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Highlander Folk
Introduction to Adult Education
Dr Crosby
Highlander Folk School:
Mission Statement: A catalyst for
grassroots organizing and
movement building.
Highlander Research & Education
New Market, TN
Conceptual beginnings Dutch Folk
Late 1700s-early 1800s
All people should have access to education
according to their needs and interests
N.F.S. Grundtvig
Schools of Life
1932 Founder of Highlander traveled to
Denmark idea to start one in US
Highlander Folk School:
Myles Horton, Don West, Jim Dombrowski
1932 in Monteagle, TN
Labor unrest, segregation vs desegregation,
civil rights movement, anti-communism
WW1 finished; WWII awakening
1961 Shut down by government
Reopened the next day in Knoxville, TN
Founder & Social Context
Incubator for Civil Rights
People seeking for social justice,
equality, and fair labor practices
Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks,
Pete Seegar
Desegregated meetings
The Adult Learners
Social Justice
How to solve issues
Empowering for a better
democratic society
Needs and Issues
Race issues addressed
Environmental issues addressed
Labor issues addressed
Social issues addressed
Today impact continues
Great Impact
Radical Philosophy of Adult Education
Experiential Learning
Adults bring a wealth of experiences to
the learning experience
Education for social change
Student centered learning
Learning Communities
Adult Education &
Pete Seegar (died January 27, 2014)
Summing up the Vision