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(Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.

Some 3G capable handsets may have been missed from this list)
Brand & Model
AboCom 396X
AboCom AB-3542
AboCom AB-3962
AboCom AB-3964
Acard 2SAN A5801
Access ANT30MO
Accton AWB US410
Acer A10
Acer A10u/Acer S510
Acer A1-811_EU/Acer Iconia A1
Acer A1-811_US/Acer Iconia A1
Acer A501/Acer Iconia TAB
Acer A7_EU
Acer A9_EU
Acer AK330s/Acer Liquid Gallant Duo
Acer AK330t/Acer Liquid Gallant Duo
Acer C12_WCDMA
Acer E100
Acer E110
Acer E120
Acer E130
Acer E140
Acer E200
Acer E210/Acer beTouch
Acer E310/Acer Liquid Mini
Acer E320/Acer Liquid Express
Acer E350/Acer Liquid Gallant
Acer E400
Acer F900
Acer Gaudi_US
Acer I1
Acer Iconia B1-711
Acer Liquid E6
Acer Liquid S100
Acer Liquid Z110
Acer Liquid Z2
Acer Liquid Z5
Acer M310/Acer Allegro
Acer M900
Acer NeoTouch P300
Acer NeoTouch S200
Acer S120/Acer Liquid Metal
Acer S300/Acer Iconia Smart
Acer Stream S110
Acer V360/Acer Liquid E1
Acer V370/Acer Liquid E2
Acer X960
Acer Z130/Acer Liquid Z3
Acer ZX
Actia Nordic ACTIA DHU2
Akortek Dark EVO P60
Aksahin Acube U51GT/U39GTS/U55GTS/U58GT/U59GT
Aksahin Excon Ptab7 Ptab Mini/Ptab9/Ptab10/Ptab97
Al Awael BlackBird i7800/i7500/I8500/I9200
Alcatel 4011X
Alcatel ISLAND
Alcatel OT 215
Alcatel OT 382
Alcatel OT 4007D/Alcatel OT Pixi
Alcatel OT 4007E/Alcatel OT Pixi
Alcatel OT 4007X/Alcatel OT Pixi
Alcatel OT 4010D/Alcatel OT T'Pop
Alcatel OT 4010E/Alcatel OT T'Pop
Alcatel OT 4010X/Alcatel OT T'Pop
Alcatel OT 4030A/Alcatel OT S'Pop
Alcatel OT 4030D/Alcatel OT S'Pop
Alcatel OT 4030E/Alcatel OT S'Pop
Alcatel OT 4030X/Alcatel OT S'Pop
Alcatel OT 4033D/Alcatel OT POP C3
Alcatel OT 4033E/Alcatel OT POP C3
Alcatel OT 4033X/Alcatel OT POP C3
Alcatel OT 5020A/Alcatel OT M'Pop
Alcatel OT 5020D/Alcatel OT M'Pop
Alcatel OT 5020T/Alcatel OT M'Pop
Alcatel OT 5020W/Alcatel OT Evolve
Alcatel OT 5020W/Alcatel OT M'Pop
Alcatel OT 5020X/Alcatel OT M'Pop
Alcatel OT 5021E
Alcatel OT 5035A/Alcatel OT X'Pop
Alcatel OT 5035D/Alcatel OT X'Pop
Alcatel OT 5035X/Alcatel OT X'Pop
Alcatel OT 5036X/Alcatel OT 5036D
Alcatel OT 5036X/Alcatel OT 5036D/Alcatel OT 5037X/Alcatel OT POP C5
Alcatel OT 5040X
Alcatel OT 510a
Alcatel OT 6010D/Alcatel OT Star
Alcatel OT 6010X/Alcatel OT Star
Alcatel OT 6012A/Alcatel OT Idol Mini
Alcatel OT 6012D/Alcatel OT Idol Mini
Alcatel OT 6012X/Alcatel OT Idol Mini
Alcatel OT 6030A/Alcatel Idol
Alcatel OT 6030D/Alcatel Idol
Alcatel OT 6030X/Alcatel Idol
Alcatel OT 6033X/Alcatel Idol Ultra
Alcatel OT 6034R/Alcatel OT Idol S
Alcatel OT 6040D/Alcatel OT Idol X
Alcatel OT 7024W
Alcatel OT 7024W/Alcatel OT Fierce
Alcatel OT 7025D/Alcatel Snap
Alcatel OT 7041D/Alcatel OT POP C7
Alcatel OT 7047D/Alcatel OT POP C9
Alcatel OT 768T
Alcatel OT 8000D/Alcatel Scribe Easy
Alcatel OT 8008D/Alcatel Scribe HD
Alcatel OT 871A
Alcatel OT 875T
Alcatel OT 900
Alcatel OT 906
Alcatel OT 907D
Alcatel OT 907N
Alcatel OT 908/Alcatel OT 908a/Alcatel OT 908s
Alcatel OT 908F
Alcatel OT 909A
Alcatel OT 909M
Alcatel OT 909S
Alcatel OT 910
Alcatel OT 914M
Alcatel OT 916
Alcatel OT 918
Alcatel OT 918A
Alcatel OT 918D
Alcatel OT 918N
Alcatel OT 918S
Alcatel OT 922
Alcatel OT 980/Alcatel OT 980a
Alcatel OT 981
Alcatel OT 983
Alcatel OT 985
Alcatel OT 985A
Alcatel OT 985D
Alcatel OT 985N
Alcatel OT 989
Alcatel OT 990/Alcatel OT 990a/Alcatel OT 990s
Alcatel OT 990M
Alcatel OT 991
Alcatel OT 991D
Alcatel OT 991T
Alcatel OT 992D
Alcatel OT 993
Alcatel OT 993D
Alcatel OT 995
Alcatel OT 995A
Alcatel OT 996
Alcatel OT 996 SFR
Alcatel OT 997D
Alcatel OT 998
Alcatel OT M70Q
Alcatel OT S920
Alcatel OT T60
Alcatel OT X230E
Alcatel OT X230L
Alcatel OT X300M
Alcatel OT X600E
Alcatel OT X600Q
Alcatel OT Y280E
Alcatel OT Y580D
Alcatel OT Y580E
Alcatel V655W
Alcatel V860
Alcatel WR540
Alif GALIF M1078K/M785K/M783K/M750K-3G
Alif GALIF W11
Altek A14
Ambrane A3-7
Amoi A768W
Amoi Dual Mode GSM/WCDMA
Amoi H810
Amoi H830
Amoi N706
Amoi N805
Amoi N807
Amoi N808
Amoi N809
Amoi N89
Amoi New York
Amoi T301
Amoi WMA8507
Amoi WMA8512
Amoi WMA8515
Amoi WMA8703
Amoi WMA8709
Amoi WMA8710
Amoi WMA9109
Amoi WMA9110
Amoi WMA9501
Amoi XIAXIN N8000
Amoi XIAXIN N816
Amoi XIAXIN N821
Anydata ADU-770
Anydata ADU960-S
Anydata ASP-705WJ
Anydata ASP-725W
Anydata AWR-602W
Anydata DTP-600W
Apple A1241/Apple iPhone 3G
Apple A1303/Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple A1324/Apple iPhone 3G
Apple A1325/Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple A1332/Apple iPhone 4
Apple A1337/Apple iPad
Apple A1387/Apple iPhone 4S
Apple A1396/Apple iPad 2
Apple A1403/Apple iPad 3
Apple A1428/Apple iPhone 5
Apple A1429/Apple iPhone 5
Apple A1430/Apple iPad 3
Apple A1431/Apple iPhone 4S
Apple A1442/Apple iPhone 5
Apple A1453/Apple iPhone 5S
Apple A1454/Apple iPad mini
Apple A1455/Apple iPad mini
Apple A1456/Apple iPhone 5C
Apple A1457/Apple iPhone 5S
Apple A1459/Apple iPad 4
Apple A1460/Apple iPad 4
Apple A1475/Apple iPad Air
Apple A1490/Apple iPad mini 2
Apple A1507/Apple iPhone 5C
Apple A1516/Apple iPhone 5C
Apple A1518/Apple iPhone 5S
Apple A1526/Apple iPhone 5C
Apple A1528/Apple iPhone 5S
Apple A1529/Apple iPhone 5C
Apple A1530/Apple iPhone 5S
Apple A1532/Apple iPhone 5C
Apple A1533/Apple iPhone 5S
Arcadyan MML3061A
Archos 93G0
Archos 97 Xenon
Archos Europe
Arima 3600
Arima 8802
Arima ACER Gandalf
Arima Glofiish M800
Arima i-mate Ultimate 6150
Arima i-mate Ultimate 8150
Arima M500
Arima O2
Arima Wharton Lite
Arima Wharton Tablet
Arima Zinc II
Asiatelco ATEL worldwide/V-900
Askey MF-915
Assure Infinix SURF Smart 2
Assure Infinix SURF Spice
Asus 1520
Asus A10
Asus A50
Asus A66/Asus Padfone
Asus A68/Asus Padfone 2
Asus A80
Asus Crystal
Asus Eee Pad Memo ME171
Asus Jupiter
Asus K009
Asus K00Z
Asus M10
Asus M530w
Asus M930
Asus ME175KG
Asus ME370TG/Google Nexus 7
Asus ME371MG/Asus Fonepad
Asus ME372CG
Asus ME560CG
Asus ME571KL/Google Nexus 7 (2013)
Asus Nuvifone
Asus Nuvifone A50
Asus O2 XDA Zinc
Asus P305
Asus P550
Asus P552
Asus P565
Asus P750
Asus P801
Asus P835
Asus PadFone Infinity 2 A86
Asus PadFone Infinity A80
Asus T200
Asus TF600TG/Asus VivoTab
Asus Transformer Pad TF300TG
Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL
Atelier Dior CD02
Atelier TAG Heuer LINK TH02M
Atelier VER-01
AUX M910+
AUX M939+
AUX M959
AUX V926
AUX V930
AUX V960
Avea Avea inTouch 2
Avea TrabzonCell MF667
Avnti AFTI W9100
Axioo Picopad QGN655
Axtrom AXPAD 7E01+
AzureWave aigale Ai-W300R
BandRich C152
BandRich C330/C331/C339
BandRich C501/C501B/C360
BandRich C505/C506
BandRich M305
BandRich M532
BandRich P530A
BandRich PWR2000
Baoji Jia Yu Yu Tong JAYU JY-S1
BBK vivo E1
BBK vivo E3
BBK vivo E5
BBK vivo S11t
BBK vivo S3
BBK vivo S7
BBK vivo S7i
BBK vivo S7t
BBK vivo S8
BBK vivo S9
BBK vivo V2
BBK vivo vivo X3t
BBK vivo vivo Y19t
BBK vivo X1
BBK vivo X1St
BBK vivo X510 D
BBK vivo Y1
BBK vivo Y11
Beijing Ereneben T5
Beijing Gaokezhongtian PINSU SR830-X5
Beijing Keruixiang COMME WG509
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch C986t+
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch Kis 5w
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch S2
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch S5
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T260+
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T566
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T569
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T580
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T589
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T6
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T619
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T619+
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T660
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T700
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T760
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T780
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch T98
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch U10
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch U5
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch U550
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch U6
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch U7
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch V8
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W306
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W606
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W616
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W619
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W650
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W656
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W68
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W686
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W688
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W710
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W719
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W760
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W780
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W806
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W806+
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W808
Beijing Tianyu K-Touch W900
Beijing TimesPower WM4080-1
Beijing TimesPower WM4080A-100D
Beijing Xinhexuri PRIMEMOBI PX88
BenQ E40
BenQ O2 X4
BenQ S7
BenQ S80
BenQ SF71
BenQ-Siemens E81
BenQ-Siemens EF81
BenQ-Siemens EF91
BenQ-Siemens S81
BenQ-Siemens SFG 75
BlackBerry 8707g
BlackBerry 8707h
BlackBerry 8707v
BlackBerry 9720
BlackBerry Bold 9000
BlackBerry Bold 9650
BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9788
BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930
BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
BlackBerry Curve 9315
BlackBerry Curve 9320
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9380
BlackBerry Pearl 9100
BlackBerry Pearl 9105
BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981
BlackBerry RFX101LW
BlackBerry RGY181LW
BlackBerry SQN100-1/BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry SQN100-2/BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry SQN100-3/BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry SQN100-5/BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry SQR100-1/BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry SQR100-2/BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry SQR100-3/BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry STA100-2/BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry STA100-5/BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry STA100-6/BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry STB100-1 RGH111LW
BlackBerry STB100-2 RGJ121LW
BlackBerry STJ100-1
BlackBerry STK100-1/BlackBerry Porsche Design P9982
BlackBerry STK100-2 P9982 RGF111LW
BlackBerry STL100-1/BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry STL100-2/BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry STL100-3 RFF91LW/BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry STL100-3 RFK121LW/BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry STL100-4/BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Storm 9500
BlackBerry Storm 9530
BlackBerry Storm2 9520
BlackBerry Storm2 9550
BlackBerry Torch 9800
BlackBerry Torch 9850
BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry Torch II 9810
BlackBerry Tour 9630
Blue Sky ICON i3/i2/i4/i8
BPASoftware GPS4000
Brantel E-tel i4
Brantel E-tel i5
Brantel Lanka E-tel i3
Brantel Lanka E-tel i6
BYD Delta S700
Byond Phablet II
Byond Phablet PIII
Celkon A112
Celkon A20
Celkon A98
Celkon A99
Cellon C3033
Cellon M8047SA
Cetrix Spectrum
Cfore C1000
Champion Champ W7.4
Cheng Uei Precision Foxlink QB57
Cheng Uei Precision Foxlink TQ71YC1
Cheng Uei Precision i-mobile TP27S1
Chengdu Redbud JZJ T8
Chi Mei AU2-125
Chi Mei AU3-125
Chi Mei AU3-128
Chi Mei AU4-128
Chi Mei CMCS E501
Chi Mei CMCS GO9
Chi Mei CMCS KT500
Chi Mei F902
Chi Mei F903
Chi Mei FB400
Chi Mei FST
Chi Mei Mr. 7
Chi Mei Spark
Chi Mei ZUS
China Goldstar Living Thing LT-B743/LT-J2275/LT-S6001/LT-V8000/LT-V9730
China Mobile M601
Chongqing Datang DTD-M103
Chongqing Forentek TD888-1000(07)
Chongqing Guohong GHONG GHONG W100T
Cinterion Wireless EHS5-E
Cinterion Wireless EHS5-US
Cinterion Wireless EHS6
Cinterion Wireless Modules AH6A-W AH6A-W
Cinterion Wireless Modules EU3-E
Cinterion Wireless Modules PHS8-P
Cinterion Wireless Modules PHS8-US
Cinterion Wireless PHS8-J
Cinterion Wireless PXS8
Clever Loose easypix EP5
C-motech CBU-450D
C-Motech CGU-629
C-motech CGU-720A
C-Motech CHU-720I
Compal CAT B15
Compal Compal U110
Compal Compalcomm CAP7/CAP5/Highscreen Cosmo
Compal Compalcomm CAP8
Compal M300
Compal Pocket LOOX T830/Compal Pocket LOOX T810
Compal Vibo A600
Compal Zeebo Zeebo Plus
Corporativo LANIX Ilium S110
Corporativo LANIX ILIUM S115
Corporativo LANIX Ilium S220
Corporativo LANIX LX20
Crown Fortune HUaRUI TD8900
CT Asia BLU Advance 4.0
CT Asia BLU Advance 4.5
CT Asia BLU Amour 4.0
CT Asia BLU Dash 3.5
CT Asia BLU Dash 4.0
CT Asia BLU Dash 4.5
CT Asia BLU Dash 5.0
CT Asia BLU Dash music
CT Asia BLU Dash music 4.0
CT Asia BLU Elite 3.8
CT Asia BLU Life one
CT Asia BLU Life play
CT Asia BLU Life Pro
CT Asia BLU Life pure
CT Asia BLU Life view
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.0
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.0 II
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.0e
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.0S
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.0S II
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.3S
CT Asia BLU Studio 5.5
CT Asia BLU Touch book 7.0S
CT Asia BLU VIVO 4.3
Curitel GU-1100
Datang TG1000
Datang TP703
Dell Aero
Dell B3G
Dell Latitude D620
Dell M01M/Dell Mini 5/Dell Streak
Dell Mini 3i/Dell Mini 3T/Dell Mini 3V
Dell Precision M4300/EU860D
Dell V04B
Dell V06B
Dell Venue Pro
Desay T389
Desay TS808
Dicra 507G
Digibras CCE Motion Tab TD72G
Digibras CCE SM55
Digicom QMobile A20
Digicom QMobile A80
Digiphone DIGIMEX DG7
Discovery Meegobar D85
Dongguan Jinming HOSIN U6
Dongguan Jinming HOSIN U9
Dongguan Yidalong Forme P9
Doro PhoneEasy 520
Doro PhoneEasy 520X CA
Doro PhoneEasy 615
Doro PhoneEasy 618
Doro PhoneEasy 620 CA
Doro PhoneEasy 621/Doro PhoneEasy 622
Doro PhoneEasy 622
Doro PhoneEasy 622 CA
Doro PhoneEasy 625
Doro PhoneEasy 740
Doro PhoneEasy 810
Dowee DW E8
Dowee DW-E4
Dowee DW-E60
Dragon-Inn AMGOO Am61/62/63/65/66
DTK Computer Swift swift-tab II
Dynamax DNP-506M
Dynamax DNP-5707M
Dynamax Venera616
Eastern Communications eastcom B9120
Eastern Communications eastcom G9200
Elekta ETAB-730SS-3G/M-765A
Emitac BE b.Elite b.united
eMobile Green Orange GO M1
eMobile Green Orange GO M2
eMobile Greenorang GO V1
eMobile GreenOrange GO M3
eMobile GreenOrange GO S2
Emporia CONNECT V88
Emporia emporiaCLICKgps V32-3G
Emporia emporiaCONNECTbasic V87
Ericsson C3304
Ericsson C5621
Ericsson F3307
Ericsson F3507g
Ericsson F3607gw
Ericsson F5321
Ericsson F5521gw
Ericsson H5321
Ertebat GLX G3
Ertebat GLX JET
E-TEN M810
E-TEN X800
Eurostar ePadGenie - ET7183G
Eurostar ePadGenie-ET7183G-B13
Eurostar ET6543G-HM14
Evadin 81D
Fairphone FP1
Fanhow iwoo i900
Fibocom Wireless H330S
Fida PROLiNK PHS100/101/300
FIH SP1400
FireFly Fly F350
Fly Mobiles F45s
Foxconn DC210M
Foxconn FIH NF3
Franklin Wireless X720
Fujian Landi Graphics + LANDI iPOS50
Fujian Ruitell 6601
Fujian Xinocomm TANER TD919+
Fujitsu Champagnes
Fujitsu F-06B
Fujitsu F-07B
Fujitsu F-09B
Fujitsu FMP07-CMMR
Fujitsu FMP09-LUCAS
Fujitsu FMP102-PIUS-JP
Fujitsu FMP103-PIUS-EU
Fujitsu FMP106-ACEROLA
Fujitsu FMP125-KAJIKI-D
Fujitsu FMP17-OPAL-KAI
Fujitsu FMP24-AUDREY/F882iES
Fujitsu FMP26-DARWIN/FOMA F883i
Fujitsu FMP31-MARBLE/FOMA F904i
Fujitsu FMP32-CELLO
Fujitsu FMP34-RYOMA/FOMA F883iES
Fujitsu FMP35-COBALT/FOMA F905i
Fujitsu FMP37-FAGOTT/FOMA F704i
Fujitsu FMP38-UKULELE FOMA F705i
Fujitsu FMP39-CANDY FOMA F801i
Fujitsu FMP40-CELTIC/FOMA F1100
Fujitsu FMP47-NIKO F-02A
Fujitsu FMP55-BASHO/F-10A
Fujitsu FMP88-BESSON
Fujitsu FOMA F-04D
Fujitsu FOMA F-07A
Fujitsu FOMA F-10C
Fujitsu FOMA F-12C
Fujitsu FOMA F702iD
Fujitsu FOMA F903i
Fujitsu HUDSON
Fujitsu SBM TatooineS
Fujitsu Xi F-01D
Fujitsu Xi F-05D
Future Mobile netsurfer netsurfer DUAL
Gadmei UTOO N59
Galaxy CONNECT A7 3G
Galaxy Connect i201
Galaxy Connect i301
Galaxy Connect i401
Galaxy Connect u40
Gemtek WLTFSR-101
General Dynamics ASB ASB
General Dynamics ASP ASP
General Mobile A1
General Mobile Discovery
General Mobile DST3G Cool
General Mobile T3
General Mobile Ultimate Slim
Gfive A770
Gfive A79G
Gfive F7
Gfive G73
Gfive Galax G9300
Giant D303T
Giga-Byte G1305
Giga-Byte GSmart Aku A1
Giga-Byte GSmart G1
Giga-Byte GSmart Maya M1
Giga-Byte GSmart Rio R1
Giga-Byte GSmart Roma R2
