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Who are we?

Eyeblaster is an independent, global innovator in digital marketing. Eyeblaster enables interactive agencies,
advertisers and publishers to manage campaigns across digital media channels, including online, mobile and in-
game, and a variety of formats, including rich media, in-stream video, display and search.
Our corporate culture is dynamic and forward thinking, with an emphasis on growth for both our clients and
employees. We’re dedicated to enabling online publishers, agencies and advertisers to create and manage digital
marketing content and advertising formats. Simultaneously, we provide our talented employees with the tools they
need to continue to grow and succeed in their current roles and careers. Our employees are our future, and we’re
committed to supplying them with the tools they need to make that future bright.

Where are we?

Eyeblaster, Inc. is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, London,
Madrid, Paris, Hamburg, Sydney, and product development facilities in Israel.

What do we need?

Eyeblaster’s IL Office is seeking a Software Engineer for the Client team that focuses on the client side
components of the system.

The Software Engineer will be required to:

• Be responsible for the development, performance and quality of the client side of the Eyeblaster product
• Participate in the requirements review process.
• Perform constant research to support product requirements and suggesting product side improvements
• Lead design of new features and enhancements.
• Implement new features in the product based on product requirements and high/low level design.
• Write testing guidelines for QA.

What will you need to succeed?

• Bsc. In computer science or related field

• 2-4 years of experience in client side technologies, including internet browsers, video players, JavaScript,
• Experience with .Net programming (preferably C#) – an advantage.
• Experience with Mobile web programming – an advantage
• Extensive knowledge in Macromedia flash and Action script – an advantage.
• Technological expert, ability to understand, research, design and implement complex systems
• Problem solver. Creative thinker.
• Independent, self learner
• Loyal, dedicated and hard worker

Eyeblaster is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Eyeblaster Ltd. 25 Ha’Haroshet St., Ra’anana 43656, Israel, t. +972 9 7760800, f. +972 9 7413338