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Students- This is a part of your Trimester DEP information that will be looked over by your parents, teachers, and administration in your ePortfolio. This is an opportunity for you to self-reflect on your academic progress and to evaluate how you are being prepared in relation to our academy pillars. Student Name: Natasha Thandi Grade Level: 8 Trimester: 2

Course Expressions

Academic Accomplishments and Challenges (1-2 per academic subject in sentence format. Can be a bullet list). In Expressions we created tile mosaics, which will be displayed in the Leading Edge hallway permanently. Each 8th grade class had to create two, 3 by 2 feet pictures of one of the Leading Edge Pillars. My class (period 6 expressions) had to make two that showed tech savvy and critical thinking. I was really proud of how much hard work, my classmates and I put into making the mosaics. In the beginning of the second trimester, we created all different posters and ways to promote anti-bullying. I created two drawings about bullying and how word hurt. I got a perfect 30 out of 30 with 10 points extra credit for doing 2 projects. I felt I did an outstanding job. I ended up hanging my picture in the Ms. Bibayoff and Ms. Hanson 6th grade classrooms. In math, we learned how to solve an equation using the quadratic formula. When we first learned it, I was having a problem remembering the formula. But after about a day or two, I finally memorized it. I was really proud of myself and how quickly I learned it. In the beginning of this trimester, we spent a great deal of our time in the weight room. The weight room is a small room located in the gym; it is full of exercise equipment. Each day I would push myself to do better. In science, we had to create a short video explaining Newtons 3 Laws of Motion. We had to work with a small group of students of our choosing. I found this project to be really stressful because some days we didnt have one of our group members, so it was really hard to get everything done on time, but we pushed through and we're able to turn in an outstanding project. The first project of the trimester was Documenting my Community. For this project, we had to take pictures of our favorite places at the time. We had to upload the pictures to google maps and write a small description. I ended up choosing 4 places here in Natomas and my old house in Union City. During the second trimester we had our first job career fair. I thought it was a great experience and it helped me get an understanding of what an interview would be like. I got to learn what to do and not to do. I am proud of myself because I not only got a perfect score, my interviewer, Ms. Flores, thought I did an outstanding job and I was definitely prepared for an actual job interview.

Language Arts




Social Studies


Leading Edge Academy Pillars are: Building Partnerships/Shared Leadership, Using Critical Thinking/Innovative Problem Solving, Demonstrating Technological Savvy, Appreciating Cultural Diversity, and Thinking Globally. Please write below how you think your work connected to some or all of these this trimester?

Building Partnerships/Shared Leadership: In the second trimester we had our 8th grade plays. This year we did Grease. I ended up being the director for the 6th period play. In many cases, I had to lead the class and manage the whole play. This showed leadership and partnership because I helped other students throughout the two months that we rehearsed, to be the best they can be. Critical Thinking/Innovative Problem Solving: My peers, Anna Ellerson and Naomi Crawford and I decided to the science fair together. We had to create an exploravision project because if we were doing to science fair format we could only have one partner. It was a little hard to work with them because they were on the basketball team and I was busy doing other important things. So I decided to Facetime them at night in order to finish our project on time. Technological Savvy: Towards the end of the trimester, we had to design our own dream school in technology. I decided to do music as my focus point for my school. We used many technology tools to help create and put together this project. I ended up using Planner 5D to create my layout of the rooms of my school, Google Docs to create the map of the school and Weebly to create the website. Cultural Diversity: The slavery project fit well in this project because culturally diversity doesnt necessarily mean that you are different race or ethnicity, it can also mean that you have a different lifestyle than others. Thinking Globally: Our Documenting My Community project showed global thinking because we had to choose our favorite anywhere and it necessarily didn't have to be in our community.
GOALS: After looking over your information above, please set two goals for yourself. One must be academic and one should be based on the pillars. Explain how you will try to reach these goals.

Academic goal: I want to complete the forty book challenge and read additional books. I am going to try to read books in different genres. Goal based on Pillars: This time around I want to try to use my problem solving skills more often than just asking the teacher for help or another peer.