Giga-Byte GSmart Tuku T2
Giga-Byte MS808
Giga-Byte Q6280
Giga-Byte S1200
Gionee A3
Gionee Cheetah A707
Gionee E3
Gionee E6
Gionee ET200
Gionee fly IQ275
Gionee GiONEE GN136T
Gionee GiONEE GN800E
Gionee GN137
Gionee GN160T
Gionee GN700T
Gionee Gpad G3
Gionee Infinity
Gionee IQ441
Gionee IQ4410 Quad
Gionee Jinli GN105
Gionee Jinli GN109
Gionee Jinli GN205
Gionee Jinli GN208
Gionee Jinli GN305
Gionee Jinli GN380
Gionee Jinli GN610T
Gionee Jinli GN700W
Gionee Jinli GN800
Gionee Jinli GN868
Gionee Legend
Gionee P2
Gionee P600
Gionee Pioneer P2
Gionee Primo N
Gionee Primo X2
Gionee SL55
Gionee TD01
Gionee TD100
Gionee TM350
Gionee TM500
Gionee V4
Gionee X817
Global Wolder mismart COOL
G-Mode S100
Goldgoal Hiro 610i N73/S7718/S7710 Butterflys
Goldgoal Hiro N201/M49/5215/2020/6630
Gongqingcheng Cellon ZIMA C8666GP
Gongqingcheng Cellon ZIMA C8669
Gongqingcheng Cellon ZIMA Z001
Guang Dong Gaoke GETEK GK-A6
Guang Dong Gaoke GETEK GK-A8
Guangdong Oppo E19TD
Guangdong Oppo E27W
Guangdong OPPO N1T
Guangdong Oppo R801
Guangdong Oppo R803
Guangdong Oppo R805
Guangdong Oppo R811
Guangdong Oppo R813T
Guangdong Oppo R815T
Guangdong Oppo R815W
Guangdong Oppo R817
Guangdong Oppo R819T
Guangdong Oppo R821T
Guangdong Oppo R823T
Guangdong Oppo R833
Guangdong Oppo T29
Guangdong Oppo U701
Guangdong Oppo U701T
Guangdong Oppo U705T
Guangdong Oppo X903
Guangdong Oppo X905
Guangdong Oppo X907
Guangdong Oppo X909
Guangdong Oppo X909T
Guangzhou Beon TS007
Guangzhou Chenle V819 3G
Guangzhou Huayin MEDIA SHOW i110
Guangzhou ShiruiSEEWOEASINOTE P892
Haier HT-FT165
Haier HT-I520
Haier HT-I600
Haier HT-I617
Haier HT-I757
Haier HT-M380
Haier HT-U50T
Haier HT-U58T
Haier HT-U60T
Haier H-U67T
Haier H-U8W
Haier H-U90T
Haier HW-A56W
Haier HW-N8
Haier HW-N80W
Haier HW-W701
Haier HW-W716
Haier HW-W718
Haier HW-W801
Haier HW-W820
Haier HW-W910
Haier HW-W919
Haier HW-WM200
Haier HW-WM310
Haier HW-WM500
Harman/Becker AUDI PPiS AH6A-W
Harman/Becker AUDI PPiS with AH6A-US
Harris PBM-113
He Yuan TLT Communication Co Ltd T-KING K-one
He Yuan TLT T-king K1391
Hebei Aole 868
Hefei Royalstar QQr-R6
Hefei Royalstar RSD-I9300
Hisense AD685G
Hisense AD686G
Hisense E4001
Hisense EG970
Hisense HS-LD602
Hisense HS-T68
Hisense Hs-T80
Hisense HS-T81
Hisense HS-T820
Hisense HS-T860
Hisense HS-T92
Hisense HS-T928
Hisense HS-T929
Hisense HS-T950
Hisense HS-T96
Hisense HS-U1
Hisense HS-U2
Hisense HS-U8
Hisense HS-U820
Hisense HS-U820S HS-U929 HS-U970S/HS-U939
Hisense HS-U850
Hisense HS-U860
Hisense HS-U909
Hisense HS-U912
Hisense HS-U950
Hisense HS-U960Q
Hisense HS-U970
Hisense HS-U980
Hisense M170AT
Hisense T39
Hisense U1+
Hisiki H3501
Honeywell ADT GSMV3G-ADT
Honeywell GSMV4Gs/GSMVCN4Gs
Honeywell IPGSM-Dp4G
Honeywell TSSC-HSPA+
Hong Kong Karasnn ZOPO ZP980/ZP1000
Hongkong Amano Hua Mobile I88
Hongkong IPRO A3/ and A5/ and V5
Hongkong IPRO i9350
HP hs2340 HSPA Mobile Broadband
HP hs2350
HP hs2434 Gobi 3000 Notebook
HP hs3110
HP hs3120 HSPA+ Broadband
HP hs3124
HP HSPA+ Mobile Broadband
HP iPAQ 610/HP iPAQ 610c/HP iPAQ 612/HP iPAQ 612c/HP iPAQ 614/HP iPAQ 614c
HP iPAQ 900
HP iPAQ Data Messenger
HP iPAQ Voice Messenger
HP LT4126 Mobile Broadband
HP lt4227 Mobile Broadband
HP Pre3
HP Slate 3G
HP Slate8 Pro
HP un2400 Mobile Broadband
HP UN2420
HP/Mobility HP HP Omni10
HP-Palm P101UEU
HP-Palm P121UEU
HP-Palm Palm P102UEU
HTC 0P3P500
HTC 0P3P500/HTC One max
HTC 0P3P510
HTC 0P3P510/HTC One max
HTC 0P3P520
HTC 0P3P520/HTC One max
HTC 0P3P600
HTC 0P3Z111
HTC 0P4E200
HTC 0P4E200/HTC Desire 601
HTC 0P4E220
HTC 0P4E220/HTC Desire 601
HTC 0P4E230
HTC 0P4E230/HTC Desire 601
HTC 0P4E240
HTC 0P4E240/HTC Desire 601
HTC 0P4E410
HTC 0P4O100
HTC 0P6A200
HTC 0P6B110
HTC 0P6B500
HTC 0P6B650
HTC 0P8B220
HTC 0P9O200/HTC Desire 610
HTC 0PA2200
HTC 0PA2200/HTC Desire 310 Dual SIM
HTC 301e
HTC 3160
HTC 3188
HTC 603e
HTC 606w
HTC 608t
HTC 6160
HTC 7088
HTC 801e/HTC 801n/HTC 801s/HTC One
HTC 801e/HTC One
HTC 801t/HTC One
HTC 802t
HTC 802w
HTC 8088/HTC One max
HTC 9066
HTC A310e/HTC Explorer
HTC A320e/HTC Desire C
HTC A3360
HTC A510e/HTC Wildfire S
HTC A620e/HTC Windows Phone 8S
HTC A620t/HTC Windows Phone 8S
HTC A810e/HTC ChaCha
HTC A9188
HTC ATHE400/HTC X7510/HTC Advantage
HTC Athena/HTC Advantage X7500/HTC Dopod U1000/HTC T-Mobile AMEO
HTC Breeze 100/HTC MTeoR
HTC C510e/HTC Salsa
HTC C620e/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC Cavalier 100/HTC S630
HTC CLIC100/HTC Tattoo
HTC CLIC140/HTC Tattoo
HTC Clio 110/HTC Shift/HTC X9500
HTC D516w
HTC D616w
HTC Desire 200
HTC Desire 300
HTC Desire 500
HTC Desire 500 Dual SIM
HTC Desire 601
HTC Desire SV
HTC Diamond 100/HTC Touch P3700
HTC Diamond 110
HTC Diamond 130
HTC Diamond 190
HTC Diamond 200
HTC Diamond 210
HTC Diamond 300
HTC Hermes/HTC Qtek 9600/HTC O2 XDA Trion/HTC Orange SPV M3100/HTC I-Mate JasJam/HTC TyTN
HTC Hero
HTC HTC 3160
HTC Incredible S
HTC IOLI100/HTC Touch Cruise
HTC Butterfly
HTC JADE100/HTC Touch 3G
HTC JADE110/HTC Touch 3G
HTC JADE140/HTC Touch 3G
HTC Legend
HTC Magic
HTC Mobile Phone 8
HTC Mobile Phone 9
HTC NEON300/HTC Touch Dual
HTC OP56110
HTC P510e/HTC Flyer
HTC P5500/HTC P5520/HTC Touch Dual/HTC Touch Dual 850/HTC T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus/HTC O2 XDA Star
HTC PB65100/HTC Espresso/HTC MyTouch 3G Slide
HTC PB74100/HTC PB74200/HTC Touch 2/HTC T3333/HTC T3332
HTC PB81100/HTC PB81110/HTC PB81120/HTC HD2/HTC Leo/HTC Firestone/HTC T8585
HTC PB92110/HTC Aria
HTC PB92200/HTC Gratia
HTC PB92300
HTC PB99100/HTC PB99110/HTC Nexus One/HTC Google Phone
HTC PB99200/HTC PB99210/HTC PB99220/HTC Desire
HTC PC10100/HTC Desire Z
HTC PC10110/HTC Desire Z
HTC PC10120/HTC Desire Z
HTC PC40100/HTC 7 Trophy
HTC PC40200/HTC 7 Trophy
HTC PC80100
HTC PC92100/HTC 7 Pro
HTC PD15100/HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 4G
HTC PD26100/HTC PD26110/HTC Surround
HTC PD29100/HTC PD29110/HTC PD29120/HTC PD29130/HTC HD 7
HTC PD29150/HTC HD 7 S
HTC PD42100/HTC Merge
HTC PD53100/HTC PD53110/HTC Freestyle
HTC PD67100/HTC Mozart
HTC PD67110/HTC PD67111/HTC Mozart
HTC PD67120/HTC Mozart
HTC PD98100/HTC PD98140/HTC PD98150/HTC A9191/HTC Desire HD
HTC PD98120/HTC Inspire 4G
HTC PG05100 Handhelds
HTC PG08110
HTC PG09400
HTC PG09410/HTC Jetstream
HTC PG32100/HTC Incredible S
HTC PG32120/HTC Incredible S
HTC PG41100/HTC Flyer
HTC PG41120/HTC Flyer
HTC PG41300
HTC PG58100/HTC Sensation 4G
HTC PG58110/HTC Sensation 4G
HTC PG58120/HTC Sensation 4G
HTC PG58130/HTC Sensation 4G
HTC PG59100/HTC MyTouch 4G Slide
HTC PG76100/HTC Wildfire S
HTC PG76110/HTC Wildfire S
HTC PG76120/HTC Wildfire S
HTC PG76240/HTC Wildfire S
HTC PG86200
HTC PG88100/HTC PG88110/HTC S510e/HTC Desire S
HTC PH06110/HTC Status
HTC PH06120/HTC Status
HTC PH06130/HTC Status
HTC PH11120
HTC PH39100/HTC Vivid
HTC PH39110/HTC Vivid
HTC PH39120/HTC Vivid
HTC PH39130/HTC Vivid
HTC PH39140/HTC Vivid
HTC PH39150/HTC Vivid
HTC PH44100/HTC EVO Design 4G
HTC PH44300
HTC PH85100/HTC Amaze 4G/HTC Ruby
HTC PH85110/HTC Amaze 4G/HTC Ruby
HTC PI04100
HTC PI06100/HTC Radar
HTC PI06110/HTC Radar
HTC PI06130/HTC Radar
HTC PI39100/HTC Titan/HTC Eternity
HTC PI39110/HTC Titan/HTC Eternity
HTC PI39200/HTC Sensation XL
HTC PI39210/HTC Sensation XL
HTC PI46100/HTC Rhyme
HTC PI86100
HTC PI86110
HTC PJ03100/HTC Explorer
HTC PJ03110/HTC Explorer
HTC PJ03120/HTC Explorer
HTC PJ40100/HTC Ville/HTC One S
HTC PJ40110/HTC Ville/HTC One S
HTC PJ40200/HTC Ville/HTC One S
HTC PJ40210/HTC Ville/HTC One S
HTC PJ40230/HTC Ville/HTC One S
HTC PJ46100/HTC Endeavor/HTC One X
HTC PJ46110/HTC Endeavor/HTC One X
HTC PJ83100/HTC One XL
HTC PJ83120/HTC One XL
HTC PJ83130/HTC One XL
HTC PJ83500
HTC PK07110
HTC PK76100/HTC One V
HTC PK76110/HTC One V
HTC PK76130/HTC One V
HTC PK76140/HTC One V
HTC PL01100/HTC Desire C
HTC PL01110/HTC Desire C
HTC PL01130/HTC Desire C
HTC PL01150/HTC Desire C
HTC PL11100
HTC PL11200
HTC PL80100/HTC One SV
HTC PL80130/HTC One SV
HTC PL80150/HTC One SV
HTC PL99400
HTC PM23200/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC PM23220/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC PM23300/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC PM23300_Q/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC PM23310/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC PM23320/HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC PM33100/HTC First
HTC PM35100/HTC One X+
HTC PM35110/HTC One X+
HTC PM36100/HTC One VX
HTC PM59110/HTC Windows Phone 8S
HTC PM59120/HTC Windows Phone 8S
HTC PM60120
HTC PM63100/HTC One X+ LTE
HTC PM66100/HTC Desire X
HTC PM66110
HTC PM66120/HTC Desire X
HTC PM86200
HTC PN07100/HTC One
HTC PN07110/HTC One
HTC PN07120/HTC One
HTC PN07140/HTC One
HTC PN07510
HTC PN07710
HTC PO09100
HTC PO47100
HTC PO49100/HTC Desire 600
HTC PO49110/HTC Desire 600
HTC PO49120/HTC Desire 600
HTC PO58100/HTC One mini
HTC PO58200/HTC One mini
HTC PO58210/HTC One mini
HTC PO58220/HTC One mini
HTC PO60130
HTC PO68210/HTC Butterfly S
HTC Polaris 100/HTC Touch Cruise/HTC P3650
HTC Polaris 200/HTC O2 XDA Orbit 2/HTC Touch Cruise
HTC PP22120
HTC RAPH100/HTC Touch Pro T7272
HTC RAPH101/HTC Touch Pro
HTC RAPH110/HTC Touch Pro
HTC RAPH300/HTC Touch Pro
HTC RAPH600/HTC Touch Pro
HTC RHOD100/HTC Tilt2/HTC Touch Pro2
HTC RHOD110/HTC Tilt2/HTC Touch Pro2
HTC RHOD210/HTC Tilt2/HTC Touch Pro2
HTC RHOD300/HTC Tilt2/HTC Touch Pro2
HTC RHOD400/HTC Tilt2/HTC Touch Pro2
HTC RHOD500/HTC Tilt2/HTC Touch Pro2
HTC S510b/HTC Rhyme
HTC S610d
HTC S710d/HTC S710e/HTC Vox
HTC S720e/HTC Endeavor/HTC One X
HTC S720t/HTC Endeavor/HTC One XT
HTC Salsa
HTC SAPP300/HTC MyTouch 3G Fender
HTC Sensation
HTC Smart
HTC T320e/HTC One V
HTC T327t
HTC T327w
HTC T328d/HTC Desire VC
HTC T328t/HTC Desire VT
HTC T328W/HTC Desire V
HTC T329t
HTC T329w
HTC T528t
HTC T528w
HTC T9188
HTC ThunderBolt
HTC Tiara
HTC Touch Diamond2
HTC Universal/HTC Qtek 9000/HTC O2 XDA-exec/HTC Orange SPV M5000/HTC I-Mate JasJar
HTC WHIT100/HTC Imagio
HTC Wildfire
HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC X310e/HTC Titan
HTC X315e/HTC Sensation XL
HTC X920d/HTC Butterfly
HTC X920e/HTC Butterfly
HTC Z560e
HTC Z710e/HTC Sensation 4G
HTC Z710t/HTC Sensation 4G
HTC Z715e/HTC Sensation XE
Huawei Ascend G510-0010
Huawei Ascend G510-0100
Huawei Ascend G510-0200
Huawei Ascend G510-0251
Huawei Ascend G525
Huawei Ascend G525-U00
Huawei Ascend G526-L11
Huawei Ascend G526-L22
Huawei Ascend G606-T00
Huawei Ascend G700/Huawei Ascend G730
Huawei Ascend G700-T00
Huawei Ascend G700-U00
Huawei Ascend G700-U10
Huawei Ascend P7
Huawei Ascend Y210-0010
Huawei Ascend Y210-0100
Huawei Ascend Y210-0151
Huawei Ascend Y210-0200
Huawei Ascend Y210-0251
Huawei Ascend Y210-2010
Huawei Ascend Y220-T10
Huawei Ascend Y220-U00
Huawei Ascend Y220-U10
Huawei Ascend Y300-0000
Huawei Ascend Y300-0100
Huawei Ascend Y300-0151
Huawei Ascend Y300C
Huawei Ascend Y320-T00
Huawei Ascend Y320-U01
Huawei Ascend Y320-U10
Huawei Ascend Y320-U151
Huawei Ascend Y320-U30
Huawei Ascend Y330
Huawei Ascend Y511
Huawei B1-200H
Huawei B160
Huawei B200
Huawei B200-50
Huawei B203
Huawei B270
Huawei B593s-58
Huawei B593s-850
Huawei B683
Huawei C02HW
Huawei CHT 3300
Huawei CHT 5500
Huawei CHT3000
Huawei D2-0082
Huawei D51/Huawei Discovery Expedition
Huawei D618
Huawei E1100u-1
Huawei E1200
Huawei E122
Huawei E1220s-1
Huawei E1220s-2
Huawei E122-1
Huawei E122-2
Huawei E122-A
Huawei E1230s-2
Huawei E150
Huawei E1532/E153C/E153
Huawei E1550
Huawei E1553
Huawei E1556
Huawei E157
Huawei E160E
Huawei E1616
Huawei E1630
Huawei E1692
Huawei E169G
Huawei E171
Huawei E173/E1731
Huawei E173/E1732
Huawei E1750C
Huawei E1752C
Huawei E1752Cu
Huawei E1756C
Huawei E176
Huawei E1762
Huawei E177
Huawei E1780
Huawei E17X
Huawei E1800
Huawei E181G
Huawei E182E
Huawei E187-2
Huawei E188
Huawei E192
Huawei E260
Huawei E303
Huawei E303h-1
Huawei E303Ms-1
Huawei E3121s-1
Huawei E3131Cs-1
Huawei E3272s-153
Huawei E355
Huawei E357
Huawei E369
Huawei E397Bu-501
Huawei E5151s-2
Huawei E5220s-1
Huawei E5220s-2
Huawei E5221s-2
Huawei E5331
Huawei E5331s-2
Huawei E5332
Huawei E560
Huawei E5775s-925
Huawei E5776s-22
Huawei E5830
Huawei E5832
Huawei E5836
Huawei E5838
Huawei E583C
Huawei E585
Huawei E586
Huawei E587
Huawei E589u-12
Huawei E8231s-1
Huawei E881
Huawei E881E
Huawei eA660-135
Huawei EC5825
Huawei EM750M
Huawei EM770
Huawei EM770S
Huawei EM770U
Huawei EM770W
Huawei EM820U
Huawei EM820W
Huawei ET188
Huawei ETS1160
Huawei ETS5623
Huawei ETS5623 VERB
Huawei ETS5623 VERG
Huawei ETS6630
Huawei F501 VERB
Huawei F501 VERF
Huawei F616-20
Huawei F635
Huawei F662-20
Huawei FC612E
Huawei FP515H
Huawei FP615H
Huawei G350-U20
Huawei G520-0000
Huawei G520-5000
Huawei G520-T10
Huawei G526-L11
Huawei G526-L22
Huawei G606-T00
Huawei G610-C00/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G610S/HUAWEI Ascend G610
Huawei G610-T00
Huawei G610-T00/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G610-T11
Huawei G610-T11/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G610-U00
Huawei G610-U00/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G610-U00/Huawei G610-U30/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G610-U15
Huawei G610-U15/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G610-U20
Huawei G610-U20/Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei G620
Huawei G6-C00/Huawei Ascend G6
Huawei G6-U00/Huawei Ascend G6
Huawei G6-U10/Huawei Ascend G6
Huawei G750-T00/Huawei Honor 3X
Huawei G750-U00/Huawei Honor 3X
Huawei G750-U10
Huawei G750-U10/Huawei Honor 3X
Huawei GL07S
Huawei GP01
Huawei GS02
Huawei GS03
Huawei H11HW
Huawei H12HW
Huawei HN3-U01
Huawei HW-01E
Huawei HWD14
Huawei HW-DPF03
Huawei Ideos S7 Slim S7-201u
Huawei Ideos S7 Slim S7-202u
Huawei Ideos Tablet S7
Huawei Ideos U8150
Huawei Ideos U8500
Huawei Iris
Huawei K3520
Huawei K3765
Huawei K4305
Huawei K4505
Huawei K4510
Huawei K4511
Huawei M3710
Huawei MD-@ HSUPA
Huawei ME906E
Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD
Huawei MediaPad S7-301u
Huawei MediaPad S7-302u
Huawei MediaPad S7-303u
Huawei MT1-T00/Huawei Ascend Mate
Huawei MT1-U06/Huawei Ascend Mate
Huawei MU203
Huawei MU509
Huawei MU733
Huawei MU736
Huawei MU739
Huawei P2-6011/Huawei Ascend P2
Huawei P6-C00/Huawei Ascend P6
Huawei P6S-U06
Huawei P6-T00/Huawei Ascend P6
Huawei P6-U06/Huawei Ascend P6
Huawei Q1-200H/Huawei U9120
Huawei Q1-218H/U9120-6
Huawei R201
Huawei R205
Huawei R206
Huawei S31HW
Huawei S7 Tablet
Huawei S7-601u/Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue
Huawei S7-601ue/Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue
Huawei S7-701u/Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth
Huawei S7-931u/Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite
Huawei S7-932u
Huawei SmaKit S7-101 Tablet
Huawei SoftBank/Huawei 007HW
Huawei SONIC U8652-51 SAPPHIRE
Huawei Sophia
Huawei T1000
Huawei T1100
Huawei T1101
Huawei T1201
Huawei T1600
Huawei T1800
Huawei T2002
Huawei T2010
Huawei T2011
Huawei T2211
Huawei T2281+
Huawei T3060
Huawei T3061
Huawei T550
Huawei T552
Huawei T7320
Huawei T8100
Huawei T8300
Huawei T8500
Huawei T8600
Huawei T8828
Huawei T8830
Huawei T8830Pro
Huawei T8833
Huawei T8950
Huawei T8951
Huawei T9200
Huawei Telstra T-Touch Tab TM
Huawei U1000s
Huawei U120/Huawei U120e
Huawei U120e
Huawei U121
Huawei U1211
Huawei U1250
Huawei U1251
Huawei U1270
Huawei U1280
Huawei U1300
Huawei U1307
Huawei U1310
Huawei U1315
Huawei U1860
Huawei U2800
Huawei U2800A
Huawei U2801
Huawei U2900
Huawei U3100
Huawei U3100/Huawei U3101
Huawei U3100/Huawei U3107
Huawei U3200-9
Huawei U3200-S
Huawei U3220/U3220
Huawei U3300
Huawei U3310
Huawei U3315
Huawei U3315h
Huawei U3317
Huawei U5110
Huawei U5130-7
Huawei U526
Huawei U528
Huawei U5300
Huawei U535
Huawei U5600
Huawei U5700
Huawei U5705
Huawei U5710
Huawei U5801
Huawei U6020
Huawei U6100
Huawei U6150
Huawei U626
Huawei U7200
Huawei U7305
Huawei U7310
Huawei U7315s
Huawei U7317
Huawei U7317s
Huawei U7510
Huawei U7510/Huawei MD Touch
Huawei U7510/Huawei Tactile TV
Huawei U7510/Vodafone 840
Huawei U7519
Huawei U7520/Huawei V8302
Huawei U7520-5
Huawei U8100/Huawei U8100U/Huawei Tactile Internet
Huawei U8100/Huawei U8105
Huawei U8100/Huawei U8107
Huawei U8100/Huawei U8109
Huawei U8110
Huawei U8120/Vodafone 845
Huawei U8160/Vodafone 858 Smart
Huawei U8160-U/Vodafone 858 Smart
Huawei U8180-1/Huawei Ideos X1
Huawei U8180-5/Huawei Ideos X1
Huawei U8180-7/Huawei Ideos X1
Huawei U8185-1
Huawei U8185-7
Huawei U8186-1
Huawei U8186-7
Huawei U8220
Huawei U8230/Huawei Halo
Huawei U8300
Huawei U8350/Huawei Boulder
Huawei U8510/Huawei Ideos X3
Huawei U8520
Huawei U8600-1
Huawei U8650-1/Huawei Sonic
Huawei U8650-5/Huawei Sonic
Huawei U8651/Huawei U8652/Huawei Sonic
Huawei U8651S/Huawei Summit
Huawei U8651T/Huawei Sonic
Huawei U8655-1/Huawei Ascend Y200
Huawei U8655-51/Huawei Ascend Y200
Huawei U8660
Huawei U8661
Huawei U8665
Huawei U8666-1
