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Pryor 1 Damon Pryor Professor Dzielawa Comp 101- Satire 27 April, 2014 A Good Man Is Hard To Find, Especially

for the Wrong Woman One would tend to believe that the older we get, the wiser that we get and to some affect that is true, but it also could not be more wrong. Be careful of what you ask, for you just may get it. Case in point, a short story by Flannery OConnor titled, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, the storys setting is in Atlanta. In the story, the grandmother, who is dedicated to going to Tennessee, comes up with all types of reasons of why not to go to the original destination of Florida. She blurts out comments from a newspaper about a man named the Misfit escaping from jail, on his way to Florida in order to sway the family in her favor. She talks about how the kids need to see something different, but in a way she did show them something very different. Okay, the very first person in the car ready to go, in the back seat with the kids, one on each side. Everyone in and ready to go, on the road she is telling road trip jokes, getting everyone settled in, she even read the odometer to see how many miles the entire trip would be and takes record of it. The family stops at a restaurant for lunch, the grandmother then gets into a deep conversation with the owner of the restaurant about how he had been robbed by two men. The family does not know it, but if you read the context clues these men may be working with the Misfit. The family gets back on the road and the grandmother convinces the children into believing a lie she pulled together about a secret panel in a house she once visited. If it was such a secret, how would she know about it? The children went nuts, their daddy gave in and grandma manipulated them into getting her way.
Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:39 PM !"#"$"%&'Context clues, two men aiding the Misfit...maybe, Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:39 PM !"#"$"%&'t Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:40 PM !"#"$"%&'shyster

Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:35 PM !"#"$"%&'4/27/14

Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:36 PM !"#"$"%&' wiser Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:36 PM !"#"$"%&'effects

Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:37 PM !"#"$"%&', Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:37 PM !"#"$"%&' and Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:37 PM !"#"$"%&', Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:37 PM !"#"$"%&'s

Pryor 2 Another thing to think about when reading this short story is that it seems as if grandmother has a history of doing this kind of thing, the kids ridicule her, where she is kind of obsolete, Bailey, her son, and his wife ignore her, so she has to arrange ways to get what she wants, and she does it well. Everyone being suckered into her web, she, becomes the head of the family in her own eyes, using each of them to do the work for her. Until this fateful family trip, she doesnt know how bad of an influence she has, and she comes to understand the errors of her ways. After manipulating the children, they have an accident, the car is basically totaled, the childrens mother was catapulted from the vehicle with the baby in her arms and broke her shoulder, the kids were pinned to the floor of the back seat, Bailey had to rip the stow away cat he didnt know was there off his face, and the grandmother was flung under the dashboard, wishing she was hurt, all because she came to recollect that the lie she told about the house with the secret panels was in another state. Once able to move the kids, John Wesley and June Star, the children work themselves into a frenzy about having an accident, and seeing Baileys reaction, the grandmother decides to keep the secret to herself. Now stranded in hopes of a good samaritan, the family runs into none other but the Misfit, the fugitive from the Federal prison escaped on his way to Florida, and the family is off course, mind you. The Misfit assumes the responsibility of carrying out his own manner, unbeknownst to them, as the grandmother recognizes him, he engages in an art of war, tries to get to know her, and she goes in to fight or flight mode, and tries to talk him down. In naivet of her familys execution the grandmother has a confessionary conversation about Christianity, being common blood, and family history, leading back to whos in control of the situation. Now just to take a little time to give thanks to all of the mothball smelling, polident denture, varicose vein, wig wearers of the world that make our life a bit more interesting.
Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:44 PM !"#"$"%&'ensues with fight or flight Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:44 PM !"#"$"%&'s Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:44 PM !"#"$"%&' Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:44 PM !"#"$"%&'in Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:44 PM !"#"$"%&' Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:42 PM !"#"$"%&'go Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:43 PM !"#"$"%&'G Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:43 PM !"#"$"%&'S Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:42 PM !"#"$"%&'GRANDMOTHER Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:41 PM !"#"$"%&'self recognizably

Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:40 PM !"#"$"%&'s

Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:41 PM !"#"$"%&'that Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:42 PM !"#"$"%&',

Pryor 3 Grandmothers have the manipulative ability to be in a child-like state with a reservoir of wisdom that life experiences gives you. See grandmothers arent fashion conscious or computer geniuses, but they are people savvy, when wearing their eye glasses and fully alert to which grandchild that they talking to, we find some of the most profound things about our parents, uncles, and aunts through these dinosaurs time has left behind to remind us of our own childhood postadolescence. They are defenders of the innocent, with the aid of someone helping them out of their chair, defying indigent behavior with a geriatric superhero quality. In conclusion, it was undeniable who was the cause for all of the unsaid terror, and unmentionables going on in the heads of Bailey, the wife, John Wesley, June Star, and the baby as a result of fully grown woman throwing a conniption fit. As stated before, the grandmother wanted to show the kids something different, and they did when they met their death at the hands of the Misfit, and the grandmother got the karmic gods to hear the words she kept speaking to no one. Admittedly, understanding, we as human beings can speak something into an existence, someone should have spoke about putting grandma on a retirement cruise or nursing home for those that fart dust. Finally, in the immortal words of grandma, be careful of what you say, God maybe listening, and put some eyes on your chin, to watch what you are saying, the universe has ears, and make sure you always put on a clean pair of underwear, you never know what can happen, Baby. Bless your soul.
Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:48 PM !"#"$"%&'laws of attraction Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:48 PM !"#"$"%&'into karma Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:46 PM !"#"$"%&' Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:46 PM !"#"$"%&' Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:46 PM !"#"$"%&'D Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:46 PM !"#"$"%&',

Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:45 PM !"#"$"%&'ies Erin Donlon! 4/28/14 7:45 PM !"#"$"%&'ience