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Carrollton - Farmers Branch Teepe: Shon Diet \OTICE OF POLICY CHANGES Dear students and parents, Recent academic and behavioral problems in combination with financial concems have resulted in the following urgent measures that have been recommended by the Campus Improvement Council and approved by the School Board and Central Administration: 1 Beginning Monday, November 2", certain areas of the school will be ‘student- free” zones to ensure the safety of students and to aid in monitoring student behavior. These areas will include some bathrooms and hallways such as “Vladimir Pass”, No students will be allowed in these areas. Any student found in a “student-free” zone will be given an office referral Only papers with the district letterhead (such as the one at the top of the page) will be accepted for grades. Students must purchase this paper for 5 cents a sheet from any teacher. Any work tumed in without the district seal will not be accepted. . Teachers and administrators may search a student’s belongings at will. Any contraband, illegal, or non-school appropriate items will result in disciplinary and legal measures. Except for documented medical reasons, students may no longer bring lunches from home. Due to the increasing prices of funchroom necessities such as paper goods, lunch prices will increase by $1 beginning Monday, November 2, Due to the difficulties in planning and conducting parent conferences for students ‘who are failing or have reached Step 4 in the discipline book, teachers will begin arranging home visits. Families will be asked to provide a meal to any visiting teacher. Families are also required to have a translator in the home if one is, necessary. Teachers will begin sending home notices about these home visits on Monday, November 2”. Student may not gather to discuss these new policies anywhere on school grounds, Any student found protesting or discussing these new measures may be issued a ticket for disruption of school procedures. ‘Thank you for your continued cooperation in making CFBISD a Recognized district. Vivian Field Middte School 13551 Dennis Lané Farmers Branch, TX. 75234 972.968.3900 Fax 972.968.3910