Huawei U8666-51
Huawei U8666E-1
Huawei U8666E-51
Huawei U8666N-1
Huawei U8680/Huawei Ascend G312
Huawei U8681/Huawei Ascend G312
Huawei U8686/T-Mobile Prism II
Huawei U8687/Huawei Ascend Y215
Huawei U8730
Huawei U8800 Pro
Huawei U8800/Huawei Ideos X5
Huawei U8800+
Huawei U8812D
Huawei U8812D-1
Huawei U8815/Huawei Ascend G300
Huawei U8815-51/Huawei Ascend G300
Huawei U8815-71/Huawei Ascend G300
Huawei U8815N/Huawei Ascend G300
Huawei U8816-1
Huawei U8818
Huawei U8820
Huawei U8825/Huawei Ascend G330
Huawei U8825D/Huawei Ascend G330
Huawei U8832D
Huawei U8836D
Huawei U8850/Huawei Vision
Huawei U8850-1/Huawei Vision
Huawei U8850-5/Huawei Vision
Huawei U8860/Huawei Honor
Huawei U8867Z
Huawei U8950-1/Huawei Ascend G600
Huawei U8950-51/Huawei Ascend G600
Huawei U8950D/Huawei Ascend G600
Huawei U9000/Huawei Ideos X6
Huawei U9000-81/Huawei ASCEND X
Huawei U9105
Huawei U9130-6
Huawei U9200/Huawei Ascend P1
Huawei U9200E/Huawei Ascend P1
Huawei U9202L-1/Huawei Ascend P1 LTE
Huawei U9202L-2/Huawei Ascend P1 LTE
Huawei U9500/Huawei Ascend D
Huawei U9500E/Huawei Ascend D
Huawei U9508/Huawei Honor 2
Huawei U9510/Huawei Ascend D quad
Huawei U9510E/Huawei Ascend D quad XL
Huawei UM01-HW
Huawei UMG1691
Huawei UMG587
Huawei V710
Huawei V715
Huawei V830
Huawei V830i
Huawei V830S
Huawei Vodafone 625
Huawei Vodafone 710
Huawei Vodafone 715
Huawei Vodafone 716
Huawei Vodafone 720
Huawei Vodafone 725
Huawei Vodafone 735
Huawei Vodafone 736
Huawei Vodafone 810
Huawei Vodafone 830
Huawei Vodafone 830i
Huawei Vodafone K3770
Huawei Vodafone K3772
Huawei Vodafone K3773
Huawei Vodafone K3806
Huawei W1-C00/Huawei Ascend W1
Huawei W1-U00/Huawei Ascend W1
Huawei W1-U34
Huawei Y 220T
Huawei Y220-T10
Huawei Y220-U00
Huawei Y220-U10
Huawei Y301-A1
Huawei Y310-5000
Huawei Y310-T10
Huawei Y320-T00
Huawei Y320-U01
Huawei Y320-U10
Huawei Y320-U151
Huawei Y320-U30
Huawei Y325-T00
Huawei Y511-T00/Huawei Ascend Y511
Huawei Y511-U00/Huawei Ascend Y511
Huawei Y511-U251/Huawei Ascend Y511
Huawei Y511-U30/Huawei Ascend Y511
Huawei Y600
Huike UGOOD K3528
Huizhou Dubon ZIVI I8550
Huizhou Dubon ZIVI I9500
Huizhou Dubon ZIVI MW4600
Huizhou Dubon ZIVI ZV802
Huizhou Jiayuan E888
Huizhou Qiaoxing COSUN 9801
Hunan Newman Newsmy F7
Hunan Nuoyaxin VEION T1/T3/T6
Hungaro Flotta NAVON EXPLORER 3G
iBall 3.5GH-72 Data card
Iball 3G7271
Iball Andi3e
Iball Andi3n
Iball Andi4.5h
Iball Andi4.5q
Iball Andi4.7G Cobalt
Iball Andi4di
iBall Andi4di+
Iball Andi5Li
Iball Slide 3G7334
Ijoy i-Joy Elektra
Ijoy i-Joy iCall
Imerj X2 US
Infiniti CROMA CRCB 2263
Infiniti CROMA CRCB2093
Infiniti CROMA CRXT1131
InFocus M320m
InFocus M320u
InnoComm i810
Innomtek Han UM-TH1
INQ Mobile QT1-219H
INQ Mobile QT3-218H
INQ Mobile QTx-219H
INQ QTx-218U
INQ T2-218U
INQ T2-219U
Integra Strawberry Miracle III Venus Angel Pride Fiesta
Intel BT210
InterDigital I6071MID
Intex AQUA 5.0
Intex AQUA I-5
Intex AQUA i-6
Intex AQUA i-7
Intex CLOUD X12
Intex CLOUD Y13
Intex CLOUD Y4
Intex I Buddy connect-II
Intex IN 1010 Neo
Intex TITAN 2
Invengo XC1001
Inventec E-Mobile S42HW
Inventec H31IA
Inventec Hobbes
Inventec Minerva 3107
Inventec OKWAP S900
Inventec Pharaos Traveler 137
Inventec Shispar
Inventec T-101
Inventec Velocity 103
IPWireless AJP
IPWireless AKT
IPWireless AMS
IPWireless Broadband Modem
Jiangsu GT G1
Jiangsu Jiatong GT G2
Jiangsu Rayhov Rayhov X3
Jiaxing Wingxun callbar T6
Joint Stock Explay sQuad 7.82
Jurong Dewav DG32681
Jurong Dewav DI32
Kaga HSK-600G
Kapsys kapsys smartconnect by kapsys
Kazam Trooper X3.5
KC 1000
KC KC821
K-Free F3
K-Free F8
K-Free F9
Kingo CICI N9330 Note2/N9558 Note2
Kingtech GFIVE A56
Kingtech GFIVE A57
Kingtech GFIVE A68
Kingtech GFIVE A70
Kingtech GFIVE A73
Kingtech GFIVE A78
Kingtech GFIVE A79
Kingtech GFIVE A86
Kingtech GFIVE A88
Kingtech GFIVE E80
Kingtech GFIVE F500
Kingtech GFIVE F600
Kingtech GFIVE G3D
Kingtech GFIVE G95
Kingtech GFIVE I88
Kogan KHTBL08163GA
KT Tech EV-DM120
KT Tech EVER EV-F600
KT Tech EVER EV-S100
KT Tech EV-F110
KT Tech EV-F500
KT Tech EV-S110
KT Tech EV-W100
KT Tech EV-W200
KT Tech EV-W200F
KT Tech EV-W350
KT Tech EV-W370
KT Tech EV-W450
KT Tech EV-W530
KT Tech EV-W550
KT Tech EV-W700
KT Tech TAKE KM-E100
KT Tech TAKE KM-S120
KT Tech TAKE KM-S200
KT Tech TAKE KM-S220
KT Tech TAKE KM-S300
KT Tech TAKE KM-S330
KT Tech W400
KT Tech W420
KTF EV-W1000
Kuan Ting KT_RT xxxx
Langchao KT878
Lava Connect+
Lava ETAB Connect
Lava Iris 355
Lava Iris 356
Lava Iris 402
Lava Iris 405
Lava Iris 430
Lava Iris 454
Lava Iris 455
Lava Iris 456
Lava Iris 458Q
Lava Iris 501
Lava Iris 502
Lava Iris 504Q
Lava N400
Lava Xolo X900
Leadcore LC5730C
Leadsky TP909 CAT B10
Leica Geosystems Zeno 5
Lenovo 3GW100
Lenovo 3GW101
Lenovo A1010-T
Lenovo A1020-T
Lenovo A208t
Lenovo A2105
Lenovo A218t
Lenovo A269
Lenovo A269i
Lenovo A269i/Lenovo A369
Lenovo A269i/Lenovo A516
Lenovo A278t
Lenovo A280
Lenovo A288t
Lenovo A298t
Lenovo A300
Lenovo A308t
Lenovo A360
Lenovo A366t
Lenovo A369
Lenovo A369i
Lenovo A369i/Lenovo A369
Lenovo A370
Lenovo A376
Lenovo A378t
Lenovo A390
Lenovo A390t
Lenovo A398t
Lenovo A500
Lenovo A506t
Lenovo A516
Lenovo A520
Lenovo A530
Lenovo A580
Lenovo A586
Lenovo A60
Lenovo A60+
Lenovo A628t
Lenovo A630
Lenovo A630t
Lenovo A65
Lenovo A658t
Lenovo A66
Lenovo A660
Lenovo A668t
Lenovo A66t
Lenovo A670t
Lenovo A678t
Lenovo A690
Lenovo A698t
Lenovo A706
Lenovo A708t
Lenovo A720e
Lenovo A750
Lenovo A760
Lenovo A766
Lenovo A780
Lenovo A789
Lenovo A798t
Lenovo A820
Lenovo A820e
Lenovo A820t
Lenovo A830
Lenovo A850
Lenovo A850/Lenovo A369i/Lenovo A269i
Lenovo A850/Lenovo A516/Lenovo S820
Lenovo A850/Lenovo S820/Lenovo P780
Lenovo A850+/Lenovo A369/Lenovo A269i
Lenovo A859/Lenovo S860/Lenovo S660
Lenovo A880/Lenovo S930/Lenovo S650/Lenovo S850
Lenovo A889/Lenovo A766
Lenovo B6000-H/Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8
Lenovo IdeaPhone K900
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-T
Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A-H
Lenovo IdeaTab A2207A
Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H
Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A-H
Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-H
Lenovo K800
Lenovo K860i
Lenovo K910/Lenovo K910L/Lenovo Vibe Z
Lenovo MA116t
Lenovo MA166t
Lenovo P500
Lenovo P65
Lenovo P70
Lenovo P700
Lenovo P700i
Lenovo P717
Lenovo P770
Lenovo P780
Lenovo P90w
Lenovo S1-37AH0
Lenovo S2005A-H
Lenovo S5000-H
Lenovo S650/Lenovo A316/Lenovo A316i
Lenovo S680
Lenovo S686
Lenovo S696
Lenovo S720
Lenovo S720i
Lenovo S730
Lenovo S820
Lenovo S850e
Lenovo S868t
Lenovo S880
Lenovo S880i
Lenovo S890
Lenovo S890 Dual SIM
Lenovo S898t
Lenovo S899t
Lenovo S920
Lenovo S930/Lenovo S939
Lenovo S939
Lenovo S960/Lenovo Vibe X
Lenovo S980
Lenovo Smart Tab II 10
Lenovo Smart Tab II 7
Lenovo TD100
Lenovo TD106
Lenovo TD16
Lenovo TD36t
Lenovo TD39t
Lenovo TD50t
Lenovo TD60t
Lenovo TD860
Lenovo TD88t
Lenovo TD900
LG A310/LG A310f
LG A340
LG A341
LG A345
LG A350
LG A353
LG AD600
LG B1k/LG KU2800
LG BL40/LG BL40e/LG BL40f/LG BL40g
LG C440
LG C550/LG Optimus Chat
LG C555
LG C660/LG Optimus Pro
LG C660H/LG C660R/LG Optimus Pro
LG C710h
LG C710u
LG C729/LG Doubleplay
LG C800/LG MyTouch Q
LG C800G/LG Eclypse
LG C900/LG C900B/LG C900K/LG C900N/LG Quantum
LG CB630/LG Invision
LG CD721
LG CF360
LG CT810/LG Incite
LG CU320
LG CU400
LG CU405
LG CU500
LG CU515
LG CU575
LG CU720/LG Shine
LG CU915/LG Vu
LG CU920/LG Vu
LG D300g
LG D320G/LG L70
LG D320g8/LG L70
LG D320n/LG L70
LG D500
LG D505
LG D610TR/LG G2 Mini
LG D681/LG G PRO Lite
LG D682/LG G PRO Lite
LG D683/LG G PRO Lite
LG D684/LG G PRO Lite
LG D686/LG G PRO Lite Dual
LG D700
LG D800/LG G2
LG D801/LG G2
LG D802/LG G2
LG D802T/LG G2
LG D803/LG G2
LG D805/LG G2
LG D806/LG G2
LG D820/Google Nexus 5
LG D821/Google Nexus 5
LG D958/LG G Flex
LG E400/LG Optimus L3
LG E400f/LG Optimus L3
LG E400R/LG Optimus L3
LG E405/LG Optimus L3 Dual
LG E410/LG Optimus L1 II
LG E410B/LG Optimus L1 II
LG E410I/LG Optimus L1 II
LG E420
LG E420/LG Optimus L1 II Dual
LG E425/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E425f/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E425j/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E430/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E431g/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E435/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E435g/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E435k/LG Optimus L3 II
LG E440/LG Optimus L4 II
LG E445/LG Optimus L4 II
LG E445f/LG Optimus L4 II
LG E450/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E450B/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E450f/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E455/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E455f/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E455g/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E460/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E460f/LG Optimus L5 II
LG E475f/LG Optimus L1 II
LG E475f/LG Optimus L1 II Tri
LG E510/LG Optimus Hub
LG E510f/LG E510g/LG Optimus Hub
LG E610/LG Optimus L5
LG E610v/LG Optimus L5
LG E612/LG Optimus L5
LG E612f/LG Optimus L5
LG E612g/LG Optimus L5
LG E615/LG Optimus L5 Dual
LG E617g/LG Optimus L5
LG E720/LG E720B/LG E720K/LG Optimus Chic
LG E730/LG Optimus Sol
LG E730f/LG Optimus Sol
LG E739/LG Maxx Touch/T-Mobile MyTouch
LG E900/LG E900H/LG Optimus 7
LG E906/LG Jil Sander Mobile
LG E960/LG Nexus 4
LG E970/LG Optimus G AT and T
LG E971
LG E972/LG Optimus G
LG E973/LG Optimus G
LG E975/LG Optimus G
LG E975k/LG Optimus G
LG E975T/LG Optimus G
LG E976/LG Optimus G
LG E977/LG Optimus G
LG E980/LG Optimus G Pro
LG E987/LG Optimus G Pro
LG E988/LG Optimus G Pro
LG F100L/LG Optimus Vu
LG F100S/LG Optimus Vu
LG F120K
LG F120L
LG F120S
LG F130S
LG F160K/LG Optimus LTE II
LG F160L/LG Optimus LTE II
LG F160LV/LG Optimus LTE II
LG F160S/LG Optimus LTE II
LG F180K/LG Optimus G
LG F180L/LG Optimus G
LG F180S/LG Optimus G
LG F200K/LG Optimus Vu II
LG F200L/LG Optimus Vu II
LG F200S/LG Optimus Vu II
LG F220K
LG F240K/LG Optimus G Pro
LG F240L/LG Optimus G Pro
LG F240S/LG Optimus G Pro
LG F260s/LG Optimus LTE III/LG Optimus F7
LG F300L
LG F300S
LG F310L
LG F320L
LG F320S
LG F340L/LG G Flex
LG F340S/LG G Flex
LG F370L
LG FM300
LG G Flex
LG GB225/LG GB225f/LG GB225g
LG GB250/LG GB250F/LG GB250G
LG GC900/LG GC900E/LG GC900F/LG Viewty Smart
LG GD550
LG GD570/LG dLite
LG GD580/LG Lollipop
LG GD710/LG Shine II
LG GD880/LG GD880f/LG GD880g/LG Mini
LG GD900/LG GD900e/LG Crystal
LG GD910/LG GD910c
LG GM310/LG GM310F/LG GM310G
LG GM730/LG GM730e/LG GM730f
LG GM750
LG GR500/LG GR500B/LG GR500F/LG GR500R/LG Xenon
LG GR700/LG Vu Plus
LG GS500/LG GS500f/LG GS500g/LG GS500k/LG GS500v/LG Cookie Plus
LG GS505/LG Sentio
LG GT400
LG GT405/LG Viewty GT
LG GT500/LG GT500N
LG GT505/LG GT505E
LG GT540/LG GT540f/LG GT540g/LG Optimus
LG GT540R/LG Optimus
LG GT550/LG Encore
LG GT810/LG GT810h
LG GT950
LG GU280/LG GU280f
LG GU285/LG GU285f/LG GU285g
LG GU290f
LG GU290f/GU290fPO
LG GU290v
LG GU292
LG GU295/LG GU295f/LG GU295g
LG GU297/LG GU297a
LG GW370/LG GW370b/LG Neon II
LG GW382f
LG GW520
LG GW525
LG GW525g
LG GW525gX
LG GW550
LG GW620/LG GW620F/LG GW620G/LG GW620R
LG GW820/LG Expo
LG GW825/LG GW825v/LG IQ
LG Innotek Show Care
LG KB620/LG HB620/LG HB620T
LG KB770
LG KB775f/LG Scarlet
LG KC910/LG KC910a/LG KC910e/LG KC910Q/LG Renoir
LG KF310
LG KF311
LG KF390/LG KF390Q
LG KF700/LG KF700Q
LG KF701
LG KF750/LG Secret
LG KF757
LG KF900/LG Prada II
LG KH1200
LG KH1300
LG KH1400
LG KH1600
LG KH2100
LG KH2200
LG KH2700
LG KH3100
LG KH3900
LG KH5200
LG KH5800
LG KH8000
LG KH8200
LG KM555
LG KM555G/LG KM555R/LG Shine Touch
LG KM570
LG KM900/LG KM900F/LG KM900G/LG Arena
LG KP270
LG KP275c/LG KP275d
LG KP330/LG TU330
LG KS10/LG Joy
LG KS500/LG KS500Q
LG KT520
LG KT525/LG KT520
LG KT610
LG KU1700
LG KU2200
LG KU250/LG U250
LG KU310
LG KU311
LG KU3700
LG KU380/LG KU385
LG KU3800
LG KU4000
LG KU4200
LG KU450/LG U450/LG U450C
LG KU5400
LG KU580
LG KU5900
LG KU6000
LG KU6300
LG KU730
LG KU800
LG KU830
LG KU8800
LG KU9000
LG KU9100
LG KU9200
LG KU9300
LG KU950
LG KU9500
LG KU9600
LG KU990/LG U990/LG U990C/LG KU990R/LG Viewty
LG L-01E/LG Optimus G
LG L-02D
LG L-03E
LG L-05D
LG L-05E
LG L06A/LG Optimus Pad
LG L-06D/LG Optimus Vu
LG L600v/LG L600i
LG L602i
LG L70
LG L704i
LG L705i
LG L706ie
LG LD611
LG LS980
LG LU6200
LG LU6200/LG Optimus LTE
LG LU8300/LG Optimus Pad LTE
LG MS659
LG MS769
LG MU515
LG MU550
LG Optimus L9 II
LG Optimus Z
LG P350/LG Optimus Me
LG P350f/LG Optimus Me
LG P350g/LG Optimus Me
LG P355
LG P500/LG P503/LG Optimus One
LG P500/LG Thunder
LG P500h/LG Optimus One
LG P504
LG P505/LG Phoenix
LG P505R/LG Phoenix
LG P506/LG Thrive
LG P509/LG Optimus T
LG P655k
LG P655k/LG Optimus F3
LG P659/LG Optimus F3
LG P690/LG Optimus Net
LG P690F/LG P690G/LG Optimus Net
LG P692
LG P693
LG P698/LG Optimus Net Dual
LG P698f/LG Optimus Net Dual
LG P700/LG Optimus L7
LG P705/LG Optimus L7
LG P705F/LG Optimus L7
LG P705G/LG Optimus L7
LG P708g
LG P710/LG Optimus L7 II
LG P713/LG Optimus L7 II
LG P715/LG Optimus L7 II
LG P716/LG Optimus L7 II
LG P720/LG Optimus 3D MAX
LG P720h/LG Optimus 3D MAX
LG P725/LG Optimus 3D MAX
LG P760/LG Optimus L9
LG P765
LG P768/LG Optimus L9
LG P768e/LG Optimus L9
LG P768f/LG Optimus L9
LG P768g/LG Optimus L9
LG P768n/LG Optimus L9
LG P769/LG Optimus L9
LG P778g
LG P870/LG Escape
LG P875/LG Optimus F5
LG P875h/LG Optimus F5
LG P880/LG Optimus 4X HD
LG P880g
LG P895/LG Optimus Vu
LG P920/LG Optimus 3D
LG P920h
LG P925/LG Thrill 4G
LG P925G/LG Thrill 4G
LG P930/LG Nitro HD
LG P935/LG Optimus LTE
LG P936/LG Optimus True HD LTE
LG P940/LG Prada 3.0
LG P940h/LG Prada 3.0
LG P970/LG P970g/LG P970h/LG Optimus Black
LG P990/LG Optimus 2X
LG P990h/LG Optimus 2X
LG P999
LG PD200
LG SH100
LG SH110
LG SH150
LG SH170
LG SH210
LG SH240
LG SH350
LG SH400
LG SH460
LG SH490/LG SH490R
LG SH560
LG SH650
LG SH810
LG SH860/LG SH860S
LG SU100
LG SU130
LG SU370
LG SU410
LG SU420
LG SU430
LG SU540
LG SU550
LG SU570
LG SU600
LG SU610
LG SU630
LG SU640/LG Optimus LTE
LG SU660/LG Optimus 2X
LG SU760/LG Optimus 3D
LG SU780
LG SU870
LG SU880
LG SU900
LG SU910
LG SU920
LG SU950
LG T320/LG Cookie 3G
LG T320g/LG Cookie 3G
LG T325/LG Cookie Max
LG TU500
LG TU515
LG TU550
LG TU575
LG TU720
LG TU750/LG Secret
LG TU915/LG Vu
LG U300
LG U310/LG U310c
LG U370/LG U370C
LG U400
LG U8100
LG U8110
LG U8120
LG U8130
LG U8138C
LG U8150
LG U8180C/LG U8180F
LG U8210
LG U8290
LG U830
LG U8300
LG U8330
LG U8360
LG U8380
LG U8500
LG U8550
LG U880
LG U890
LG U900
LG U960/LG U960c
LG U970/LG KU970
LG U970C
LG V900/LG Optimus Pad
LG V9000
LG V905R/LG G-Slate
LG V909/LG G-Slate
LG VS750/LG Fathom
LG VS880
LG VS920/LG Spectrum
LG VS930/LG Spectrum 2
LG VS980
LG Xpression C395
Lidaxin G-LIDA EWD2929/EWD3939/EWD5959/EWD7979/EWD8989
Lidaxin G-LIDA G4
Linktop U302/LW272/LW273/U303/U306
Longcheer Genie
Longcheer LCT AT850
Longcheer LCT_AT700
Longcheer LCT_AW660
Longcheer WM62
Longsung U5501
Longsung U6300
Loopcomm LP-1937
Lulu ikon ik-A7001
Magicon M2
Magicon Mnote
Mastone G11
Mastone W320
Mastone W800
Maxwest Orbit 4600
Maxx AX51
Maxx TAB722
Maysun MID5702
Meizu M030
Meizu M031
Meizu M032
Meizu M040
Meizu M9
Meizu MX M350
Merci VERTICE V700
Merlin MB701/MB805/MB903/MB9703
Micromax A 63
Micromax A 74
Micromax A110
Micromax A110Q
Micromax A111
Micromax A113
Micromax A114
Micromax A115
Micromax A116
Micromax A116i
Micromax A117
Micromax A210
Micromax A240
Micromax A250
Micromax A37
Micromax A47
Micromax A50
Micromax A51
Micromax A55
Micromax A57
Micromax A58
Micromax A60
Micromax A61
Micromax A65
Micromax A70
Micromax A71
Micromax A73
Micromax A75
Micromax A76
Micromax A77
Micromax A87
Micromax A88
Micromax A89
Micromax A90S
Micromax A91
Micromax A92
Micromax A94
Micromax P350
Micromax P410
Micromax P600
Micromax P650
Micromax Q80
Micromax X099
Mi-Fone Mi-A300
Mi-Fone Mi-A303
Mi-Fone Mi-A400
Mi-Fone Mi-H109
Miralux Mr. Tab MT-708G
Miralux Mr. Tab MT-713G
MIT E-110
Mitac N209
Mitsubishi FOMA D701iWM
Mitsubishi FOMA D702i
Mitsubishi FOMA D704i
Mitsubishi FOMA D902i
Mitsubishi FOMA D902iS
Mitsubishi MT- 1WE07/FOMA D705i
Mitsubishi MT-1WE09
Mitsubishi MT-1WM05/FOMA D902i
Mitsubishi MT-1WM07
Mitsubishi MT-1WS09/FOMA D800iDS
Mitsubishi MT-1WS11
Mobinnova PP5400
Mobiwire Aquila
Mobiwire Arrow
Mobiwire Europe Smart
Mobiwire Sagem Wireless LTE3G miniPCIe board
Modu modu t
Motorola A1000
Motorola A1680
Motorola A3100 MOTOSURF
Motorola A830
Motorola A835
Motorola A853/Motorola XT702/Motorola Milestone/Motorola Droid
Motorola A920
Motorola A925
Motorola A953/Motorola ME722/Motorola Milestone 2
Motorola A956/Motorola Droid 2 Global
Motorola AS12336745/M0D27/XT553
Motorola Bartec B7-273
Motorola Bei Hai TD/MT810
Motorola C975
Motorola C980
Motorola CP12328345
Motorola CS12321145
Motorola DI12290045
