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Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio


Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

Teacher Education and Licensure Kansas State Department of Education 120 SE 10th Avenue Topeka KS !!!12"11#2 $$$%ksde%org &ontact' (ikk (elson )*#+, 2-1"..*1 nnelson/ksde%org

KPTP Templates Task #1 - Contextual Information & Learning Environment Factors

arrative 1!1!1 "eneral Contextual Information )limited to 1 page, The t0pe of communit0 $here the school is located could 1e classified rural"su1ur1an2 gro$ing small to$n communit0 of appro3imatel0 + 000 people situated 1et$een ur1an center and large universit0 cit0% 4edian 5ome 6alue is listed at to$n $e1site as 7-. *00 $ith !+%89 5ome :$nership so social economic status could 1e considered middle class and 1elo$% There seems to 1e a split personalit0 in this communit0% Part of the to$n is fairl0 conservative and value"driven as evidenced 10 the three &atholic churches that line the high$a0 coming into the cit0% Each of these churches also have anti"a1ortion signs $hich further indicates the religious conservatism% 5o$ever another part of the communit0 seems to 1e more influenced 10 the surrounding progressive cities% There is partl0 a sense of ur1ani;ation $ith housing lifest0le and culture% Distinguishing 1et$een the students $ho live in the rural areas from the cit0 kids is as eas0 as looking at st0les of dress% The school district is small $ith onl0 one elementar0 middle and high school each% According to KSDE the district has .89 of economicall0 disadvantaged students to !!9 non"disadvantaged% School District made A<P for 2011"2012 testing at --%#9% Ethnic and racial diversit0 is slim2 demographics are -09 $hite +9 5ispanic 89 other and 19 African"American% (e$ middle and high school 1uildings $ere 1uilt and dedicated in 200!"200*% The School is grades +th"#th $ith an enrollment of !02 students% The economic and ethnic demographics largel0 reflect the district=s num1ers as a $hole plus or minus 19% The administration consists of a 5ead Principal and a 6ice Principal% The School en>o0s all ma>or programs )Art 4usic Athletics ?and@:rchestra AA&S Shop etc%, that larger schools have% 5o$ever classroom technolog0 and for student use is limited $hich creates challenges% The School operates on an eight period schedule and )at least, language arts classes are dou1le periods for a total of three 1locks or groups of classes% The School also utili;es the 4ulti"Tier Support S0stem )4TSS, for all grades $hich is conducted the last thirt0 minutes of the school da0% 2012"201. is the first 0ear the

Page 2 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio School has 1een granted a $aiver for Annual <earl0 Progress2 a move to the &ommon &ore State Standards is currentl0 under$a0% State assessments for reading and math $ill occur during the spring%

Ta#le 1!$!1! Class Contextual Information )limited to 1 page, Brade level' # &ontent area )e%g% mathematics,' English Topic )e%g% geometr0,' (ovel Cnit' The Hunger Games Age range of students' 1."18 Total num1er of students' 22 (um1er of male students' (um1er of female students' 1. Percentage of students receiving reduced lunch' 11%1+9 )school, Su1ur1an DDDEDDD Fural DDDEDDD DDDDDD 5ispanic or Latino DDD1-DDD Ghite DDD.DDD :ther )specif0,' Hnterracial@4i3ed

Percentage of students receiving free lunch' 28%-!9 )school, Area in $hich students live )check all that appl0, Ethnicit0 of students )give num1ers,

%if free&re'uce' lunc( information not availa#le for class) provi'e sc(ool percentages* Cr1an DDDDD

DDDDDD African American or ?lack DDDDDD (ative American@Alaskan (ative DDDDDD Asian or Pacific Hslander

Language proficienc0 of students )give num1ers, Hdentified special needs categories represented )give num1ers,

DDD22DDD Aluent English Proficient DDDDDD English Language Learners DDDDDDD Specific Learning Disa1ilit0 DDDDDDD 5ard of 5earing DDDDDDD Deaf DDDDDDD Deaf"?lind DDDDDDD :ther 5ealth Hmpaired DDDDDDD 4ultiple Disa1ilities DDDDDDD ?rain Hn>ur0 DDDDDDD Speech@Language Hmpaired DDDDDDD 6isuall0 Hmpaired DDDDDDD :rthopedicall0 Hmpaired DDDDDDD Emotionall0 Distur1ed DDDDDDD Autism DDDDDDD Hntellectuall0 Disa1led DDD8DDDDBifted

DDDDDDD Esta1lished 4edical Disa1ilit0 )0"+ 0rs, DDDDDDD Developmentall0 Dela0ed )0"10 0rs, Page . Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

DDDDDDD At risk for developmental disa1ilities Su1group Selected )descri1e the group,' The IAriendsJ Broup K t$o males t$o females


Fationale for Selection' The four students are a fairl0 close"knit group and their academic a1ilities range $idel0% :ne female and one male are dating and the male is related to the other female 10 famil0% The t$o females have 1een friends since elementar0 school at least% Gith an0 opportunit0 these four $ill tr0 to sit together% :ften times the0 have to 1e reminded a1out settling do$n $hen the0 are together%

Ta#le 1!$!$ +tu'ent C(aracteristics an' Implications for Instruction )limited to 1 page, +pecific ,escriptions +tu'ent In'icate -(et(er t(is -as for t(e +pecific Implications For Instruction C(aracteristics .(ole Class /.0 an' +u#group /+0 .(ole Class /.0 an' +u#group /+0 Intellectual . &onsidered the higher + 4ale A student e3hi1its . Provide appropriatel0 + Enrichment for 4ale A% C(aracteristics a1ilit0 1lock% Hntellectuall0 high readiness and a1ilit0 challenging materials for T$o females could - Hncluding readiness all seem at a read0 1oth in $riting and reading2 this group since e3pected to improve their $riting and cognitive a1ilities capa1ilit02 most attempt highl0 motivated% 4ale ? achieve at higher levels% 1e past freshman level learning needs active participation and has sho$n cognitive Griting skills constantl0 readiness% 4ale ? needs developmental levels desire feed1ack% Griting potential 1ut Luite lacking in intert$ined during lessons% $ord processing etc% deficiencies2 not poor 1ut $riting skills $ith 1oth Assessing and providing technolog02 he has the lacking% hand$riting and ! traits% Lualit0 feed1ack% a1ilit0 1ut can=t e3press Aemales displa0 similar 1ecause of hand$riting% levels of readiness2 fall 1et$een males% . All previousl0 + Same for the su1group' . Benerall0 challenging + 4otivated male needs Previousl0 demonstrated demonstrated all $ere a1ove standard material $ill 1e a necessit0 enrichment% Aemales academic performance@ performance and a1ilit0 and the non"focus student to keep students learning at could 1enefit from a1ilit0' a1ove standards% Several male achieved e3emplar0% high levels% Several enrichment% :ther male 9 A1ove standard achieved e3emplar0 students could ver0 $ell needs constant positive 9 4eets standard statuses% 1enefit from more reinforcement and 9 ?elo$ standard enrichment such as activities to dra$ out his e3tended lengths on $riting a1ilities% assignments oral conferencing and Page 8 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio independent stud0 to name a fe$%

+ocial C(aracteristics " Hncluding emotional attitudinal motivational etc%

. T$o males and one female have attitudinal and motivational difficulties 1ut other$ise class is fairl0 mature% Some Luiet sh0 reserved students%

+ (o pro1lem $ith one male% Aemales have trou1le 1eing together lots of laughter% :ne female also has a hard time letting things go% Aocus male is fi3ated on girlfriend in su1group other$ise oka0 as $ell%

Personal C(aracteristics - Hncluding ph0sical social individual e3periences talents language culture famil0 and communit0 values etc%

. Some have preoccupation $ith appearances% Several religiousl0 affiliated% The cultures of the interracial students do not differ%

+ :ne student of Korean" decent% ?oth females have 5ispanic heritage% :ne female has image issues related to $eight as H=ve had to console her

. 4anagement difficulties $ith t$o males and female $ho aren=t motivated to participate and resist it could affect ho$ content is presented% Dra$ing out reserved students sometimes a task 1ut culturall0 relevant pedagog0 using popular culture memes helps encourage participation . &ould 1e gender stereot0pes present needing to 1e dispelled% 4ight have to engage $ith religious 1eliefs%

+ (eed to keep them separate or not tolerate much of the constant giggling and $hispers 1ecause the0 all are influenced 10 one another% Hn relation to the class social d0namics the0 are fine%

+ &ultural sensitivit0 for students $ith ethnic heritage% Appearance and 1od0 sensitivit0 for entire class 1ut especiall0 for one su1group female%

Ta#le 1!1!1 Focus +tu'ents Information )limited to 1 page, ,escri#e t(is stu'ent using information from Ta#le 1!$!1 .(2 -as t(is stu'ent selecte'3 .(at -as learne' a#out t(is stu'ent3 4''ress c(aracteristics from Ta#le 1!$!$ 5ase' on t(is information) -(at are implications for t(is stu'ent6s instruction3

Page + Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio +T7,E T 4 1. 0ear old female Ghite lives in su1ur1an area higher SES Bifted English Proficient Bifted HEP Intellectual 5igh a1ilit0 more than read0 needs further Lualit0 feed1ack than others% +ocial 6er0 kind friends $ith seemingl0 ever0one% 5ighl0 motivated% 4a0 have a feeling of needing to perform $ell for others% Personal 5er father died last summer so lingering effects still e3ist% Seems high in spirits good famil0 and has older si1lings% Intellectual Sho$s signs of high a1ilit0 during casual talks $ith me 1ut fails to displa0 in class or through $ork% Feadiness is Luestiona1le onl0 1ecause effort e3pended seems poor% 5and$riting is illegi1le at times% +ocial &onsumed $ith friends in the class especiall0 his girlfriend2 this affects motivation and attitude% Gill reLuire specific enrichment in $riting and feed1ack possi1l0 coordinated $ith Bifted educator in class% 5aving a responsi1le role in group $ork or literature circles to 1olster enrichment% Encouraging her to go 1e0ond and 1e creative% Allo$ her to 1e creative% A sensitivit0 to famil0 matters during discussions and $hat is presented in content $ill help assuage feelings% Griting prompts and specific genres of literature that $ill dra$ out his effort% (eed to tap into his interests such as sports or AT6s% Hf H help get his grades up effort might not 1e a pro1lem% 4ake sure he is on task rather than da0 dreaming or tr0ing to te3t% Hf girlfriend is kept on task he usuall0 is too% Fegulating his penchant for chatting $ith friends $ithout punishment $ill help his attitude% 4otivate $ith data of progress% Hf home$ork could 1e done at school $ith m0 help it could keep his grades sta0 up from class $ork% 5e $ould also get the attention needed in class for reinforcement%

