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Present Past Present Past

Present simple Past simple Future conditional modals
continuous continuous perfect perfect
She was She has She had She would She should
She writes She is writing She wrote She will write
writing written written write write
Does she Was she Has she Had she Will she Would she Should she
Is she writing? Did she write?
write? writing? written? written? write? write? write?
She doesn’t She isn’t She didn’t She wasn’t She hasn’t She hadn’t She won’t She wouldn’t She shouldn’t
write writing write writing written written write write write
Time expressions
Just – acabo
Already (+) ja After I had got What would
Every day,
Yesterday, Yet (-/?) encara up, I got you like to
year… /
Right now, three days ago Since -- des de dressed. drink?
Frequency When ……., Soon,
now, today, at --fa tres dies For – Durant /
adverbs: While ….., tomorrow, in advice.
the moment, at (acció fa deu anys Mo didn’t go to If I wrote more
always, usually, As …, 2056,
present … acabada), ( encara vigent) work because often, I would
in 1987, Ever (?) mai her car had make fewer
Have you ever broken down mistakes.
written a letter?
Ella ha escrit.
Ella estava Després que
Ella acaba Escriuria.
escrivint o m’hagués
escrivia. llevat,
Ell escriu Ella escriu o Fa deu anys Si escrigués Ella hauria
Ella va escriure Ella escriurà
(regularment) està escrivint que escriu. més sovint, d’escriure.
Ella estava .. perquè el seu
Ha escrit mai? faria menys
cantant o cotxe s’havia
Encara no ha errors
cantava avariat.