Motorola DV12357645
Motorola E1000
Motorola E1070/Motorola V1075
Motorola E770v
Motorola ED12326145
Motorola EL12310845
Motorola ES405B
Motorola ET1N1-7G2V1Uxx
Motorola EX12401645
Motorola EX225/Motorola MOTOKEY Social
Motorola EX226
Motorola EX232/Motorola EX132
Motorola EX300/Motorola Canberra
Motorola FW12308145
Motorola H24 EU SB
Motorola H24 NA DB/2100
Motorola IR12332845/XT626/M0D00
Motorola JO12309045
Motorola K3
Motorola K3m
Motorola L800t
Motorola M0C12
Motorola M0C1F/MT872/MT917
Motorola M0C22
Motorola M0C24
Motorola M0C2D
Motorola M0C3A
Motorola M0C3B
Motorola M0C44
Motorola M0C66
Motorola M0C68
Motorola M0CCA
Motorola M0CDD
Motorola M0CFD
Motorola M0D00
Motorola M0D5E
Motorola M0D5F
Motorola M0D72
Motorola M0D74
Motorola M1000
Motorola M2501
Motorola M702iG
Motorola M702s
Motorola MAT6-3411A11/MT870
Motorola Maxx V6
Motorola MB200/Motorola DEXT/Motorola CLIQ
Motorola MB300/Motorola BackFlip
Motorola MB501/Motorola CLIQ XT
Motorola MB502/Motorola Charm
Motorola MB508/Motorola Flipside
Motorola MB511/Motorola Flipout
Motorola MB520/Motorola Bravo
Motorola MB525/Motorola ME525/Motorola Defy
Motorola MB526/Motorola ME525+/Motorola Defy+
Motorola MB612/Motorola XPRT
Motorola MB632/Motorola ME632/Motorola PRO+
Motorola MB853/Motorola Electrify
Motorola MB855/Motorola Photon 4G
Motorola MB860/Motorola ATRIX 4G
Motorola MB865/Motorola ME865/Motorola ATRIX 2
Motorola MB886/Motorola ATRIX HD
Motorola MC659B
Motorola MC7506
Motorola MC9596
Motorola ME611/Motorola MB611/Motorola CLIQ 2
Motorola MOTO Z10
Motorola MRUQ7-3334411D11
Motorola MS500W
Motorola MT620
Motorola MT710
Motorola MT716
Motorola MT720
Motorola MT870
Motorola MT887/Motorola RAZR V
Motorola MURQ7-3334411A11
Motorola MZ601/Motorola MZ603/Motorola Xoom
Motorola Program - TBD
Motorola Q9h
Motorola QA1
Motorola RAZR2 V9x
Motorola Ruby
Motorola SM12338545
Motorola SM12338745
Motorola SM12343145
Motorola Spyder Droid RAZR
Motorola TQ12324445
Motorola UU12238045
Motorola V1050
Motorola V1100
Motorola V14w
Motorola V3x
Motorola V3xx
Motorola V9
Motorola V975
Motorola V980
Motorola VA76R
Motorola VC6096
Motorola VE538
Motorola VE70
Motorola VU20
Motorola W7
Motorola WX306/Motorola Bunting
Motorola WX440
Motorola XOOM 2
Motorola XT1032/Motorola Moto G
Motorola XT1033/Motorola Moto G
Motorola XT1034/Motorola XT939G/Motorola Moto G
Motorola XT1053/Motorola Moto X
Motorola XT1058/Motorola Moto X
Motorola XT1080/Motorola DROID Ultra
Motorola XT300/Motorola Spice
Motorola XT311/Motorola Fire
Motorola XT316/Motorola Fire/Motorola Spice Key
Motorola XT317/Motorola Fire/Motorola Spice Key
Motorola XT319
Motorola XT320/Motorola Defy Mini
Motorola XT320/Motorola XT321/Motorola Defy Mini
Motorola XT389/Motorola MOTOSMART
Motorola XT390/Motorola MOTOSMART
Motorola XT502/Motorola XT3 Quench
Motorola XT502/Motorola XT5 Quench
Motorola XT530/Motorola Fire XT/Motorola Spice XT
Motorola XT531/Motorola Fire XT/Motorola Spice XT
Motorola XT532
Motorola XT535
Motorola XT535/Motorola DEFY XT
Motorola XT536/Motorola DEFY XT
Motorola XT550/Motorola MOTOSMART MIX
Motorola XT560/Motorola Defy Pro
Motorola XT610/Motorola Droid Pro
Motorola XT611/Motorola Motosmart Flip
Motorola XT615/Motorola MotoLuxe
Motorola XT615/Motorola XT685/Motorola MotoLuxe
Motorola XT621
Motorola XT685/Motorola MOTOLUXE
Motorola XT687/Motorola ATRIX TV
Motorola XT720/Motorola XT701/Motorola XT711/Motorola MB710
Motorola XT800w/Motorola GLAM
Motorola XT860/Motorola ME863/Motorola Milestone 3
Motorola XT865/Motorola Droid Bionic Etna
Motorola XT875/Motorola Droid Bionic
Motorola XT881/Motorola Electrify 2
Motorola XT885/Motorola RAZR V
Motorola XT886/Motorola RAZR V
Motorola XT890/Motorola RAZR i
Motorola XT894/Motorola Maserati/Motorola DROID 4
Motorola XT897/Motorola Photon Q/Motorola Asanti
Motorola XT902/Motorola RAZR M
Motorola XT905/Motorola RAZR M
Motorola XT907/Motorola Droid Razr M
Motorola XT910/Motorola Droid RAZR
Motorola XT912/Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX
Motorola XT914/Motorola RAZR D1
Motorola XT918/Motorola RAZR D1
Motorola XT919/Motorola RAZR D3
Motorola XT920/Motorola RAZR D3
Motorola XT925/Motorola RAZR HD
Motorola XT926/Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD
Motorola XT939G/Motorola Moto G
Motorola Z8
Motorola Z9
Motorola ZN50
Multi-Tech MTSMC-H-U
MyPhone Next S-Line Cube Elise Quattro
Nanjing Panda TD988
Nanjing Rousing TP-880Y
NEC 102
NEC c228
NEC CASIO Verizon Wireless and KDDI au Japan
NEC CASIO Verizon Wireless and KDDI au Japan/LGT Korea
NEC e228
NEC e313
NEC E338
NEC E353
NEC e606/NEC c606
NEC e616/NEC c616
NEC e616v/NEC c616v
NEC e808N/NEC e808s/NEC c808N/NEC c808S
NEC e808Y/NEC c808Y
NEC FOMA N705imyu
NEC KMP7L1P1-1C/831N
NEC KMP7L1P1-2A/SoftBank 820N
NEC KMP7N2N1-2A/FOMA N905imyu
NEC Module AP01
NEC N600i
NEC N710
NEC SoftBank 804N
NEC Vodafone 904N
Neocom AZUMI AX2
Neocom azumi Kai N
Neocom azumi Kin
Neocom Azumi Q16G
Neocom AZUMI Scorpio S45
Neoi 957
Neoi MEG300
NetComm 3G10WVT
NetComm 3G9WT8790
NetComm M2M IP Modem NWL-10
NetComm N3G9W_TMB
NetComm NWL-12 NetComm Wireless Light Industrial IP Router NWL-12
NetComm Wireless 3G Light Industrial M2M Router NWL-12-02
NetComm Wireless Industrial IP Router NTC-6200-03
Netgear MBR1515A
NetIndex D01NX
NetIndex HX002IN
NetIndex HX005IN
Nikon Systems Vox V5500
Ninefive S5360QD/S4319QD
Ninetology Marketing Nine i5300
Ninetology Marketing Nine i5350
Ninetology Marketing Nine i7400
Ninetology Marketing Nine i7520
Ninetology Marketing Nine i9430
Ninetology Marketing Nine T8700
Ninetology Marketing U9/P1
Ninetology Marketing U9/Q1
Ninetology Nine i9400
Ninetology U9 J1
Ninetology U9/P2
Ningbo Bird A06
Ningbo Bird I820
Ningbo Bird T900
Ningbo Bird T9105
Ningbo Bird T9108
Ningbo Bird T9500
Ningbo Bird W100
Ningbo Bird W800
Ningbo Bird W900
Ningbo Yidong hantel HT8019
Ningbo Yidong hantel HT-W70
Nokia 1965HSD RW
Nokia 1965HSD US
Nokia 207
Nokia 208
Nokia 208 Dual SIM
Nokia 2730 Classic
Nokia 301
Nokia 301 Dual
Nokia 3120 Classic
Nokia 3555
Nokia 3710 Fold
Nokia 3711a
Nokia 500
Nokia 515
Nokia 515 Dual SIM
Nokia 5230
Nokia 5232
Nokia 5235
Nokia 5238
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic/Nokia 5320d XpressMusic
Nokia 5330 XpressMusic
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic/Nokia 5610d XpressMusic
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
Nokia 5700
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic/Nokia 5800d XpressMusic
Nokia 5800i
Nokia 600
Nokia 603
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia 6120 Classic
Nokia 6121 Classic
Nokia 6124 Classic
Nokia 6151
Nokia 6210s Navigator
Nokia 6212 Classic
Nokia 6220 Classic
Nokia 6233
Nokia 6234
Nokia 6260 Slide
Nokia 6263
Nokia 6267
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6282
Nokia 6288
Nokia 6290
Nokia 6350
Nokia 6500 Classic
Nokia 6500 Slide
Nokia 6555
Nokia 6600 Fold
Nokia 6600 Slide
Nokia 6600i Slide
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6650
Nokia 6650d
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6700 Classic
Nokia 6700 Slide
Nokia 6702 Slide
Nokia 6710s Navigator
Nokia 6720 Classic
Nokia 6730 Classic
Nokia 6750
Nokia 6760 Slide
Nokia 6788c
Nokia 6788i
Nokia 6790 Surge
Nokia 700
Nokia 701
Nokia 702T
Nokia 7130
Nokia 7230
Nokia 7390
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7900 Prism
Nokia 801T
Nokia 808 PureView
Nokia 8800e Arte
Nokia Asha 300
Nokia Asha 302
Nokia Asha 303
Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 503
Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIM
Nokia Booklet
Nokia C2-01
Nokia C3-01
Nokia C5-00
Nokia C5-01
Nokia C5-03
Nokia C5-04
Nokia C5-08
Nokia C6-00
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia E5-00
Nokia E51
Nokia E52
Nokia E55
Nokia E60
Nokia E6-00
Nokia E61
Nokia E61i
Nokia E63
Nokia E65
Nokia E66
Nokia E70
Nokia E7-00
Nokia E71
Nokia E72
Nokia E72i
Nokia E73
Nokia E75
Nokia E90
Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1320
Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 1520.1
Nokia Lumia 1520.2
Nokia Lumia 2520
Nokia Lumia 510
Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Lumia 520.2
Nokia Lumia 520T
Nokia Lumia 521
Nokia Lumia 525
Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 610C
Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia Lumia 625H
Nokia Lumia 710
Nokia Lumia 720
Nokia Lumia 720T
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800C
Nokia Lumia 810
Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 822
Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 920.1
Nokia Lumia 920.2
Nokia Lumia 920.3
Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia N70
Nokia N71
Nokia N73
Nokia N75
Nokia N76
Nokia N77
Nokia N78
Nokia N79
Nokia N80
Nokia N8-00
Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia N82
Nokia N85
Nokia N86
Nokia N9
Nokia N90
Nokia N900
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia N93i
Nokia N95
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia N950
Nokia N96
Nokia N97
Nokia N97 Mini
Nokia NM705i
Nokia NM706i
Nokia NM850iG
Nokia RM-830
Nokia RM-841
Nokia RM-893
Nokia RM-927
Nokia RM-980
Nokia T7-00
Nokia Vertu Ascent Ti
Nokia Vertu Ascent X
Nokia Vertu Constellation Quest
Nokia Vertu Constellation T
Nokia Vertu Signature S
Nokia X
Nokia X3-02
Nokia X5-00
Nokia X5-01
Nokia X6-00
Nokia X7-00
Novatel Merlin U520
Novatel MiFi 2352
Novatel MiFi 2372
Novatel MiFi 3352
Novatel Novatel Wireless Ovation MC545
Novatel Ovation MC1000
Novero HT-4
Novero HT-6c
Novero HT-6g
ONDA Communication S.p.a. N238K
ONDA DN8000T/DN8000H
ONDA DN8100T/DN8100H
Option GI0255
Option GI0411/GI0431
Option GI0644
Option Globetrotter 3G Quad Slim
Option Globetrotter Express 401
Option GTM661W
Option GTM661WF
Option GTM669W
Option GTM681W
Option GTM801U
Orange Santa Clara
Orient Moneng MORAL N01
Oteda iGlo W102
Palm P101UNAw
Palm P102UNA
Palm P121UNA
Palm Panther
Palm Pre
Palm Treo 500v
Palm Treo 750
Palm Treo Pro
Palm Wicked-UNA-A
Panasonic 001P
Panasonic 002P
Panasonic 002Pe
Panasonic 301P
Panasonic 705P
Panasonic 810P
Panasonic 822P
Panasonic 831P
Panasonic 832P
Panasonic 840Pe
Panasonic 920P
Panasonic 921P
Panasonic 931P
Panasonic EB-3092 FOMA P901iTV
Panasonic EB-3094/FOMA P2403
Panasonic EB-3095/FOMA P702i
Panasonic EB-3098/FOMA P903i
Panasonic EB-3901
Panasonic EB-4009/FOMA P904i
Panasonic EB-4012/FOMA P905i
Panasonic EB-4013/FOMA P704i
Panasonic EB-4015/FOMA P705i
Panasonic EB-4019/FOMA P906i
Panasonic EB-4022/FOMA P706imyu
Panasonic EB-4028/P-08A
Panasonic EB-4036/P-05B
Panasonic EB-4043/P-04C
Panasonic EB-4054
Panasonic EB-4057
Panasonic EB-4058
Panasonic EB-4063
Panasonic EB-4064
Panasonic EB-4066
Panasonic FOMA P701iD
Panasonic FOMA P901iS
Panasonic FOMA P902i
Panasonic FOMA P902iS
Panasonic FOMA P905iTV
Panasonic P-01D/EB-4052
Panasonic P-02D/EB-4050
Panasonic P-07C/EB-4045
Panasonic P10A
Panasonic P11
Panasonic P51
Panasonic Q31
Panasonic T11
Panasonic T21
Panasonic Toughbook Series Laptop PCs which are Sierra MC7750 module integrated
Pantech C610
Pantech C630
Pantech C740/Pantech Matrix
Pantech C790
Pantech C810/Pantech Duo
Pantech C820
Pantech Cocoon
Pantech EF10S
Pantech IM-240K
Pantech IM-A630K
Pantech IM-A650S
Pantech IM-A690S
Pantech IM-A830K
Pantech IM-A830S
Pantech IM-A860K
Pantech IM-A860L
Pantech IM-A860S
Pantech IM-A870L
Pantech IM-R300
Pantech IM-R520S
Pantech IM-S240K
Pantech IM-S330
Pantech IM-S370
Pantech IM-S380K
Pantech IM-S410K
Pantech IM-S550S
Pantech IM-S610K
Pantech IM-U210
Pantech IM-U220
Pantech IM-U310
Pantech IM-U310K
Pantech IM-U460K
Pantech IM-U530K
Pantech IM-U570K
Pantech IM-U585S
Pantech IM-U590S
Pantech IM-U660K
Pantech P2000/Pantech Breeze II
Pantech P2020/Pantech Ease
Pantech P2030/Pantech Breeze III
Pantech P4100/Pantech Element
Pantech P5000/Pantech Link II
Pantech P6010/Pantech Pursuit II
Pantech P7000/Pantech Impact
Pantech P7040/Pantech Link
Pantech P8000/Pantech Crossover
Pantech P8010/Pantech Flex
Pantech P9020
Pantech P9040
Pantech P9050/Pantech Laser
Pantech P9060
Pantech P9070/Pantech Burst
Pantech P9090/Pantech Magnus/Pantech Discover
Pantech Pantech
Pantech SKY EF46L
Pantech SKY IM-A710K
Pantech SKY IM-A730S
Pantech SKY IM-A740S
Pantech SKY IM-A750K
Pantech SKY IM-A760S
Pantech SKY IM-A770K
Pantech SKY IM-A775C
Pantech SKY IM-A800S
Pantech SKY IM-A810K
Pantech SKY IM-A810S
Pantech SKY IM-A840S
Pantech SKY IM-A850K
Pantech SKY IM-A850L
Pantech SKY IM-A850S
Pantech SKY IM-T100K
Pantech SKY VEGA IM-A820L
Pantech SKY VEGA IM-A870K
Pantech SKY VEGA IM-A870S
Pantech T4
Pantech U4000
Pantech U4050
Pantech U-5000
Pantech VEGA IM-A880S
Pantech VEGA IM-A890K
Pantech VEGA IM-A890L
Pantech VEGA IM-A890S
Pantech VEGA IM-A900L
Pantech Veloce P4200
Pantel PENTA WS507Q
Pegatron H-21 QWERTY
Pegatron Pegatron Pirates
Peiker Acustic eCall APAC - NAD6200GNSS APAC
Peiker Acustic eCall APAC -NAD6200 APAC CIB eCall APAC -NAD6200 APAC
Peiker Acustic eCall US Mexiko-NAD6200GNSS US
Peiker Acustic KG CIB eCall EU NAD 6200 EU
Peiker Acustic KG CIB eCall US Mexiko-NAD 6200 US
Peiker Acustic KG Connectivity SIA
Philips T129
Philips W3360
Philips W536
Philips W715
Philips W725
Philips W732
Philips W832
Philips W8355
Phoenix SMART S-25
Phoenix SMART S-28
Phone Care Bee 9400
Phone Care Bee 9500
Pioneer E60w
Pioneer E70w
Pioneer E71t
Pioneer E91w
Pioneer P80w
Pioneer S90w
Piranha Voodoo
Plus One Japan freetel FT132
Pocketbook SURFpad 3
Prestige Guangdong VOAO WL-101GQC
Prestigio PMP7170B3GCE
Prestigio Prestigio PAP5044DUO
Primo Aston Martin Racing ASPIRE
Psion EP10 7515
PT Hartono POLYTRON PW 1100S
PT Hartono POLYTRON PW 6000Q
PT Hartono POLYTRON S 2350
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 2500
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 3430
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 7450
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 7451
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 7452
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 7531
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 8470
PT Hartono POLYTRON W 8480
PT Hartono POLYTRON W2400
PT Konten Pratama IMO TABZ5/TABZ6
PT. Arga Advan DT-10
PT. Arga Advan S5
PT. Arga Advan S5-C
PT. Arga Advan T1-E
PT. Arga Advan T3-A
PT. Arga Advan T5-A
PT. Aries CROSS A88
PT. Metrotech Nexian MDM-1000
PT. Metrotech Nexian NX-W700
PT. Metrotech Nexian NX-W750
PT.MLWTelecom SpeedUp Broadband
Putian Dexin ET ET L3000
Putian Dexin ET T45
Q Mobile A10
Q Mobile A11
Q Mobile A12
Q Mobile A15
Q Mobile A20
Q Mobile A3
Q Mobile A500
Q Mobile A51
Q Mobile A60
Q Mobile A600
Q Mobile A650
Q Mobile A70
Q Mobile A700
Q Mobile A80
Q Mobile A9
Q Mobile A900
Q Mobile A910
Q Mobile A950
Q Mobile Q300
Q Mobile V4
Q Mobile V5
Q Mobile X50
Q Mobile Z3
Q Mobile Z4
Q Mobile Z4 mini
Q Mobile Z5
QingDao LG Langchao GD300s
QingDao LG Langchao GW880
Qisda ATHB3A
Qisda Lightning_A
Qisda M01M002
Qisda MD-300H Premium
Qisda Thunder
Qisda Thunder_A
Qualcomm Gobi
Qualcomm Gobi1000
Qualcomm Gobi2000
Quanta Computer 1K3
Quanta Computer 1K5
Quanta Computer 1KG
Quanta Computer 1KG2
Quanta Computer 1Kx Lx260
Quanta Computer AL2
Quanta Computer ALG
Quanta Computer D-Link DWM-152
Quanta Computer Ericsson GQRM
Quanta Computer Ericsson GQRN
Quanta Computer GK1
Quanta Computer GKM
Quanta Computer GKRN
Quanta Computer GKV
Quanta Computer GLH
Quanta Computer LI170
Quanta Computer LM521
Quanta Computer MJ2
Quanta Computer Polymer Vision Readius
Quanta Computer PWR-Q200
Quanta Computer QD2
Quanta Computer QDL
Quanta Computer Royaltek GLEB/GKEB
Quanta Computer Royaltek RGP-N100
Quanta Computer TR-QDM
Quanta Computer UNE1KG4
Quanta Computer XDA Atom Life
Quanta Computer XDA comet
Quartel Maximus max400
Quartel Maximus max403
Quartel Maximus max906
Quartel Maximus max907
Quartel Maximus max908
RF Window RMW10B
Sadia Link myCell Alien SX2/Alien SX3/Alien SX4/Alien SX5
Sadia Link myCell Alien Tab-6/Alien Tab-7/Alien Tab-8/Alien Tab-9
Sagem My VT/Sagem My2005/Sagem My V85/Sagem My X-85/Sagem My Visio
Sagem My5000/Sagem MU2005
Sagem My600V
Sagem My600X
Sagem My750X/Sagem My755X/Sagem My751X/Sagem My720X
Sagem My800C/Sagem My801V/Sagem Onyx/Sagem Jade
Sagem My800C/Sagem My810C/Sagem Onyx/Sagem Opale/Sagem Face7
Sagem My800x/Sagem My800T
Sagem My810X
Sagem My855C
Sagem My900C
Sagem Pilot Product
Sagem Wireless P-Phone
Sagetel HYUNDAI H8
Samsung 001SC
Samsung 105L/Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Samsung 705SC
Samsung 706SC
Samsung 707 SCII
Samsung 707SC
Samsung 708SC
Samsung 709SC
Samsung 730SC
Samsung 740SC
Samsung 820SC
Samsung 830SC
Samsung 840SC
Samsung 900X3F
Samsung 905SC
Samsung 920SC
Samsung 930SC
Samsung 931SC
Samsung 940SC
Samsung 941SC
Samsung B2700
Samsung B2701
Samsung B2710/Samsung B2710D/Samsung Xcover 271
Samsung B5310/Samsung B5310B/Samsung B5310L/Samsung B5310R/Samsung B5310U/Samsung Corby Pro