+T7,E T 5

1. 0ear old male Ghite lives in older part of to$n middle"lo$ SES English Proficient

Lo$er skill level than most in class2 one of onl0 a fe$ failing the course%

Personal Cnsure of the household of $here he comes from% Don=t kno$ if famil0 support is there as much% 5ome$ork is lo$ Lualit0%

arrative 1!8!1 Classroom Learning Environment Implications )limited to 2 pages, .9:LE CL4++; To achieve a positive learning environment for this group most strategies $ill $ork to counteract the affecting adolescent emotions and 1ehaviors that tend to lead to distraction reservation and decreased self"confidence in the classroom% Page ! Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio These adolescent tendencies include a transition to formal thinking increased 1od0 image a$areness higher social concerns )friends dating, general apath0 failing interests and fleeting attention spans% To address self"motivation H $ill design assessments and create data representations so the0 can self"assess more often and see their o$n progress increase overtime as $ell as >ust 1eing generall0 supportive along the $a0% Achieving positive relationships has 1een fostered since entering the classroom and e3pected positive 1ehaviors are constantl0 repeated and reinforced% &lassroom 1ehavior is tied to management so making guidelines clear and reiterating them is necessar0 to la0 foundation for Lualit0 management% 4anagement is also tied intricatel0 to assessment so taking time to design tests criticall0 that don=t do harm to students and create resentment is of utmost importance as $ell% Since adolescents are alread0 filled $ith social 0earnings cooperation is not too difficult of a pro1lem2 ho$ever there are the more reserved students in class $ho reall0 onl0 $ork $ell and openl0 $ith a fe$ others so 1eing a1le to help them 1loom $ill reLuire more intensive o1servation and encouragement to open up from m0 part2 H can do this $ith good modeling skills during instruction and interaction% Active engagement comes $ith interesting and relevant instruction2 someho$ H must make m0 instruction fun% Purposeful learning comes $ith alignment of o1>ectives standards instruction and assessment% Sho$ing students the structure provides for more clarit0 and a1ilit0 to see outcomes to motivate% And it never hurts to have a smile% +75"<:7P; Adaptations for the su1group $on=t necessaril0 need to come in the form of differentiation 1ut more so enrichment% 4ale A needs more encouragement to take risks in his $ork so suggesting inLuir0"1ased learning or performance learning $ould add some heightened challenges% Pulling in his Breek m0tholog0 interests $ill surel0 also challenge him to think across disciplines and make connections in his $ork% The t$o females need $riting enrichment and support that 1oosts their confidence a1out their $riting a1ilities% :ne on one counseling outside of class could motivate them during class and in"depth Lualit0 feed1ack should keep spirits and confidence high% H ma0 have to keep them separated during cooperative learning times 1ecause 1oth have trou1le controlling themselves $hen together especiall0 $hen the other male )focus student ?, is around since he is 1o0friend to one girl and cousin to the other% H=ll tr0 to allo$ them the freedom of $orking together 1ut if it 1ecomes disruptive the0 $ill have to lose that privilege% :ne of the girls could 1enefit from positive 1od0 image and gender studies to help her $ith an0 issues she might have $ith her $eight2 the novel $e are reading lends a lot to that aspect K eating health0 1eing active through outdoor activities etc% The other male has to have some sort of $ord processing technolog0 or H $on=t 1e a1le to assess his $riting a1ilit0 due to his hand$riting% H can allo$ him to t0pe on his Imo1ile learning deviceJ )cell phone, since the school itself has limited and old computer technolog0% F:C7+ +T7,E T 4; Benerating self"motivation for Student A $ill not 1e a difficult task as she is alread0 a highl0 motivated individual% 5o$ever she does respond $ell to critical feed1ack and often reLuests even more feed1ack especiall0 on her $riting from the Bifted teacher% This indicates a need to adapt m0 assessment process for her taking additional time to provide reall0 su1stantial details on her $orks of $riting% This $ould also 1e a form of enrichment for her as H can slo$l0 have her start to e3plain in $riting her o$n $riting mistakes% F:C7+ +T7,E T 5; Student ? is going to need to 1e sho$n that he can make gains and that he can retain and ela1orate on ne$ information and learning% To do this home$ork could possi1l0 1e decreased 1ecause he seems to 1lo$ it off and rush through it in an attempt to satisf0 those adolescent urges to 1e connected $ith friends especiall0 females% Private talks $ith him to reinforce Page * Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio positive 1ehaviors $ill help his self"motivation% Also candidl0 speaking $ith him a1out females and his feelings should open him up and sho$ him H am there for his 1est interests% ?eing part mentor should model for him some Lualit0 attri1utes he can utili;e in class and at home%

Task #$ - ,esigning Instruction

Ta#le $!1!1 "ra'e Level) Content) Topic) an' <ationale )limited to 1 page, Categor2 ,escription th Brade Level Eighth )# , Brade &ontent Area English@Language Arts Cnit Topic Elements of the novel literar0 anal0sis d0stopian literature 8.RL.1-8' &ite the te3tual evidence that most strongl0 supports an anal0sis of $hat the te3t sa0s e3plicitl0 as $ell as inferences dra$n from the te3t% Determine a theme or central idea of a te3t and anal0;e its development over the course of the te3t including its relationship to the characters setting and plot2 provide an o1>ective summar0 of the te3t% Anal0;e ho$ particular lines of dialogue or incidents in a stor0 or drama propel the action reveal aspects of a character or provoke a decision% Determine the meaning of $ords and phrases as the0 are used in a te3t including figurative and connotative meanings2 anal0;e the impact of specific $ord choices on meaning and State Standards Addressed tone including analogies or allusions to other te3ts% )$ritten format, 8.W.1,3-6,9' Grite arguments to support claims $ith clear reasons and relevant evidence% Grite narratives to develop real or imagined e3periences or events using effective techniLue relevant descriptive details and $ell"structured event seLuences% 8.SL.1-6' Engage effectivel0 in a range of colla1orative discussions )one"on"one in groups and teacher led, $ith diverse partners on grade # topics te3ts and issues 1uilding on others= ideas and e3pressing their o$n clearl0% 8.L.1-4' Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage $hen $riting or speaking% Average Lesson Time (inet0 )-0, minutes Part of the reason for selecting this unit topic is to e3pose students to $hat the0 $ill encounter in high school $hich is higher"level literar0 anal0sis of novel length fiction% This topic also serves as a different means for State Assessment preparation as opposed to constant drill and practice of test concepts% The d0stopian theme $as chosen 1ecause it seems to capture a $ider range of interests $ith students and 1ecause the0 $ill have more d0stopian novels to read and anal0;e in high school% The unit is heavil0 1ased around literar0 anal0sis and language functions through reading and $riting% The amount of characters and imaginative landscape of a d0stopian future lends itself to Page # Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Gh0 $as this unit topic selectedM 5o$ does this unit address state curriculum standardsM

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio thematic studies of literature different points of vie$ or perspective taking comparison and contrast anal0sis across other te3ts opportunities for discussions across content and su1>ect areas and using critical anal0sis to 1uild and support arguments 10 citing te3tual evidence throughout the novel and dra$ing from other sources% This is an appropriate time for this unit 1ecause $e finished a short $riting unit@$orkshop the fe$ $eeks prior to 1eginning the 1ook so $e=re s$itching 1ack over to a more literar0 focus to utili;e the $riting skills in anal0;ing the literature% Ht is also appropriate 1ecause it $ill lead us right up to the State Assessment for reading and $e $ill have $orked on some of the skills covered in the assessment%

Gh0 is this unit appropriate at this timeM

Ta#le $!$!1 7nit ,esign Ta#le )limited to 8 pages, :#=! o! 1 $ 1 8 > 7nit :#=ectives Students $ill 1e a1le to identif0 $here the author=s conte3t and other literature influences the te3t Students $ill 1e a1le to summari;e narrative events accuratel0 and concisel0 Students $ill 1e a1le to sho$ kno$ledge of voca1ular0 10 utili;ing conte3t clues and structural anal0sis Students $ill 1e a1le to anal0;e the effects of te3t structure and language usage on the literature 10 making inferences and dra$ing conclusions $ith te3tual evidence Level/s0 /e!g! 5loom6s Taxonom20 Kno$ledge Application &omprehension S0nthesis Kno$ledge Application Anal0sis

Students $ill 1e a1le to construct arguments using evidence from the te3t to support their anal0sis S0nthesis Students $ill 1e a1le to consider connections and relevanc0 of the literature to their o$n lives other ? te3ts and the $orld Evaluation 18 multiple choice Luestions covering a 1it of the author=s conte3t figurative language and voca1ular0 $ith conte3t Preassessment; as $ell as other sections reLuiring te3t"to"self connections a summar0 paragraph task and one constructed response argument as to $h0 the student deserves a full effort and participation grade for the preassessment%

Page Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Explain t(e specific a'aptation/s0 ma'e for +tu'ents 4 an' 5 :< -(2 no a'aptation/s0 are nee'e' (o specific adaptations $ere made for Student A 1ecause this did not reLuire enrichment of skills for her2 ho$ever to help $ith hand$riting H did ask Student ? to use note1ook paper for paragraphs so the lines $ould help keep his $riting straight% (o further adaptations $ere made 1ecause the0 $eren=t needed though H did give the entire class time to complete the preassessment to assuage an0 feelings of test"an3iet0%

