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Bryce Ketcheson

1050 26
Street Apt. 203
Brandon, MB
R7B 2C1
(204) 570-0680


Bachelor of Education (AD) 2012-Present
Brandon University, Brandon, MB
(Will graduate May 2014)

Bachelor of Physical Education Major/ Physical Education, Minor/ History 2012
Brandon University, Brandon, MB

Bachelor of Education, Physical Education 2008-2010
University of Regina, Regina SK
(Did not complete transferred to Brandon University)


Field Experience Vincent Massey High School 2014 (winter)
Brandon, MB Grades 11,12 Physical Education

Vincent Massey High School 2013 (fall)
Grades 9-11 History

Meadows Elementary School 2013 (winter)
Grade 7/8 Split

George Fitton Elementary School 2012 (fall)
Grades 4, 5 Physical Education
Grade 6 Classroom

Regina, SK St. Pius X Elementary School 2010 (winter)
Grade 5 Physical Education
Grade 4 Classroom

Professional Development

Basketball Intro to Competition Learn to Train Coaching Certification 2014
National Coaching Certification Program

Making Head Way in Football
National Coaching Certification Program

Emergency First Aid and CPR Level C 2013
Canadian Red Cross

Preparing for the Job (9-12)
Kirby Penner

Engaging the Student Brain

50 Suggestion for Building Relationships with Difficult Children

Outdoor Education: Teach Beyond Four Walls (K-12)
Barret Miller

The Beginning Teacher (K-12)
Linda Thorlakson

Dealing with Difficult Students (K-12)
Blake Stephens

Teaching EAL Students Every Day All Day (K-12)
Amy Buehler

Getting Smart with SMART Boards 2012
Devon Caldwell

Signs of Street Gangs

Superheroes and the Food Guide

Sport Experience


Vincent Massey High School Offensive Coordinator 2010-Present
Brandon, MB Offensive Line Coach

Westman Wolverines Football Offensive Coordinator 2011-2012
Brandon, MB Assistant Head Coach

Westman U16 Provincial Team Strength and Conditioning Coach 2011-2012
Brandon, MB Defensive Line Coach

Westman Youth Football League Coach 2009- 2010
Brandon, MB

University of Regina Rams (CIS) Player (offensive lineman) 2008-2010
Regina, SK

Vincent Massey High School Player 2004-2007
Brandon, MB Team Captain in Senior Year


Vincent Massey High School Assistant JV Boys Coach 2011-Present
Brandon, MB

Vincent Massey High School Player (Center) 2008
Brandon, MB

Campus for All Program Tutor Disabled Student 2009
Regina, SK

Daffodils for Cancer Delivery Man 2009
Regina, SK

Watching sports, Coaching Football and Basketball, Weightlifting and exercise
Visiting with friends and family

Awards and Accomplishments

Westman Wolverines Football Coaching Staff of the Year 2012
Brandon, MB

Vincent Massey High School Basketball City Championship
Brandon, MB Coach

Vincent Massey High School Coaching Staff of the Year 2011
Brandon, MB

University of Regina Rams U of R Rams Football Scholarship 2008-2010
Regina, SK

Vincent Massey High School Team MVP 2004-2008
Brandon, MB RMFL Most Outstanding Lineman
RMFL League All- Star
Team Most Improved Player


Kevin Grindey Cooperating Teacher/Football Defensive Coordinator at Vincent Massey
Brandon School Division
Brandon, MB
(204) 728-7622

Bart Brown Cooperating Teacher
Brandon School Division
Brandon, MB
(204) 573-2860

Gary MacKay Physical Education Cooperating Teacher
Brandon School Division
Brandon, MB
(204) 761-1185