Samsung B5330/Samsung Galaxy Chat
Samsung B5330L/Samsung Galaxy Chat
Samsung B5510/Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
Samsung B5510B/Samsung B5510L/Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
Samsung B5512/Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos
Samsung B5512B/Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos
Samsung B6520/Samsung B6520L/Samsung Omnia Pro 5
Samsung B7300/Samsung B7300B/Samsung Omnia Lite
Samsung B7320/Samsung Omnia Pro B7320
Samsung B7330/Samsung B7330B/Samsung B7330D/Samsung B7330R/Samsung Omnia Pro B7330
Samsung B7350/Samsung Omnia Pro 4
Samsung B7510/Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung B7510L/Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung B7610/Samsung Omnia Pro B7610
Samsung B7620/Samsung B7620U/Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620
Samsung B7722
Samsung B7722i
Samsung B7732
Samsung B7752
Samsung B7800/Samsung Galaxy M Pro
Samsung B9062
Samsung B9120
Samsung B9380
Samsung B9388
Samsung C101/Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Samsung C105/Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Samsung C3231
Samsung C3250
Samsung C3370U
Samsung C3528
Samsung C3595
Samsung C3630C
Samsung C5010/Samsung C5010B/Samsung C5010D/Samsung C5010E/Samsung C5010L
Samsung C5110
Samsung C5130/Samsung C5130S/Samsung C5130U
Samsung C5180
Samsung C5220
Samsung C5510/Samsung C5510H/Samsung C5510U
Samsung C6620
Samsung C6625
Samsung CDMA SCL21
Samsung E1228
Samsung E3010
Samsung E3210/Samsung E3210B/Samsung E3210L
Samsung E3210O
Samsung E3213K/Samsung Hero
Samsung E3300/Samsung Manhattan
Samsung E3300L/Samsung Manhattan
Samsung E3300V/Samsung Manhattan
Samsung E3309
Samsung E3309I
Samsung EK-GN100
Samsung EK-GN120
Samsung EK-KC100
Samsung EK-KC120K
Samsung EK-KC120S
Samsung G310H
Samsung G3128
Samsung G350
Samsung G350/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3502
Samsung G3502/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3502C/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3502U
Samsung G3502U/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3508
Samsung G3508/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3508J
Samsung G3508J/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3509/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3509I/Samsung Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung G3812
Samsung G3812B
Samsung G3815/Samsung Galaxy Express 2
Samsung G3818
Samsung G7102/Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Samsung G7105/Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Samsung G7106/Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Samsung G730A
Samsung G730A/Samsung Galaxy S III mini LTE
Samsung G730W8
Samsung G730W8/Samsung Galaxy S III mini LTE
Samsung G9006W
Samsung G900A/Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung G900F
Samsung G900F/Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung G900H/Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung G900S
Samsung G900S/Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung G900T/Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung G910S/Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100
Samsung Galaxy NX GN100
Samsung Galaxy NX GN120
Samsung I5500/Samsung I5500B/Samsung I5500L/Samsung I5500M/Samsung Corby Smartphone
Samsung I5503/Samsung Corby Smartphone
Samsung I5503T/Samsung Corby Smartphone
Samsung I5508/Samsung Corby Smartphone
Samsung I5510/Samsung I5510B/Samsung I5510L/Samsung I5510T
Samsung I5700/Samsung I5700L/Samsung I5700R/Samsung I5700U/Samsung Galaxy Spica
Samsung I5800/Samsung I5800L/Samsung Galaxy 3
Samsung I5801/Samsung Galaxy Apollo
Samsung I6320C
Samsung I6330C
Samsung I6410/Samsung Vodafone 360 M1
Samsung I6500U
Samsung I7110
Samsung I7500/Samsung Galaxy
Samsung I7910
Samsung I8000/Samsung Omnia II
Samsung I8150/Samsung Galaxy W
Samsung I8150B/Samsung Galaxy W
Samsung I8150T/Samsung Galaxy W
Samsung I8160/Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung I8160L/Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung I8160P/Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung I8190/Samsung Galaxy S III mini
Samsung I8190L/Samsung Galaxy S III mini
Samsung I8190N/Samsung Galaxy S III mini
Samsung I8190T/Samsung Galaxy S III mini
Samsung I8200
Samsung I8250
Samsung I8258
Samsung I8260/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung I8260E/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung I8260L/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung I8262/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung I8262B/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung I8262D/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung I8268/Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung i8315
Samsung I8320/Samsung Vodafone 360 H1
Samsung I8350/Samsung Omnia W
Samsung I8350T/Samsung Omnia W
Samsung I8510/Samsung I8510H/Samsung I8510L/Samsung I8510M/Samsung INNOV8
Samsung I8520/Samsung Halo
Samsung I8530/Samsung Galaxy Beam
Samsung I8538
Samsung I8550E/Samsung Galaxy Win
Samsung I8552/Samsung Galaxy Win
Samsung I8552B/Samsung Galaxy Win
Samsung I8558/Samsung Galaxy Win
Samsung I8700/Samsung Omnia 7
Samsung I8703
Samsung I8703L
Samsung I8730/Samsung Galaxy Express
Samsung I8730T/Samsung Galaxy Express
Samsung I8750/Samsung ATIV S
Samsung I8800
Samsung I8910/Samsung I8910L/Samsung I8910U/Samsung Omnia HD
Samsung I9000/Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung I9000B/Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung I9000M/Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung I9000T/Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung I9001/Samsung Galaxy S Plus
Samsung I9001T/Samsung Galaxy S Plus
Samsung I9003/Samsung I9003B/Samsung I9003L/Samsung Galaxy SL
Samsung I9008/Samsung I9008L/Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung I9010/Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S
Samsung I9018
Samsung I9020/Google Nexus S
Samsung I9023/Google Nexus S
Samsung I9050
Samsung I9060
Samsung I9060/Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo
Samsung I9060DS/Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo
Samsung I9070/Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung I9070P/Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung I9080/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung I9080E/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung I9080L/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung I9082/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung I9082i/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung I9082L/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung I9100/Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung I9100G/Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung I9100M/Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung I9100P/Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung I9100T/Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung I9103/Samsung Galaxy Z
Samsung I9105/Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
Samsung I9105P/Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
Samsung I9108
Samsung I9118
Samsung I9128
Samsung I9128E
Samsung I9128I
Samsung I9128V
Samsung I9152/Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
Samsung I9158/Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
Samsung I9190/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung I9192/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung I9195/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung I9195T/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung I9197/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung I9198/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung I9200/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung I9205/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE
Samsung I9208/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung I9210/Samsung Galaxy S II LTE
Samsung I9210T/Samsung Galaxy S II LTE
Samsung I9220/Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung I9228/Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung I9230
Samsung I9230/Samsung Galaxy Golden
Samsung I9235
Samsung I9235/Samsung Galaxy Golden LTE
Samsung I9250/Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung I9250J/Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung I9250W/Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung I9260/Samsung Galaxy Premier
Samsung I9268/Samsung Galaxy Premier
Samsung I9295/Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung I9300/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung I9300I/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung I9300T/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung I9305/Samsung Galaxy S III LTE
Samsung I9305N/Samsung Galaxy S III LTE
Samsung I9305T/Samsung Galaxy S III LTE
Samsung I9308/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung I9500/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung I9500C/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung I9502/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung I9505/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung I9505G/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung I9506/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung I9507/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung I9508/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung I9510
Samsung I9515
Samsung I9515L
Samsung M5650/Samsung Lindy
Samsung M7500/Samsung Emporio Armani Night Effect
Samsung M7600/Samsung Beat DJ
Samsung M8910/Samsung M8910B/Samsung M8910U/Samsung Pixon 12
Samsung M8920
Samsung Mobile Phone
Samsung N5100/Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung N5120/Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE
Samsung N7000/Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung N7005/Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
Samsung N7100/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung N7100T/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung N7102/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung N7102i/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung N7105/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung N7105T/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung N7108/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung N750/Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Samsung N7502/Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Samsung N7505/Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Samsung N750L/Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Samsung N8000/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung N8020/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
Samsung N900/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9000Q/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9002/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9005/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9006/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9007/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9008/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N9009/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N900A/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N900K/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N900L/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N900S/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N900T/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung N900W8/Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung P1000/Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung P1000L/Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung P1000M/Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung P1000N/Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung P1000R/Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung P1000T/Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung P3100/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung P3100B/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung P3108/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung P3200/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung P5100/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung P5200/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung P5220/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung P601/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
Samsung P602/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
Samsung P605/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
Samsung P605M/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
Samsung P6200/Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Samsung P6200L/Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Samsung P6201
Samsung P6800/Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
Samsung P6801
Samsung P7100/Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V
Samsung P7300/Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung P7320/Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung P7320T/Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung P7500/Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung P7500D/Samsung P7500M/Samsung P7500R/Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung P7501/Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N
Samsung P901/Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2
Samsung P905/Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2
Samsung S3370/Samsung Corby 3G
Samsung S3370B/Samsung Corby 3G
Samsung S3370E/Samsung Corby 3G
Samsung S3370L/Samsung Corby 3G
Samsung S3770/Samsung Champ 3.5G
Samsung S3770K/Samsung Champ 3.5G
Samsung S3770L/Samsung Champ 3.5G
Samsung S3770M/Samsung Champ 3.5G
Samsung S3770Y/Samsung Champ 3.5G
Samsung S3778V
Samsung S3930C
Samsung S5120
Samsung S5270K/Samsung Ch@t 527
Samsung S5270L/Samsung Ch@t 527
Samsung S5270S/Samsung Ch@t 527
Samsung S5270Y/Samsung Ch@t 527
Samsung S5273K
Samsung S5283B/Samsung Galaxy Star
Samsung S5300/Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung S5300B/Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung S5301/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus
Samsung S5301L/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus
Samsung S5302/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos
Samsung S5302B/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos
Samsung S5303
Samsung S5303D
Samsung S5310/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5310B/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5310G/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5310L/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5310T/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5312/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5312B/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5312L/Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung S5350/Samsung S5350B/Samsung S5350L/Samsung Shark
Samsung S5360/Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung S5360B/Samsung S5360L/Samsung S5360T/Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung S5363/Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung S5367
Samsung S5368
Samsung S5369/Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung S5380/Samsung S5380D/Samsung S5380K/Samsung Wave Y
Samsung S5380B/Samsung Wave Y
Samsung S5500/Samsung S5500H
Samsung S5500E
Samsung S5503
Samsung S5510
Samsung S5510T
Samsung S5511T
Samsung S5520
Samsung S5530/Samsung S5530C/Samsung S5530U
Samsung S5550/Samsung S5550U/Samsung Shark 2
Samsung S5570/Samsung S5570B/Samsung S5570L/Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung S5570i/Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus
Samsung S5571
Samsung S5578
Samsung S5580
Samsung S5600/Samsung S5600V/Samsung S5600T/Samsung Preston
Samsung S5603
Samsung S5608U
Samsung S5610/Samsung Primo
Samsung S5610K/Samsung Primo
Samsung S5611
Samsung S5620/Samsung Monte
Samsung S5628/Samsung S5628i/Samsung Monte
Samsung S5630C
Samsung S5650
Samsung S5660/Samsung S5660B/Samsung S5660L/Samsung Galaxy Gio
Samsung S5670/Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung S5680
Samsung S5690/Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung S5690L/Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung S5690M/Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung S5690R/Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung S5698
Samsung S5750E/Samsung Wave 575
Samsung S5753E/Samsung Wave 575
Samsung S5780/Samsung Wave 578