,escri#e t(e preassessment use' The preassessment $as more a traditional st0le test consisting of multiple choice summar0 and constructed response st0le Luestions% 4ultiple" choice Luestions gauged prior kno$ledge of figurative language and voca1ular0 $ithin conte3t as $ell as a short amount of information concerning the author $e covered da0s 1efore% Summar0 looked at comprehension and $riting skills% &onstructed responses assessed a1ilit0 to make te3t" self connections and a1ilit0 to make and support an

Explain rationale for c(oosing t(is assessment This is a lo$" stakes means of anal0;ing several factors related to students= prior kno$ledge and current literac0 skills% The reading skills assessed are aligned $ith state reading assessment concepts% Ht also assessed the paragraph $riting skills that $ere acLuired during a $riting $orkshop prior to this unit%

.(ic( o#=ectives 'oes t(is assessment a''ress3 This assessment addresses some more 1rief than others o1>ectives 1 2 . 8 + N !%

I'entif2 (o- t(e assessment -ill #e score' This $as not scored $ith letter grades or points that $ould 1e detrimental to class grades% H scored this 1ased on simple participation and on the amount of effort e3pended in the last Luestion $here students $ere to argue $h0 the0 deserve full effort and participation e3tra credit points% Paragraphs alread0 include a set of criteria that students are a$are of and kno$ needs to 1e included in complete paragraphs% Depending on $hat $as produced in the Luestion H a$arded ! # or 10 e3tra credit points% Even if a student missed all the multiple choice Luestions the0 could still get 10 e3tra credit points if the0 could convince me the0

,escri#e specific stu'ent results an' (o- t(ose results -ill impact t(e unit plan Students conLuered the author=s conte3t portion of the multiple" choice 1ut failed $ith the voca1ular0 and did average $ith the figurative language% This indicated to me that voca1ular0 and conte3t clues should 1e emphasi;ed and figurative language could 1e more a side matter $here students take it upon themselves throughout the course of reading to identif0 and discuss language use% The te3t connection portion indicated the $hole group=s capa1ilit0 of making connections from literature to the $orld so this is usuall0 addressed through informal >ournal $riting% The paragraph $riting Aall 2011

Page 10 Kansas State Department of Education

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio portions sho$ed the0 $ere using their previous paragraph $riting skills 1ut $ere not summari;ing ver0 succinctl0 or making much of an argument $ith support% The preassessment made me re"evaluate o1>ective 8 and tailor the unit accordingl0%

argument% tried their 1est%

Les son

@ T ,ate < I CA 2@11" T 2@1. H & 2@18" 6 2@1+ T

Lesson :#=ective/s0 Descri1e@anal0;e@dis cuss theme of a te3t )1 ., Descri1e differences 1et$een direct N indirect characteri;ation2 Anal0;e attri1utes of main character using te3t evidence )8"+, 4ake valid inferences using te3t evidence and prior kno$ledge2 Anal0;e inferences for validit0 using te3t evidence2

Instructional 4ctivities& +trategies Oournaling dail0 oral language group discussion Oournaling Think"Pair" Share Aace1ook activit0 to esta1lish culturall0 relevant pedagog0 Oournaling Think"Pair" Share Broup Discussion Think Aloud

Formative 4ssessment /formal&informal0 Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing o1servation discussion Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing o1servation discussion Aormal' Aace1ook activit0 sheet to check for understanding

,escri#e +pecific 4'aptations& ,ifferentiation Several students given cop0 of the Po$erPoint slides% :thers used a learned note taking st0le )4apping,% Several students given cop0 of Po$erPoint slides% :thers used another learned note taking st0le )&ornell,% E3tended reading time%

2@1#" T 2@20 H

Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing o1servation discussion ticket out of the door to check for understanding

Some students given guided notes sheet% :ther students use outlining to take notes% Amount of information in Po$erPoint scaled 1ack 10 student reLuest K lo$er academic level of language used to make sure Aall 2011

Page 11 Kansas State Department of Education

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio E3plain reasoning 1ehind inferences made )."+, Fevie$ information and concepts to 1e covered on mid"unit test2 Discuss $ith classmates2 Appl0 kno$ledge and skills on summative )1"+, Hdentif0 events related to Luestions for ch% 11"122 Summari;e events for ch% 11"12 )2 +, &ite te3t evidence supporting characteri;ation2 Self"monitor test results2 5ighlight@Delineate $hat is kno$n $ant to learn N learned )KGL, from same nonfiction te3t )1 2 +, 4ake te3t connections )te3t"to" self te3t $orld,2 :rgani;e connections in different note"taking formats )+"!, concepts are clear% Bame t0pe assessment to encourage discussion@participation% 6aried st0les of revie$ K $hole group partners game E3tended time if needed and reading or clarif0ing of Luestions if necessar0% 6isual@kinesthetic learning 5ad Aocus Student ? t0pe out his paragraphs on a laptop% Students $ho finished Luickl0 received immediate feed1ack on $riting and asked to re$rite $ith corrections% Preferential seating during discussion for t$o students $ho like to participate 1ut are reticent in class% Hnstruction given at different times to different groups depending on reading pace% 6isual@auditor0 learning%

2@2*" H 2@2# 8

Oournaling Broup Discussion &olla1oration Pui;

Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing Aormal' 4id"term test@Lui; to gauge ho$ $ell students are interpreting and appl0ing the information Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing o1servation discussion Aormal' Summar0 assignment reLuiring t$o summar0 paragraphs each for ch% 11"12 Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing o1servation discussion Aormal' Hnvestigation $orksheet Self"monitoring response sheet

.@1" .@# >

Oournaling &omprehension strategies K active note taking highlighting skimming Oournaling Broup Discussion Self" monitoring Strategies Kno$"Gant to Kno$" Learned Feading Strateg0

.@11" 6 .@1+ F H ?

.@2+" F .@2* H B

Oournaling Te3t &onnections )te3t"to" self"te3t"$orld, (ote taking methods )Ge1 Three &olumn T$o &olumn,

Hnformal' Luestioning surve0ing o1servation discussion Aormal' &heck for understanding in students= connections made $hile listening to A Long Way Gone 10 Hshmael ?eah Page 12

Taught three different note taking st0les to organi;e connections@thoughts2 students chose the format the0 preferred% Auditor0 learning%

Kansas State Department of Education

Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio .@2#" T .@2- F 8@1" 8@2 D T H Appl0 kno$ledge and skills to a summative assessment )1"+, &oncept Fevie$ Summative Assessment Hnformal' Oeopard0 revie$ game Aormal' Summative test E3tended time for those $ho certain students should the0 ask for it% Separate testing area for Aocus Student ? Preferential seating% 6isual learning% (o other adaptations%

+ummative 4ssessment;

&ompare N &ontrast Ailm Studies Hnformal' Luestioning 1ook and film2 &omparison and o1servation Descri1e &ontrast comparisons through Aormal' 1 comparison and 1 $riting or speaking contrast paragraph K checking )2 8 +, for $riting skills and details The summative assessment is comprised of several different Luestion t0pes for the ma>or concepts covered over the $eeks% &oncept sections include' d0stopian traits characteri;ation voca1ular0 comprehension and summar0% Puestions values are one point each and on the voca1ular0 section students onl0 have to choose # of the 2. availa1le voca1 $ords2 each voca1 $ord is one point each% Short ans$er Luestions such as the characteri;ation and summar0 sections are assessed 1ased on the merit and validit0 of the argument provided% &onstructed response items not onl0 reLuire Lualit0 content included 1ut proper sentence and paragraph structure as $ell%

Q@"Lessons )must identif0 t$o, to 1e video recorded and o1served2 T" Lesson integrates technolog02 <" Lesson uses reading strategies2 I" Lesson demonstrates integration of content across and $ithin content fields2 C" Lesson utili;es communit0 resources

Provi'e a cop2 of pre-assessment 'ocument an' t(e correspon'ing scoring ke2&ru#ric in 4ppen'ix 4! Ta#le $!$!$ 7nit ,esign arrative )limited to 2 pages, Gh0 are the o1>ectives appropriateM These o1>ectives are appropriate 1ecause the0 closel0 align $ith the &ommon &ore Brade # standards% Hn addition the o1>ectives $ere crafted using the same terminolog0 and phrases found in the standards% These o1>ectives use action ver1s that are all measura1le and that hit each level of ?loom=s Ta3onom0 at least once if not multiple times% The intention is to 1uild on each previous concept 10 integrating it $ith the ne3t% This overlapping of concepts is meant to scaffold learning so that prior kno$ledge is utili;ed as a step in achieving master0 of the learning% Hn addition the o1>ectives progress from the lo$er half of ?loom=s up to the highest level to$ards the end of the unit% The first fe$ $eeks address effects of language usage in literature to gain an understanding of components in novel"length fiction% The ne3t couple $eeks graduall0 progress into constructing arguments using aspects of language usage and supporting $ith te3t evidence% Csing the argumentative and evidence skills the unit tailors off $ith an evaluation of ho$ these concepts and narrative events connect to the $orld $e live in and remain relevant overtime% Page 1. Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Gh0 are the lessons seLuenced in this mannerM

