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Erin Donlon

Prof. Dzielawa
Comp 101
4 May 2014
Self Reflection Letter
2. My process for writing usually starts by making a list of all of the possible themes
that I could touch on for my paper. I then follow up by writing all of the facts that
support those themes and usually whichever themes have the most facts to support
them make it into my paper.
3. I really found that discussing the readings in class helped me to understand some
of the readings because I got to hear others opinions and ideas about the stories.
4. My process after taking extensive notes usually has me writing all of my body
paragraphs at once, followed by the intro and conclusion paragraphs. I found that I
wouldnt really know what I was writing about until after it was written.
5. I learned that depending on the story and your grasp of it, that writing textual
analyses of stories can be either extremely hard or quite enjoyable. It all just
depended on how I personally connected with the story.
6. The assignment I ended up enjoying the most was probably the satire. I went into
it not having any idea of what I was going to write, but once I got my idea I had
written it in about 20 minutes. The assignment I enjoyed the least was probably the
One-Line Analysis. I had a hard time connecting to the story and it was not very
7. I learned that my procrastination might be the death of me. I also need to learn
not to overthink things,
8. I would give myself an 8. I enjoyed this project immensely and I had quite a lot of
fun making the website and having it esthetically pleasing. I did not enjoy having to
wait on other students to give me their projects, though, because I am the type of
person who generally only relies on myself, especially in group projects.
9. I would probably try to find a way to connect to the story that I was writing about