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Bomb Busters

1988 ReadySoft

If you only have 512K, disconnect all other drives! While booting the game, when you see a black and white flicker on the screen, press fire to shorten loading time. After booting, you are asked for a level code. After you have completed every 10th level, you will be given a code word, that way, you will be able to skip the easier levels. After you reach the title screen, press fire or F2 to start the game. Any other key will let you view the high scores and enter the selection menu. THE SELECTION MENU: Press F1 to select between 1 & 2 players. In the 2 player ode, you may select the direction controlled by each player by adjusting the Multi-controller as follows: 1 - player 1 controls the direction 2 - player 2 controls the direction 1\2 - both control the direction 1u2 - both players must select the direction at the same time to move Press ESC to return to the title screen OBJECT: The object of the game is to collect all the bombs. Always defuse the blinking ones first, they are about to explode. You get mmore points for collecting the active ones, but be careful not to be near one when it explodes! USe these functions to play: left\right - moves you in that direction fire button - regular jump\flight fire button + up - extra high jump\flight down - cancels the flight ESC key - cancels the game any other key - pauses the game If you hit too many things while jumping, you will lose a life. If your man moves by himself it is a magnet but you can escape by moving in the opposite direction. A teleporter will bring you to a different location on the screen. BONUSES: these will fly across the screen: B (bonus) - bonus points P (power pill) - whenyoucollect this bonus, all enemies blink and you can eliminate them by touching them, after awhile, they return to normal. L (lives) - increase # of lives you have left. Everything else on the screen is your enemy. Watch out for the robot, he will move right towards you. All contact (with rare exceptions) is lethal. The game is over when all lives are lost, a laughing GAME OVER appears. Press the fire button to get to the high score list and enter your name if you have scored high enough. By pressingthe fire button & moving the joystick up you can go to the beginning and try again! (and again and again!) --Typed by *SONY* For more Amiga documents, visit