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Gh0 $ere these instructional strategies@activities selectedM 5o$ do the instructional strategies@activities address the learning o1>ectives for this unitM These instructional strategies $ere chosen 1ecause of the varia1ilit0 in learning% Some strategies focus on visual learning2 some focus on auditor0% Parts of lessons reLuire cooperative learning and some include individuali;ed learning% The instructional strategies are meant to 1e intricatel0 aligned $ith the o1>ectives laid out for the unit% Ghatever unit o1>ective the lesson is tr0ing to address the instructional strategies are 1ased off the same level of ?loom=s the unit o1>ective focuses on% Aor e3ample the characteri;ation lessons provide much in the $a0 of constructing arguments and finding te3tual evidence@details to support the claims 1eing made% Each o1>ective is designed to address at least one level of ?loom=s Ta3onom0 and the0 1uild from the 1ottom up% So for o1>ective one kno$ledge is addressed and su1seLuentl0 1uilt upon in the ne3t o1>ectives% The second o1>ective is comprehension2 the third o1>ective anal0sis etc% Specific e3amples of this are the opening lesson on the author=s conte3t and d0stopian traits% Students take notes to acLuire the necessar0 information for thinking a1out these o1>ectives and ultimatel0 appl0ing the kno$ledge in a summative format% This information is applied during the midterm of the unit in the form of multiple choice and essa0 Luestions% The students $ere alread0 loaded $ith reading strategies from previous units including evaluating predicting visuali;ing and Luestioning among others% Feading strategies e3plicitl0 taught in this unit consist of inference making also kno$ as educated guesses so that students can get a sense of making arguments from the inferences% Ht leads into gathering te3tual evidence to support their inferences@arguments% Te3t connections )te3t"to"te3t self $orld, are another e3ample of reading strategies 1eing taught e3plicitl0% The o1>ective $ill 1e to connect the te3t of The Hunger Games to similar or different themes from other te3ts from personal e3periences )self, and to connecta1le items found $ithin the $orld% Fesources $ill include a classroom set of 1ooks composition note1ooks reading folders access to copiers@printers overhead pro>ection $riting utensils other supplementar0 reading and listening material list of d0stopian novels from pu1lic li1rar0% The main form of technolog0 integration $ill consist of students= use of their mo1ile learning devices )smart phones,% Ht is at m0 discretion $hen students can or cannot use their device 1ut H 1uild in ample opportunities for them to 1e used in an effective manner% 40 technolog0 use also involves m0 smart phone as H $ill use it as a presentation tool to control m0 computer $hich is connected to a pro>ector% There are also various online programs and $e1sites to 1e used as instructional tools Page 18 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

5o$ $ill a variet0 of levels of thinking skills 1e addressed )e%g% ?loom=s Ta3onom0,M Bive specific e3amples of use%

E3plain the reading strategies that $ill 1e used throughout the unit% Bive specific e3amples% )Femem1er that using te3t is not a reading strateg0,

Ghat resources $ill 1e needed for this unit )include school and communit0 resources,M 5o$ $ill technolog0 1e integrated $ithin the unitM E3plain 1oth teacher use and student use%

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio including Pre;i <ouTu1e Pla0list and Assistments% The d0stopian thematic focus reall0 lends itself $ell to opening up discussions that reach into social studies technolog0 and science% 4ost of the interdisciplinar0 $ork falls in the field of social studies 1ecause of the related social issues present in d0stopian societies% Topics in $ar povert0 hunger government po$er rights and relationships are common points to highlight and connect $ith% &ontent across the language arts field is demonstrated 10 the stud0 of similar elements in different genres and te3t st0les including other d0stopian $orks science fiction informational te3ts poetr0 and music% &ertain lessons throughout the unit are designed in such a $a0 that it reLuires me to deliver $hole group instruction or lecture to provide the information necessar0 to complete the student"centered instruction and activities% Aor e3ample in the characteri;ation portion of the unit students need to have the kno$ledge of $hat a characteri;ation is and ho$ to characteri;e% This fact creates the need for me to provide that information so students can 1egin to make the characteri;ations $ith partners and on their o$n%

5o$ does the unit demonstrate integration of content across and $ithin content fieldsM

5o$ does the unit demonstrate 1oth teacher" centered and student"centered instructional strategiesM

Provi'e a cop2 of t-o complete 'etaile' lesson plans in 4ppen'ix 5! arrative $!1!1 Lesson Plan ,esign )limited to 2 pages, Euestion Lesson Plan 1 Ghat $ill the students entering this lesson alread0 kno$ a1out the topicM Ghat t0pe of assessment $as chosenM Gh0M This is a fairl0 ne$ concept for ever0one% Students ma0 have some idea a1out anal0;ing characters through te3t 1ut no one is familiar $ith the technical literar0 anal0sis $ith characteri;ation% Hnformal formative K having students provide e3amples of character attri1utes% Hnformal formative assessment done for the $hole group 10 identif0ing if a passage is directl0 or indirectl0 characteri;ing% Aormal formative assessment $ill consist of a revie$ of the Aace1ook pages the0 create for the protagonist and another character of Page 1+ Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Lesson Plan $ Students $ill enter kno$ing ho$ to cite te3tual evidence identif0ing areas revealing character attri1utes% The0 $ill also kno$ the norms of class discussion and ho$ to participate appropriatel0% Hnformal formative assessment K having students participate in discussion and provide e3amples and ans$ers from $orksheets% The test results reflection sheet $ill also offer data for further summative assessment reflection for m0self% There $ill also 1e informal formative assessment done for the $hole group 10 checking for understanding in their

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio their choosing% This assessment $ill 1e 1ased on completion 1ut understanding of the concepts and use of te3tual evidence $ill 1e e3pected% Ghole class needed direct instruction a1out characteri;ation so a specific note"taking st0le )&ornell, $as used for most% Su1group needs fit $ith $hole group so no other differentiation occurred% Aocus Student A catches on Luickl0 so she $as asked to help instruct other students 10 putting her e3amples on the 1oard% Aocus Student ? can=t read his hand$riting sometimes so he $as given a cop0 of the Po$erPoint and asked to highlight emphasi;ed areas% &haracteri;ation and general novel stud0 reLuires critical literar0 anal0sis and understanding the characters from the 1eginning of a novel is crucial for having informed arguments or critiLues of the literature% Gith the characteri;ations 1eing open to interpretation students have to use anal0tical skills $ithout much scaffolding such as leading Luestions from m0self% The Aace1ook activit0 $as also given $ithout man0 guidelines so students $ere pushed to e3ercise a creative pro1lem solving in figuring out ho$ to setup their page to sho$ characteri;ations% Students engage $ith a specific note"taking strateg0% The Po$erPoint is designed to ask for student interpretations of characteri;ations ever0 fe$ slides% Page 1! Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011 $orksheets% Discussion $ill also provide opportunities for informal formative assessment% Ghole class instruction more varied and student"centered so the0 remained more meaningfull0 engaged for the entire lesson% Su1group should have 1een separated during the partner activities 1ut H neglected to monitor that situation properl0% Ht slipped m0 mind in the moment% Aocus students $ere actuall0 paired together 1ecause the strengths of A 1enefited the needs of ? and enriched the a1ilit0 of A to communicate and e3plain% H grouped students during instruction of the KGL reading strateg0 to give more or less detail on $hat to do $hile reading% The nonfiction te3t for these lessons allo$ed students to learn ne$ facts and H $anted them to highlight their learning as $ell as things alread0 kno$n to engage them in active note taking $ith a te3t that is easil0 connecta1le to numerous facets of our classroom te3t% An0 of the numerous discussions account for several levels of ?loom=s including kno$ledge anal0sis s0nthesis and evaluation% Self"monitoring@assessing of test outcomes makes students think through ho$ the0 might improve their results $ith future tests% The KGL reading strateg0 also e3ercises man0 levels and t0pes of thinking as it is a heavil0 metacognitive strateg0% (o technolog0 $as used in these lessons%

5o$ $ere the specific differentiated activities needed to adapt@accommodate for individual learning needs for the Ghole &lass Su1group and Aocus Students determinedM

Gh0 $as the specific reading strateg0)ies, identified in the plan chosenM

5o$ $as critical thinking pro1lem solving and higher level addressed thinking in the lesson plansM

5o$ does the technolog0 utili;ed enhance student learningM

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Discuss specific classroom routines and procedures that $ill 1e in place $ith this lesson to ma3imi;e instructional time% 5o$ $ill the active and eLuita1le participation of all students during this lesson 1e ensuredM 5o$ does the lesson demonstrate teacher"centered and student" centered instructional strategiesM (ote1ooks alread0 on desks as students enter class% Prompts for >ournal alread0 on the 1oard% Technolog0 alread0 setup for presenting 1efore class% A variet0 of tasks addressing multiple levels and t0pes of thinking and learning% Also m0 presence of mind to recogni;e eLuit0 and individual participation% 4ost of the lesson is centered on the Po$erPoint and me e3plaining the concept2 ho$ever the Aace1ook activit0 is 1uilt in to reverse the role and allo$ students to e3plore the ideas and sho$ $hat the0 learned% (ote1ooks alread0 on desks as students enter class% Prompts for >ournal alread0 on the 1oard% Hnstruction 1roken do$n to small groups as students finish the prior tasks% A variet0 of tasks addressing multiple levels and t0pes of thinking and learning% Also m0 presence of mind to recogni;e eLuit0 and individual participation% This lesson is mostl0 student"centered K in that the0 are doing most of the talking during class% H mostl0 >ust guide the activities and thro$ out leading and@or prompting Luestions or considerations% The proportion of time instructing to the time students are discussing $ith one another is a1out 10min'.0min for each da0 during the $eek%

Ta#le $!1!$ 4'aptive Plans )limited to 1 page, LE++: PL4 F:< I +T<7CTI: +T7,E T 4 Ghat specific adaptations@modifications to the instructional plan are neededM Gh0 are these adaptations appropriate for the studentM If adaptations are determined to be unnecessary, identify the part(s) of the plan that will not be adapted (if any) Why are adaptations! modifications not needed" Aocus Student A catches on Luickl0 so she $as asked to help instruct other students 10 putting her e3amples on the 1oard% E3plaining the rationales 1ehind her $ork is a higher"level cognitive a1ilit0 $hich challenges her gifted skills% She also +T7,E T 5 Aocus Student ? can=t read his hand$riting sometimes so he $as given a cop0 of the Po$erPoint and asked to highlight emphasi;ed areas% ?eing a ma>or concept of the unit H did not $ant him falling 1ehind simpl0 1ecause of his hand$riting% 5e Page 1* Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011 +T7,E T 4 Aocus students $ere actuall0 paired together 1ecause the strengths of A 1enefited the needs of ? and enriched the a1ilit0 of A to communicate and e3plain% Again Aocus Student A needs the challenge of e3plaining the thought +T7,E T 5 Aocus students $ere actuall0 paired together 1ecause the strengths of A 1enefited the needs of ? $hich are further detailed instructions or more modeling e3amples% Gorking $ith a partner keeps Aocus Student ? on task and usuall0 provides him PL4 1 LE++: PL4 $

