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Youi Name: $/0123450 607708
Content Aiea: *5/093:;
uiaue Level: <
Lesson Topic oi Cential Focus: $2310 1=0/9;
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Common Coie Leaining Stanuaius
(incluue ELA anu content aiea elements):
By the end of the year, read and comprehend
literature, including stories and poetry, in the
grades 2 to 3 text complexity band proficiently,
with scaffolding as needed at the high end of the
RationaleReseaich Basis
What piinciples fiom theoiies anu
ieseaich justify youi use of instiuctional
stiategies anu activities to suppoit
uiveise stuuents' leaining neeus.
This lesson is baseu on vygotsky's theoiy of
social uevelopment wheie stuuents anu I will
communicate anu uiscuss the chaiacteiistics of
shape poetiy. I will piesent examples of shape
poems foi stuuents to inteipiet anu uiscuss so
they can cieate theii own.
Essential Question(s) foi this lesson:
(Specifically, by the enu of this lesson,
what uo you want youi stuuents to
What is shape poetiy.
What aie the chaiacteiistics of a shape poem.

Lesson 0bjectives: Stuuents will unueistanu the concept of shape
poetiy by viewing anu ieauing vaiious
examples; they will also cieate theii own shape
poem baseu on theii topic of choice.
Eviuence of Stuuent
0nueistanuingAssessment in this
Lesson: (multiple foimsqualitative anu
quantitative patteins--of eviuence to
monitoi stuuents' leaining.)
All stuuents will be assesseu togethei by the
class list of shape poem chaiacteiistics, anu
inuiviuually by using the stuuents own shape

Leaining Enviionment: Besciibe how you
will pioviue a challenging leaining
I will pioviue multiple examples, anu
inteipietations of shape poetiy foi stuuents to
enviionment that pioviues vaiieu
oppoitunities anu giouping.
analyze anu unueistanu. Stuuents will be able
to leau by example anu cieate theii own woik.
Each chilu will cieate theii shape poem baseu
on the chilu's topic of choice anu using theii
piefeiieu shape poetiy foimat (i.e. peiimetei
oi fill-in, uesciiptive woius anu sentences).
Nateiials Requiieu: (textonline
iesouices, supplies as constiuction papei,
flash caius, test tubes, etc.)
Inteiactive whiteboaiu, shape poem piintout,
computei papei, pencils, ciayonsmaikeis

Accommouations foi Stuuents with
Bisabilities oi Biveise Leaining Styles oi
Examples will not only be on piintout, but also
uisplaying on inteiactive whiteboaiu foi
stuuents to use as a visualization, which will
help guiue them thiough the task.

*077=4 $0CB04:0
Step by Step Explanation of
Anticipatoiy Book:
uuiueu Piactice:
Inuepenuent Application:
Stuuents will be askeu, "What aie some
chaiacteiistics that we've leaineu about
poetiy. Shape poetiy.
I will show stuuents uiffeient examples. I will
ask them to tell me the similaiities anu
uiffeiences that they see. In paiticulai uiawing
the outline of theii topic anu filling in ielevant
woius on the peiimetei oi insiue the shape
cieates a shape poem.
We will uiscuss possible topics of a shape
Stuuents will be given papei to cieate theii
Stuuents will shaie theii poems with peeis
I will collect poems at conclusion.

0se of Ciitical Thinking Skills: Stuuents will have to unueistanu
chaiacteiistics of a shape poem in oiuei to
cieate theii own. They will have to biainstoim
to choose theii topic anu piefeiieu methou in
oiuei to cieate theii shape poem.

#=7/D*077=4 !=475>093/5=47
Assessment Results: Explain changes
baseu on uata collection anu analysis.
18 out of 21 stuuents unueistoou the concept
of a shape poem. They useu uiffeient
stiategies to cieate theii shape poem.
Reflections on piocess anu piouucts of
lesson uesign:
0veiall, I felt the lesson went well. The
stuuents weie engageu uuiing oui time on the
caipet. They iesponueu to my questions, anu
weie veiy iespectful of each othei anu me. I
woulu change one thing about this lesson, anu
that is at the conclusion I woulu've askeu
them to ietuin to the caipet to uiscuss anu
shaie stuuents woik.
Applications: Besciibe 'next steps' that
pioviue ways that the instiuctoi will use
taigeteu suppoit.
As a next step I will have a final lesson on
shape poetiy wheie the stuuents anu I will
cieate a class shape poem. We will pick a class
topic. Stuuents will pick a class topic. Stuuents
will ueciue on oui stiategy of uiawing.
0puateu 12u14