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School of Education Portfolio University of Wisconsin Platteville Artifact Reflection Title of Experience/Artifact: Date Experience Completed: Assessment Plan/

/ Lesson Plan/ Webquest Fall 2 !"/#prin$ 2 !%

Describe your educational experience/artifact:

For t&is artifact ' reall( )anted to s&o) different )a(s t&at ' can teac&* T&e first artifact t&at ' &a+e included is an assessment plan* 'n t&e assessment plan (ou can see t&at ' can prepare dail( assessment tools as )ell as qui,,es- rubrics and e+en a final test* .ne of t&e bi$$est t&in$s t&at ' included on t&e assessment plan is t&e adapted lesson plan* T&is s&o)s (ou t&at ' am able to adapt m( test so t&at all of m( students can be successful and $et t&e most out of t&eir education* T&e next artifact t&at ' included is an /box 0inect lesson* T&is s&o)s t&at ' am able to find different )a(s to include tec&nolo$( in t&e classroom* Wit& all of t&e tec&nolo$( out t&ere toda( (ou are be&ind if (ou are not includin$ it in (our lessons so ' ta1e $reat pride in t&is lesson* T&e 0inect is also $reat for students )&o &a+e a disabilit( so t&is is a $reat tool to $et all of m( students in+ol+ed and acti+e* T&e final artifact t&at ' included is a )ebquest t&at ' &a+e created* T&is a$ain s&o)s m( )illin$ness to use tec&nolo$( in m( lesson as )ell as includin$ different )a(s to reac& all of m( students* 2( 0inect lesson made it possible to en$a$e all of m( students in t&e lesson t&at ' tau$&t* T&ere )ere a couple of students in t&at class t&at &a+e be&a+ioral problems* Wit& t&is lesson t&e( reall( $rabbed onto )&at )e )ere doin$ and t&e( )ere muc& more en$a$ed t&an is pre+ious lessons*
Wisconsin eacher Standard Ali!n"ent

' belie+e t&is artifact addresses #tandard % t&e best* T&is artifact ali$ns best )it& standard % because it s&o)s t&at ' 1no) t&at students learn differentl( and it also s&o)s t&at ' am able to c&an$e m( lessons and tests so t&at m( students can be successful in m( class* ' &a+e been in se+eral class rooms )&ere t&e teac&er 3ust &as a student )it& a disabilit( sit out because t&e( do not 1no) &o) to include t&em* 't is m( mission as a p&(sical education teac&er to $et all students acti+e and in+ol+ed* 't is +ital t&at all students participate in $(m class and if ' can $et e+er(one in+ol+ed b( incorporatin$ different ideas t&en t&at is )&at ' need to do* Wit& students bein$ on all different le+els ' need to be able to e+er( student at t&e le+el t&e( need to be tau$&t at* 'f a student is a&ead t&e( need to be pus&ed and if a student is be&ind t&e( need to be cau$&t up* ' belie+e t&at b( loo1in$ at t&ese artifacts (ou can see t&at ' am able to do t&is*
UW#Platteville School of Education $no%led!e& S'ills& Dispositions Ali!n"ent

' belie+e t&is artifact best ali$ns )it& 0#!*d* Demonstrates 0no)led$e of 4esources* T&is artifact ali$ns best )it& t&is 0#D because it s&o)s t&at ' am a)are t&at t&ere are ne) t&in$s t&at ' can do to include all of t&e students in m( classroom* T&ese artifacts s&o) t&at ' am )illin$ and able to put in t&e extra effort if it means t&at m( students )ill be successful* ' &a+e to be resourceful as a teac&er so t&at ' can teac& to e+er( le+el* 'f ' tr( to teac& all t&e students t&e same )a( t&en ' am not reac&in$ some of t&em* ' belie+e b( +ie)in$ m( artifacts (ou )ill be able to see t&at ' am able to find ne) resources to &elp m( students successful*

Explain %hat you learned about teachin!/learnin! fro" this experience:

' learned t&at sometimes it is &ard to t&in1 of )a(s to include e+er(one in m( lesson- but ' also learned t&at it is +er( re)ardin$ once ' finall( accomplis& t&is $oal* 't ma( ta1e a little extra )or1 to be able to find ne) resources to use in m( classroom but if ' put in t&e time it )ill ma1e m( life easier in t&e lon$ run* 'f an acti+it( is too eas( for one student t&en t&e( start actin$ out and t&at 3ust ma1es me frustrated* 5o)e+er- if ' am able to find a $ame t&at is in t&e ri$&t s1ill le+el for all of m( students t&en ' )ill &a+e a +er( successful class time* ' also learned t&at teac&in$ is not 3ust findin$ a $ame and &opin$ t&at it )or1s* ' &a+e to &a+e man( bac16up plans 3ust in case t&at t&e acti+it( ' &a+e is too &ard or too eas( for t&e class*

Explain %hat you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:

' learned t&at ' reall( en3o( t&in1in$ of ne) )a(s to teac& e+er( student* 'f ' could 3ust come &ome e+er( da( and c&an$e up one $ame in m( lesson plan and $o to sc&ool t&e next da( ' )ould $et extremel( bored* ' en3o( learnin$ ne) t&in$s e+er( da( and ' t&in1 t&at t&is )ill be a &u$e benefit to m( students* ' am t&e 1ind of teac&er t&at $ets sic1 of pla(in$ t&e same old $ame e+er( time so ' $o &ome and tr( to find ne) $ames t&at )ill en$a$e t&e students* ' am a firm belie+er t&at if ' $et bored )it& a $ame t&en it is a $ood possibilit( t&at t&e students are bored )it& t&e $ame as )ell* ' t&in1 t&is )ill &elp bot& me and m( students in t&e future*