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Counseling Meeting

April 10, 2014

7:45 a.m.

Leslie Brent, Student Support Advocate
Mon-Fri 7:30-2
Housed in the Stehekin room off Mr. Shafers room

Three SSAs in the district, EHS and JHS.

Have someone in the schools work with the families; grant-based position.
Connect families with resources, very student and family oriented. Used to work
at Cocoon House.

Referral process will be taking high needs students from Assistant Principals and
working with them and be their point person. Working out the referral process; in
the works at the current time. There are grant requirements re school success,
improve grades, improve attendance, decrease discipline referrals. Replicating
Edmonds School District, who have SSAs in the middle school already.

Introductions of Stefani, all counselors, Lyndsey, Heather, Stacey and Sara.

Audit: April 25 in the Silver Lake Room at the CRC, 7-2:30 all day. Just for
counselors. Our opportunity to look at our calendar and see what weve done in
the past, what weve done this year and what we want to do going forward. In
preparing for the audit, we want to do a task analysis. Tim found a form from
Texas, about 5 years old, so he printed it and some report information. Will
review tomorrow during LIF 1-3. Lyndsey will be attending.

LIF items:
~Task analysis prep for audit on April 25.
~Review ASCA audit in general overview fashion.

Lyndsey accepted a position with Puyallup, will have two 0.5 positions at 2 high
schools. Very excited to start her new job! Congratulations!!!

Registration is done as far as labs and going into the classroom. Shelly says that
SpEd classes need some one-on-one assistance. The case managers need to
review the IEP before counselors go into the classroom so they know exactly
what each student needs. Need clarification on ELL/SpEd needs prior to going
into classroom. Heather Nelson has done all 9-11
graders, but may need a final

RSVP letters - asking the students if they are coming back to CHS and what they
have preregistered for. They can make a final preview. Wendy said RSVP
letters were sent to the middle schools and are due next Friday. She will pick up
the letters herself.

Stefani suggested running a draft RSVP letter in a specific color for AVID to
review each student with requests and alternates, one letter per student.

AVID is treated as 100% Gened; they are a go and counselors are comfortable
with that.

SpEd and ELL double-dipping and coding is not 100% clear, i.e., reading and
writing. SpringBoard as of this week is going to the Board for approval for
adoption. This may change the double-dipping scenario.

The SpEd classes will not be looked at when the master schedule starts being
built next week. Its the Gened English classes that will be impacted as it could
throw off the seat count.

Final determination: SpEd and ELL goes out with all others (possible next
Monday/Tuesday 4/14-15) and teachers dont get advance copy. AVID gets
advance copy (today).

A change would include an elective or a challenging course selection. Need to
meet with kids again, sign off and the change will stand for September.

In early May, there will be a PAWS meeting with AP students so they
understand, know what summer requirements are, and they will sign off.

Senior failure letters coming out next week. Laura will get the met/not met info
to the counselors.

Summer school/Stacey
We are starting on the registration. See email sent out later in the day on 4/9
with attached spreadsheet, please review for applicable students. GearUp will
be dealing with GearUP classes. Stacey will be dealing with non-tuition and
credit recovery. Cristina will be handling tuition-based registration. Will be color
coded once all changes have been finalized. Can also do tuition based online
(one form per class).

There are 23 full scholarships available for each high school. KIT kids hopefully
will be paid out of KIT department. Stacey will check with Mary Ellen Hardy.

Half scholarships available? Stacey will check to see if its possible with EPS
Foundation. Cristina and Stacey attending training next week.

Stacey will meet with all kids who failed with a 50-59%. There will not be a credit
recovery for Biology.

If a student fails Honors English, they can possibly take English credit recovery.
Will need to be evaluated.

Will also send out a ConnectEd call to parents so they are aware that the
process has started.

Jeanne Willard is very involved in the Summer School, along with Jack Roy for
Sequoia HS summer school. Stacey will maintain the non-tuition based
spreadsheet in OneNote. Also want to enter a grad plan for each of those
students; may or may not be able to do that.

Kim wants to know if there could be one place where the counselors can check
(OneNote) which students are signed up. Still a work in progress.

Summer school will be posted soon, no exact date is set.

Edmonds CC field trip/Raj field trip is free. Info was sent to the counselors.
There will be one bus.

Why Try attendance intervention program/Stacey. There will be a screening
process, after school 2-3:30. Five sessions; fourth session will be them
preparing for the fifth session where there will be a celebration for presentation to
parents. Still in rough draft form. This starts April 29, May 1, May 6, May 8, May
13. Intimate setting, snacks will be provided.

Lyndsey talked about FAFSA completion. She has a master spreadsheet and
wants to help get numbers up by meeting with students.