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Known Powers:

Power Cosmic: UN (100) ability to channel and manipulate cosmic energy from every part of her body
(although she prefers her hands). The Seeker is able to perform following power stunts:
Energy Absorption/manipulation: The Seeker can absorb up to UN (100) energy. She can absorb more but
must make a Power feat or she loses control of her power and attacks those around her. She can also create
energy fields or project energy from all around her, 10 areas wide.
Energy Sheath: Seekers back emits a coherent energy field that resembles a fiery cape or red and yellow
wings. The "wings" have Amazing (50) intensity and Amazing (50) material strength. It acts as a reservoir for
Seekers cosmic power.
Energy Conversion: The ability to gather, channel and manipulate vast quantities of Cosmic Energies with
Monstrous (75) ability within a 2000 miles range, The Seeker has the following power stunts:
Plasma Generation: The Seeker can emit Monstrous (75) Intensity
blasts of energy. They have power rank damage and range. The blasts
also have side-effects that Seeker can tailor to her wishes. These
Incredible (40) intensity Light to blind or melt.
Incredible (40) intensity Heat and Flame.
Incredible (40) intensity Magnetism: IN (40) ability to prevent or reduce
an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Incredible (40) intensity Electricity.
Geo-force: RM (30) ability to effect the earth and grow fauna/flora.
True Flight: Seeker can fly at Class 1000 interstellar speeds.
Dimension Travel: At full speed, she can enter hyper-space and
instantly appear anywhere in the universe.
Life Detection: She has Class 1000 range (5 light years).
Power Boost: UN (100) ability to raise a single ability score (his or
anothers) to UN (100) for 1-10 rounds. If the ability is UN (100)
already, it may be raised to Shift-X (150) on a Yellow FEAT
Healing: Up to Unearthly (100) damage to herself or others.
Molecular Rearrangement: Reconstruct existing elements and
combining elements in order to get almost any desired affect with UN
(100) ability.
Enhanced Senses: The Seeker can see, hear and perceive any energy
source (electromagnetic, thermal, sonar, and x-ray vision as well as able
to see various inter/extra dimensional energy signatures).
Body Armor: Seekers metallic skin acts like her Cyber-Cloak that is as hard as Adamantium, giving her UN
(100) Body Armor to physical and energy attacks. She may increase it by +1cs. for 1-10 rounds.
Invulnerable: to Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins and Diseases, but is still susceptible to magical diseases aimed
to infect the soul.
Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, breathe, or sleep and can survive in
space indefinitely.
Danger Detection: MN (75) ability to instantly calculate the trajectories
and arcs of an attackers projectile weaponry to allow for an escape.

Talents: Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Repair/Tinkering, & Astro-

Contacts: Force Works, Silver Surfer, (devoted to the High Evolutionary).