Samsung S5780D/Samsung Wave 578
Samsung S5820
Samsung S5830/Samsung S5830B/Samsung S5830L/Samsung S5830T/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830C/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830D/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830F/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830G/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830i/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830M/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5830V/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S5831i
Samsung S5838
Samsung S5839i/Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung S6010/Samsung Galaxy Music
Samsung S6010L/Samsung Galaxy Music
Samsung S6012/Samsung Galaxy Music
Samsung S6012B/Samsung Galaxy Music
Samsung S6102/Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
Samsung S6102B/Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
Samsung S6102E/Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
Samsung S6108
Samsung S6291T
Samsung S6293T
Samsung S6310/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6310B/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6310L/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6310N/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6310T/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6312/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6312L/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6313T/Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung S6352
Samsung S6358
Samsung S6500/Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung S6500D/Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung S6500L/Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung S6500T/Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung S6700/Samsung S6700C/Samsung S6700H/Samsung S6700T
Samsung S6703T
Samsung S6790
Samsung S6790/Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite
Samsung S6790N
Samsung S6790N/Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite
Samsung S6800
Samsung S6802/Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos
Samsung S6802B/Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos
Samsung S6810/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6810E/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6810L/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6810M/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6810P/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6812/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6812B/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6812C/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6812i/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6818/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S6818V/Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung S7120U
Samsung S7220/Samsung S7220U/Samsung Ultra B
Samsung S7230/Samsung S7230E/Samsung Wave 723
Samsung S7230B/Samsung Wave 723
Samsung S7233E
Samsung S7250/Samsung Wave M
Samsung S7270/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7270L/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7272/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7272C/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7275/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7275B/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7275L/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7275R/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7275T/Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung S7275Y
Samsung S7330
Samsung S7350/Samsung S7350B/Samsung S7350H/Samsung S7350L/Samsung Ultra S
Samsung S7350U/Samsung Ultra S
Samsung S7390/Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite
Samsung S7392/Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite
Samsung S7392L/Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite
Samsung S7500/Samsung S7500K/Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung S7500L/Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung S7500T/Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung S7500W/Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung S7508
Samsung S7510
Samsung S7520U
Samsung S7530/Samsung Omnia M
Samsung S7530E/Samsung Omnia M
Samsung S7550/Samsung S7550B/Samsung Blue Earth
Samsung S7560/Samsung Galaxy Ace II X
Samsung S7560M/Samsung Galaxy Ace II X
Samsung S7562/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7562C/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7562i/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7562L/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7566/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7568/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7568I/Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung S7572
Samsung S7580/Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
Samsung S7582/Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
Samsung S7582L/Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
Samsung S7583T
Samsung S7710/Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
Samsung S7710L/Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
Samsung S7898
Samsung S8000/Samsung S8000B/Samsung S8000H/Samsung S8000L/Samsung S8000U/Samsung Jet
Samsung S8003/Samsung Jet
Samsung S8200
Samsung S8300/Samsung S8300H/Samsung S8300T/Samsung S8300V/Samsung Ultra Touch
Samsung S8500/Samsung Wave
Samsung S8500D/Samsung Wave
Samsung S8500L/Samsung Wave
Samsung S8500M/Samsung Wave
Samsung S8500R/Samsung Wave
Samsung S8500T/Samsung Wave
Samsung S8530/Samsung S8530B/Samsung S8530L/Samsung Wave II
Samsung S8600/Samsung Wave 3
Samsung SC 01E
Samsung SC 03D
Samsung SC 05D
Samsung SC-01C
Samsung SC-01D
Samsung SC-01F
Samsung SC-02B
Samsung SC-02C
Samsung SC-02D
Samsung SC-02E/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung SC-02F
Samsung SC-03E
Samsung SC-04E
Samsung SC-06D
Samsung SCH I515/SCH I405/SCH R920
Samsung SCH I535/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung SCH I589/Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos
Samsung SCH I819
Samsung SCH I889/Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung SCH I939
Samsung SCH M490/Samsung T*Omnia
Samsung SCH M715
Samsung SCH M720
Samsung SCH N719/Samsung Galaxy Note II CDMA
Samsung SCH W110
Samsung SCH W120
Samsung SCH W210
Samsung SCH W240
Samsung SCH W270
Samsung SCH W279
Samsung SCH W290
Samsung SCH W300
Samsung SCH W320
Samsung SCH W330
Samsung SCH W350
Samsung SCH W360
Samsung SCH W390
Samsung SCH W390M
Samsung SCH W410
Samsung SCH W420
Samsung SCH W450
Samsung SCH W460
Samsung SCH W510
Samsung SCH W550
Samsung SCH W570
Samsung SCH W580
Samsung SCH W590
Samsung SCH W600
Samsung SCH W690
Samsung SCH W710
Samsung SCH W720
Samsung SCH W740
Samsung SCH W750
Samsung SCH W760
Samsung SCH W770
Samsung SCH W780
Samsung SCH W830
Samsung SCH W850
Samsung SCH W860
Samsung SCH W900
Samsung SCH W910
Samsung SCH W920
Samsung SCH W930
Samsung SCH W940
Samsung SGH A157
Samsung SGH A157V
Samsung SGH A207
Samsung SGH A401i
Samsung SGH A411
Samsung SGH A412
Samsung SGH A457
Samsung SGH A501
Samsung SGH A551
Samsung SGH A561
Samsung SGH A597/Samsung Eternity II
Samsung SGH A637
Samsung SGH A657
Samsung SGH A667/Samsung Evergreen
Samsung SGH A677
Samsung SGH A687/Samsung Strive
Samsung SGH A701
Samsung SGH A706
Samsung SGH A707/Samsung SGH A707C
Samsung SGH A707/Samsung Sync
Samsung SGH A711
Samsung SGH A717
Samsung SGH A727
Samsung SGH A736
Samsung SGH A737
Samsung SGH A746
Samsung SGH A747/Samsung SLM
Samsung SGH A766
Samsung SGH A767/Samsung Propel
Samsung SGH A777
Samsung SGH A796
Samsung SGH A797/Samsung Flight
Samsung SGH A801
Samsung SGH A811
Samsung SGH A817/Samsung Solstice II
Samsung SGH A827/Samsung Access
Samsung SGH A836
Samsung SGH A837/Samsung SGH A837L/Samsung Rugby
Samsung SGH A847/Samsung Rugby II
Samsung SGH A847D/Samsung Rugby II
Samsung SGH A847M/Samsung Rugby II
Samsung SGH A847R/Samsung Rugby II
Samsung SGH A857
Samsung SGH A867/Samsung Eternity
Samsung SGH A877/Samsung Impression
Samsung SGH A885/Samsung Advance
Samsung SGH A886/Samsung Forever
Samsung SGH A887
Samsung SGH A897/Samsung Mythic
Samsung SGH A927/Samsung Flight II
Samsung SGH A947
Samsung SGH A997D/Samsung Rugby III
Samsung SGH A997M/Samsung Rugby III
Samsung SGH A997R/Samsung Rugby III
Samsung SGH B460
Samsung SGH C414/Samsung SGH C414W/Samsung SGH C414Y
Samsung SGH C414M
Samsung SGH C414R
Samsung SGH F310/Samsung SGH F318
Samsung SGH F338
Samsung SGH F400
Samsung SGH F406
Samsung SGH F408
Samsung SGH F480/Samsung SGH F480V/Samsung SGH F480T
Samsung SGH F480i
Samsung SGH F488/Samsung SGH F488E
Samsung SGH F488i
Samsung SGH F490/Samsung SGH F490V
Samsung SGH F500
Samsung SGH F510
Samsung SGH F520
Samsung SGH F600
Samsung SGH F700/Samsung SGH F700V
Samsung SGH G400/Samsung SGH G400L
Samsung SGH G508
Samsung SGH G800
Samsung SGH G808
Samsung SGH G810
Samsung SGH I147
Samsung SGH I200
Samsung SGH I257
Samsung SGH I257/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung SGH I257M
Samsung SGH I257M/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung SGH I267M
Samsung SGH I317/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung SGH I317M/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung SGH I337
Samsung SGH I337/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung SGH I337M
Samsung SGH I337M/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung SGH I340
Samsung SGH I437/Samsung Galaxy Express I437
Samsung SGH I437P/Samsung Galaxy Express I437
Samsung SGH I447
Samsung SGH I450/Samsung SGH I450V
Samsung SGH I458B
Samsung SGH I497/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung SGH I520
Samsung SGH I527
Samsung SGH I527/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung SGH I527M
Samsung SGH I527M/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung SGH I537
Samsung SGH I537/Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung SGH I547/Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro
Samsung SGH I547C/Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro
Samsung SGH I550
Samsung SGH I550V
Samsung SGH I550W
Samsung SGH I560
Samsung SGH I560V
Samsung SGH I577/Samsung Exhilarate
Samsung SGH I600
Samsung SGH I600V
Samsung SGH I601
Samsung SGH I607/Samsung BlackJack
Samsung SGH I608
Samsung SGH I610V
Samsung SGH I616
Samsung SGH I617/Samsung BlackJack II
Samsung SGH I620
Samsung SGH I620V
Samsung SGH I627/Samsung Propel Pro
Samsung SGH I637/Samsung Jack
Samsung SGH I640V
Samsung SGH I657
Samsung SGH I667/Samsung Focus 2
Samsung SGH I677/Samsung Focus Flash
Samsung SGH I717/Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
Samsung SGH I727/Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
Samsung SGH I727R/Samsung Galaxy S II LTE
Samsung SGH I747/Samsung Galaxy S III AT and T
Samsung SGH I747M/Samsung Galaxy S III AT and T
Samsung SGH I757M/Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE
Samsung SGH I760
Samsung SGH I770
Samsung SGH I777/Samsung Galaxy S II AT and T
Samsung SGH I780
Samsung SGH I827/Samsung Galaxy Appeal
Samsung SGH I827D/Samsung Galaxy Appeal
Samsung SGH I847/Samsung Rugby Smart
Samsung SGH I857/Samsung DoubleTime
Samsung SGH I887
Samsung SGH I896/Samsung Captivate
Samsung SGH I897/Samsung Captivate
Samsung SGH I900/Samsung SGH I900I/Samsung SGH I900L/Samsung SGH I900V/Samsung Omnia
Samsung SGH I907/Samsung Epix
Samsung SGH I908/Samsung Omnia
Samsung SGH I917/Samsung SGH I917R/Samsung Focus
Samsung SGH I927/Samsung Captivate Glide
Samsung SGH I937/Samsung Focus S
Samsung SGH I957
Samsung SGH I957D
Samsung SGH I957M
Samsung SGH I957R
Samsung SGH I968
Samsung SGH I987/Samsung Galaxy Tab AT and T
Samsung SGH I997/Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung SGH I997R/Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung SGH J160
Samsung SGH J200
Samsung SGH J400
Samsung SGH J408
Samsung SGH J628
Samsung SGH J630
Samsung SGH J638
Samsung SGH J640
Samsung SGH J750
Samsung SGH J758
Samsung SGH J800
Samsung SGH J808
Samsung SGH L170
Samsung SGH L288
Samsung SGH L400V
Samsung SGH L700
Samsung SGH L708
Samsung SGH L760
Samsung SGH L760V
Samsung SGH L768
Samsung SGH L770/Samsung SGH L770S/Samsung SGH L770T/Samsung SGH L770V
Samsung SGH L778
Samsung SGH L810/Samsung SGH L810V
Samsung SGH L811
Samsung SGH L870
Samsung SGH M819N
Samsung SGH M8800/Samsung SGH M8800B/Samsung SGH M8800H/Samsung SGH M8800L/Samsung Pixon
Samsung SGH M909
Samsung SGH M919/Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile
Samsung SGH M919N/Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile
Samsung SGH M919V/Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile
Samsung SGH P270
Samsung SGH P910
Samsung SGH P920
Samsung SGH P930
Samsung SGH P940
Samsung SGH P960
Samsung SGH S275G
Samsung SGH S275M
Samsung SGH S275R
Samsung SGH S730G/Samsung Galaxy Discover
Samsung SGH S730M/Samsung Galaxy Discover
Samsung SGH S959G
Samsung SGH T159
Samsung SGH T259
Samsung SGH T289
Samsung SGH T356/Samsung Elevate
Samsung SGH T359/Samsung Smiley
Samsung SGH T379/Samsung Gravity TXT
Samsung SGH T399/Samsung Galaxy Light
Samsung SGH T469/Samsung Gravity 2
Samsung SGH T469V/Samsung Gravity 2
Samsung SGH T479/Samsung SGH T479B/Samsung Gravity 3
Samsung SGH T499/Samsung SGH T499V/Samsung SGH T499W/Samsung SGH T499Y/Samsung Dart
Samsung SGH T529
Samsung SGH T559/Samsung Comeback
Samsung SGH T566
Samsung SGH T589/Samsung Gravity Smart
Samsung SGH T589R/Samsung Gravity Smart
Samsung SGH T589W/Samsung Gravity Smart
Samsung SGH T599/Samsung Galaxy Exhibit
Samsung SGH T599N/Samsung Galaxy Exhibit
Samsung SGH T599V/Samsung Galaxy Exhibit
Samsung SGH T636
Samsung SGH T639
Samsung SGH T659
Samsung SGH T669/Samsung SGH T669B/Samsung Gravity T
Samsung SGH T669Y/Samsung Gravity T
Samsung SGH T679/Samsung SGH T679M/Samsung Exhibit II 4G
Samsung SGH T699/Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
Samsung SGH T746/Samsung Impact
Samsung SGH T749/Samsung Highlight
Samsung SGH T759/Samsung Exhibit 4G
Samsung SGH T769/Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G
Samsung SGH T779
Samsung SGH T819
Samsung SGH T839/Samsung Sidekick 4G
Samsung SGH T849/Samsung Galaxy Tab T-Mobile
Samsung SGH T859/Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 T-Mobile
Samsung SGH T869
Samsung SGH T879/Samsung Galaxy Note T-Mobile
Samsung SGH T889/Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung SGH T889V/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung SGH T899M
Samsung SGH T919/Samsung Behold
Samsung SGH T929/Samsung Memoir
Samsung SGH T939/Samsung Behold 2
Samsung SGH T959/Samsung Vibrant
Samsung SGH T959D/Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+
Samsung SGH T959P/Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G
Samsung SGH T959V/Samsung Galaxy S 4G
Samsung SGH T959W/Samsung Vibrant
Samsung SGH T989/Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile
Samsung SGH T999/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung SGH T999L/Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung SGH T999N
Samsung SGH T999V/Samsung Galaxy S III T-Mobile
Samsung SGH U700
Samsung SGH U708
Samsung SGH U800/Samsung SGH U800V/Samsung Soulb
Samsung SGH U808/Samsung SGH U808E/Samsung Soulb
Samsung SGH U900/Samsung SGH U900T/Samsung SGH U900V/Samsung Soul
Samsung SGH U908/Samsung Soul
Samsung SGH V804
Samsung SGH V820L
Samsung SGH V920
Samsung SGH Z105
Samsung SGH Z107
Samsung SGH Z107M
Samsung SGH Z110
Samsung SGH Z115
Samsung SGH Z130
Samsung SGH Z140
Samsung SGH Z140v
Samsung SGH Z150
Samsung SGH Z170
Samsung SGH Z220
Samsung SGH Z230
Samsung SGH Z238
Samsung SGH Z240
Samsung SGH Z240E
Samsung SGH Z248
Samsung SGH Z300
Samsung SGH Z308
Samsung SGH Z310
Samsung SGH Z320I
Samsung SGH Z360
Samsung SGH Z368
Samsung SGH Z370
Samsung SGH Z400
Samsung SGH Z400V
Samsung SGH Z500
Samsung SGH Z500V
Samsung SGH Z508
Samsung SGH Z510
Samsung SGH Z520
Samsung SGH Z540
Samsung SGH Z540V
Samsung SGH Z560
Samsung SGH Z560V
Samsung SGH Z570
Samsung SGH Z610
Samsung SGH Z620
Samsung SGH Z630
Samsung SGH Z650i
Samsung SGH Z710
Samsung SGH Z720
Samsung SGH Z720M
Samsung SGH Z720V
Samsung SGH Z810
Samsung SGH ZV10
Samsung SGH ZV30
Samsung SGH ZV40
Samsung SGH ZV50
Samsung SGH ZV60
Samsung SGH ZX10
Samsung SGH ZX20
Samsung SGH ZX30
Samsung SHV E110S
Samsung SHV E120K
Samsung SHV E120L
Samsung SHV E120S
Samsung SHV E140K/Samsung SHV E140L/Samsung SHV E140S/Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE
Samsung SHV E150S
Samsung SHV E160K/Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
Samsung SHV E160L/Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
Samsung SHV E160S/Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
