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British Council- Shared Services Centre, Noida, India The British Council- Shared Services Centre is a wholly owned

subsidiary of the British Council Holdings UK and British Council Charity. It was set up as Shared Service Centre (SSC) in July 2010 to support British Council (BC) by providing Finance and IS services from a centralised location. It was incorporated as BC Management Services Private Limited, in Noida. The aim was to evolve SSC to become a recognised, strategic partner with countries/regions and operating departments by consolidating currently dispersed support service centres globally into one single Shared Services Centre (SSC). Over the last 3 years of its existence, the service delivery from SSC to its customers has stabilised and the centre has enhanced the scope of service delivery for both Finance & IS operations to British Council. With the Contact Centre in place now, SSC has matured its service delivery and has been successfully managing on-going services. Brief about services Finance transactional services include accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, treasury management support and other support services. The scope of work also increased in finance delivery resulting in higher efficiencies at the SSC. The SSC is responsible for IT Operations across the Globe and it delivers various services. SAP team based in SSC spearheaded in-house SAP development & customisations in addition to providing Global SAP support which has greatly improved the customer experience & overall satisfaction. Apart from these, the General Management function team comprising Human Resource, Corporate Communications, Innovation Lab, Corporate Finance and Admin department supports the organisation to achieve higher efficiencies. Also, with the recently established India Contact Centre to provide multi-lingual support to people seeking information about any British Council course, exams etc., SSC has added another feather to its cap!