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Dear Congress of The United States:

There are many single stories about Mexican immigrants in the Unites States. Out of all of
them, one single story that stood out to me was one that claimed " Mexicans don't pay taxes."
This is not true, there are many counter-stories to counter this single story. One example, can be
how Mexican immigrants don't have a social security number and still work jobs that require
one. Causing, the percentage of the deducted money coming out of the check to be unclaimed
and never given to its rightful owner. After no one claims the money, it is sent into the U.S
treasury department.
Out of all the immigrants, the ones just working in fast food restaurants give out hundreds of
millions of dollars in unclaimed tax returns to the government. This is only fast food restaurant
immigrant workers, in reality there is a vast amount of jobs immigrants work in requiring a
social security number. The amount of money immigrants give to the United States government
goes from billions of dollars. The money is never claimed and just given to the U.S government,
causing revenue for roads, pay roles, research, and much more. So next time someone says that
"Mexicans don't pay taxes" they should be asserted that they do and probably contribute to the
U.S more than them or the average American.

Jonathan Salcido