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1 Erin Donlon Prof. Dzielawa Comp 101 3 March 2014 Have we ever wondered how much out ociet!

affect u " #he impact of one$ ociet!

alter one$ identit!% or how the! re pond to the e&pectation and ocietal rule that 'impri on( them and ultimatel! )ecome a form of oppre ion that one ha to overcome. *n +unot Diaz$ tor! ',o -ace%( he tell of the da!.to.da! life of a child% / rael% from the Dominican 0epu)lic who wa in a terri)le accident% and had hi face partiall! eaten )! a pi1% cau in1 him to have to wear a ma 2. 3herea % in 4eor1e 5rwell$ narrative. '6hootin1 an Elephant%( he write a)out hi e&perience dealin1 with a rampant elephant durin1 hi time a a militar! pre ence in 7urma. 3hat do the e torie have in common" 8t fir t 1lance% nothin1 reall!% )ut when the reader delve deeper into the eparate a pect and meanin1 )ehind )oth of the torie the imilaritie )ecome clear. 3hether it ha to do with the fi cal tate of the ettin1 % the ph! ical and mental harm u)9ected to each of the prota1oni t % or the ma 2 % whether ph! ical or !m)olical% that )oth of the main character wear. #he fi cal tate of the ettin1 of the tor! ',o -ace( i :uite evident from the )e1innin1. +unot Diaz 1raphicall! de cri)e the economic and ocial condition of the Dominican 0epu)lic. He paint the povert! tric2en tate that mo t people live in. 'The storekeepers toss water on the road to keep the dust down; he sweeps past them, he says of the streets that arent even paved. #he little )o!$ famil! cannot afford to end him to a doctor to have ur1er! to fi& hi face and he al o leep in a mo2ehou e. 3hen he wa2e up% he 1oe to earch for chan1e on the road 9u t to afford )rea2fa t. #he author infer that for mo t operation citizen of the villa1e are

2 'eventuall!( ent to Canada% a the! do not have the e:uipment or mone! to perform the operation them elve . #he hou ehold al o do not have internal plum)in1% a ',o -ace$ ( famil! ha an outhou e and the! )athe them elve out ide under a faucet in their !ard. 6imilarl!% in '6hootin1 an Elephant%( 4eor1e 5rwell delineate the :ualid condiion of 7urma *ndia% a nation con:uered )! the 7riti h 4overnment.. #he 7urme e lived in )am)oo hut and could not afford weapon to defend them elve from imperiali tic 4reat 7ritain. Mo t children were runnin1 around na2ed and the road were not paved. *n fact% the road were o mudd! that when a 7urme e man wa tepped on )! the elephant 'hi face had cored a trench a

foot deep and a couple of !ard lon1.( #he mo) of 7urme e that eventuall! followed 5rwell to the rice padd! that the elephant had re ted at were there for the entertainment that the event provided% )ut that wa not all the! were there for. #he! al o followed o that% in the off chance that he did have to 2ill the elephant% the! would )e a)le to trip the meat of the carca food wa )ecau e

carce. 8fter 5rwell left he learned what happened ne&t% '7urman were )rin1in1 da h

and )a 2et even )efore * left% and * wa told the! had tripped hi )od! almo t to the )one )! the afternoon.( 3hile in )oth torie the people around the main character 1enerall! reacted )adl! to their pre ence% the reaction could )e e&tremel! different in nature. *n ',o -ace%( the people around him were ho tile and not ver! !mpathetic in nature. Mo t people tried to i1nore him% )ut tho e that did not were :uite anta1oni tic and a11re ive in their a ault . 3hile ome people would 9u t hec2le him in the treet % ome )o! who would actuall! tr! to harm him. 3hile 9u t wal2in1 in the treet % ome )o! came and a aulted him. #he! houted% '3e$re 1oin1 to ma2e !ou a 1irl%( threatened one of the )o!$ attac2er . #han2full!% ome people did tr! to defend him% )ut not all were li tened to% a in the ca e of the )eaut! hop owner who wa di re1arded )ecau e

3 her hu )and left her. Even the )o!$ own father didn$t want to ee him% a hi mother warned him to leave durin1 the da! ')efore !our father come out.( *n '6hootin1 an Elephant%( however% mo t of the ne1ative reaction to 5rwell were mental and emotional in nature. #he 7urme e were not happ! a)out )ein1 ta2en over )! the En1li h% o the! would ta2e out their ra1e on an!one who wa En1li h livin1 in their ociet!. 5rwell wa 1enerall! hated )! the people% and wa mi treated )! all the 7urme e% even the mon2 % he e&plain that. '#he !oun1 7uddhi t prie t were the wor t of all. #here were everal thou and of them in the town and none of them eemed to have an!thin1 to do e&cept tand on treet corner and 9eer at European .( He ver! rarel! felt ph! icall! threated% for the 7urme e had no weapon % )ut the in tance with the elephant wa one of the e&ception . '#he ole thou1ht in m! mind wa that if an!thin1 went wron1 tho e two thou and 7urman would ee me pur ued% cau1ht% trampled on and reduced to a 1rinnin1 corp e%( wa one of 5rwell$ fear from the da!. #he )i1 difference )etween ',o -ace( and 5rwell wa % thou1h% that 5rwell could actuall! )e of u e to the 7urme e% while ',o -ace( had no redeemin1 value to hi oppre or . #he 7urme e ma! not have li2ed 5rwell% )ut he did provide them with entertainment and food when he hot the elephant. 5ne of the mo t relevant compari on one could ma2e )etween one tor! and the other i that )oth main character wear ma 2 . ;Here i where * left off. * 9u t need to write thi para1raph and then the conclu ion.<