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio en>o0s the time in front of her class and speaking in front of audiences% 1ecomes more motivated $hen he is confident in kno$ing the notes and material for class% processes 1ehind the conclusions in her $ork% $ith a 1etter understanding of concepts 1ecause of the a1ilit0 to affirm his conclusions $ith the partner $ho $as in this instance Aocus Student A%

Ta#le $!8!1 7nit 4ssessment ,esign Ta#le )limited to 2 pages, Explain t(e specific Explain ,escri#e t(e a'aptation/s0 ma'e for rationale for assessment +tu'ents 4 an' 5 :< c(oosing t(is to #e use' -(2 no a'aptation/s0 assessment are nee'e' Aormative IFeflections H $anted to (o adaptations $ere Assessment on 40 Test have some needed for this # Informal PerformanceJK foresight assessment as it $as a self" a1out ho$ for completion onl0 and assessment students felt it is relativel0 eas0% All H $orksheet a1out the test $as looking for $as designed 10 and their insight K no sho$case of Scholastic performance skills other than the self" Professional% so H could assessment% Asks a variet0 design the of Luestions summative pertaining to assessment aspect of $ith more Page 1# Kansas State Department of Education

.(ic( o#=ectives 'oes t(is assessment a''ress3 Ht slightl0 addresses all of the o1>ectives 1ecause it is connected or associated $ith the midterm formal formative Lui;2 ho$ever there is no direct relation 1ut it does help to setup students

I'entif2 (o- t(e assessment -ill #e score' The assessment $ill 1e scored 1ased on completion% Thorough ans$ers receive full credit and lacking or missing ans$ers get points accordingl0% Ht $ill 1e su1mitted as e3tra credit in

,escri#e (ospecific stu'ent results -ill impact t(e unit plan H $ill 1e using the ans$ers and data to help guide the design of the unit summative assessment so that students have a 1etter chance at success%

Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

assessment performance%

applica1le data%

for later success%

the grade 1ook%

Aormative Assessment # $ormal

Summative Assessment

Ghat is the minimum level of performance e3pected of all students to achieve on the summative

Since the pre" This lightl0 assessment touches on each This too helps had to 1e The onl0 adaptation o1>ective as H $ith the design of 4idterm unit changed made $as the option to am tr0ing to get a the summative Lui;@test $ith # The assessment accordingl0 H have Luestions read sense of ho$ assessment% The Luestions is eight needed to get aloud or clarified% H much of the goal is to gain including Luestions2 $orth a sense of opened this up to material students enough data to topics from the one point each $here ever0one not >ust Aocus can understand guide me along in ma>or for a total of students $ere Student ? 1ecause H and e3press tailoring the concepts of eight points% at $ith the $as unsure of the clarit0 kno$ledge of summative test the unit% topics $e had in m0 Luestioning% through specific for the 1est setup covered thus performance for students% far% tasks% H needed to Each item in the Since the test $as onl0 4ost Luestions see ho$ $ell H summative A fairl0 scheduled for the or tasks are t$o As this is the end could craft a assessment is standard test second part of the 1lock points each2 of the unit the Lualit0 test related to one or format students $ho did not ho$ever the plan for this 1ut it=s also more of the designed 10 finish specificall0 Aocus voca1 section particular unit the same o1>ectives m0self Student ? $ere allo$ed asks for # of 2. $on=t 1e as format that=s reLuiring including the e3tra time during lunch voca1 $ords for affected% The data 1een given kno$ledge and ma>or $hich is immediatel0 one point each% $ill 1e used as a throughout the skill of each concepts of follo$ing the class% There is a total 1ridge into the unit so H o1>ective to the unit% Puestions could 1e of .0 points ne3t unit% decided not to achieve a Lualit0 read again if needed% possi1le% change things% score% The e3pectation is that students $ill at least achieve to an average performance range% :n a standard points scale this $ould 1e around the *09 mark or a letter grade of &% The summative assessment is not too difficult so most students in this group should achieve a 1it higher than the *09 range% H am not discounting the fact that m0 assessment ma0 1e fla$ed or aske$ someho$ $ith error 1ecause H kno$ some students $ill falter due to m0 lack of e3perience in generating relia1le and valid test Luestions% Accounting for other factors such as current social"emotional states or dail0 nourishment ma0 also affect the outcome of achievement levels for the summative assessment% Page 1-

Kansas State Department of Education

Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio assessmentM Are an0 differences in performance e3pected 1et$een the su1group descri1ed in Task 1 and the remainder of the classM E3plain%

The Su1group $as chosen 1ased more on social"emotional characteristics rather than intellectual a1ilit0% The0 could 1e considered average among the rest of the group so H do not e3pect much of a difference in performance 1et$een the group and the rest of the class% The Su1group mostl0 has issues $hen $orking together 1ut since this is an individual assessment there is not much cause for different e3pectations% Aocus Student ? is a mem1er of the Su1group 1ut H think his performance should >ust a1out match that of most of his classmates%

Provi'e a cop2 of one formal formative assessment 'ocument an' t(e correspon'ing scoring ke2&ru#ric in 4ppen'ix C! Provi'e a cop2 of one informal formative assessment 'ocument an' t(e correspon'ing scoring ke2&ru#ric in 4ppen'ix C! /if applica#le0 Provi'e a cop2 of t(e summative assessment 'ocument an' t(e correspon'ing scoring ke2&ru#ric in 4ppen'ix C!

Task #1 -Teac(ing an' Learning

Ta#le 1!1!1 arrative ,ail2 Teac(ing <eflection )limited to 8 pages, ,a2s 1-1; Ghole group seemed to 1e interested in the discussion% Some even 1rought in prior social studies kno$ledge a1out social controls and oppression in other societies% Took a little 1it to get Ghole Broup in the mood for $riting and reading% The0 $ere Luite responsive during the lecture save a fe$ females K need to engage them more 1ut some are deathl0 afraid of ans$ering or 1eing asked a Luestion% Ghole group is $arming up to >ournal entries% (one of the su1group >umped in on the discussion% Their personalit0 t0pes don=t do $ell $ith speaking in front of others K encourage more% (eed to give Aocus Student ? more structure to keep him focused% Aocus Student A missed t$o of three da0s K catch her up% ,a2s 8->; Ghole group gave a lot of insight during >ournal discussion% All read Luite Luickl0 and even left enough time to introduce the literar0 terms 1efore the second half of the 1lock2 this freed up time for instruction $hich $as nice% Ghole group also took notes $ell and not much resistance from it% 5ad to make sure a fe$ students $eren=t Iin their o$n $orldJ or do;ing off% The0 picked up on the direct and indirect characteri;ation $hen informall0 assessed% Su1group $as Luite engaged as $ell% The0 $ere Luiet 1ut diligentl0 taking notes% H should=ve allo$ed for more time on the Aace1ook sheet 1ut the0 seemed to 1e en>o0ing it and using the information@kno$ledge to construct character pages creativel0% Student ? still put his stuff a$a0 earl0 and H kept having to remind to keep taking notes% Student A $as gone for part of the 1lock )da0 8, 1ut she caught up Luickl0 $ith the help of fello$ classmates notes% Page 20 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

,a2s ?-C; Ghole group $orked Luite diligentl0 and silentl0% A num1er of students finished the comprehension Luestions during class time% Ghole group did $ell in participating and attempting to make inferences% 40 planning and Luestioning $as pro1a1l0 lacking so understanding might 1e muddled% Su1group' :ne female did alternative comprehension sheet $ith literar0 devices another $as a1sent Aocus Student ? fell asleep once and did not finish K had short talk $ith him other male finished and $as Luiet the entire hour% Student ? needs more motivation% Student A $as appropriatel0 challenged as evidenced 10 her Luestioning as she ans$ered comprehension Luestions% Su1group $orked $ell% :ne girl got sucked in 10 the other and $as not pa0ing attention% H caught one girl off"guard $hen she $as completel0 una$are of the situation and $hat H asked% Student ? $orked $ell $ithin the su1group toda0 and as focus student% 5e attempted an inference and didn=t pack up earl0% Student A $as Luick to give me the 1asic definition of Rinference= 1efore H even reall0 asked% She $as also eager to tell a1out the inferences made% Lecturing is e3tremel0 1oring to them K hard to make inferences more e3citing%

