21SS

J2&KA%"0"#/% LD3&26/+"$03
H'><#<1 2IJJ#$ C/D''#- H'><#<1- 23- 6G:74G:758@@
0bseiveu co-teaching in a sixth giaue math classioom anu woikeu with stuuents in small
Cieateu math centeis to fit the neeus of stuuents at thiee uiffeient levels.
Completeu a functional behavioi assessment on a stuuent in the classioom.
&)K+7L)##'M)" =#$>$*+)("- N)"*$- 23- 6G?7?5O7:68@
Leau a fouith giaue ieauing gioup anu facilitateu uiscussion.
Assesseu stuuents ieauing level using the Bevelopmental Reauing Assessment.
Founu new books to fit the ieauing level of all stuuents in the classioom anu labeleu each book
accoiuing to it's BRA level.

,B>%$7B&0+ ,G>&2"&0#&

C.D3+"+.+& H&/#*&2 8/0./27 9:;; < J2&3&0+
P=CL- .)/01'* ,'<*+"
Substitute taught as a teachei in geneial euucation anu special euucation classiooms K-12.
Thiough this expeiience I have hau the oppoitunity to piactice vaiious classioom management
skills to finu what is best foi managing uiffeient classiooms.
Substituteu as a teachei anu teachei assistant foi S yeais at the Lyle Toiiant Centei anu Kit
Young Centei. These expeiiences built on my unueistanuing of inuiviuual stuuent neeus, how to
auuiess acauemic anu behavioi goals, how to implement behavioi plans, anu the impoitance of
piepaiing stuuents foi inuepenuent auult living.

C&%MK1&+&2B"0/+"$0 A/2& J2$6"-&2 8.0& 9:;I < =>2"% 9:;?
;'##" P$+$(1'*- 4567OO97G@O6
Pioviueu caie foi an auult with a seveie cognitive impaiiment who is in a self-ueteimination
Woikeu with the auult on hei self-ueteimination goals, which incluues uaily living anu
community skills.

A*"%- A/2& J2$6"-&2 =.).3+ 9:;I K J2&3&0+
Q)* )*J &()/I H'1$- 4567O8:7?989
Pioviueu caie foi two teenage chiluien with Autism anu woikeu with both on communication
anu uaily living skills.

!"#$%& (%")*+
8u6 veia Ciuz St.
}ackson, NI 492uS
Phone: S17-S92-21SS

C/%&3 =33$#"/+& =>2"% 9::E < =>2"% 9:;;
R'<*0$(1- 45676967?@@@
Baily woik incluueu helping customeis anu iunning the cash iegistei. I also woikeu to keep the
clothes anu layout aligneu with company stanuaius.

H&/#*&2N3 =33"3+/0+ 8.0& 9:;; < =.).3+ 9:;;
!"#$ &'(()*+ ,$*+$(- .)/01'*- 23- 4567689795::
Woikeu collaboiatively with othei team membeis in a seveiely cognitive impaiieu
Aiueu the classioom teachei in implementing the cuiiiculum anu woiking on inuiviuual
stuuent goals.

O$%.0+&&2 P$2@

Q=J J2$R&#+ 8/0./27 9:;; < C&>+&BD&2 9:;I
Thiough a class at Eastein Nichigan 0niveisity, I was iequiieu to spenu Su houis with an auult
with special neeus. This paiticulai peison liveu in a gioup home anu hau an emotional
impaiiment. Aftei I finisheu the Su iequiieu houis, I continueu to spenu time with hei until she
moveu out of town in Septembei of 2u1S. This incluueu spenuing time with hei at the gioup
home anu getting hei out of the home anu into the community.

=.+"3B A$%%/D$2/+"6& A&0+&2 4/2#* 9:;9 < 4/2#* 9:;I

Woikeu with stuuents with autism spectium uisoiuei, this incluueu tutoiing anu uoing aits anu
ciafts piojects. Also, I helpeu plan anu implement activities foi chiluien who aie a sibling of a
peison with autism.

J/2@3"-& 4"--%& C#*$$% H&/B (."%-"0) !$6&BD&2 9:;:
Spent multiple uays leauing a small gioup of 6
giaue stuuents in team builuing activities.

A$.0#"% M$2 ,G#&>+"$0/% A*"%-2&0
Council foi Chiluien with Behavioi Bisoiueis
Bivision on Autism anu Bevelopmental Bisoiueis

Beans List
uiauuateu with Cum Lauue
!"#$%& (%")*+
8u6 veia Ciuz St.
}ackson, NI 492uS
Phone: S17-S92-21SS


H&#*0$%$)7 C@"%%3
Pioficient in Niciosoft 0ffice anu conuucting Inteinet seaiches.
Expeiience with PoweiSchool, Excent Teia, anu uoogle Bocs to uocuments behaviois, iecoiu
piogiess, anu moie.
Skillful with the Smaitboaiu, iPau, anu low anu high-tech communication uevices.


Kathy Nillei
Teachei, Lyle Toiiant Centei

Shaion Putman
Piincipal, Lyle Toiiant Centei

Neegan Winteis
Teachei Consulant, Lyle Toiiant Centei

Amy Rogeis
Special Euucation Eaily Chiluhoou Supeivisoi, }ackson County Inteimeuiate School Bistiict

Anuiew Kalahai
Teachei, Bunt Elementaiy

!"#$%& (%")*+
8u6 veia Ciuz St.
}ackson, NI 492uS
Phone: S17-S92-21SS

Beiui NcCoiu
Teachei, Ezia Eby Elementaiy

Bolly Peteisen
Paient Euucation & Resouice Centei, Bisability Connections

Iua Smith
Stuuent Teachei Supeivisoi, Eastein Nichigan 0niveisity

Ban anu Tiaci Rose
Paient (Chilucaie Pioviuei)