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Brandi Anastacio

N362, Professionalism Professional Development Plan

April 10, 2014

Objective(s) in the next two years

Clinical Practice
Be a competent and effective Inpatient Hospital Med/Surg RN

Charge RN Project Leader

Professional Development
Baccalaureate RN Certified Med/Surg RN EKG and ACLS certified Immediately after obtaining employment, apply for a Baccalaureate Nursing Program to continue my education Obtain further certifications pertaining to Med/Surg nursing Obtain further skills that will be supportive in transitioning to Telemetry and Critical care nursing: EKG, ACLS

Plans/ Strategies

Upon Graduation, obtain an LPN or NA position Within 3 months, take the NCLEX-RN Upon passing the NCLEX-RN, apply for the new grad program at Kaiser. My goal is to work as a Med/Surg RN for a few years to solidify my basic skills and clinical thinking. After two years, I plan on advancing to Telemetry. Two years after that, I would like to apply for Critical Care training and a position in the ICU and/or ER.

Obtain a mentor Observe and adopt skills needed to pursue a Charge Nurse role Inquire about requirements needed to pursue leadership roles Take initiative and become involved in unit and hospital based projects
Taking Control. This can be a good and bad thing for me because I am such a perfectionist that I crave control of any project or situation that I am in, so I often become the lead and delegate tasks according to how I believe they can be done properly to produce the best outcomes. Confident. This was not always true for me, I believe that after starting my family at a young age, it forced me to put myself out there and come out of my shell in order to provide what I wanted for my family. Honest and Trustworthy. I believe in trustworthiness, especially when you desire respect from others. It is something that when lost, it is not easily regained, so it is an important virtue to maintain.


Determination. I have been going to school for 10 years and taking it one step at a time. Despite many road blocks, I did not give up on myself. Compassion. I began my journey, knowing that I love to help people. It brings me great joy to offer comfort to others when they often need it the most. Experience. Due to my employment experience, I know what I am getting myself into and that I love patient care. There was a time when I did question my ability to be a good nurse, so I took time away from bedside care, but immediately after doing so, I knew that being at the bedside was exactly where I loved and needed to be.

Initiative. I seek opportunities to be a leader and often times do it unknowingly. Risk taker. I continually put myself out there and risk rejection to live my dream. Self-Improving. I do my research in finding out how to improve myself to be a better candidate for the next step in my professional plan.


Clinical Practice In the hospital, I have worked 3 roles, hospital aide, lift team and staffing coordinator. Hospital Aide: Taught me the importance of my team and that
teamwork is key. It also helped me to perfect these basic, yet very vital skills set.


Professional Development

Lift Team (transferring/repositioning patients that were immobile and/or >200lbs): Taught me to protect my back while
using good body mechanics to transfer safely and effectively. I also used various types of transfer devices and machines to aide me. Once a year, our team was also part of an ergonomic fair, where we provided education to staff on how to perform proper transfers and use the various machines. Staffing Coordinator: Taught me the importance of reliability and about the administrative operations of the hospital, including financing, management, outside services, IT etc. Although this role took me away from bedside care, it helped me to learn so much more about how our hospital operates from a very different view point. Our office is actually called the Hospital Operations Center: HOC. So, I was able to become a part of the daily operations and speak with all units, Med/Surg, Telemetry, ICU, ER etc. and their management teams. I have even been part of various managerial meetings, including the daily morning huddle that all of the hospital charge nurses, the DON and CNO attend.

Fast Food Management. Previous to

my health care experiences, I worked as a manager in the fast food industry: Store Manager at Subway and Assistant Manager at KFC. This taught me the importance of delegation, teamwork, reliability and budgeting.

Skills/ competencies

LPN-KCC-PN Summer 2012, NCLEX passed Oct. 2012 CPR/BLS Certified KCC-ADN Spring 2014 Graduate

Licensed Practical Nurse. Critical Thinking. I know this has greatly improved during my
clinical experiences, but being able to quickly connect presenting symptoms to interventions and deciphering data is something I want to be great at. I want to be able to do this at the drop of a hat. This will come with more experience and education and I look forward to improving it. Knowledge: Pharmacology. I want this also to be second nature to me. This will help me to better connect symptoms (normal or adverse) to my clients treatment and take proper ac tion. Health. I want to be as healthy as I want my patients to be. This has taken a back burner during nursing school and I plan to put this back on the forefront. Nursing is not an easy task and I want to ensure that my body can be in it for the long haul, so that I may live my dream of providing care as long as possible.

Assertiveness. I believe this is

something that is required of an effective leader and I would like to improve upon this and better learn when and how to be appropriately assertive. Competent. I want to be a leader that is competent in whatever skills/tasks that are required on a unit that I am to lead. I feel I cannot ask someone to do something I cannot ask of myself.

Areas targeted for growth

Seek other opportunities for growth, like nursing conferences, certifications and at least 3 journal subscriptions. Join a nursing group specific to my specialty, i.e. Med/Surg, Emergent and/or Critical Care