,a2s D-1F; A 1unch of sno$ da0s une3pectedl0 sho$ed up and thre$ a fe$ $renches into plans for the ne3t couple da0s% Thursda0 and Arida0 $ere reserved for revie$ and the unit midterm Lui; 1ut the sno$ closed school for 1oth of those da0s and $e returned on the follo$ing 4onda0% :n this 4onda0 $e $ere a1le to sLuee;e the revie$ in along $ith other material and reading% 5o$ever another sno$ front rolled in and closed school again for another t$o da0s% So $e did not get around to taking this short formative Lui; until the Thursda0 of that $eek almost an entire $eek from $hen it $as previousl0 planned% Aor the revie$ $e used the polling $e1site pollever0$here%com% Ghole group likes poll ever0$here revie$ st0le 1ut have a hard time remaining on task% Ge did not get ver0 far% Ht must have 1een the sno$ da0s that put the students into a fren;0% Su1group particularl0 one female and the male Aocus Student $ere part of the class not getting 1ack on task% :ther su1group male sat ne3t to them 1ut $as fine% 5ad to move disruptive su1group female and ackno$ledge Student ?=s disruptions% Aocus Student A participated 1ut admitted she didn=t kno$ some of the terms 1ecause of her a1sence due to 0ear1ook duties% H gave her the Po$erPoint slides to stud0% During Lui;@testing time there did not seem to 1e an0 pro1lems $ith test an3iet0 or resistance to taking the Lui;% ,a2s 11-1?; This $eek is the Kansas State Feading Assessments% :ur class time $as greatl0 shortened so activities in class $ere less e3tensive and less rigorous to help students cope $ith the draining assessment tasks% Ghole group $as attentive and on task for reading more than normal and $orking in pairs to ans$er comprehension@discussion Luestions% Ghole group took the discussion Luickl0 though H=m not sure it $as the most interesting thing to discuss 1et$een them% H had to dra$ some things out of certain students 10 asking a lot of Luestions% Gorked $ell to continue finishing the Luestions sheet and some made it to the summar0 portion of the assignment% Su1group $as on task at the 1eginning 1ut as others started to pair up the0 took advantage )minus a one male, and got a little off task $ith Student ? sitting ne3t to his girlfriend and 1ugging the other female $hich created management Page 21 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio issues% Aocus Student A $as not present% 5ad to remind Student ? $hat to do after reading and he had to go get his $orksheet out of his locker% Ghole group seemed to 1e on task discussing $ith partners although H kno$ several $ent off track $hich $as inevita1le% Some $ere giving more su1stance in their responses than others% Some never even reall0 responded and H had to $alk them through a situation H thought up for them% Su1group as a $hole $as giving me the lo$er Lualit0 discussions% Surprisingl0 the Luiet make su1group student $as one of the main people $ho gave a flippant response% The t$o su1group females took a $hile to coa3 something out 1ecause of their constant giggling% Aocus Student ? gave satisfactor0 responses and even tried to create one for his partner% Aocus Student A $as a1sent again toda0% ,a2s 1B-$1; Ghole group reacted $ell to the changing pace of the lesson% A Lualit0 discussion transpired and most $ere involved in some $a0% The group mostl0 all responded during reflections on test performance sho$ing that the0 $ere at least thinking a1out the actions the0 took 1efore and during the test% The GB faired $ell on the last activit0% H think the0 felt rushed so the activit0@assignment $asn=t a Iticket out of class%J GB $as a1out !+9 on task as $e finished the $orksheets% 5ad to take participation points to keep them on track% SB did much 1etter toda0% The0 kept $orking $ell on highlighting KGL in the chapter% :ne su1group female $as off task a little 1it da0 1- 1ut she $as $aiting on copies to come 1ack so it $as partl0 m0 fault she $as distracted% Aocus Student ? gave good responses during the small discussions during the Lui; da0 1-% Aocus Student A $as not in class da0 1- as she $as paging in Topeka at the &apitol 1uilding% Da0 21' the #th grade had StAF a$ards $hich shortened the length of classes and added an air of an3iousness in the atmosphere 1ecause the festivities at the end of the da0% Although the part0 for StAF students and the last da0 1efore spring 1reak fell on the same da0 the students $ere fairl0 composed and not too ram1unctious% Ge didn=t get to the Lui; H had scheduled 1ut ever0one got to the same point as far as the supplemental reading% ,a2s $$-$8; After the passing of spring 1reak $hole group seemed to 1e picking up on the te3t"to"te3t connections% 5o$ever $hen looking at $ork done in the composition 1ooks the0 $ere missing the part of Luoting e3actl0 $ord for $ord from the IKiller KidsJ chapter% Da0 22 the da0 after spring 1reak t$o su1group mem1ers $ere not present% :ne su1group female gave a little a1ove +09 effort on the $e1 organi;er% Aocus Student A kne$ $hat she $as doing 1ut confused more 10 1eing unsure of herself% H did not get to check Aocus Student ?=s organi;er% H=m not even sure he did it% Da0 2.' Ghole group picked up Luickl0 on making connections from a te3t to the $orld% H got several e3amples from multiple students on possi1le connections% Da0 28' Ghole group did fine picking up on te3t"to"self connections% 5ad some trou1le $ith 1ehaviors 1ut things settled do$n after $e got into the lesson% :ne su1group female had trou1le picking up on te3t"to"$orld and H tried to further e3plain 1ut H=m not sure H did an0 1etter giving more insight and e3amples% The non"focus male su1group student did fine and the other female $as a1sent% Aocus Student ? $as active and participating% H got several e3amples from him% ?ut again he $as preoccupied $ith $hat time it $as% 5e told me ho$ much time $e had left in class as if he $ere the timekeeper% 5e didn=t 1ring a 1ook to read% H gave corrective feed1ack to Aocus Student A on her connections telling her to add more details to the self"aspect of the connections to sho$ that this is a self"connection not a $orld Page 22 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio connection% ,a2s $>-$?; Da0 2+ is revie$ and da0 2! the summative test% Da0 2+ $as a great class% H found a great $e1site that let=s 0ou customi;e a ver0 interactive >eopard0 game% Ht $as complete $ith sounds and all so the kids reall0 got into and $ere competitive% H had pri;es availa1le to the $inning team% H $as Luite stern a1out the rules H imposed 1ecause the0 encouraged more cooperation and coordination throughout the group preventing the same students from dominating the ans$ering and giving a$a0 it a$a0 to the other team% 5ad some trou1le at the end due to an argument a1out $ho should $in since it $as close and technicall0 a tie% Da0 2!' Ainished the 1ook and had the rest of the time to complete the test% (o one needed Luestions read or clarified% ,a2s $B-$C; After finishing the 1ook and taking the test last $eek $atching the movie $ill 1e a rela3ing change of pace for the students% Da0 2*' $hole group sat and $atched Luietl0 $ithout issue% The0 also gave great e3amples of similarities and differences 1et$een the movie and 1ook in the first part of the movie% Su1group same as $hole group% Bot e3amples from one female 1ut none of the others% 5ad to ask Aocus Student ? to have his composition 1ook open >ust in case he sees a good e3ample% Aocus Student A needed nothing for this da0% Ge reconvened after the movie and discussed several topics related to the movie and 1ook% Ta#le 1!$!1 arrative <eflection of @i'eo <ecor'e' an' :#serve' Lessons 1 & $ )limited to 2 pages, Instructional +trategies Lesson 1 Lesson $ Euestions :verall ho$ did the This is evident through the students= a1ilit0 to recall The anticipator0 >ournal prompt lets students make a instructional strategies for and repeat the five t0pes of characteri;ation acron0m connection from a ma>or theme in that da0=s chapter to the lesson positivel0 )STEAL, $hen asked informall0 and $hen IsungJ something from their o$n personal e3perience% Fesearch impact learning for all together as a class% During the Po$erPoint students sho$s that if a learner is a1le to make at least one personal studentsM are also asked to give their interpretations of the connection to the te3t then s@he $ill 1e more engaged in the Luotations presented% The informal formative reading% Each activit0 throughout the lesson allo$ed for 5o$ do 0ou kno$ students assessment of these interpretations sho$ed them to different learning st0les to 1e e3pressed% Aor e3ample the met or did not meet the 1e picking up on the material% Students $ere reading and $riting helps those visual learners and the class o1>ective)s,M meeting the fourth unit o1>ective 1ecause the0 later discussion targeted those $ho are auditor0 learners% had to anal0;e other passages on their o$n and Kinesthetic $as slightl0 touched upon $ith students filling provide the page num1er for the 1ook e3cerpt% e3amples on the 1oard%

Page 2. Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio The Po$erPoint opened up learning for the visual learners in the group% Prior feed1ack for me from students made me alter the amount of material contained in the presentation so the information load $as decreased for others $ith less cognitive capacit0% Students $ere also given a chance to speak and listen to other classmates as interpretations $ere given% This addressed some of the social needs of students $ho love attention% Partners $ere used in the final activit0 to help the more reserved students connect and open up $ith students $ho $ork $ell $ith others% The anticipator0 >ournal also includes at least one prompt that allo$s students to e3press emotions through $riting $ithout an0one seeing% This came through me asking for their interpretations of the character Luotations% H asked them all to $rite do$n their interpretations and then asked several students for e3amples% The unit o1>ective 1eing aimed at for this lesson focused on ?loom=s higher level thinking skill of anal0sis 1ecause students had to deconstruct $hat the Luotation might 1e telling or sho$ing a1out the character% Gith the partner assignment students had to s0nthesi;e their interpretations and produce complete sentences that descri1ed their interpretations further than >ust sa0ing the character trait revealed 10 the specific passage% The varia1ilit0 in activities $as meant to target certain needs at certain times% The >ournal allo$ed emotional needs to 1e e3ercised through $riting a1out personal e3perience% Each activit0 $as designed to 1e appro3imatel0 1+mins in length so as not to overload students cognitivel0% Social needs such as the need for attention and interaction $ith other classmates $ere facilitated through the class discussion% Those students $ho are more an3ious to converse got their stimulus through this discussion as $ell as the discussion of test scores during their self"assessment of their mid"unit assessment%

Hn $hat $a0s $ere the use of instructional strategies to address the diverse cognitive emotional and social needs of all students successfulM %ro&ide specific e'amples

Descri1e ho$ students $ere meaningfull0 engaged in active inLuir0 and higher level thinking%

The design of the lesson made it so that students $ere constantl0 changing their thinking patterns throughout the period% Griting >ournals and reading the chapter $ork 1asic literac0 skills 1ut also address the anal0sis and application levels of ?loom=s 10 asking them to make connections to the te3t% The class discussion gave me the opportunit0 to ask pro1ing Luestions a1out the chapter% The self"assessment of test results allo$ed students to inLuire a1out certain misunderstood Luestions or results% The final activit0 reLuired students to s0nthesi;e the material from the 1ook and the characteri;ation skills acLuired over the past couple $eeks and produce supported conclusions a1out character traits%

