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UNSTRUCTURED Field Experience Log & Reflection

Instructional Technology Department Candidate: Mentor/Title: Elizabeth Winslett Cheryl Youse / Media specialist Course: ITEC 7410: Instructional Technology and Leadership School/District: Colquitt County High School/ Colquitt County Professor/Semester: Tracey Borup / Spring 2014

Part I: Log
(This log contains space for up to 5 different field experiences for your 5 hours. It might be that you complete one field experience totaling 5 hours! If you have fewer field experiences, just delete the extra rows. Thank you!)
Date(s) 4-11 1st Field Experience Activity/Time Converted paper files to digital copies for the math department and made any format changes on existing copies. [8 hours] PSC/ISTE Standard(s) 3.2 1: b, d Reflection
(Minimum of 3-4 sentences per question)

1. Briefly describe the field experience. What did you learn about technology facilitation and leadership from completing this field experience?

(Place an X in the box representing the race/ethnicity and subgroups involved in this field experience.)

P-2 Race/Ethnicity: Asian Black Hispanic
Native American/Alaskan Native

P-12 Faculty/Staff
3-5 6-8 9-12 P-2

P-12 Students
3-5 6-8 9-12

White Multiracial Subgroups: Students with Disabilities Limited English Proficiency Eligible for Free/Reduced Meals


We are trying to make everything available online to students so that they might be able to use it at home or in a computer lab. By creating all of our documents on the computer we are educing our paper footprint, as well as enabling our students to access the information from multiple locations. I learned that some files definitely convert easier then others and some programs are easier to use then others. This will help be a better leader in my department by enabling teachers to able to access files no matter where they are.

2. How did this learning relate to the knowledge (what must you know), skills (what must you be able to do) and dispositions (attitudes, beliefs, enthusiasm) required of a technology facilitator or technology leader? (Refer to the standards you selected in Part I. Use the language of the PSC standards in your answer and reflect on all 3knowledge, skills, and dispositions.) This experience required me to learn how to build and manage digital resources and tools. It showed me how I could better contribute to planning, developing, communicating, implementing, and evaluating technology and resources that we currently use in our classroom. It also showed me that I need to be patient with technology and people who are technology resistant.

3. Describe how this field experience impacted school improvement, faculty development or student learning at your school. How can the impact be assessed? This experience helped my school in many ways. It will allow our department information to remain in one location for easy access. It will help reduce the amount of things we need to move in 2 years when we relocate to our new school that is being built. It also gave us an idea of what kind of technology we would want to be in our new school.