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Elizabeth Mattison

Introduction Statement
Im so excited and hopeful of what I will be learning about Adult Education during my time here
at Toccoa Falls College. I really feel called to do mission work overseas in a third world country so I knew
that whatever I end up doing over there, I definitely needed to focus on cross cultural ministries. I also
feel like I have a passion and a drive to help people and to educate them. Whether that will be kids or
adults Im not sure, but I dont feel like itll be a part of any formal institution, it will be purely for the
sake of helping people reach their full potential. I feel like I will be learning exactly how to reach people
and how to be able to educate them and give them a hope for the future that they previously werent
able to obtain.
During my time in CAE 213 I have read all of Teacher as Learner and completed the questions at
the end of the chapters in order to make sure that I fully understood all of the information I was taking
in. I also did research and presentations on the YMCA educational institution and Malcolm Knowles, the
Father of Andragogy. I have done 2 exams that have tested my knowledge and understand of the
subject matter both midway and towards the end of the class.
My preferred learning style would be a mix between humanistic and progressive because I truly
feel that education is meant to help people reach their full potential. I believe its supposed to give
people a chance at a better life than they are currently living. My best work area would probably be
building good relationships with the learners in my classroom and being flexible to approach each of the
learners needs as best I can. I am good at really focusing on doing all that I can to make education as
enlightening and inspiring an experience as possible.