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Gq/11 (PLC)

Gi/o cAMP

Gs cAMP Dobutamine - acute cardiogenic shock

Gs cAMP Salbutamol - asthma Salmeterol - long acting asthma drug

vasodilation in bv, -ve iono in heart (Gi), activate NOS

Phenylephrine - BP in acute Clonidine - anti-hypertensive a2 hypotension > a1 Selective Agonist Methyl INA + Guanfacine Xylazine - more selective than clonidine, sedative in vets Ergotamine - maybe in migraine, St. Anthony's Fire with a1, intense peripheral vasoconstriction Non-Selective Agonist NA > Adr Prazosin - hypertension, Raynaud's, phaeochromocytoma Selective Antagonist Adr > NA

Mirabegron - relaxes bladder detrusor, for bladder incontinence

Isoprenaline - asthma relax bonchi (2), HR due to 1, Pindolol - (mild partial agonist) NA = Adr Adr > NA


Atenolol - hypertension Bisoprolol + Carvedilol (3rd gen antagonists) stable heart failure


Tamsulosin - benign prostatic Phenoxybenzamine - + a1! used with atenolol in tumour surgery hyperplasia, relaxes SM bladder neck = better emptying Idazoxan Doxazosin - antihypertensive

Non-Selective Phentolamine - antihypertensive, but HR, postural hypotension Antagonist Labetalol (RR SR SS)

Propranalol - old hypertensive - effect on 2 = bronchopulmonary side effects Labetalol (RR, SR) - hypertension in pregnancy