Samsung SHV E170K
Samsung SHV E170L
Samsung SHV E170S
Samsung SHV E200L
Samsung SHV E210K
Samsung SHV E210L
Samsung SHV E210S
Samsung SHV E220S
Samsung SHV E230K/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
Samsung SHV E230S/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
Samsung SHV E250K/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung SHV E250L/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung SHV E250S/Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
Samsung SHV E270K
Samsung SHV E270L
Samsung SHV E270S
Samsung SHV E275K
Samsung SHV E275K/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung SHV E275S
Samsung SHV E275S/Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung SHV E300K/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung SHV E300L/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung SHV E300S/Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung SHV E310K
Samsung SHV E310K/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE
Samsung SHV E310L
Samsung SHV E310L/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE
Samsung SHV E310S
Samsung SHV E310S/Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE
Samsung SHV E330K
Samsung SHV E330K/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung SHV E330L
Samsung SHV E330L/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung SHV E330S
Samsung SHV E330S/Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung SHV E370K
Samsung SHV E370K/Samsung Galaxy S4 mini LTE
Samsung SHV E400S
Samsung SHV E400S/Samsung Galaxy Golden LTE
Samsung SHV E500S
Samsung SHW A110K
Samsung SHW A130K
Samsung SHW A130S
Samsung SHW A160S
Samsung SHW A170K
Samsung SHW A175S
Samsung SHW A180S
Samsung SHW A200S
Samsung SHW A210S
Samsung SHW A220K
Samsung SHW A220S
Samsung SHW A240S
Samsung SHW A250K
Samsung SHW A250S
Samsung SHW A280K
Samsung SHW A280S
Samsung SHW A300K
Samsung SHW A310S
Samsung SHW M100S
Samsung SHW M110S
Samsung SHW M130K
Samsung SHW M135K
Samsung SHW M180S
Samsung SHW M190S
Samsung SHW M200K
Samsung SHW M200S
Samsung SHW M210S
Samsung SHW M230S
Samsung SHW M240S
Samsung SHW M250K
Samsung SHW M250S
Samsung SHW M270S
Samsung SHW M280S
Samsung SHW M340K
Samsung SHW M340S
Samsung SHW M380K
Samsung SHW M380S
Samsung SHW M410K
Samsung SHW M410S
Samsung SHW M420K
Samsung SHW M420S
Samsung SHW M440S
Samsung SHW M460D
Samsung SHW M480K/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung SHW M480S/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung SHW M550K
Samsung SHW M550S
Samsung SPH M7200
Samsung SPH P9200
Samsung SPH W2400
Samsung SPH W2500
Samsung SPH W2700
Samsung SPH W2900
Samsung SPH W3000
Samsung SPH W3300
Samsung SPH W4100
Samsung SPH W4200
Samsung SPH W5000
Samsung SPH W5200
Samsung SPH W5300
Samsung SPH W5310
Samsung SPH W5500
Samsung SPH W5700
Samsung SPH W7100
Samsung SPH W7700
Samsung SPH W8200
Samsung SPH W8300
Samsung SPH W8400
Samsung SPH W8500
Samsung SPH W8700
Samsung SPH W9000
Samsung SPH W9100
Samsung SPH W9300
Samsung SPH W9500
Samsung SPH W9600
Samsung SPH W9700
Samsung SPH W9705
Samsung T111/Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite
Samsung T111M
Samsung T111M/Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite
Samsung T211/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung T212
Samsung T215/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung T217A/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung T311/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung T315/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung T322/Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4
Samsung T335
Samsung T531
Samsung T801
Samsung X01SC
Samsung Y3100
Samsung Y3300
Samsung Y3300X
Samsung Y4000
Sansui k6
Santok Neo 3300 3G desktop Phone
Santok tecmobile Opal 800
Santok tecmobile Oyster 500
Santok Tecmobile TEC/Y40
Sanyo DSE02/FOMA SA702i
Sanyo S103
Sanyo S750
Sanyo S750i
Satkirit Luvo 001
SB Tel Symphony FT45/FT50/W10/W20/W30
SC E-Boda V35
Seiko Instruments 101SI
Seiko Instruments Leo/C01SI
Seiko Instruments WX02S SENSEIT R413
Sentar Wireless ST918/ST986/R65/R80
Serendib ZIGO EON5i
Serendib ZIGO nebula6.9
Shanghai BroadMobi H102
Shanghai Cherr A91
Shanghai Ebest CX1
Shanghai Ebest F5
Shanghai Ebest I7
Shanghai Ebest S6
Shanghai Ebest S8
Shanghai Ebest V6
Shanghai Ebest V9
Shanghai Ebest W16
Shanghai Ebest W70
Shanghai Ebest X3
Shanghai Feixun FWS610
Shanghai Feixun FWS710
Shanghai Feixun i300
Shanghai Feixun i370w
Shanghai Feixun i380w
Shanghai Feixun i508
Shanghai Feixun i600w
Shanghai Feixun i800DZ
Shanghai Feixun i813W
Shanghai HuaQin 831s
Shanghai HuaQin A1000
Shanghai HuaQin A230
Shanghai HuaQin A600
Shanghai HuaQin A811
Shanghai HuaQin HQ L109
Shanghai HuaQin HQ L3
Shanghai HuaQin HQ ZM369
Shanghai Longcheer 3g WM72
Shanghai Longcheer calla-01
Shanghai Longcheer CMP W810
Shanghai Longcheer D12LC
Shanghai Longcheer IE-LINK
Shanghai Longcheer LCT_WM66_85
Shanghai Longcheer LCT_WM78_95
Shanghai Longcheer MLW_WM78_11
Shanghai Longcheer W630
Shanghai Longcheer W660
Shanghai Longcheer W730
Shanghai Longcheer WG150E
Shanghai Longcheer WG970E
Shanghai Longcheer WM31
Shanghai Longcheer WM62-11
Shanghai Longcheer WM66
Shanghai Longcheer WM66_15
Shanghai Longcheer WM66_65
Shanghai Longcheer WM66-11
Shanghai Longcheer WM71_15
Shanghai Longcheer WM71-11
Shanghai Longcheer WM72
Shanghai Longcheer WM726
Shanghai Longcheer WM78_01
Shanghai Longcheer WM78_61
Shanghai Longcheer WM78_81
Shanghai Longcheer WM81/HT850HS
Shanghai Vollo Vi 80
Shanghai Vollo Vk202
Shanghai Vollo Vx96
Sharp 550SH
Sharp 705SH
Sharp 705SH WX-T81 SX633 SX633A
Sharp 770SH
Sharp 810SH
Sharp 811SH
Sharp 815SH
Sharp 816SH
Sharp 821SH
Sharp 822SH
Sharp 824SH
Sharp 825SH
Sharp 830SHe
Sharp 841SH
Sharp 880SH
Sharp 902
Sharp 904
Sharp 911SH
Sharp 912SH
Sharp 920SH
Sharp 921SH
Sharp 930SH
Sharp 931SH
Sharp 940SH
Sharp 945SH
Sharp ADS1
Sharp au SHL24
Sharp au SHT22
Sharp Disney Mobile DM008SH
Sharp DM012SH
Sharp docomo SH-03E
Sharp docomo XB-BTL75D
Sharp docomo XN-DLBT32
Sharp docomo XN-DLBT40
Sharp docomo XN-DZBT47
Sharp docomo XN-PCBT46
Sharp FOMA SH702iS
Sharp FOMA SH706iw
Sharp FOMA SH851i
Sharp FOMA SH900i
Sharp FOMA SH901iS
Sharp FOMA SH902i
Sharp NTT Docomo SH-11C
Sharp NTT docomo SH-12C
Sharp NTT docomo XN-DCBT52
Sharp NTT docomo XN-DCBT55
Sharp NTT docomo XN-PCBT50
Sharp Orange SH70F
Sharp Orange SH80F
Sharp PB10V
Sharp PV300
Sharp SH0181C
Sharp SH330U
Sharp SH530U
Sharp SH631U
Sharp SH7218U
Sharp SH800M
Sharp SH801UC
Sharp SH802
Sharp SH802UC
Sharp SH805UC
Sharp SH807UC
Sharp SH810UC
Sharp SH8188U
Sharp SH81iUC
Sharp SH8268U
Sharp SH8298U
Sharp SH837M
Sharp SH837U
Sharp SH930U
Sharp SH931W
Sharp SHL22
Sharp Soft Bank 202SH
Sharp Soft Bank 302SH
Sharp SoftBank 102SH
Sharp SoftBank 108SH
Sharp SoftBank 109SH
Sharp SoftBank 203SH
Sharp STX-2
Sharp SX313/Sharp WX-T71
Sharp SX862
Sharp Telecomms of Europe SoftBank 104SH
Sharp WX-T825
Sharp WX-T91
Sharp WX-T932
Sharp XN-DCBT35/SH-03C
Sharp XN-DLBT10
Sharp XN-DLBT12
Sharp XN-DLBT15
Sharp XN-DLBT17
Sharp XN-DTBT20
Sharp XN-DVBT01/FOMA SH702iD
Sharp XN-DVBT05/FOMA SH705i
Sharp XN-DVBT06/FOMA SH705i II
Sharp XN-DVBT60/SH-01A
Sharp XN-DVBT75/SH-07B
Sharp XN-NBBT10/SH-10B
Sharp XN-PRBT35/SH-09B
Sharp XN-PRBT40
Sharp XN-PRBT45/SH-02C
Shenglong sunlinght SL-Z8
Shenzhen Act C8712F
Shenzhen Act C8715M
Shenzhen Act C873C
Shenzhen Act M505
Shenzhen Alldocube KUBIMOFANG A5300
Shenzhen Alldocube KUBIMOFANG U55GT
Shenzhen Baiyu TD-B808
Shenzhen Basicom chuangya CY6754
Shenzhen Basicom JX0199
Shenzhen Billion Beauty EOOM Q17/EOOM Q18
Shenzhen Blephone lephone A01
Shenzhen Blephone lephone A08
Shenzhen Borui BROR G1
Shenzhen Century Wishway N612
Shenzhen Chaoming AOSON S600
Shenzhen Chuangwei-RGB skyworth skyworth T085
Shenzhen Chuangwei-RGB Skyworth T9220
Shenzhen Chuangzhicheng deovo V5
Shenzhen Chuangzhicheng deovo V56
Shenzhen City NFT F9 NFT/F188
Shenzhen Constant hDL HDL-V18
Shenzhen Cooco A8
Shenzhen Cools SKY iv869
Shenzhen Coship COSHIP T71
Shenzhen Coship T7
Shenzhen Coship T920
Shenzhen Dasixi SOJA T100
Shenzhen Daza ONN V8
Shenzhen Dean Think HIKe 706
Shenzhen Dean Think HIKe 818
Shenzhen Dongsen DONXON SK8
Shenzhen Doov D210T
Shenzhen Doov D700
Shenzhen Doov D720
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship C133
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship C135
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship C136
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship C137
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship C220
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship C230
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship S100
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship S110
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship S600
Shenzhen Easiecom Fortune Ship W210
Shenzhen Electronic VODA P600
Shenzhen Eycom ETON D510
Shenzhen Eycom ETON D515
Shenzhen Eycom ETON D720
Shenzhen Eycom ETON T620
Shenzhen Eycom ETON T730
Shenzhen Eycom ETON T830
Shenzhen Feigewang Feigw A9
Shenzhen Femtosecond FMEE G1
Shenzhen Gaoxinqi GXQ G7
Shenzhen Goldfaith Sun A808
Shenzhen Goldfaith Sun A939
Shenzhen Goldfaith Sun W12
Shenzhen Gongjin T and W WM100/WM300/WU160/WU180
Shenzhen Great D8
Shenzhen Great TW80
Shenzhen Great W88
Shenzhen Gstar iGstar iG869
Shenzhen Hasee H45
Shenzhen HiYeah Times VINUS V10
Shenzhen HiYeah Times VINUS V8
Shenzhen HiYeah VINUS I5
Shenzhen HiYeah VINUS UMI X1
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan ThL T3
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan ThL ThL V12+
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan THL V11
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan ThL V12
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan THL V7
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan THL V9
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan THL W1
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan THL W101
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan ThL W5
Shenzhen Hongjiayuan ThL W8
Shenzhen Huaxin hx W88
Shenzhen Huaxin Times HX W68
Shenzhen Huifemhyuantong HSEM E10
Shenzhen Huihuaweiye BLUEBO L100
Shenzhen Imoen HODOO i10
Shenzhen Intki E86
Shenzhen iOCEAN X7
Shenzhen JiaYuYuTong JIAYU G2S
Shenzhen JiaYuYuTong JIAYU JY-G2
Shenzhen JiaYuYuTong JIAYU JY-G3
Shenzhen Jinbrand FASON G7
Shenzhen Jing Ying Lun COLOVO GT70
Shenzhen Jinlitongfd Ainuode TD128
Shenzhen JSR innos D10
Shenzhen JSR innos D9
Shenzhen JSR innos i5
Shenzhen JSR innos innos a35
Shenzhen Jugate Kaofan BY188
Shenzhen Kalite COPCO C18
Shenzhen Kente KT918
Shenzhen Kenxinda KXD I9220
Shenzhen Kenxinda M720/D160
Shenzhen Kong Profit KPT A5
Shenzhen Kong Profit KPT A81
Shenzhen Kong Profit KPT A88+
Shenzhen Kong Profit KPT A9
Shenzhen Konka KangJia I120
Shenzhen Konka KangJia V713
Shenzhen Konka KangJia V913
Shenzhen Konka KangJia V920
Shenzhen Konka KangJia V926
Shenzhen Konka KangJia V927
Shenzhen Konka KangJia V980
Shenzhen Konka KangJia W960
Shenzhen Konka KangJia W970
Shenzhen Konka KangJia W990
Shenzhen Konka KangJia W991
Shenzhen Konka V903
Shenzhen Koobee A209
Shenzhen Koobee A690
Shenzhen Koobee A720
Shenzhen Koobee i50
Shenzhen Koobee i60
Shenzhen Koobee i90
Shenzhen Koobee i96T
Shenzhen Koobee M1
Shenzhen Koobee T310
Shenzhen Koobee T550
Shenzhen LAMTAM MX X1
Shenzhen Lanboxing laaboo L106
Shenzhen Lgtd LG9100
Shenzhen Lgtd LGA100
Shenzhen Lian Long Hong GLX GLX L100
Shenzhen Logo Z105
Shenzhen Love Me LOVME Lovme-X5
Shenzhen Love Me LOVME Lovme-X6
Shenzhen Malata I10
Shenzhen Malata I55
Shenzhen Malata I8
Shenzhen Malata I90
Shenzhen Malata S450 S500
Shenzhen Malata S570 S550
Shenzhen Malata Z106
Shenzhen Malata Z160
Shenzhen Malata Z180
Shenzhen Malata Z500
Shenzhen M-Horse BML 6802/N8010/9802/9500
Shenzhen Mili MeLi MH5000
Shenzhen Mingren A1
Shenzhen Mingren A2
Shenzhen Minte E520
Shenzhen Minte N55
Shenzhen Mofoto MOFUT MEIFUTONG F18
Shenzhen Mofoto MOFUT MEIFUTONG T3
Shenzhen MTC AMTC MD 7907
Shenzhen Neo Copper N3CC/1080P-N003
Shenzhen New Chabridge NCBT CB-P300
Shenzhen New Fiying FLYYANG ING600
Shenzhen New Fiying FLYYING IHD568
Shenzhen New Fiying FLYYING IHD858
Shenzhen New Fiying FLYYING IHD866
Shenzhen New Fiying Samfeel ihD958
Shenzhen Newman-Anpu Newman N1
Shenzhen Noain N8
Shenzhen Noain T903
Shenzhen Novol SAGA A730
Shenzhen Novol SAGA W100
Shenzhen N-Pass W1
Shenzhen Opsson IVO 6666
Shenzhen Opsson OPSSON IVO 6600
Shenzhen Pengcheng apanda A101
Shenzhen Pengcheng apanda A80
Shenzhen Permanent BLUEPAD B66
Shenzhen Plonger P710
Shenzhen Plum ADX382
Shenzhen Popule POP-U2
Shenzhen Project SOSMART S6
Shenzhen Pulid 11
Shenzhen Pulid F10
Shenzhen Pulid F13
Shenzhen Pulid F15
Shenzhen Pulid F5
Shenzhen Pulid F6
Shenzhen Pulid F7
Shenzhen Pulid F9
Shenzhen Pulid PULID F1
Shenzhen Qirun Tatop W818
Shenzhen San Miki EA8800
Shenzhen Sang Fei Philips T3566
Shenzhen Sang Fei Philips W3390/Philips Xenium W8555/Philips W3568
Shenzhen SangFei Philips W635
Shenzhen Sanzhong SAMZONG SZ-9100
Shenzhen Sharan Namo N800
Shenzhen Sharan Namo N880
Shenzhen Shikim KIMTERY CK_35
Shenzhen Shouyi Soaye W6
Shenzhen Shouyi soaye w9
Shenzhen Shouyi WG-518
Shenzhen Sijifeng SGIFE S85
Shenzhen Sprocomm X35/X40/X45/X50/X55
Shenzhen Strong Rising scv SEW290
Shenzhen Strong scv SEW898
Shenzhen STWY istone TD569
Shenzhen Sunup G30
Shenzhen Sunup HST555
Shenzhen Sunup W520
Shenzhen Tai Shengchang Starcall TSC Z14
Shenzhen Taixing TETHIN TX122
Shenzhen Tinno ES8030A
Shenzhen Tinno S7054B
Shenzhen Tinno S7503B
Shenzhen Tinno S7505
Shenzhen Tinno S7511
Shenzhen Tinno S8034A
Shenzhen Tinno S8053B
Shenzhen Tinno S8073B
Shenzhen Tinno S8201
Shenzhen Tinno S9010A
Shenzhen Tinno S9053B
Shenzhen Tinno S909X
Shenzhen Tinno S909X/S930X
Shenzhen Tinno S9201
Shenzhen Tong Xin FOG FO-1
Shenzhen Tonglin Electrical Twin W600
Shenzhen Tozed ZHI LING TONG ZLT2827
Shenzhen Trustcom YEPEN P810
Shenzhen Unitone UNC-TD300
Shenzhen Wave YUNTAB P500W
Shenzhen XHB SOP-W168
Shenzhen Xin Huayu weiimi V100
Shenzhen Xinglingyun mytel U-33
Shenzhen Xinglingyun mytel U-81
Shenzhen Xinglingyun mytel U-99
Shenzhen Yecon M70D01
Shenzhen Yi Pai Ji Ye epade A700
Shenzhen Yi Pai Ji Ye epade N5
Shenzhen Yimo Chenovo N719
Shenzhen Yimo UMI8800
Shenzhen Yingmai IMG M600
Shenzhen Yougou Shidai UOOGOU Q8
Shenzhen Youmo UMO W600
Shenzhen Youmo UMO W9220
Shenzhen Yusun 88
Shenzhen Yusun LA-I
Shenzhen Yusun sanyecao LA-M1-1
Shenzhen Yusun T21
Shenzhen Yusun T30
Shenzhen Yusun W708
Shenzhen Yusun W812
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP100
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP111
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP200
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP300
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP500
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP600
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP900
Shenzhen Zhanweixun ZOPO ZP950
Shenzhen Zhashi ShenGhe H001
Shenzhen Zhenweihongtong Zeepad Zee1949
Shenzhen Zhenweihongtong Zeepad Zee1976
Shenzhen Zhigao ZHINENG W20
Shenzhenshi Xingmashuma P101/P7/P8
Sichuan Changhong Artel N19-1
Sichuan Changhong H5018
Sichuan Changhong V7
Sichuan Changhong V8
Sichuan Changhong Z1
Sichuan Changhong Z-me
Siemens HC25
Siemens SG75
Siemens SXG75
Sierra Wireless AC319U
Sierra Wireless AC326U
Sierra Wireless AC342U
Sierra Wireless AC343U
Sierra Wireless AC754S
Sierra Wireless AC762S
Sierra Wireless AC771S
Sierra Wireless AC803S
Sierra Wireless AC880U
Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U
Sierra Wireless AirCard 881E
Sierra Wireless AirPrime DTM971
Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7354
Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL8084
Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL8084T
Sierra Wireless AR7554
Sierra Wireless AR8552
Sierra Wireless C885
Sierra Wireless EM7305
Sierra Wireless EM8780
Sierra Wireless EM8805
Sierra Wireless Gobi 2000
Sierra Wireless HL8548-G
Sierra Wireless Inc MiniCard 8755
Sierra Wireless MC7305
Sierra Wireless MC7800
Sierra Wireless MC7804
Sierra Wireless MC8092
Sierra Wireless MC8305
Sierra Wireless MC8355
Sierra Wireless MC8705
Sierra Wireless MC8805
Sierra Wireless SL8085
Sierra Wireless SL8090
Sierra Wireless USB 308 (USB)
Sierra Wireless USB 309 (USB)
Simcom CP808T
Simcom MD-@1
Simcom ME9
Simcom Novacom Wireless
Simcom OLA SP105
Simcom SIM4100
Simcom SIM5215/SIM5216
Simmtronics X2
Simmtronics X723
Sino Winner Q7 H200/Q07/1120/2650/Q05/X1-00/Q04/C3-02/Q06/E5
SK Telesys K1M
SK Telesys S1
SK Telesys SK-K1
SK Telesys SK-K2
SK Telesys W K3
SK Telesys W K5
Sky Net POWER S 23/P 44/S 31/S 32/P 43/S 33/P 02/S 22/S 30/P 48
Skyworth TryV A070
Skyworth Wireless A090
Sonim XP2.10
Sonim XP5300
Sony C1504/Sony Xperia E
Sony C1505/Sony Xperia E