Page 28 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio All learning st0les auditor0 visual and kinesthetic $ere accessed during instruction to reach all t0pes of learners% &opies of the Po$erPoint $ere given to students $ith visual pro1lems and for students $ho $ere not in attendance that da0% During the partner activit0 H gave students $ith poor Lualit0 hand$riting the opportunit0 to sa0 their interpretations to me rather than have to mark them do$n 1ecause of the illegi1ilit0% This is apparent through the students= connections from the literature to their interpretations% This reLuires plot events from the literature 1ut also the skills of inference citing and anal0tical a1ilit0% The cooperative strategies students used in partner groups also added to content integration% (ot onl0 do the0 anal0;e the material from the literature 1ut the0 also have to communicate and discuss possi1le ans$ers and paths to achievement for the tasks given% Lesson 1 (onver1al pro3imit0 is used countless times throughout this recorded lesson% H move throughout the aisles to discourage off"task 1ehaviors such as chatting and sleeping% H also ask for thum1s up or do$n to move on or slo$ do$n and recover the material2 this is 1oth ver1al and nonver1al% During each character Luotation H asked for students to $rite do$n their o$n interpretations of $hat the Luotation reveals a1out the character after the0 do a Think"Pair"Share $ith the person ne3t to them fostering inLuir0 and colla1oration% The lesson $as designed so that each learning st0le auditor0 visual and kinesthetic $as given the most eLuita1le treatment possi1le% Students $ho have trou1le $riting $ere allo$ed to discuss the >ournal prompt $ith me% Students $ith $riting deficiencies also had the opportunit0 to speak to the $hole class during the discussion% A student $ith gifted a1ilities $as asked to provide her e3ample on the 1oard for the class to see and then asked to $rite a paragraph including the information% Hntegrating this lesson across content fields $as less successful than $ithin the content field% There $as much discussion a1out citing or providing 0our evidence $hen making conclusions $hich can also 1e used in science social studies and math 1ut the connection $asn=t made that clear% Githin the content field $e $orked several skill sets including citing te3t evidence $ith our anal0ses inference making during characteri;ation and self" monitoring test results% Lesson $ Positive reinforcement for student responses during the discussion keeps students $anting to participate later on during literar0 anal0sis% Discussion also provides e3perience for colla1oration among the entire group% Hdeas are shared during the literar0 anal0sis activit0 to$ards the end of the lesson providing more opportunities for colla1oration% 40 progress monitoring and perusal of student $ork gave me time to identif0 students $ho $ere having trou1le picking up on the concept and help them individuall0 for deeper understanding%

5o$ $ere instructional strategies effective in providing eLuita1le learning opportunities for all studentsM %ro&ide specific e'amples

Gas integration $ithin and across content fields successfulM %ro&ide specific e'amples

Classroom Learning Environment Euestions Descri1e ho$ a variet0 of ver1al and nonver1al communication techniLues $ere used to foster active inLuir0 colla1oration and supportive interaction in the classroom% %ro&ide specific e'amples

Page 2+ Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Since the lesson $as designed to keep students engaged the entire period and structure >ust a1out ever0 minute the environment $as slo$er and solemn at times and then it is a1u;; at others% 5aving partners helped positive social interaction and self"motivation 1ecause the students like actuall0 $orking and getting things done $ith their classmates% Positive reinforcement $hen perusing the partner"produced $ork helped keeps students motivated as $ell% During the discussion positive reinforcement is used follo$ing student responses to keep motivation high and interaction positive% Self"monitoring of test results is intended to increase confidence and motivation for future assessments% Allo$ing students $ho have illegi1le hand$riting to discuss their anal0sis $ith me created an eLuita1le environment for them%

5o$ conducive $as the overall classroom learning environment in supporting positive social interaction eLuita1le engagement and self"motivationM %ro&ide specific e'amples

Ta#le 1!1!1 arrative <eflection of Preassessment) Formative 4ssessments) an' +ummative 4ssessment )limited to . pages0 Pre-assessment 4ost seemed to have a good grasp on figurative language and determining the definitions of voca1ular0 used in conte3t% The constructed response Luestions sho$ed the need for further :verall anal0sis of results% anal0tical skill 1uilding especiall0 $ith literature% H reali;ed students $ere familiar $ith most of the concepts H used in the pre"test and it altered m0 unit plan accordingl0% :ne Luestion addressed o1>ective 1 1ecause H kne$ students didn=t kno$ the author=s conte3t and influences% The ans$er $as apparent enough that most students ans$ered correctl0% A summar0 Luestion asking a1out their $inter 1reak $as meant to e3hi1it students= skills as related to o1>ective 2% A ma>orit0 of the group $as a1le to sho$ the a1ilit0 related to o1>ective Discuss the results in reference to . 10 distinguishing voca1ular0 definitions used in conte3t% 4ost students could identif0 t0pes the learning o1>ectives% of figurative language so naming the terms $as not as important in relation to o1>ective 8 1ut most did not necessaril0 kno$ ho$ to make an inference or use te3t evidence% The constructed response task reLuiring an argument to 1e made sho$ed 1urgeoning skill related to o1>ective +% The pre"assessment focused heavil0 on figurative language and voca1ular0 1ecause students $ere preparing for the state reading assessment so H needed to gauge $here the0 $ere at Descri1e ho$ pre"assessment data $ith those specific skills% Arom the positive results in most of the pre"test sections H $as used to proceed $ith instruction determined that less focus could 1e placed on $hat H initiall0 included and more could 1e for all students% done $ith d0stopian traits the effects of language use supporting arguments made a1out the te3t and making te3t connections% Some of the students o1viousl0 need more of a challenge so those students $ho e3celled on Ghat is the plan to differentiate for the pre"test $ere identified and monitored for ho$ Luickl0 the0 understood concepts% Another all learnersM group of students $ere lacking in their argumentative@$riting skills so added supplement such as $riting $orkshops $ill 1e implemented for them% Page 2! Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Formative 4ssessment :verall anal0sis of results% Discuss the results in reference to the learning o1>ectives% Are students learning $hat $as intended the0 learnM Discuss an0 adaptations 1ased on the results of formative assessments% Hdentif0 differentiation needed to help all students meet the goals and o1>ectives of this unit% +ummative 4ssessment Ghat did the disaggregated data of the assessment revealM The data certainl0 revealed some error in m0 assessment Luestions 1ecause there are trends of students missing the same Luestions $hen H kno$ the0 could ans$er it if asked $hile not in a testing situation% 4ost of the students earned grades similar to their achievement level in class $hich $as to 1e e3pected some$hat 1ut there $ere also some surprising e3ceptions% Several gentlemen did 1etter than $hat the prior assessments suggested and a handful of females $ere 1elo$ $hat the0 normall0 average on other assessments@assignments% Fesults of this Lui; $ere promising for future plans% 4ost $ere oka0 $ith identif0ing 1asic d0stopian traits% The characteri;ation portion sho$ed need for further anal0tical skills still% &onstructed response Luestions displa0ed e3pected $riting level for most of class 1esides a fe$ male students $ho gave little to no effort% :ver *+9 ans$ering the d0stopian traits Luestions correctl0 sho$s achievement of o1>ective 1 and part of ."8 1ecause of the conte3t added in the Luestions and the conclusions 1eing made% &haracteri;ation portion displa0s more than half reaching o1>ective of 8"+ 10 identif0ing direct or indirect $hich is half of the skill intended for the t$o o1>ectives% Almost the entire group received the points for comprehension and summar0 so o1>ective 8"+ is 1eing learned% A1out + or ! students could use further instruction on interpreting a characteri;ation $hich 1uilds on anal0tical skill% Aocus student ? $ill orall0 summari;e from no$ on so that he is not marked do$n for illegi1le hand$riting% Some of the summar0 and $riting tasks $ill 1e vamped up to provide a 1it more difficult0 for several gifted students including Aocus Student A% A small minorit0 of students o1viousl0 needs differentiated instruction for finding and anal0;ing ke0 parts of te3t% Another small gifted group $ho have e3celled in most concepts up to this point $ill have some more challenging prompts issued to them to enrich the concept 1eing taught@learned%

Page 2* Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio The d0stopian traits section proved trick0 for some students $ho H thought $ould ace the section $ith ease% H $ould sa0 ho$ever on average the students understood the concept of a d0stopia as it relates to literature $hich $as the point 1ehind getting them to understand this aspect of the author=s conte3t in $riting the novel )o1>ective 1,% Hf there is error an0$here in the assessment it is in the d0stopian section% :nl0 2". students did not receive credit for the summar0 portion $hich addresses o1>ective 2 1ut H do not 1elieve it is 1ecause the0 can=t summari;e a chapter from a 1ook2 rather H think the0 >ust failed to give their full effort since the Luestion $as at the end% :1>ective . seemed to 1e reached since students $ere a1le to identif0 numerous voca1ular0 $ords of their o$n choosing2 ho$ever this could 1e due simpl0 to memori;ation% H did not like the $a0 H setup this portion 1ecause it did not e3actl0 match $hat H am aiming for in the o1>ective $hich is most importantl0 using the conte3t of ho$ the $ord is used% H should have added different t0pes of Luestions to address o1>ective 8 more% The interpretation section for characteri;ations $as the onl0 section $here inferences could reall0 1e made and the results on those $ere mi3ed% This is $here the students $ho didn=t do as $ell as e3pected faltered most% :1>ective + and ! $ere omitted from the summative in favor of focusing on them separatel0 so that the concepts could graduall0 progress the class into the ne3t unit $hich utili;es te3t connections and argumentation heavil0% H definitel0 think the students gained a valua1le e3perience of deepening their understanding a1out ho$ a novel can 1e anal0;ed and critiLued% All students e3hi1ited some element of learning the0 had not previousl0 held% The fact that the average score $as *!9 passing sho$s at least an average level of achievement and understanding% Some of the data ma0 1e ske$ed from other factors such as t$o stretches of sno$ da0s pushing 1ack the test% H think some students also resorted to a common lo$"effort 1ehavior@attitude $hich impacted data% A regret is certainl0 not 1eing a1le to assess their learning in more creative $a0s in some form of performance assessment%

Discuss the results in reference to the learning o1>ectives%

Did all students learn $hat $as intended the0 learnM E3plain%

Ta#le 1!1!$a &hart@Ta1le@Braphs of disaggregated data for the Pre"assessment )limited to one page, data%

Page 2# Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

Ta#le 1!1!$# &hart@Ta1le@Braph of disaggregated data for the Summative Assessment )limited to one page,

Page 2Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

Task #8 -<eflection an' Professionalism

arrative 8!1!1 <eflection on Learning :#=ectives )limited to 2 pages, 5ase' on t(e anal2sis of all t(e "ive more t(an one reason for eac( of assessment results) i'entif2 T.: t(e successes i'entifie'! learning o#=ectives from t(e unit stu'ents -ere most successful! ,iscuss at least T.: t(ings to 'o 'ifferentl2 in t(e future to exten' t(ese successes to continue stu'ents6 aca'emic gro-t(!

Page .0 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio :1>ective 2' Summari;e narrative events accuratel0 and concisel0 Students have had ample practice this 0ear and in past school 0ears% A focus is placed on this skill 1ecause of the importance it pla0s in state reading assessments% This o1>ective also functions at a lo$er"order thinking level of ?loom=s so a $ider range of success identified in the assessments makes sense 1ecause students are at higher"order levels% The #th grade team emphasi;es the idea of connections 1et$een content and disciplines so translating that emphasis over to te3t and societ0 $as not much of a stretch% &onnecting to their lives heightens personall0 relevant pedagog0 and makes learning more meaningful and engaging% "ive more t(an one reason for t(e i'entifie' lack of success for eac(! &oncepts ma0 have 1een a 1it advanced for most of the group% D0stopian societies in literature encompass some higher"level sociological ideas% The literar0 terminolog0 $as another challenge for this o1>ective% H=m not sure H $as a1le to articulate the ideas at a level a 1."18 0ear old could comprehend% This o1>ective $as not as successfull0 achieved 1ecause of the level of cognition it reLuires from the students% These #th graders are >ust reaching the formal operational stage of cognitive development so the formation of valid arguments $ith support is 1arel0 there% Part of the lack of a1ilit0 in this o1>ective Page .1 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011 Hndividual reading conferences $ith students to discuss and summari;e their personal independent reading 1ooks2 this augments the summar0 skill 10 simpl0 asking them a1out aspects of the novels% :ccasional 1ook talks or 1ook reports for the class% ?oth students and m0self can give summaries of novels that might 1e of interest to other students% 4ore e3posure to compara1le te3t and relata1le societal events $ould increase the scope of understanding students could gain $hile making te3t connections% The format in $hich this material is presented could var0 $ith something more interactive and colla1orative among students% ,iscuss at least T.: t(ings to 'ifferentl2 in t(e future to improve stu'ents6 performance! The preassessment should have aligned closer $ith this particular o1>ective% H $ould not have included some of the sociological elements% This $ould have 1een a great interdisciplinar0 topic to e3plore $ith social studies if coordination $ith the other teacher $as possi1le% The ornate and technical language needs to 1e salient% 4ore e3amples of critical anal0sis to model for students $hat the o1>ective is2 this could 1e in several forms K essa0 pro>ect or speech% Added practice $ith concepts of supporting details and te3tual evidence to enrich the understanding 1ehind making an argument and validating it% Hnviting a professor of English to speak

:1>ective !' &onsider connections and relevanc0 of the literature to their o$n lives other te3ts and the $orld

5ase' on t(e anal2sis of all t(e assessment results) i'entif2 T.: learning o#=ectives from t(e unit -(ere all stu'ents -ere least successful! :1>ective 1' Hdentif0 $here the author=s conte3t and other literature influences the te3t

:1>ective +' &onstruct arguments using evidence from the te3t to support their anal0sis

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio comes from the ine3perience these students have $ith critical literar0 anal0sis% Ht is a ma>or concept taught in high school 1ut it is onl0 >ust scratching the surface in #th grade% to the class a1out literar0 anal0sis% Gorking $ith other t0pes of te3ts other than literar0 fiction such as ne$spapers legislation etc to var0 the understanding in critical anal0sis%

5ase' on anal2sis of assessment results) -(at a''itional information -as learne' a#out t(e stu'ents6 learning3 The $a0 this age group interprets Luestions related to ho$ the0 process instruction $as certainl0 the most prominent piece of information gleaned from the students= learning% Ghat the0 seemed to understand through informal and formal formative assessments did not e3actl0 translate to the summative assessment% H attri1ute some of this to m0 Luestioning and error 1ut H relied on formative data too much% Fesults also seem to indicate that students currentl0 function 1est around the application level of cognition and are >ust 1urgeoning into formal operational thought% This impacts the methods in $hich instruction should 1e delivered% 5ase' on anal2sis of assessment results) -(at -as learne' a#out t(e nee' for making a'aptations to instruction3 There is a definite need for me to tailor an0 technical terms to a more student friendl0 level% Cpon revie$ some of the terms and definitions included in the assessments $ere much too elevated% The formative assessments need to 1e accounted for more in adapting instruction to enrich or distill information for different a1ilit0 learners% There certainl0 $as a need to connect material to the students more to make a meaningful impact and engage learners at all levels% :nce H cross"referenced ho$ students felt a1out certain class activities and video of ho$ students $ere interacting in class H noticed the need for culturall0 relevant content and@or more emphatic connective instruction% arrative 8!$!1 <eflection on Future Professional ,evelopment )limited to 1page, .(at specific professional 'evelopment I'entif2 at least T.: aspects of instruction t(at coul' #e opportunities&activities -ill (elp to acGuire t(at kno-le'ge improve'! Explain reasoning! or skill3 Aspect 1' H certainl0 could $ork on m0 differentiation of Aormal education courses covering curriculum and instruction instruction for various learning st0les and learning a1ilities% H feel $ould 1e an opportunit0 to develop professionall0 in regards to as though H did not get to e3ercise m0 differentiation strategies this aspect of m0 instruction% A Special Education course $ould especiall0 $ith this group as much as H $ould have liked% This 1e particularl0 useful in gathering and understanding partl0 stems from onl0 1eing $ith the students for half the 0ear differentiation strategies% :1servations of other teachers in other 1ut that is not an e3cuse for developing the skill as part of m0 content areas $ould 1e another opportunit0 to $iden m0 scope instructional repertoire% H think it is one of if not the most of differentiation% There are also plent0 of scholarl0 1ooks and important and effective methods a teacher can emplo0 to reach articles on the su1>ect as $ell as professional development Page .2 Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio all students in a meaningful fashion% seminars and conferences around the $orld%

Aspect 2' The pacing of m0 instruction at this age level could use some fine"tuning% This aspect goes hand in hand $ith 1eing a$are of adolescent ps0cholog0 particularl0 at this level of cognition and greatl0 considering it during the design of units and lessons to assure H haven=t over" or under loaded their 1rains% This $ill also help $ith classroom management 1ecause H $ill kno$ $ell ho$ much time is needed for instruction and activities a means to strike a 1alance% Ta#le 8!1!1 Communication Log )limited to 2pages, ,ate 2@-@201. 2@11@201. .@+@201. Person Contacte' To$n Li1rarian Parents of students Parent Het(o' of Contact Email &lass Letter Email

The 1est opportunit0 for professional development $ith this aspect $ould 1e to have other colleagues o1serve lessons and give notes on $hat the0 $itness% Administration could 1e useful for this since the0 have more time to o1serve classrooms 1ut other constructive criticism from teachers $ould 1e the 1est% H might also contact an e3pert in the field of educational ps0cholog0 to clarif0 or suggest some $a0s in $hich H can 1etter take note of the ps0chological aspects of m0 instruction% Follo- 7p /if necessar20 Thank 0ou email (o follo$ up (o follo$ up

<eason for Contact To o1tain a list of d0stopian novels currentl0 at the pu1lic li1rar0 4ake parents a$are of novel unit and violent images Student had phone out in class Student did e3ceptionall0 $ell on the test after not doing so $ell academicall0 over the previous fe$ months 1efore H entered the class

<esult or Impact on Instruction List of 1ooks accessi1le to students Letters $ere returned signed $ith parent permission (o repl0 from parent)s,2 student hasn=t had phone out in class since Parent $as glad to hear the results2 student has increased confidence




(o follo$ up

arrative 8!1!$ <eflection on Impact of Communications )limited to 1 page, Page .. Kansas State Department of Education Aall 2011

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio The instances of communication reported a1ove are onl0 a small snapshot of the immense amount of communication that happened multiple times on a dail0 1asis% These particular occurrences seemed to me the most important or most memora1le communications that had some sort of apparent result% All of these t0pes of contact $ere ones highl0 suggested from professionals alread0 in the field throughout m0 collegiate pre"education career so H decided to emplo0 some of these advised ideas% H $anted to get the communit0 resource reLuirement done Luickl0 so H $ould not forget a1out it and the pu1lic li1rarian came to mind as H started thinking a1out discussing d0stopian fiction and novels $ith the class% H Luickl0 sent her an email and had a list of a1out t$ent0 novels $ithin a fe$ da0s% Some of the more nota1le novels $ere highlighted in m0 presentation and their details $ere used to connect to the novel $e $ere reading% H also pointed out the novels to 1e taught at the high school after conversing $ith a fe$ of the high school English teachers% This list $as made accessi1le to students upon their reLuest% H onl0 had a fe$ students ask for the list 1ut H $as pleased $ith the small num1er $ho did ask% The parent letter sent out 1efore the commencement of reading the novel $as intended to make parents and@or guardians a$are of $hat the ne3t month of studies included as $ell as a preface highlighting the some$hat violent nature of the 1ook% The main reason $as to cover m0 1asis $ith parents so H didn=t have an0 irate adults $alt;ing into the class and causing a pro1lem 1ecause the0 $ere not $arned% 5o$ever H also $anted parents to have a sense of $hat their students $ere doing in class of course so H included ample details a1out $hat concepts $e $ould possi1l0 1e covering% H received 1ack numerous letters $ith signatures 1ut the ma>orit0 of them never made it 1ack% The email to the student=s parent $ho had the phone $as m0 first pro1lem $ith cell phones in the class as $ell as m0 first communication $ith a parent so H had a dou1le"dose of first"time e3perience on this occasion% The student $as fairl0 1latant $ith his phone use and his father reLuested that an0 discipline issues 1e reported to him so H decided this definitel0 $arranted the contact% The email $as ver0 1rief a1out one or t$o sentences and no repl0 $as ever received% H am going to guess the father talked to his student and made sure his phone $ould not come out in an0 classes from that point on% H have had no other pro1lems $ith this student=s electronics usage in class since them% The last entr0 for the communication log $as a great e3perience and H am glad H did it% Ever0 semester since H entered as an education ma>or H have had professionals tell me to make some sort of contact $ith a student=s parents@guardians $hen s@he has done something positive% The student $hose parent H called happened to ace the test and she had 1een struggling academicall0 the previous fe$ months 1efore H came into the classroom% 5er mother $as Luite elated and H think it 1oosted her confidence enough for her to $ant to participate more in class discussions%

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