Sony C1604/Sony Xperia E Dual
Sony C1605/Sony Xperia E Dual
Sony C1904/Sony Xperia M
Sony C1905/Sony Xperia M
Sony C2004/Sony Xperia M Dual
Sony C2005/Sony Xperia M Dual
Sony C2104/Sony Xperia L
Sony C2105/Sony Xperia L
Sony C2305/Sony Xperia C
Sony C5302/Sony Xperia SP
Sony C5303/Sony Xperia SP LTE
Sony C5306/Sony Xperia SP LTE
Sony C5502/Sony M36h/Sony Xperia ZR
Sony C5503/Sony M36i/Sony Xperia ZR
Sony C6502/Sony L35h/Sony Xperia ZL
Sony C6503/Sony Xperia ZL
Sony C6506/Sony Xperia ZL
Sony C6602/Sony L36h/Sony Xperia Z
Sony C6603/Sony Xperia Z
Sony C6606/Sony Xperia ZL
Sony C6616/Sony Xperia Z
Sony C6802/Sony XL39h/Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony C6806/Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE
Sony C6833/Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE
Sony C6902/Sony L39h/Sony Xperia Z1
Sony C6903/Sony Xperia Z1
Sony C6906/Sony Xperia Z1
Sony C6943/Sony Xperia Z1
Sony D2114
Sony D2306/Sony Xperia M2
Sony D5503/Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Sony L39t/Sony Xperia Z1 LTE
Sony L50t Xperia
Sony LT22i/Sony Xperia P
Sony LT25i/Sony Xperia V
Sony LT26i/Sony Xperia S
Sony LT26ii/Sony Xperia SL
Sony LT26w/Sony Xperia Acro S
Sony LT28at/Sony Xperia Ion
Sony LT28h/Sony Xperia Ion
Sony LT28i/Sony Xperia Ion
Sony LT29i/Sony Xperia TX
Sony LT30a/Sony Xperia TL
Sony LT30at/Sony Xperia TL
Sony LT30p/Sony Xperia T
Sony M35c/Sony Xperia SP
Sony M35t/Sony Xperia SP
Sony MBA002
Sony MBA004
Sony MBA006
Sony MT25i/Sony Xperia Neo L
Sony MT27i/Sony Xperia sola
Sony PlayStation Vita
Sony S39h/Sony Xperia C
Sony SGP321/Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Sony SGP341/Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Sony SGP351/Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Sony SO01E
Sony SO-02D/Sony Xperia NX
Sony SO-04E/Sony Xperia A
Sony ST21a/Sony Xperia Tipo
Sony ST21a2/Sony Xperia Tipo Dual
Sony ST21i/Sony Xperia Tipo
Sony ST21i2/Sony Xperia Tipo Dual
Sony ST23a/Sony Xperia Miro
Sony ST23i/Sony Xperia Miro
Sony ST25a/Sony Xperia U
Sony ST25i/Sony Xperia U
Sony ST26a/Sony Xperia J
Sony ST26i/Sony Xperia J
Sony ST27a/Sony Xperia Advance/Sony Xperia Go
Sony ST27i/Sony Xperia Advance/Sony Xperia Go
Sony TBD
Sony Xperia GX SO-04D/Sony Hayabusa
SonyEricsson A8i
SonyEricsson C510
SonyEricsson C510a
SonyEricsson C702
SonyEricsson C901/SonyEricsson C901a
SonyEricsson C902
SonyEricsson C902a
SonyEricsson C903/SonyEricsson C903a
SonyEricsson C905/SonyEricsson C905a
SonyEricsson CDMA SOI12
SonyEricsson CS8
SonyEricsson E10a/SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini a
SonyEricsson E10i/SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini
SonyEricsson E15a/SonyEricsson Xperia X8a
SonyEricsson E15i/SonyEricsson Xperia X8
SonyEricsson E16a/SonyEricsson E16i/SonyEricsson W8
SonyEricsson EM400
SonyEricsson F100i/SonyEricsson Jalou
SonyEricsson FOMA SO704i
SonyEricsson FOMA SO902iWP
SonyEricsson G502
SonyEricsson G700/SonyEricsson G700b
SonyEricsson G705/SonyEricsson G705a/SonyEricsson G705U
SonyEricsson G900
SonyEricsson GC95
SonyEricsson J10/SonyEricsson Elm
SonyEricsson J105a/SonyEricsson Naite a
SonyEricsson J105i/SonyEricsson Naite
SonyEricsson J108a/SonyEricsson Cedar a
SonyEricsson J108i/SonyEricsson Cedar
SonyEricsson J10i2/SonyEricsson Elm
SonyEricsson J20/SonyEricsson J20i/SonyEricsson Hazel
SonyEricsson K530i
SonyEricsson K600i
SonyEricsson K608i
SonyEricsson K610i
SonyEricsson K610i/SonyEricsson K610c
SonyEricsson K610im
SonyEricsson K618i/SonyEricsson V630i
SonyEricsson K630i/SonyEricsson V640i
SonyEricsson K660i
SonyEricsson K770i
SonyEricsson K800/SonyEricsson K800i/SonyEricsson K800c/SonyEricsson K880c
SonyEricsson K810i
SonyEricsson K850i
SonyEricsson LT18a/SonyEricsson Xperia Arc S
SonyEricsson LT18i/SonyEricsson Xperia Arc S
SonyEricsson M1i/SonyEricsson Aspen
SonyEricsson M600i/SonyEricsson M600c
SonyEricsson MK16a/SonyEricsson Xperia Pro
SonyEricsson MK16i/SonyEricsson Xperia Pro
SonyEricsson MT11a/SonyEricsson Xperia Neo V
SonyEricsson MT11i/SonyEricsson Xperia Neo V
SonyEricsson MT15a/SonyEricsson MT15i/SonyEricsson Xperia Neo
SonyEricsson P1i
SonyEricsson P990i
SonyEricsson R800a/SonyEricsson Xperia Play
SonyEricsson R800i/SonyEricsson Xperia Play
SonyEricsson S51SE/SonyEricsson Xperia Mini
SonyEricsson SK17a/SonyEricsson Xperia Mini Pro
SonyEricsson SK17i/SonyEricsson Xperia Mini Pro
SonyEricsson SO-01B
SonyEricsson SO-01C/SonyEricsson Xperia Arc
SonyEricsson SO-02C/SonyEricsson Xperia Acro
SonyEricsson SO-03C/SonyEricsson Xperia ray
SonyEricsson SO03D
SonyEricsson SO905i
SonyEricsson ST17a/SonyEricsson Xperia Active
SonyEricsson ST17i/SonyEricsson Xperia Active
SonyEricsson ST18a/SonyEricsson Azusa/SonyEricsson Urushi
SonyEricsson ST18i/SonyEricsson Azusa/SonyEricsson Urushi
SonyEricsson T650i
SonyEricsson T700
SonyEricsson T707/SonyEricsson T707a
SonyEricsson T715
SonyEricsson T715a
SonyEricsson TM506
SonyEricsson TM717/SonyEricsson Equinox
SonyEricsson U1/SonyEricsson Satio
SonyEricsson U100a/SonyEricsson Yari a
SonyEricsson U100i/SonyEricsson Yari
SonyEricsson U10a/SonyEricsson Aino
SonyEricsson U10i/SonyEricsson Aino
SonyEricsson U1a/SonyEricsson Satio a
SonyEricsson U1i/SonyEricsson Satio
SonyEricsson U20a/SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro a
SonyEricsson U20i/SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro
SonyEricsson U5a/SonyEricsson Vivaz a
SonyEricsson U5i/SonyEricsson Vivaz
SonyEricsson U8a/SonyEricsson Vivaz Pro a
SonyEricsson U8i/SonyEricsson Vivaz Pro
SonyEricsson V600i
SonyEricsson W20/SonyEricsson Zylo
SonyEricsson W20i/SonyEricsson Zylo
SonyEricsson W508/SonyEricsson W508a
SonyEricsson W518a
SonyEricsson W595
SonyEricsson W595s
SonyEricsson W660i/SonyEricsson W610c
SonyEricsson W705/SonyEricsson W705a/SonyEricsson W705u
SonyEricsson W715
SonyEricsson W760/SonyEricsson W760a/SonyEricsson W760i
SonyEricsson W850
SonyEricsson W880i
SonyEricsson W890i
SonyEricsson W902
SonyEricsson W910i
SonyEricsson W950
SonyEricsson W960i
SonyEricsson W980
SonyEricsson W995/SonyEricsson W995a
SonyEricsson WT18i/SonyEricsson Mix Walkman
SonyEricsson WT19a/SonyEricsson Live with Walkman
SonyEricsson WT19i/SonyEricsson Live with Walkman
SonyEricsson Xperia LT15a/SonyEricsson Xperia Arc
SonyEricsson Xperia LT15i/SonyEricsson Xperia Arc
SonyEricsson Xperia Pureness X5
SonyEricsson Xperia ST15a/SonyEricsson Xperia Mini
SonyEricsson Xperia ST15i/SonyEricsson Xperia Mini
SonyEricsson Xperia X10a
SonyEricsson Xperia X10i
SonyEricsson Xperia X1a
SonyEricsson Xperia X1i
SonyEricsson Xperia X2
SonyEricsson Xperia X2a
SonyEricsson Z1010
SonyEricsson Z610i
SonyEricsson Z750a
SonyEricsson Z750i
SonyEricsson Z770i
SonyEricsson Z780a/SonyEricsson Z780i
SonyEricsson Z800i
Source EXINT-E1118
Source J-MAX J-55
Source J-MAX JM-301
Spice MI-350
Spice MI-352
Spice MI-435
Spice MI-491
Spice MI-530
Spice MI-550
Spice MI-720 Tablet
Star Digital WearStar MINI FLY FLY II/NOBA II/S702G/STAR008
SunDroid SP355AWG
Sunriseway SK SW SE SS SO
Sunstrike Rage Optima Smart OPS61
Superfon superfone sf-3020
Swipe Xylus
TazTag M07-G630
TCL A530
TCL A860
TCL A909
TCL A916
TCL A919
TCL A966
TCL A968
TCL A986
TCL A990
TCL A996
TCL A998
TCL E928
TCL OT-906
TCL S500
TCL S600
TCL S606
TCL S700
TCL S710
TCL S720
TCL S800
TCL S820
TCL S830
TCl S950/Alcatel OT Idol X
TCL U980
TCL W989
TCL Y710
TCL Z100
Tclon FUKDA GC200
TCT 00/TCT 01
TCT Olivetti Olicard 200
Tec Sync XTOUCH MID X506/X507/X508
Tec Sync XTOUCH P91
Tec Sync XTOUCH PF71/PL71/PL72
Tec Sync XTOUCH PF81/PF82/PF91
Tec Sync XTOUCH X1
Tec Sync XTOUCH X1 mini/X2/X2 mini
Tec Sync XTOUCH X401/X402/X403
Tec Sync XTOUCH X405
Tec Sync XTOUCH X406
Tec Sync XTOUCH X507Q
Tec Sync XTOUCH X507S
Tec Sync XTOUCH X507T
Tec Sync XTOUCH X509
Tec Sync XTOUCH X601
Tec Sync XTOUCH X716S/X717/X726/X917
Techfaith Huawei S660
Techfaith Perai-H
Techfaith TechFace Wildfire 80
Techfaith W12
Techfaith WG-Scepter
Techfaith WG-Twins
Techfaith Wireless QIGI J2
Techsas Greentel GT-G5/GT-G11
Tecno H5
Tecno Itel iNote Beyond 3G
Tecno M5
Tecno Phantom PAD Mini
Tecno S5
Teda Star TETHIN S1280
Telecom FM 3G FWP
TELES iGate 3G
Telit HC864
Telit HE863-NAD
Telit HE910-EUD V2
Telit HE910-EUG
Telit HE910-GL
Telit HE920-EU
Telit UC864-AK
Telit UC864-E
Telit UC864-E-DUAL
Telit UC864-G
Telit UE910-EUR V2
Telit UE910-NAD
Telit UL865-EUD
Telit UL865-EUR
Telit UL865-NAD
Teltonika UM5x00
Tempo ZANTE ASP-5300Z
Tinno ES8030A
Tinno EverMagic
Tinno S6031
Tinno S7054B
Tinno S7503B
Tinno S7505
Tinno S7511
Tinno S8034A
Tinno S8053B
Tinno S8073B
Tinno S8201
Tinno S9010A
Tinno S9053B
Tinno S909X
Tinno S909X/S930X
Tinno S9111
Tinno S9201
Tinno S9203
Tintele E1/E2/E3
Tintele S1/S2/S3/S5/S6/S8/TT-E71/TT-V8800/TT-V90/TT-V900
Tonino Lamborghini Antares
Topstrasse Torque S330B
Topstrasse Torque S335
Topstrasse Torque S521
Toray Sti tristar model no ts670 ts900 ts710
Toshiba 810T
Toshiba 830MX/Toshiba V830T
Toshiba G450
Toshiba Portege G810
Toshiba Portege G900
Toshiba Portege G910
Toshiba RG4-E01
Toshiba Sapphire
Toshiba Satellite L645/Satellite Pro L645/Satellite L640/Satellite Pro L640
Toshiba SB2
Toshiba SB21
Toshiba SB61
Toshiba TG01
Toshiba TG0110
Toshiba TM5-J01
Toshiba TS705
Toshiba TS921/ToshibaV902T
Toshiba V903T
Toshiba V904T
Toshiba Vodafone 705T
Toshiba Vodafone 910T
TP-Link MA180
TP-Link T881
TP-Link TL-MR21W
Trio piranha hero
T-Smart AIBO
T-Smart D08
T-Smart D28
T-Smart G18
T-Smart Q1
T-Smart T18
Turkcell T40
Turkcell VINN MF667
Turkcell VINNWiFi E5221
Turkcell VINNWIFI MF60
TwinMOS Sky S481
TwinMOS TwinTAB-T7283GD1
TwinMOS V501
u-blox LISA-U100
u-blox LISA-U120
u-blox LISA-U260
u-blox TOBY-L110
Uniscope U1201+
United Commercial WLL IQO Shuttle
United Telelinks Karbonn A1
United Telelinks Karbonn A1 Star
United Telelinks Karbonn A1+
United Telelinks Karbonn A10
United Telelinks Karbonn A11
United Telelinks Karbonn A111
United Telelinks Karbonn A12
United Telelinks Karbonn A15
United Telelinks Karbonn A16
United Telelinks Karbonn A18
United Telelinks Karbonn A19
United Telelinks Karbonn A21
United Telelinks Karbonn A30
United Telelinks Karbonn A39
United Telelinks Karbonn A5
United Telelinks Karbonn A7
United Telelinks Karbonn A8
United Telelinks Karbonn A9
United Telelinks Karbonn A99
United Telelinks Karbonn S1 Titanium
United Telelinks Karbonn ST27
United Telelinks Karbonn Titanium S2
United Telelinks Karbonn Titanium S5
United Time Hong Kong UTime UTime U1
United Time UTime T9/UTime i15
United Time UTime U100
Universal Scientific USI Messi
Universal Scientific USI UNA
Uriver UM100
Utcom UTCOM C001
UTStarcom Garnet II
UTStarcom GTX75
UTStarcom GW206
Vertu Constellation T C
Vertu Ti
Vestel VENUS Q5
VG Media MQ712 /MQ9709/MD71/QD706
Videocon A27
Videocon A31
Videocon A42G
Videocon A52
Videocon A55HD
Videocon VT85C
Vietnam VIVAS Lotus S1
ViewSonic QQT-01
Vitelcom Alpha/Vitelcom G600i
Vitelcom Beta Variant
Vizio VP700
Vodafone 875
Vodafone 975
Vodafone 975N
Vodafone K4201-z
Vodafone K4607-Z
Vodafone R209-Z
Vodafone Smart 4G
Vodafone Smart mini
Vodafone Smart Tab III 10
Vodafone Smart Tab III 7
Voto P9000
Voto UMI-X2
Voto VOTO W6100
Voto W7200
Vtion TG1917
Vtion TG1980
Vtion U2916
Walton Primo C1/C2/F2/G2/R2
Walton Primo D4/D5/E2/GH X3
Walton Primo N1/N2/D1/G3/G4
Wanjie NEWOD H1979
Wanjie NEWOD H1999
Wasam Best sonny P908
Wasam Best sonny T878
Wasam Best sonny TD818
Wasam T961
Weihuade WIATEC WIL300
Wexler L9
Wexler TAB.7iD
Wisky 3G012/3G016/3G019/3G020/3G021
Wistron L10
Wistron Lenovo LTN
Wistron Neweb D81
Wistron Neweb D91
Wistron Neweb M2M6270T
Wistron Neweb P28Q7
Wuhan Dopod A3288
Wuhan Dopod S610
Wuhan Dopod S700
Wuhan Dopod T8388
Wujin Jinxing JXD-P300
Wuxi awit S600
Wynn Wynncom G3
Xiamen Stelcom TD1000
Xiaomi 2012051
Xiaomi 2012052
Xiaomi 2013021
Xiaomi 2013022
Xiaomi MI 2012053
Xiaomi MI 2012061
Xiaomi MI 2012062
Xiaomi MI 2012121
Xiaomi MI 2013012
Xiaomi MI 2013023
Xiaomi MI 2S
Xiaomi MI 3
Xiaomi MI 3W
Xiaomi MI MI-ONE
Xiaomi MI MI-ONE C1
Xiaomi MI MI-ONE Plus
Xolo A1000
Xolo A500
Xolo A500L
Xolo A500s
Xolo A500S IPS
Xolo A600
Xolo A700
Xolo A800
Xolo B700
Xolo Q1000
Xolo Q2000
Xolo Q500
Xolo Q600
Xolo Q700
Xolo Q800
Yeh Chien Bliss S5
Yifang MVPEN nextbookQ7
Yuge CWM630
Yulong Coolpad 5879
Yulong Coolpad 6009
Yulong Coolpad 6025
Yulong Coolpad 6030
Yulong Coolpad 6058
Yulong Coolpad 6268
Yulong Coolpad 7011
Yulong Coolpad 7019
Yulong Coolpad 7019A
Yulong Coolpad 7020+
Yulong Coolpad 7026
Yulong Coolpad 7230
Yulong Coolpad 7235
Yulong Coolpad 7239
Yulong Coolpad 7260
Yulong Coolpad 7260+
Yulong Coolpad 7266
Yulong Coolpad 7270/Coolpad 7231
Yulong Coolpad 7290
Yulong Coolpad 7295
Yulong Coolpad 7295+
Yulong Coolpad 7295A/Coolpad 7296
Yulong Coolpad 7298/Coolpad 7298A
Yulong Coolpad 7500
Yulong Coolpad 7560U
Yulong Coolpad 7600
Yulong Coolpad 7728
Yulong Coolpad 8010
Yulong Coolpad 8013
Yulong Coolpad 8020
Yulong Coolpad 8020+
Yulong Coolpad 8022
Yulong Coolpad 8050
Yulong Coolpad 8056
Yulong Coolpad 8060
Yulong Coolpad 8070
Yulong Coolpad 8076
Yulong Coolpad 8085
Yulong Coolpad 8089/Coolpad 8012
Yulong Coolpad 8122
Yulong Coolpad 8150
Yulong Coolpad 8150D
Yulong Coolpad 8180
Yulong Coolpad 8190
Yulong Coolpad 8190Q
Yulong Coolpad 8295M
Yulong Coolpad 8720
Yulong Coolpad 8720Q
Yulong Coolpad 8810
Yulong Coolpad 8816
Yulong Coolpad 8860U
Yulong Coolpad 8950
Yulong Coolpad 8950E
Yulong Coolpad F600
Yulong Coolpad F608
Yulong Coolpad F668
Yulong Coolpad F800
Yulong Coolpad T60
Yulong Coolpad T63
Yulong Coolpad T66
Yulong Coolpad W703
Yulong Coolpad W706
Yulong Coolpad W706+
Yulong Coolpad W770
Zero Yolo S450
Zhangli Vsun V3
Zhejiang Holley H8310
Zhejiang Holley H8501
Zhejiang Seensun NEWINGS WM201
Zhejiang Seensun NEWINGS WMU20X
Zhengzhou SY-10e
ZTE 003Z
ZTE 008Z
ZTE 009Z
ZTE 1001
ZTE 203Z
ZTE 601i
ZTE A137
ZTE A138
ZTE A356
ZTE a5
ZTE Acqua
ZTE Arizona
ZTE Atlanta
ZTE BASE Lutea 2
ZTE BASE Tab 7.1
ZTE Beeline C100
ZTE Beeline E400
ZTE Blade
ZTE Blade G
ZTE Blade II
ZTE Blade S/ZTE Crescent
ZTE Blade V
ZTE Bluebelt
ZTE Carl
ZTE Dublin
ZTE E550
ZTE E821/ZTE Jack
ZTE E850
ZTE E880
ZTE EuFi890
ZTE F100
ZTE F101
ZTE F102
ZTE F102 H3G
ZTE F102 i
ZTE F103
ZTE F105
ZTE F107
ZTE F109
ZTE F110
ZTE F116
ZTE F133
ZTE F136
ZTE F150
ZTE F151
ZTE F152
ZTE F153
ZTE F156
ZTE F158
ZTE F160
ZTE F165
ZTE F183
ZTE F188
ZTE F220
ZTE F230
ZTE F233
ZTE F252
ZTE F555/T-Mobile Aspect
ZTE F600
ZTE F808
ZTE F850
ZTE F851
ZTE F852
ZTE F858
ZTE F862
ZTE F866
ZTE F869
ZTE F870
ZTE F880
ZTE F900
ZTE F930
ZTE F950
ZTE F951
ZTE F952
ZTE G601U/ZTE V768/ZTE Q705U/V8507/Blade L2
ZTE Grand X
ZTE Grand X In
ZTE Grand X2 In
ZTE Internet 7
ZTE Jack 3G
ZTE K3565-Z
ZTE K3570-Z
ZTE K3571-Z
ZTE K3765-Z
ZTE K3772-Z
ZTE K3805-z
ZTE K3806-Z
ZTE Kis Lite
ZTE Kis Pro
ZTE KPN Smart 200
ZTE KPN Smart 300
ZTE Libra
ZTE Link
ZTE MD-301
ZTE MD-900
ZTE Medion Smartphone Life P4310
ZTE MF626i
ZTE MF8402
ZTE MG3732
ZTE Mimosa Mini
ZTE Mimosa X
ZTE Momodesign MD Droid
ZTE Momodesign MD Smart
ZTE Monte Carlo
ZTE Movistar Link
ZTE Movistar One
ZTE MTC Glonass 945
ZTE myPad P2
ZTE myPad P4
ZTE N7000
ZTE N7010
ZTE N7100
ZTE NX403A/ZTE NX403D/ZTE Nubia 5S mini
ZTE NX503A/ZTE Nubia 5S
ZTE Open
ZTE Optimus Barcelona
ZTE Q503/ZTE Kis Q T795
ZTE R100
ZTE R101
ZTE R109
ZTE Racer II
ZTE San Francisco
ZTE San Francisco II
ZTE Silverbelt
ZTE Skate Pro
ZTE Skate/Zte Monte Carlo
ZTE Smart Tab 7
ZTE Soft stone
ZTE StarAddict
ZTE Starnaute
ZTE StarText
ZTE StarTrail
ZTE T100
ZTE T106
ZTE T108
ZTE T116a
ZTE T165
ZTE T203
ZTE T28 Prepaid
ZTE T3020
ZTE T303
ZTE T760
ZTE T790
ZTE T870
ZTE T930
ZTE Tactile Internet 2
ZTE Tactile Messaging
ZTE Taiwan Mobile T2
ZTE Tania
ZTE Tara 3G
ZTE T-Mobile Vivacity
ZTE Turkcell Maxi Plus 5
ZTE U110
ZTE U115+
ZTE U119
ZTE U122
ZTE U202
ZTE U208
ZTE U219
ZTE U230
ZTE U232
ZTE U260
ZTE U280
ZTE U281
ZTE U289
ZTE U506
ZTE U600
ZTE U700
ZTE U712
ZTE U721
ZTE U722
ZTE U788
ZTE U790
ZTE U791
ZTE U793
ZTE U795
ZTE U795+
ZTE U802
ZTE U805
ZTE U806
ZTE U807
ZTE U808
ZTE U809
ZTE U810
ZTE U817
ZTE U819
ZTE U830
ZTE U879
ZTE U880
ZTE U880s
ZTE U885
ZTE U887
ZTE U930
ZTE U950
ZTE U956
ZTE U960
ZTE U960s
ZTE U960s2
ZTE U960s3
ZTE U970
ZTE U980
ZTE U981
ZTE U985/ZTE Grand Era
ZTE V6500 Nova
ZTE V768
ZTE V788
ZTE V790
ZTE V793
ZTE V795
ZTE V807/ZTE Blade C
ZTE V8110
ZTE V817
ZTE V820
ZTE V8300
ZTE V852
ZTE V856
ZTE V857
ZTE V859
ZTE V871
ZTE V875
ZTE V880
ZTE V880+
ZTE V881/ZTE Reef
ZTE V882
ZTE V886
ZTE V887
ZTE V955
ZTE V956/ZTE Blade E
ZTE V960
ZTE V961
ZTE V965
ZTE V969
ZTE V970/ZTE Grand X
ZTE V970M/ZTE Grand X
ZTE V970T/ZTE Grand X
ZTE V975
ZTE V9800
ZTE V985
ZTE V987
ZTE V988/ZTE Grand S
ZTE V9A/ZTE Light Tab 2
ZTE V9C/ZTE Light Tab
ZTE Vodafone Smart Tab 10
ZTE X672
ZTE X730
ZTE X850/ZTE Racer
ZTE X876/ZTE Raise
ZTE Z221
ZTE Z222
ZTE Z331
ZTE Z431
ZTE Z740G/ZTE Radiant
ZTE Z990
ZTE Z992
ZTE Z993
ZXD G15A/G16A/G40/G40C
Zync Z1000
Zync Z5